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									                                                                         BREAKFAST MENU
Served with chunky chips & side salad
                                                                         Chef’s Breakfast Special                                                        £5.00
                                                                         Fried egg, 2 rashers of smoked bacon, 2 sausages, fried bread,  
The “Classic” BLT Ciabatta                                      £5.25 
Crispy smoked bacon, sliced tomato and lettuce leaf                      baked beans, plus a mug of tea/coffee 
Gruyere Cheese and Honey Roast Ham Ciabatta                     £5.25    The Club English Breakfast                                                      £6.95
                                                                         Fried egg, 2 rashers of smoked bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms,  
Milano Salami and Coleslaw Ciabatta                             £5.25     fried bread, baked beans and hash brown, plus a mug of tea/coffee 
Chicken, Avocado and Mixed Leaf Ciabatta                        £5.50    Eggs on Toast                                                                   £3.50
With garlic mayonnaise                                                   Scrambled, poached or fried... your choice.                   
Melted Brie and Smoked Bacon Ciabatta                           £5.75    Eggs Benedict                                                                   £4.25
With cranberry                                                           Poached egg on a toasted soft bap with honey roasted ham 
                                                                         served with Hollandaise sauce       
Pastrami Beef and Crispy Leaf Ciabatta                          £5.95 
With horseradish mayonnaise                                              Toast with Conserves                                                            £1.80
                                                                         2 slices of hot buttered toast with your choice of jams or marmalade 

All of the fillings below are available in white or malted wheat         Coffee                                           Tea
bloomer bread. Served with tortilla crisps.                              Instant                     £1.00                Regular                        £0.90 
                                                                         Decaffeinated               £1.00                Earl Grey                      £1.00 
Bacon Sandwich                                                  £2.95                    
                                                                         Regular Filter              £1.40                Pot for One                    £1.30 
Bacon & Egg Sandwich                                            £3.50    Espresso                    £1.40                Pot for Two                    £1.70 
Sausage Sandwich                                                £2.95    Cappucino                   £1.80                Herbal/Fruit                   £1.00
Sausage & Egg Sandwich                                          £3.50 
                                                                         Mocha                       £1.80 
Bacon, Egg & Sausage Sandwich                                   £3.95                                                     Hot Chocolate                  £1.80
                                                                         Latte                       £1.80
Cheddar Cheese & Pickle Sandwich                                £2.95
Tuna & Mayonnaise Sandwich                                      £3.25
Honey Roast Ham & Tomato Sandwich                               £3.25
Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise Sandwich                            £3.95
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich                                £3.95               Afternoon Tea                                            £3.25
Smoked Salmon Sandwich                                          £4.25               2 teacakes, with butter & jam, plus a tea or coffee of your choice

All the above are available toasted or on ciabattas with a portion of
chips and large salad garnish for an additional £1.25                               Traditional Cream Tea                                   £3.95
                                                                                    Choice of 2 scones, with butter, clotted cream & jam, plus a tea 
                                                                                    or coffee of your choice
SALADS & LIGHT MEALS                                                                    OLD FAVOURITES
Chef’s Soup of the Day with Crusty Bread                                        £3.50   Buck Rarebit                                                           £3.95
Ask the staff about today’s speciality soup                                             Cheddar cheese and wholegrain mustard on toast, topped  
                                                                                        with a fried egg
Devilled Smoked Salmon on Toast                                                 £4.75
Hot grilled smoked salmon in our own mild curry sauce                                   Lincolnshire Sausages with Fried Egg & Chips                           £4.50 
                                                                                        Popular sausages in a good old fashioned combination 
Salad Nicoise                                                                   £5.95    
Classic French salad with egg, tuna, new potatoes and olives                            Honey Roasted Ham, Egg & Chips                                         £6.95
in an olive oil dressing                                                                Sliced gammon ham, egg and chunky chips 

Caesar Salad                                                                    £5.50   Cheddar Cheese & Ham Omelette                                          £6.25
A firm favourite ‐ with anchovies, parmesan and croutons                                ...or with a filling of your choice ‐ served with chips or salad 
Mozzarella & Beef Tomato Salad                                                  £5.75   Classic American Cheeseburger                                          £5.00
With an Italian herb dressing                                                           Served on a warm bun with leaves, red onion, tomato  
                                                                                        and chunky chips 
Warm Chicken, Pancetta & Avocado Salad                                          £5.95    
Strips of chicken and smoked pancetta tossed with avocado                               The Big Club Burger                                                    £6.95
& mixed salad with balsamic dressing                                                    As above but with 2 burgers, melted cheddar cheese and crispy bacon 
Baked Camembert with Garlic & Rosemary                                          £5.75   Traditional Beer Battered Cod & Chips                                  £6.75
Individually baked and served with salad, gherkin, olives & ciabatta strips             With mushy peas and bread & butter 
BBQ Chicken Wrap                                                                £5.75    
Tender pieces of marinated chicken with                                                 SIDE ORDERS
mixed peppers and leaves in our BBQ sauce
                                                                                        Portion of Chunky Chips                                                £1.75
Italian Antipasti                                                               £6.95   With either garlic mayo or tomato salsa    
A selection of smoked meats served on a crispy leaf salad                                
with black olives and an olive oil dressing                                             Portion of Chunky Chips with Melted Cheese                             £2.25
                                                                                        With either garlic mayo or tomato salsa 
                                                                                            Check out the Specials Board for our “Special of the
                                                                                                    Day” and/or Sunday Roast offers 

                                                                                                                                          PTO for Ciabattas & Sandwiches 

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