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Spring Bulletin


     The Partnership
      for Achieving

 Inside this issue:
                              W W W . E N G R . P S U . E D U / P A C E                        S P R I N G   2 0 0 8

 AIHI Summer
                            PACE Growth Adds Value
   Emotional                                                              multi-university partnership to explore
                            David Riley; Director
                        2                                                 green building delivery. This growth of
  Intelligence                                                            new activities would not come with out
                            Through the addition of new
                            contributors and the reconnection with        the help of Russ Manning and Tessa
Industry Photo              long time supporters, PACE has                Srebro, who worked together last year to
                        2   experienced a solid period of growth in       streamline communications with
                            the 2007-2008 academic year. As a             members. Also contributing are our
                            result, PACE will be able to expand           student S:PACE officers led by President
Green Building              opportunities for Architectural               Alyssa Adams. Alyssa has done an
                        3                                                 excellent job leading programs this
  Research                  Engineering students to interact with
                            companies in the building industry. We        year.     In January, interns Stephanie
                            are pleased to share initial plans for some   Bennis and Emily Sabolsky joined us to
 CIC Research               of these activities in this edition of the    bring new energy and ideas to
                        3                                                 PACE. Both Emily and Stephanie will be
   Program                  PACE Bulletin, including the
                            development of continuing educational         working full time this summer to plan
                            programs, the initiation of emotional         activities for the 2008-2009 academic
    Mr. AE                                                                year. We invite your feedback as our
                        3   intelligence assessments for AE students,
  Competition               and the involvement of PACE in a              programs continue to grow.

                             PACE Teams with Design-Build Institute of America;
                                        “Boot Camp” Planned for August at Penn State
 The PACE Newsletter        PACE is pleased to announce a                 The Boot Camps include courses in the
highlights activities and   partnership with the Design-Build             fundamentals of project delivery, the
noteworthy events in the    Institute of America (DBIA) to create
    PACE program.                                                         principles of Design-Build project
For more information or     an intensive, one-week Designated             delivery, and Design-Build contract &
 to submit prospective      Design-Build Professional™ Boot Camp.         risk management. It concludes with an
  articles, contact the     The Boot Camp will be held July 28 –          examination, for which an exam prep
PACE Program Team at:       August 1st at the Penn Stater Conference      course is offered. Penn State’s expertise
                            Center in State College, PA.                  in the area of sustainability will add an
                                                                          additional twist to the program, with
                            DBIA’s focus is discovering, refining and     emphasis through case study and site
                            teaching the techniques and practices         visits on “building green.”
                            that enable high-performance design and
                            construction. The methods advocated by        Tuition ranges from $2,600 - $2,900 for
                            DBIA result in success on all types of        members and Penn State alumni, and
                            projects and distinguish individuals as       from $3,600 - $3,900 for all others.
                            experts in design-build project delivery.
                            Owners are increasingly choosing to                For more information, visit
                            accomplish their design and construction
                            requirements using design-build.
 PAGE   2
                             AIHI Design Build Montana Focuses on Solar Hot Water
                                This summer, students from Penn State’s         Participants will also assist in installing a
                                AE 497H class and volunteers will travel to     solar hot water heater on a tribal family’s
                                the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in            home and acquainting the community with
                                Lame Deer, MT as part of the American           the economical benefits of solar energy.
                                Indian Housing Initiative, or AIHI. This        They will present a Sustainability at Home
                                program addresses the shortage of housing       workshop for the residents on the
                                on American Indian reservations and             reservation. They also will create a guide
                                provides an opportunity for students to         for community members to apply for
                                engage in sustainable building activities and   incentives associated with installing a
                                cultural exchange.                              residential solar hot water heater. In the US,
                                                                                the average household’s electric water heater
                                The 2008 AIHI participants will put             accounts for 25% of the home’s energy costs.
                                finishing touches on MorningStar MT, the        Using a solar water heater has the potential
                                sister home to Penn State’s 2007 Solar          to cut the cost of water heating by 50% to
                                Decathlon entry, MorningStar PA.                85% per year. Solar water heaters start
   Teepee in Crow                                                               paying for themselves in 4 to 8 years. This
                                MorningStar MT, the only solar home on
   Agency, MT                   the reservation, is a slightly larger, straw    year’s solar project has the potential to
                                bale version of Solar Decathlon home. It        provide many years of free hot water at zero
                                was constructed last summer by AIHI on          energy cost.
                                the campus of Chief Dull Knife College.
                                This facility will serve as a residence for             For more information, visit
                                visiting faculty.                            

     “Change doesn’t
                                          Emotional Intelligence Initiative Kicks Off
                                The      Building Construction                  study. It also teaches effective team project
happen in a day... We           Competencies program is taking a large          skills.
                                step forward this spring! PACE member
create lasting change           Brent Darnell, of Brent Darnell                 This year, the emotional intelligence of
                                International, is working along side Dr.        participating students will be assessed.
by helping companies            David Riley, Rob Leicht (Ph D Student,          Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the
                                Construction) and Angela Lewis (Ph D            capacity to recognize personal feelings and
  target their people           student, Mechanical Systems) to expand          the feelings of others. It also refers to the
                                the program.                                    ability to manage relationships.          An
 problems and isolate                                                           Emotional Intelligence Quotient Inventory,
                                Since its formation in 2003, The Building       or EQ-i, will be used as the metric for
the cause of personal           Construction Competencies program has           student evaluation and feedback. The EQ-i
                                encouraged student involvement and              will be administered through Multi-Health
            difficulties.”      learning. Through this program, third-          Systems, an online test-taking tool.
                                year Penn State Architectural                   Students will then have the opportunity to
        -Brent Darnell          Engineering students learn the                  receive feedback on their EQ strengths and
                                importance of leadership and                    weaknesses through a session lead by Brent
                                communication skills in their field of          Darnell.

   Gilbane                                                                      The EQ assessments will be used by Rob
                                                                                Leicht in his thesis, “Impact of Interactive
                                                                                Workspace Media on Team Collaboration
                                                                                using BIM in the AEC Industry”, to help
 Lewis Katz                                                                     analyze team dynamics. Also, Angela Lewis
   Building                                                                     will be presenting a paper at the College of
                                                                                Engineering Research Symposium this April
                             PACE Industry Photo Contest!                       about the importance of EQ in the Green
                                                                                Building Industry.
                    Showcase your workplace by e-mailing an attached high-
                    resolution photo to Winning photos
                                                                                PACE would like to thank Balfour Beatty
                             will be displayed on the PACE website.             Construction for their sponsorship of the
                           Deadline to enter is August 15th, 2008.              EQ Initiative.
                                                                                                              PAGE       3

  PSU Joins Multi-University Team to Research Green Building Delivery
Sustainable buildings are quickly becoming a critical           The project aims to be completed in two years. It will
part of the built-environment market. Owners must               provide substantiated information on project delivery
choose the best delivery practices to maximize value,           methods that can enhance sustainability.
minimize energy consumption and increase indoor
environmental quality of the workplace in their
buildings. The delivery method can have a significant              CIC Research Program to develop a
effect on the integration of the project team. However,           BIM Project Execution Planning Guide
little is truly known about the relationship among
project delivery, project team integration, and                   The Computer Integrated Construction (CIC)
sustainable building performance.                                 Research Program is preparing to lead a new
                                                                  buildingSMART Alliance project to develop an
To respond to this need, a team of researchers from               Execution Planning Guide for Building Information
Penn State, Michigan State, University of Colorado, and           Modeling (BIM). This project will be funded by the
University of Oklahoma have paired up with industry               Charles Pankow Foundation (CPF), the
champions representing Design Build Institute of                  Construction Industry Institute (CII), Penn State
America Committees for Research and Sustainability.               OPP, and PACE. The project goal is to develop a
The research project will be funded by the Charles                guide that will focus on the decisions required to
                                                                  implement Building Information Modeling
Pankow Foundation. The goal is to determine the best
                                                                  throughout the stages of a building project
practices for selecting a project delivery method to
                                                                  (planning, design, construction, and operations).
enhance sustainable design and construction on a given
                                                                  During the development of the BIM Planning
                                                                  Guide the research team will be conducting
Researchers will document current project delivery and            interviews and case studies for BIM related
sustainability practices in the industry and academia.            projects. If your company has an interest, and
They will use a case study approach that will include             would like to participate, please contact Craig
nine to fifteen office buildings, data analysis of the state-     Dubler at for additional
of-practice review, and case studies of exceptional               information.
projects in the full spectrum of project delivery methods.

                     S:PACE Holds Second Annual Mr. AE Competition
 On February 26th, a new “Mr. Architectural Engineer”           The competition was held at the HUB Auditorium,
 was crowned! David Sivin, a fourth-year mechanical             Penn State University. In addition to S:PACE, organi-
 engineering major, won first prize and a $250 gift             zations AEI, ASHRAE and DBIA joined in the fun.
 certificate to Penn State’s Computer Store.
                                                                With over 150 attendees, the competition was a
 Fifteen male students, including two S:PACE members,           fundraising success. S:PACE plans to sell DVDs of the
 were judged in three events. These included corporate          event. All revenue will be donated to the Sharon
 wear, question and answer, and a talent/skit portion of the    Williams Scholarship fund.
 competition.    Faculty members Dr. Bahnfleth, Dr.
 Freihaut, and Professor Holland judged the competitors                     For more information, visit
 on performance and speaking ability.                    

          2008 PACE Hall of Fame Inductee
                                                                      PACE Excellence Award Recipient
                        Class of 1978
                     James Faust                                               John O’Keefe
                                                                                 Clark Construction
                     Turner Construction
                          Faculty Research Programs
                                David Riley, PhD -
            Director of PACE, and Executive Director of the Penn State Center for Sustainability

                             Michael Horman, PhD -
                               Director of Lean and Green Research Initiative

                              John Messner, PhD -
                      Director of Computer Integrated Construction Research Initiative

      Upcoming S:PACE Activities                                       Upcoming PACE Events

A team-building exercise will be held during the            Advisory Board Meeting — June 6, 2008
                                                              Representatives from PACE Member companies
March S:PACE meeting. Partnered with Shaver’s
                                                              meet to discuss key issues facing the building indus-
Creek, this exercise will benefit third-year                  try, and establish a research agenda for the next year.
construction management majors on improving
skills for the career field.                                Roundtable Meeting — October 15-16, 2008
                                                              An open forum discussion in which key topics
Also, new S:PACE officers will be elected in April;           selected by the advisory board are discussed by
stay tuned for the results!                                   students and industry practitioners. Specific and
                                                              target research topics are defined to be pursued by
                                                              research teams.

               We would like to thank the following companies
                         for their support of PACE
                        * Denotes new PACE contributors for the 2007-2008 academic year.
                                       Balfour Beatty Construction                      BPGS Construction*
                                         Barton Malow Company                       Brent Darnell International*
                                         Benchmark Construction                         Buch Construction*
Alexander Building Company
                                                Company*                          Design-Build Institute of America
      Haskell Company
                                                                                          EDiS Company
       Hensel Phelps                    Clark Construction Group
                                                                                  Foreman Program & Construction
Holder Construction Company
                                          Forrester Construction                             Managers
        Skanska USA
      Tishman Speyer*
                                                Company                              Gilbane Building Company
                                       James G. Davis Construction                       McClure Company
  Trammell Crow Company
                                                                                      ONCORE Construction
Truland Systems Corporation                    Corporation
Turner Construction Company            Penn State Office of Physical                    The Quandel Group*
                                                  Plant                          Reynolds Construction Management
                                           Southland Industries                                STV*

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