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					Antoinette’s Cakes & Catering
     77 Colt Square #3
  Fayetteville, AR 72703
     Ph. (479) 304-8883
                                     Our Vision
                 With Antoinette’s, great food is just the beginning.
               We bring confidence and enjoyment to life’s celebrations,
                  connecting families, businesses and communities.

                                    Our Mission
       A passion for food and exceptional service delivered with spirit and flair.
     Every employee’s goal is to move beyond the ordinary…to the extraordinary.
    No matter how simple or complex your occasion, we delight in our ability to say
                             “Yes, we can do that for you!”

                                  Our Experience
 Antoinette’s Cakes & Catering will be proud to service both your corporate and private
events. As a team, we devote our time and energy to each event we service. You will find
    our service team to be extremely competent and friendly and our delicious food
                                 beautifully displayed.
Bountiful Breakfast Buffet 10.95             per guest
Choice of one of the following egg entrées
   Quiche Lorraine or vegetable
   Ham and Cheese Egg Strata
   Vegetable Egg Strata
   Breakfast Burrito
   Assorted Breakfast Sandwiches
       Bacon and cheddar, spinach and Swiss
Sausage Links and Bacon Strips
Country Style Potatoes
Fresh Fruit Display
   A bountiful arrangement of seasonal fresh fruits
Baked Good Assortment
   Assorted muffins, Danish, coffee cake and scones


Weekend Brunch             12.95 per guest               Breakfast Open House              8.50 per guest
Choice of one of the following stations ...              Miniature Bagels
  Omelette Station                                          White and wheat bagels. Half served with cream
   Includes eggs, ham, scallions, tomatoes, peppers,        cheese and half with smoked salmon and scallion
   spinach, mushrooms, cheddar cheese and feta              caper cream cheese
   cheese                                                Assorted Quiche Bites
Belgian Waffle Station
                                                         Petite Muffins
Home Fried Potatoes
                                                            Delectable lemon poppy seed, orange twist and
Sausage Links and Bacon Strips                              raisin bran
Breakfast Smoked Salmon Platter                          Fresh Fruit Skewers
   Lox with miniature bagels and cream cheese,
   sliced tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, capers and
   fresh lemon wedges
Fresh Fruit Display
Baked Good Assortment                                    Omelette Station          5.95 per guest
   Assorted muffins, Danish, coffee cake and scones      Choose    from     ham,   mushrooms,    spinach,
                                                         tomatoes, peppers, scallions, cheddar and feta
                   ********************                  cheese to create individually prepared omelettes

Continental Breakfast              7.95 per guest
Fresh Fruit Display
Baked Good Assortment
   Assorted muffins, Danish, coffee cake and scones
Fresh-baked Bagels with cream cheese                        Add assorted juices, bottled water and
                                                             coffee service for $1.50 per person.

Belgian Waffle Station              5.95 per guest
Served with whipped cream, chopped pecans,
maple syrup and a variety of fresh fruits
Classic Cocktail Party                  13.00 per guest   Casual Gathering                      16.95 per guest
Elegant Vegetable Display                                 Fresh Fruit Display
   Asparagus, broccoli, baby carrots, cherry                 Our gorgeous display of melons, pineapple,
   tomatoes, cucumbers and dip                               strawberries, grapes and seasonal fruit
Classic Cheeses                                           Petite Sandwiches
   Cheddar and Swiss garnished with fruit and                Turkey and Muenster, ham and Swiss, sirloin and
   served with baguette slices and crackers                  cheddar and veggie club sandwiches served on
Mini Stuffed Mushrooms                                       miniature rolls
   Bite size Portobello mushrooms stuffed with            Vegetable Spring Rolls
   cornbread dressing topped with bacon pieces               With spicy mustard dip or sweet and sour sauce
Meatballs                                                 Sweet and Spicy Meatballs
   Dill mushroom cream, sweet and sour, barbecue             with pomerey mustard
   or tomato basil sauce
                                                          Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip
Tomato Basil Bruschetta                                      With baguette slices, crackers and grilled ciabatta
   French baguette bread topped with ripe summer             squares
   tomatoes, fresh garden basil, and garlic
                                                          Chicken Strips or Buffalo Wings
Hot or Mild Buffalo Wings                                    With honey barbecue dip or ranch
   With ranch dip
                                                          Cookies and Simply Sinful Brownies
Dessert Bites
   Of Choice
               *****************************              The Elegant Affair                    24.95 per guest
                                                          Apple Wood Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Bountiful Buffet                       19.95 per guest       Large Louisiana Gulf Shrimp wrapped in apple
Exquisite Cheeses                                            wood bacon
   Cotswold, Camembert, Scottish cheddar, Danish          Chicken Skewers
   bleu and baby Swiss served with fresh fruit,              Tequila Lime, Sesame or Maple Pecan
   baguette slices and crackers                           Savory Spreads and Breads
Fresh Fruit Display                                          Sun-dried tomato olive spread, wild mushroom
   Our gorgeous display of melons, pineapple,                thyme spread and smoked salmon dill spread
   strawberries, grapes and seasonal fruit                   served with pita chips, crackers and grilled
Garlic Roasted Vegetables                                    ciabatta bread squares
   Carrots, roasted onions, cauliflower, zuchinni         Mini Crab Cakes
Assorted Petite Sandwiches                                   Chunky Chesapeake       Crab   Cake   Bites   with
   Chicken, ham or egg salad, ham and cheese, turkey         remoulade sauce
   and cheese, roast beef and horseradish, smoked         Jiffy Bites
   salmon and dill, English cucumber and watercress          Mini cornbread muffins stuffed with chili, topped
Shrimp Trio                                                  with sour cream and chives
   Fresh shrimp, sesame ginger shrimp and lemon           Mozzarella Antipasto Kebobs
   garlic herb shrimp served with cocktail sauce             With chunks of sun-dried tomatoes, a wedge of
Cajun Bacon Wrapped Chicken                                  tender artichoke heart, olives and basil leaves.
   Brushed with barbeque sauce                            Redskin Potatoes
Salmon Grill Cakes                                          Stuffed with sour cream, bacon pieces and chives
   With mustard dill dip                                  Mini Quiches
Elegant Finger Pastries                                      Loraine, Broccoli and Cheese, Bleu Cheese,
   Coconut Macaroons, Pecan Diamonds, Miniature              Caramelized Onion and Mushroom
   Raspberry Cheesecake Bars, Chocolate Mousse            Elegant Finger Pastries
   Cups, Chocolate Decadence Squares and Fruit               Coconut Macaroons, Pecan Diamonds, Miniature
   Tartlettes                                                Raspberry Cheesecake Bars, Chocolate Mousse
                                                             Cups, Chocolate Decadence Squares and Fruit
   Crab Cakes                                      2.75
       With rémoulade sauce
   Cajun Fried Shrimp                              3.75
       With Cajun mayonnaise or tarter sauce
   Smoked Salmon Lavosh Roulades                   3.75
       With spinach and cream cheese
   Salmon Grill Cakes                              3.75
       With mustard dill dip
   Seared Salmon Bites                             3.75
       Drizzled with hoisin sauce
   Sea Scallops Wrapped in Bacon                   3.75
   Lemon Marinated Shrimp *                        3.75
       Wrapped in pea pods
   Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps                      3.75
   Jambalaya Skewers                               4.50
       Shrimp, chicken, Italian sausage, peppers
       and onions in cajun sauce (not spicy)
                                                          Chicken Strips                                  2.75
              **************************                     With honey barbecue sauce
                                                          Cajun Bacon Wrapped Chicken                     2.75
Beef, Lamb and Pork                                          Brushed with barbeque sauce
Jiffy Bites                                      2.25     Chicken Skewers                                 3.75
Mini cornbread muffins stuffed with chili and topped         Tequila Lime, Sesame or Maple Pecan
with sour cream and chives                                Thai Chicken Cakes                              2.75
Meatballs                                          2.75      With curry dip
With dill mushroom cream, sweet and sour, barbecue        Buffalo Chicken Tenders                         2.75
or tomato basil sauce                                        With ranch dip
Marinated Steak Croustades *                       2.75   Buffalo Wings                                   2.75
With gorgonzola spread                                       With bleu cheese dip
Redskin Potatoes                                   2.75   Chicken Satays                                  2.75
Stuffed with Cajun bacon, cheddar, sour cream and            In peanut sauce
chives                                                    Sesame Chicken *                                2.75
Sweet and Spicy Meatballs                          2.75      Wrapped in pea pods with ancho Chile dipping
With pomerey mustard                                      sauce
Hot or Mild Buffalo Wings                          2.75   Chicken Dijonnaise Kabobs                4.50
Hot or Mild, Cajun with Bleu Cheese, Cajun Honey or
Ranch Dip
Miniature Beef Wellington                          3.75
Beef and Pepper Kabobs                             4.50
Grilled   Herbed     Lamb             Chops        4.50
1 Entrée with 3 Accompaniments          12.95 per guest   Additional Entrée                    5.95 per guest
2 Entrées with 3 Accompaniments         16.95 per guest   Additional Accompaniment             1.50 per guest
3 Entrées with 4 Accompaniments        19.95 per guest    Prices include assorted rolls with butter
  * (all 20 guest minimum)

Beef and Pork                                             Poultry
Sliced Beef Sirloin                                       Almond Cranberry Chicken
   Served with a Cabernet mushroom sauce                     Encrusted with almonds and cranberries and
                                                             served with a light orange sauce
Silver Dollar Ham and Biscuits
   Smoked Praline Honey Ham with homemade
                                                          Chicken Amaron
   biscuits                                                  Artichoke, red pepper and mushroom in lemon
                                                             cream sauce
Grilled Skirt Steak with Españole Sauce
   A blend of stock, barley, tomato, carrot, zucchini
                                                          Lemon Chicken
   and onion                                                 Sautéed with sun-dried tomatoes, lemon, basil and
Fajita Steak Strips
   Sautéed with peppers and onions
                                                          Chicken Piccata
                                                             Served in a lemon caper sauce
Beef Tips
   Sautéed with a Cabernet mushroom sauce and
                                                          Hunters’ Chicken
   served atop parslied egg noodles                          Sautéed chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes and
                                                             herbs in a delicious white wine sauce
Herb Encrusted Pork Loin
   Served sliced with apples and caramelized onions
                                                          Grandma’s Chicken
                                                             Mushrooms, cherries and basil in a sherry butter
Shepherd’s Pie
   Sautéed ground beef and vegetables topped with
   garlic mashed potatoes and a cheesy crust
                                                          Indian Spiced Chicken
                                                             With a fruit chutney

Seafood                                                   Vegetarian
Grilled Salmon Filet                                      Wild Mushroom Spinach Risotto
   With a maple mustard glaze
                                                             With fresh Parmesan
Cajun Grilled Salmon                                      Tortellini Saint Tropez
   With fresh herbs and citrus or pesto sauce
                                                             Cheese tortellini, grilled zucchini and yellow
Blackened Catfish                                            peppers in a creamy tomato sauce
   Drizzled with margarita lime butter                    Eggplant Zucchini Parmesan
Seafood Pasta                                                Layers of eggplant, zucchini and cheese smothered
   Shrimp with penne pasta, spinach, smoked tasso            with marinara sauce and topped with grated
   and garlic in a creamy white creamy sauce                 Parmesan
Louisiana Catfish Fillet                                  Vegetable Strudel
   Fried and garnished with crawfish etouffee                Spinach, roasted vegetables and feta topped with
Jambalaya                                                    phyllo
   Sausage, shrimp and chicken in a Cajun stew            Asian Noodle Sauté
                                                             With soba noodles, tofu, broccoli, garlic, black
                                                             sesame seeds, ginger and soy sauce garnished with
                                                             roasted cashews
     Tossed Garden Salad with cucumbers,
      tomatoes, red onion and carrots with
      peppercorn ranch and Dijon vinaigrette
     Classic Caesar Salad with croutons and
     Antoinette’s Harvest Salad with dried
      cherries, Mandarin oranges, celery, scallion,
      pecans and a raspberry vinaigrette
     Seasonal Spinach Salad with gorgonzola
      cheese and seasonal accompaniments *

     Garlic Mashed Potatoes
     Herb Encrusted Roasted Redskins
     Steamed Redskins in Scallion
     Gruyère Scalloped Potatoes
      Whipped Potatoes with Chive
     Roasted Sweet Potatoes
     Baked Potato with Scallions, Sour
      Cream and Butter
     Chef Jami’s Rice Pilaf
     Brown Rice with Lentils
     Steamed Basmati Rice
     Herb Butter Linguini
     Spinach Orzo
     Parslied Egg Noodles
     Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower
     Spinach Feta Pie
     Peas with Mushrooms and Pearl
     Sugar Peas, Carrots and Pearl
     Honey-glazed Carrots
     Green Beans with Roasted Red
      Peppers and Garlic
     Bistro Vegetables
     Roasted Corn with Red Peppers
A great addition to your buffet or cocktail party!

Pasta Station                             5.95 per guest
Made to order pasta dishes with fresh Italian flavors
Savory Pastas
Your guests will have the choice of tortellini, angel
hair and whole wheat ziti pasta to start their
Delicious Sauces
Tomato basil, alfredo, pesto and primavera
Meat Selections
Grilled chicken, shrimp, meatballs and sausage
Accompaniments                                             Grilled Cheese Sandwich Station
Pinenuts, peppers, spinach, tomatoes and zucchini
and fresh grated mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses           with Tomato Soup Shooters 4.95 per guest
                                                           A miniature version of an American classic—your
Quesadilla Station                        4.95 per guest   guests will love it!
A Mexican favorite with American flair!                    Miniature Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Quesadilla Selections                                      Cheddar, Brie or Swiss Cheese grilled on white, wheat
Steak and Wild Mushroom                                    and pumpernickel bread
Chicken, cheddar cheese and grilled onion                  Tomato Soup Shooters
Black Bean with roasted red pepper and Monterey            Fresh tomato basil soup
Brie and Apple                                             Taco/Fajitas Station                      5.50 per guest
Fiesta Accompaniments                                      Prepare your own tacos, nachos, burritos or fajitas!
Spicy Salsa, sour cream and guacamole                      Mexican ingredients
                                                           Seasoned ground beef, grilled chicken, flank steak,
Stir Fry Station                          5.95 per guest
                                                           diced tomatoes, Spicy Salsa, sour cream, shredded
Create your own stir fry with all your favorite            cheese, black olives, jalapeno slices, refried beans,
ingredients                                                lettuce, lime wedges, hot sauce and taco shells, flour
Grain Selections                                           tortillas and homemade tortilla chips
Start with fried rice, white rice and soba noodles
Asian Sauces                                               Carving Station
Sweet and sour, teriyaki, peanut and garlic                Freshly sliced and delicious! Served with honey
Tasty Additions                                            mustard, Dijonnaise sauce, horseradish sauce and
Sautéed beef, grilled chicken, shrimp, pork and tofu       fruited chutney with petite rolls
Accompaniments                                             Carving Selections
Peanuts, cashews, lime wedges, carrots, pea pods, red      Top Round of Beef (serves 40-50 guests)         $195.00
peppers, onion s, broccoli, water chestnuts cilantro       Peppered Beef Tenderloin (serves 10-12 guests) $195.00
                                                           Prime Rib (serves 40-50 guests)                $350.00
Mini Burger Station                       5.50 per guest
Build Your Own Burger—with all your favorite
Bite-sized Burgers
Hamburgers, veggie burgers and turkey burgers
offered with
white and whole wheat buns
Ketchup, American and Dijon mustards, sliced
pickles, salsa, rémoulade and Swiss and cheddar
Tortes, Cakes, Tarts and Pies
Desserts serve 12-14 unless otherwise noted.
Fresh Fruit Tart                                42.00
Flaky tart shell filled with pastry cream, topped with
fresh fruit and an apricot glaze
Poached Pear Almond Tart                        35.00
Baked almond custard tart topped with pears,
poached in chardonnay and vanilla then topped with
sliced almonds
Warm Apple Crisp (Serves 10)                    25.00    Baked Goodies         Priced per dozen
Sliced apples in a warm, cinnamon sauce topped with
                                                         Fresh Baked Cookies                         15.00
a crispy oatmeal strudel. Served with maple whipped
                                                         Sugar, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk and
                                                         Oatmeal Raisin
Carrot Cake                                      18.00   Available in Miniature                         7.95
Moist carrot cake enhanced with chopped walnuts
and a hint of bourbon, topped with soft cream cheese
                                                         Signature Bar Cookies                       15.00
frosting and walnuts
                                                         Southern Derby with chunks of chocolate and pecans,
Lemon Raspberry Torte                            18.00   Go Blue!berry with luscious almond and blueberry
Fluffy white cake soaked with light lemon syrup,         filling, Tropical Treasures chocolate cookie
layered with raspberry preserves and lemon butter        crust topped with coconut and maraschino cherries;
cream                                                    citrusy, fresh Lemon Delights and rich, creamy
Tiramisu Torte                                  22.00    chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss
Chiffon cake soaked with espresso, layered with          Simply Sinful Brownies                      15.00
heavenly tiramisu filling and garnished with whipped     Wickedly chocolate brownies topped with chocolate
cream, ground chocolate and cocoa powder                 chips and walnuts
Double Chocolate Cake                            18.00   Elegant Finger Pastries                     18.00
Rich, fudgy, chocolate cake layered with dark,           Delicate and delectable.
velvety chocolate mousse and covered in chocolate              Coconut Macaroons
ganache                                                        Miniature Raspberry Cheesecake Bars
Italian Almond Cream Torte                       18.00         Chocolate Mousse Cups
Rum-soaked almond pound cake layers filled and                 Chocolate Decadence Squares
frosted with an amaretto mascarpone cream, and                 Pecan Diamonds
garnished with almonds and powered sugar                       Fruit Tartlettes
Turtle Cheesecake                               20.00    Chocolate Dipped Strawberries               seasonal
A rich twist on this favorite dessert - the graham
cracker crust is filled with pecans, caramel and
                                                         Ice Cream Sundae Bar                4.50 per guest
chocolate in addition to creamy cheesecake
                                                         Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream
New York Cheesecake                         16.00
Traditional cheesecake served with fresh fruit           with assorted toppings and sauces
                                                         Fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce, caramel topping,
                                                         Oreo cookie crumbs, chopped heath bar, roasted
Custom Sheet Cakes                                       pecans, whipped cream and Maraschino cherries
Choose chocolate fudge, vanilla or marble cake           (30 guest minimum)
with chocolate fudge or vanilla buttercream frosting.    Add brownies for $1.50 per guest
Price includes writing and basic flourishes.
Large (96 servings) - 75.00, Medium (48 servings)-
                                                         Specialty Desserts        We offer additional
35.00 Small 10” round (16 servings) - 16.00
                                                         specialty desserts - both individual and full sized
                                                         pastries, tortes, pies and cakes.
                                                         Ask for details!
                              Hot Beverages
            Coffee Service                                1.75 per guest
                    Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Hot Tea
                Served with cream, sugar, Sweet n’ Low and Equal
           Specialty Coffee Bar                         3.25 per person
                With all the gourmet treats! Cinnamon, chocolate
                 sticks, whipped cream and peppermint sticks.
          Hot Cinnamon Cider                             12.00 per gallon
          Hot Chocolate                                 15.00 per gallon

                              Cold Beverages
          Assorted Sodas                                        1.50 each
                  Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite and Sprite Zero
          Bottled Water                                         1.75 each
            Assorted Fruit Juices                           1.50 each
            Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Grapefruit and Grape Juice
         Perrier Bottles with lime                          1.75 each
             Sparkling Cider or Grape Juice             5.50 per bottle
             Fresh-brewed Iced Tea                    10.00 per gallon
                          Served with sugar and lemons
          Lemonade                                       10.00 per gallon
          Sparkling Fruit Punch                          12.95 per gallon
A sparkling punch with pineapple, mixed berry and grape juices with floating fruit
             House Punch                           12.95 per gallon
                 Pineapple, Apple, Lemonade and Citrus Orange
Service Guidelines:

Providing excellent service to you and your guests is of utmost importance to us. In
order to best serve your needs, we ask that you adhere to the following service

Buffet Service:                    1 Server for each 25 guests

Buffet Service with China          1 Server for each 20 guests

Plated Dinner                      1 Server for each 15 guests

Full Bar                           1 Bartender for each 50 guests

Servers:                           $12.00 per hour per serve
             **Staff has a 4 hour minimum each, additional time is billed at same hourly rate**

                                  **Staff gratuity is at client discretion**

Sales Tax:                        9.25% Applies to the entire bill

                   The information provided are general working guidelines.
 *Final prices are determined by menu, guest count, style of service & location walk-through.*


A non-refundable retainer secures your date, and will be deducted from your balance due. We
require a retainer 0f half the cost for catered weddings, and a $100.00 retainer for all other

Your quoted price per person is based on the menu you select and your minimum guest count.

We will be responsible for:

Food preparation, set up and maintenance of the buffet, coffee and iced tea service during the
meal; Breakdown and clean up of the buffet and kitchen.

What you are responsible for:
Decoration and clean up of your rented facility; all alcoholic beverages; any trash removal.
Ø   Full China, linen, and wait staff services are available at an additional cost. Servers are
    $12.00 each per hour. Because of the importance of excellent service to your guests, we
    ask that you adhere to our ratios of and 1 server for each 15-25 guests, depending on the
    type of service you are having.

Ø   Your estimated total will be based on your estimated guest count, menu selected, any
    extra services requested, and 9.25% sales tax.

Ø   The final bill will be calculated using your actual guest count or guaranteed minimum,
    whichever is greater.

Ø   Due to the possibility of food cost increases, your menu price will not be guaranteed
    until 3 months prior to your event, but will not be increased more than 10% from the
    amount quoted in your contract.

Ø   Final guest count and payment of the total estimated balance is due no later than 14
    days prior to your event date. In the case of weddings, the entire bridal party, and any
    vendors invited to eat must be included in your guest count. If no guest count is given,
    the last count reported will be used. If your guest count goes up after you have given us
    the final count, we will be happy to accommodate you as best we can. Under no
    circumstances will a wedding event or cake be delivered which is NOT paid for in full.

Ø   No refund can be given in the event of last minute cancellation, as food products will
    have already been purchased.

Ø   Payment of any remaining balance, due to addition or changes, is due at the beginning
    of your event.

Ø   Billing may be arranged in advance for corporate accounts.

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