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									               EGLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED

   Contact information of all EGLOBAL branches

   Corporation Headquarters (China)

   Contact Name: Kelly Shaw                  Website:
   Email:              Office Address:
   Tel: +86 755 2887 3190                    No F, East Wing of 15th Floor,Jian Ge, Baolong Building,
   Mobile: +86 136 3259 1271                 Baolong Road,Buji Town, Longgang District

   India Office: ADINATH SALES CORPORATION   Turkey Sales Branch:Goksel BULUT
   Email:                   Tel : 0090 312 4670026
   Tel: 09814025337                          Fax : 0090 312 4670027
   Address: 116/1A MALL ROAD, LUDHIANA,      GSM : 0090 554 9573761
   141001 (PUNJAB) INDIA                     Address: Ataturk bulvari no 138/B Kavaklidere
                                             ANKARA, TURKEY                                                        Site:
  Company Organization Structure (Two factories)

                          EGLOBAL OVERSEA HEADQUARTERS

    Manufacturing Plant   Manufacturing Plant                            Sourcing Center
                                                 Trading Center
           For                    For                                 Sourcing for customers
                                                Sell other products
    Electronic Products   Printer Consumables                         And charge commission                                                  Site:
  Products Line Included

       1. Power line Ethernet Series
          Adapters that allow internet accessing though home power line

       2. USB Wifi adapter series
          All kind wireless adapters

       3. PC Stations
          PC Stations that make one desktop computer work for more than 30 users

       4. Other computer peripherals

       5. Printer Consumables
          All kind printer consumables for laser printer and inkjet printer                                                         Site:
  1. Power line Ethernet Series

       Power line Communication uses power lines to transmit data and voice Signal.
       PLC adapter uses the user's existing low-voltage power line as data communication
       lines carrier, makes the existing electrical outlet turns to be a network information
       outlet, and build the network system                                                      Site:
   Simply plug and play

   No need extra Ethernet cable,
   Just plug this PLC Adapter into the
   Electrical outlet within your building,
   You will be able to surf internet, do
   Your online work

   It is a bit like wireless network, but
   PLC based network’s max data
   transfer rate upto 200 Mbps, while
   WIFI network normally 1 to 2 Mbps

   Simply plug and play function makes
   The internet access much easier than
   Traditional Ethernet cable based network
   And reduced the heavy cost of wiring new
   Ethernet cables for a new building                         Site:
   2. USB Wifi adapter series           Site:
   3. PC Stations

    The Greenest Computing on Earth

   Network PC Station makes one Computer acts like many, meets the requirements for
   economic, practical, non-radiated, electricity saving, easy maintained and stable computers!                                                     Site:
      The Greenest Computing on Earth

      With Network PC Station, all users can do their office work, surf internet chat online,
      send& receive emails and play games simultaneously and independently. Especially
      loved by Offices, Factories, Schools, Governments, Financial institutions and Training

                                                  X300                                 N130

                                                                                         N230                                                      Site:
     4. Other computer peripherals

     Factory address:NO.27,Gonghe Road,Xixiang
     Bao'an, Shenzhen,China                      Factory Picture                                Site:
   5. Printer Consumables

        Supply all kind printer consumable parts
        Such as Toner Cartridges, fuser films and so on

        Factory address: No 16 Xinguang, Silian Road, Henggang
        Longgang District, Shenzhen, China                                            Site:
   Contact details

      Oversea customers:                  Turkey market:
        Contact person: Kelly Shaw          Contact person: Mr. Goksel BULUT
        MSN&Email:     Tel : 0090 312 4670026
       Yahoo: kellyxiao47                   Fax : 0090 312 4670027
        Skype: kelly-xye                    GSM : 0090 554 9573761
        Tel & Fax: 0086 2887 3190
        Mobile: +86 136 3259 1271

      Domestic Customers:
        Contact person: Mr. Joel          India market:
        Email:             Contact person: Mr. Jain
       Tel & Fax: 0086 2887 3190            Email:
        Mobile: 189 2608 4786               Tel: 09814025337                                      Site:

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