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Annex No


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									                                                                                          Annex No.(1)

                         Application for Post-Shipment Export (Whole-
                     turnover) Credit Guarantee Against Commercial Risks

     Company’s Name:
     Telephone:                                                 Fax:

     Person in charge:                                          Position:

     Banks that the exporter deals with:

    How long has the company been exporting? … Years
    Number of employees? …

    Please attach a statement requesting the bank (s) to provide the JLGC upon it’s
     request with information about the exporter dealings.

                                           Nature of Business

      Manufacturer                    Merchant                 Services                 Others

     Type of goods / services exported:


     Credit period usually granted: ______________________ days .

      Jordan Loan Guarantee Corp. ECG Dep *Tel.4613042 *Fax.4613032 *P.O.Box 830703*Amman 11183 Jordan

                                                                           (In USD)
                                 Total        Cash and      Payable before       Sales to
                                               Credit      shipment or by a     associated
                                                          confirmed L/C by a    companies
                                                           Jordanian banks
Current year (2003)
No. of months 12
International sales
Year (n -1) (2002)
International sales
Year (n -2) (2001)
International sales

                                      Debtor Analysis
                                                                                (In USD)
    Outstanding            Number of               Outstanding               Number of
                      International buyers                                  International
 up to 20000                                 160001 - 250000
 20001 - 40000                               250001 - 500000
 40001 - 80000                               500001-1000000
 80001 - 160000                              more than 1 000000

                                   Analysis of Turnover
                                                                               (in USD)
      Country          Turnover per country on private     No of buyers      Maximum
                            buyers year (2002 )                             credit period

                         Analysis of Losses due to Export Transactions

                    Year (n-3)            Year (n-2)             Year (n-1)            Current
                     (1999)                (2000 )                (2001)             year (n)2002
Bad debts

     Details of the largest three losses during each of the last three years as a result of export.

            Year                  Country                  Debtor                 Amount of the
                                                       (name - address)            annual loss
  (n -1) (2001)            1
  (n - 2) (2000)           1
  (n - 3) (1999 )          1

      Information stated in this application are for the Company’s internal studies , and will be
      In case there are not enough space please indicate and use a separate paper.

                                        Principal Buyers

    Country               Full name & address of                   Maximum        Overdue *
                                 the buyer                         credit limit

   If you have registered overdue on this buyer during the last 12 months , please tick
    the corresponding box .

   Please attach the latest balance sheet and income statement.
                                                   Buyers expected to work with during the contract year 199

     Country :                                             City :
     Buyers name :                                         Telephone :                          Fax :
     Address :

     Banks that buyer deals with (if available):

     Overdues on the buyer :

 Amount                  Currency                      Maturity date                Reasons for NON-PAYMENT    Notes

         Sale contracts to be guaranteed :

Amount   Currency                                         Details                                         Requested to be Guaranteed             Guarantees given by the buyer
                      Payable before    Payable by confirmed      Payable in cash or    Credit period      Amount           Period               Type                 Amount
                        shipment         L/C by a Jordanian       credit by transfer/      (days)                           (days)
                                         bank (Pls. name the    B/C / not confirmed
                                                bank)                L/C /Others

        Pls. note that the Post- Shipment Export Credit Guarantee Contract is a whole turnover contract which covers all the exporter’s transactions outside Jordan except those
         paid by down payments or a confirmed L/C by a Jordanian bank .
        The exchange rate used is the middle rate applied by the Central Bank of Jordan on the date this application is submitted by the exporter .
        In case there is not enough space pls. use a separate paper .
        Pls. attach the latest balance sheet and income statement .
        Please forward pages ( 4-5 ) for each buyer expected to work with during the contract year .

         Name                                                                                    Date

         Position                                                                                Company stamp

         Jordan Loan Guarantee Corp. * Tel. 617393 * Fax. 617396 * P.O.Box 830703* Amman 11183 Jordan

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