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                                                             OF SUCCESSFUL
                                                                      •	 November 13, 2009 (Friday)
                                                                      •		9	am	–	5	pm		•		Novotel	Clarke	Quay


LEADERSHIP                                                   Keynote Speaker
                                                             •	 Dr Rosemary Tan
                                                               CEO, Veredus Laboratories Pte Ltd

                             Register before                 Speakers
                           October 23, 2009
                                                             •	 Jocelyn Chng
                                 to enjoy                      Managing Director, Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd
                           Early Bird Discounts
                          Turn to page 4 for more details.   •	 Valerie Tan
Register	today	at           Terms and conditions apply.        CEO, Pinnacle International Pte Ltd
                                                             •	 Mrs Fong Loo Fern
www.sim.edu.sg/wef09.html                                      Managing Director, CYC The Custom Shop Pte Ltd
                                                             •	 Annie Gan
                                                               Managing Director, Jian Huang Construction Pte Ltd
                                                             •	 Susan Chong
                                                               Founder, Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd

Women Entrepreneurship Forum 2009
Leadership Styles of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

About the Event                                                               Programme
This forum is a full-day event targeted at people from all walks of life,
coming together to learn about the challenges facing women entrepreneurs       8.00am – 9.00am        Registration & Networking
today and how they face adversity and yet continue to thrive in the current    9.00am – 9.10am        Welcome Message
weak economy. These women have made it not by luck or good fortune.                                   Mr Ronald Tan
They overcome many tremendous odds in their lives. They are just ordinary                             Executive Director
people but armed with courage and a “never say die” attitude to want to                               SIM
succeed in their chosen path.
                                                                               9.10am – 9.40am        Keynote Speech
                                                                                                      Dr Rosemary Tan
It strives to discuss business issues and hope to bring tremendous value                              CEO
to people who want to explore the entrepreneurial path; those who want                                Veredus Laboratories Pte Ltd
to find a breakthrough in their career plateau and for those who want to
continue to hone their business acumen. Even those who are not keen            9.40am – 9.45am        Presentation of Tokens of Appreciation to
in entrepreneurship, the forum will allow them to learn and gain insights                             Forum Speakers
on leadership styles, and management know-how. In this ever-changing
world, time tested values such as hard work and perseverance would             9.50am – 10.40am       Track 1 – Turning Adversity Into Strength
always triumph against adversity. This forum would help to fulfil this aim                            Ms Jocelyn Chng
as we embark on our journey of life long learning.                                                    Managing Director
                                                                                                      Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd

Key Takeaways                                                                  10.40am – 11.00am

                                                                               11.00am – 12.00pm
                                                                                                      Tea/Coffee Break

                                                                                                      Track 2 – So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?
Discover and gain insights into the  different leadership practices,                                  Ms Valerie Tan
management styles, negotiation skills, and also the motivation behind the                             CEO
successes of these women entrepreneurs.                                                               Pinnacle International Pte Ltd

•	 Was	it	a	need	for	achievement,	affiliation,	autonomy,	sense	                12.00pm – 1.30pm       Networking Lunch
   of obligation or duty or even something more?                               1.30pm – 2.30pm        Track 3 – Risk-Taking: Reinventing The Business
•	 Does	educational	attainment	have	any	impact	on	carving	the	                                        Mrs Fong Loo Fern
   entrepreneurial career? Is their having higher adversity                                           Managing Director
   quotient and emotional quotient more critical in their                                             CYC The Custom Shop Pte Ltd
   success stories than Intelligence Quotient?
                                                                               2.30pm – 3.30pm        Track 4 – Success Through Seizing Opportunites
•	 Can	women	entrepreneurs	still	have	work-life	balance?	                                             In An Ever-Changing World
   Can they play multiple roles effectively?                                                          Ms Annie Gan
                                                                                                      Managing Director
•	 Does	personality	or	family	background	have	any	influence	on	                                       Jian Huang Construction Pte Ltd
   taking this route? Is it Nature or Nurture that make them
   successful?                                                                 3.30pm – 4.00pm        Tea/Coffee Break

•	 Find	out	the	characteristics and	attributes	of	women	                       4.00pm – 5.00pm        Panel Discussion – Characteristics of An
   entrepreneurs – how they play up their strengths in                                                Entrepreneur
   business successes.                                                                                Ms Jocelyn Chng
                                                                                                      Ms Valerie Tan

Who Should Attend                                                                                     Mrs Fong Loo Fern
                                                                                                      Ms Annie Gan
•	   Aspiring	Entrepreneurs                                                                           Ms Susan Chong
•	   Fresh	Graduates
•	   Executives                                                                                                  The End
•	   Managers
•	   Directors
                                                                              Note : The above schedule and list of speakers are correct at the time of
                                                                              publication. Other qualified speakers are being approached and this may
PLUS those who want to:                                                       result in changes.

•	   Explore	the	entrepreneurial	path
•	   Find	a	breakthrough	in	their	career	plateau
•	   Continue	to	hone	their	business	acumen	
•	   Just	simply	to	learn	and	understand	and	be	inspired	by	
     real life stories
13 November 2009 (Friday)
9 am – 5 pm • Novotel Clarke Quay

                                                                  Our Speakers
                           Ms. Jocelyn Chng
                           Managing Director, Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd
                           Speech — Turning Adversity Into Strength
                           Ms Jocelyn Chng, NUS Winner of Best Entrepreneur, Arts & SDE of year 2005, is the main driving force behind Sin Hwa Dee, the
                           manufacturer of Chng Kee’s sauces, which are sold in over 30 countries. She took over the family business at the age of 21 when
                           her father passed away. Jocelyn was awarded the MontBlanc Businesswoman Award in 2003. She was also nominated for Young
                           Chinese Entrepreneur Award 2002. In the same year, she headed the marketing team to participate in Singapore Promising Brand
                           Award 2002, the first brand award organised by ASME for small and medium-sized companies, which CHNG Kee’s has won Most
                           Distinctive Brand (Product Category). In 2001, she won the Women Entrepreneur of the Year. Being community-minded and a
                           charismatic person, Jocelyn has given numerous talks and volunteered services at schools, associations and societies.

                           Ms. Valerie Tan
                           CEO, Pinnacle International Pte Ltd
                           Speech — So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?
                           Valerie Tan, 35, is a woman with a vision and passion for her business. In 1996, she co-founded Pinnacle Motors together with
                           her husband, Mr Larry Teo, now the Executive Chairman of Pinnacle International. As the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle
                           International, she envisions Pinnacle International as a leading global brand. Valerie Tan attributes her entrepreneurial fortitude
                           to her dynamic and energetic personality. Her excellent business acumen, well honed in service quality, has helped her to
                           succeed in the challenging automobile industry. To acknowledge their service and business excellence, Pinnacle International
                           was awarded the Singapore Quality Class award in June 2008 and most recently, came in 6th position in the Enterprise 50
                           Award for its entrepreneurial business excellence. Valerie Tan was also honoured with being one of two women voted into the
                           top 17 entrepreneurs for The Entrepreneurs of The Year Award 2008 – A Rotary-ASME Award.

                           Mrs. Fong Loo Fern
                           Managing Director, CYC The Custom Shop Pte Ltd
                           Speech — Risk-Taking: Reinventing The Business Model?
                           Fong Loo Fern is no newcomer to the retail business. She started out helping in the family business that was founded by
                           her grandfather in 1935 when she was only 12 years old. After graduating with an Accountancy Degree, Loo Fern continued
                           to work in the family business for seven years as Administrative Manager before leaving CYC to work in the Commerce
                           Department of the US Embassy. In 1992 when CYC was in a crisis, Loo Fern returned as its Managing Director and turned the
                           business around. She has not looked back since.

                           Ms. Annie Gan
                           Managing Director, Jian Huang Construction Pte Ltd
                           Speech — Success Through Seizing Opportunities In An Ever-Changing World
                           It took Ms Annie Gan a leap of faith to strike out on her own when her business partner left the company in 1996. She was
                           26 years old then and armed with only a diploma in computer studies. Trained as a quantity surveyor in her previous job
                           at a construction company, Annie’s fast learning skills put her on top of the game. She attributed Jian Huang Construction’s
                           successes to a strong foundation of good service, quality work, competitive pricing, worksite safety and as a one-stop provider
                           of design and build services. She was awarded the Top Enterprise 50 awards for 2006 and 2007 awarded by Spring Singapore.
                           She was also the finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 award. She won the ASME (Association of Small
                           and Medium size enterprise) Top Entrepreneur awards in 2007.

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                                                                            Leadership Styles of Successful Women Entrepreneurs
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