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									       What Causes Narcolepsy - A Sleeping
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What Causes Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a kind of sleeping disorder that is the root signal of daytime sleepiness
experienced by a large number of of its sufferers. The old client experiencing that trouble
complains of excessive tiredness or sleepiness and that too at in-appropriate times. This is
one of the most monumental sleeping disorders faced by households lately. What Causes

Symptoms of Narcolepsy: The various symptoms of the narcoleptic sleeping disorder include
sleep paralysis, loss of muscle strength, un-controlled daytime sleepiness and many more.
Here is a brief discussion on all the above mentioned symptoms of narcolepsy: Sleep
paralysis: Narcoleptics may at times become the victim of sleep paralysis. Due to this trouble,
an individual may experience a brief loss of muscle strength.

That is usually termed as a momentary paralysis of the body of the person soon after getting
awakened or shortly before getting to asleep. Moreover, the person feels highly incapable to
utter something or move about. Loss of Muscle Strength: In medical terminology, this trouble
is often referred to as 'Cataplexy'. The victim of cataplexy may feel extreme weakness or at
times paralysed while he or she is in a state of strong emotions like anger, surprise, laughter,
fear and many more. This paralytic attack mostly lasts for a certain fraction of time. What
Causes Narcolepsy

Nightmares and Hallucinations: A narcoleptic may also experience an un-realistic perception
of a visual sound or an image. These nightmares can be very scary at times because the
victim fails to cope with different situations before hand. These situations include anxiety,
terror and so on. Major causes of Narcolepsy: After a lot of studies, physicians have
concluded that this particular sleeping disorder is a consequence of hereditary or a genetic

This sleeping disorder is usually related to the central nervous system that is responsible for
controlling sleep or at times it is linked with the immune system. It is always recommended
that a sufferer should follow the right remedial procedures beginning with the precise
diagnosis so as to eliminate this trouble completely. Treatment Procedure for Narcolepsy: In
fact, there is no particular treatment procedure available to cure the narcolepsy sleeping

However, there are certain self-recommended techniques by following which a person can
surely overcome his sleeping disorder. They include alterations in the behavioural patterns,
sound sleeping habits along with a considerable reduction in the level of stress. What Causes

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Moreover, it is recommended to avoid the consumption of stimulants rich in caffeine and
nicotine, especially during evening hours as they tend to alleviate you're good night sleep.
Besides, there are certain medications that help in controlling narcolepsy. When is the last
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