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									             Effluent Reclamation
             by membrane separation


             Reclamation of treated municipal and industrial effluents is rapidly becoming acceptable
             in many parts of the world. This results from the need to generate alternative water sources,
             as water is becoming a diminishing resource.
             Achieving a high-quality effluent on a consistent and reliable basis is a key factor in meeting
             public health and environmental requirements. Reclaimed effluents can be reused for various
             applications such as: irrigation (Agriculture & Landscape), cooling towers, toilet-flushing
             or industrial process water.
             NIROSOFT INDUSTRIES designs, manufactures and supplies advanced treatment systems
             that enable converting treated wastewater to a reliable source of high-quality effluent.
             The treatment process is based on membrane technology, combining Ultra-Filtration (UF)
             and Reverse Osmosis (RO) separation stages:
             • UF – Remove residual suspended solids, colloidal and organic matter, bacteria and viruses.
             • RO – Remove dissolved salts, heavy metals and residual organic matter.
                Effluent Reclamation
                by membrane separation
                                                                            We know the value of water
                 The combination of UF and RO membranes in one tailor-made treatment unit allows NIROSOFT systems
                 to provide the user with the following advantages:
                 • CONSISTENCY & RELIABILITY Properly designed membrane systems are highly reliable and provide
                   minimal variations or upsets in system performance. Emphasis is always put on proper design of
                   pre-treatment units. UF provides the most efficient protection for the RO membranes, allowing the
                   RO unit to perform at its highest capabilities.
                 • COST SAVING Reduced frequency of costly and time consuming cleaning cycles of the RO membranes,
                   extends the life span of RO membranes.
                 • NO NEED FOR SUBSEQUENT DISINFECTION The UF membrane performs as a physical barrier for
                   harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.
                 • UNIFORM & MODULAR SYSTEM UF and RO units are composed of similar components, simplifying
                   O & M. Modular design make system’s future expansions simple and cost effective.
                 • SMALLER FOOOTPRINT compared to other technologies that provide similar results.

                 NIROSOFT UF and RO systems provide an effective and
                 reliable treatment which allows reclaiming and recycling
                 effluents from various sources, including:
                 • Municipal / sanitary wastewater
                 • Textile industry and laundries
                 • Wastewaters containing heavy metals
                   (metal-plating industry)
                 • Food industries (wineries, canneries, dairies,
                   edible oil etc.)
                 • Hydroponic nurseries

                 SELECTED PROJECTS
                 • Municipal sewage: Effluent from an extended aeration / oxidation pond is treated by a combined
                   UF + RO system. Product is used for irrigation of vineyards and vegetables. RO desalination provides
                   water with low salinity and boron levels.
                 • Textile dyehouse wastewater: Addition of UF membrane treatment after existing biological
                   treatment (activated sludge) allows the plant to comply with strict discharge limits. Subsequent
                   treatment by RO allows the recycling of 50% of the effluents.
                 • Metal-plating wastewater: UF + RO technology is applied to the effluent from a sedimentation
                   and media filtration pre-treatment. The resulting effluent is recycled as rinse water to the metal-
                   plating process line.
                 • Nursery wastewater: Excess irrigation water in a hydroponic nursery is recycled following treatment
                   by a UF membrane system. The UF removes residual colloids and provides water disinfection. Nutrients
                   and necessary additives are not rejected by the membranes and therefore recycled with the water.

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