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A&E      Accident & Emergency
AC       Audit Commission
ACPC     Area Child Protection Committee
ADHD     Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
AEO      Assistant Education Officer
APA      Annual Performance Assessment
ASB      Aggregated Schools Budget
ASB      Anti-social Behaviour
ASBO     Anti-social Behaviour Order
ASD      Autistic Spectrum Disorder

ASHE     Association of Secondary Heads
BDA      British Dyslexia Association
BECTA    British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
BEM      Business Excellence Model
BEMS     Building Energy Maintenance Systems
BERA     British Educational Research Association
BESD     Behaviour, Emotional and Social Development
BIP      Behaviour Improvement Programme
BME      Black and Minority Ethnic
BSA      Basic Skills Agency
BSP      Behaviour Support Plans
BST      Behaviour Support Team
BTEC     Business and Technology Education Council
BV       Best Value
BVPI     Best Value Performance Indicator
BVPP     Best Value Performance Plan
BVR      Best Value Review
CACL     Content for Adult and Community Learning
CAF      Common Assessment Framework
CAL      Computer Assisted Learning
CAMHS    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
CASE     Campaign for the Advancement of State Education
CASP     Children Activity and Support Programme (“Big Steam”)
CBfEVE   Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges
CCA      Child Care Award
CCT      Compulsory Competitive Tendering
CCW      Child Care Worker
CDC      Council for Disabled Children
CDRP     Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
CDT      Craft, Design and Technology
CEN      Community Education Network
CENs     Community Empowerment Networks
CEO      Chief Education Officer
CER      Community Education and Regeneration
CFF      Common Funding Formula
CID      Communication and Interaction Difficulties
         Common Inspection Framework (for post-16 Education and
CIF      Training)
CIN      Children in Need
CIPFA    Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
CIS      Children`s Information Service
CLA      Children Looked After
CLIP           Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
CoA            Certificate of Achievement (MEG/OCR)
CONFED         Confederation of Education Services Managers
CoP            Code of Practice
               Child Protection
CPA            Comprehensive Performance Assessment
CPAG           Child Poverty Action Group
CPC            Child Protection Committee
CPD            Continuing Professional Development
CPE            Centre of Procurement Excellence
CPET           Child Protection Enquiries Team
CPR            Child Protection Register
CPS            Crown Prosecution Service
CQSW           Certificate of Qualification in Social Work
CRAC           Careers Research and Advisory Centre
CRB            Criminal Records Bureau
CRE            Commission for Racial Equality
CSCI           Commission for Social Care Inspection
CSET           County Special Education Team
CSIE           Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education
CSN            Children with Special Needs
CTLF           Children’s Trust Local Forum former LPIG
CVS            Council for Voluntary Service
CYP            Children and Young People
CYPP           Children and Young People’s Plan
CYPSP          Children and Young People’s Strategic Plan
DAAT           Drug and Alcohol Team
DAISI          Devon Arts in Schools Initiative
DAG            Drug Action Group
DAT            Drug Action Team
DCC            Devon County Council
DCD            Developmental Coordination Disorder

DCMS           Department for Culture, Media and Sport (England)
DCS            Devon Curriculum Services
DDA            Disability Discrimination Act (1995)
               Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (now
DETR           ODPM)
DfES           Department for Education and Skills
DfES           Department for Education and Skills (England)
DfES           Department for Education and Skills
DH             Department of Health
DISC & DISC+   Devon Information Service for Childcare
DoE            Department of Education (Northern Ireland)
DoH            Department of Health
DP              Direct payment

DRTF           Disability Rights Task Force
DSO            Direct Service Organisation
DSP            Devon Strategic Partnership
DSS            Department for Social Security (Now DWP)
DT             Design and Technology
         Department for Transport, London and the Regions (now ODPM,
DTLR     formerly DETR)
DV       Domestic Violence
         Department for Work and Pensions (formerly DSS)
DYA      Devon Youth Association
DYP      Devon Youth Parliament
DYS      Devon Youth Service
EA       Education Authority (Scotland)
EAL      English as an Additional Language
EAL      Education, Arts and Libraries
EAZ      Education Action Zone
EBD      Emotional and Behavioural Difficulty
EBP      Education Business Partnership
ECM      Every Child Matters
ECYPPC   Education of Children and Young People in Public Care
EDI      Electronic Data Interchange
EDP      Education Development Plan
EDP      Education Department Performance??
EEC      Early Excellence Centres
EFQM     European Framework for Quality Management
EIA      Equality Impact Assessments
EIP      Early Intervention Programme

ELB      Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)
EP       Educational Psychologist
EPQA     Effective Practice Quality Assurance
EPS      Education Psychology Service
ERA      Education Reform Act 1988
ERO      Education Reform (NI) Order 1989 (N. Ireland)
ESCR     Electronic Social Care Record
ET&E     Education, Training & Employment
EWO      Education Welfare Officer
EWS      Education Welfare Service
FACS     Fair Access to Carers Breaks
FCW      Family Care Worker
FE       Further Education
FGC      Family Group Conferences
FOI      Freedom of Information Act
FPC      Family Proceedings Court
FSAT     Foundation Stage Advisory Teacher
FSM      Free School Meals
FSP      Foundation Stage Profile
         Formula Spending Share (replaced SSA)

FTE      Full Time Equivalent
GCSE     General Certificate of Secondary Education
GIS      Geographic Information Systems
GNVQ     General National Vocational Qualification
GOSW     Government Office of the South West
GP       General Practitioner
H&S      Health and Safety
HA       Health Authority
HAZ      Health Action Zone
HE         Higher Education
HEADLAMP   Headteachers` Leadership and Management Programme
HEI        Higher Education Institution
HES        Hospital Episodes Statistics
HH         Home Help
HKD        Hyperkinetic disorder
HLTA       Higher Level Teaching Assistant
HMCI       Her Majesty`s Chief Inspector of Schools
HMD        Home help, meals and day care
HMI        Her Majesty's Inspector/ate
HMSO       Her Majesty's Stationery Office
HONOSCA    Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for Children and Adolescents
HRM        Human Resources Management
HS         Healthy Schools
ICD        International Classification of Diseases
ICS        Integrated Children's System
ICT        information and communication techonology
IiP        Investors in People
INSET      In-Service Education and Training (for Teachers)
IPF        supplier of specialist finance, audit and HR professionals
IPPs       Important Parity Price??
IRU        Implementation Review Unit
ISA        Information sharing agreement

ISBN       International Standard Book Number
IT         Information Technology
JACAT      Joint Agencies Child Abuse Team
JAR        Joint Area Review
JAT        Joint Agency Teams
JR         SSI/ Audit Commission Joint Reviews
KIGS       Key Indicators Graphical System
KPI        Key Performance Indicators
KS         Key Stage
KS1        Key Stage 1 (primary school, ages 4 to 7)
KS2        Key Stage 2 (primary school, ages 7 to 11)
KS3        Key Stage 3 (secondary school, ages 11 to 13)
KS4        Key Stage 4 (secondary school, ages 13 to 16)
L&D        Learning & Development
LA         Local Authority
LAA        Local Area Agreement
LAC        Looked After Children
LARIA      Local Authorities Research and Intelligence Association
LC         Learning Community
LEA        Local Education Authority (England and Wales)
LEA        Local Education Authority
LGA        Local Government Association
LGB        Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (young people)
LGC        Local Government Chronicle
LGIP       Local Government Improvement Project

LGIU       Local Government Information Unit
LLSC       Local Learning and Skills Council
LPIG       Local Planning and Implementation Group now CTLF
LPSA       Local Public Service Agreement
LSC        Learning and Skills Council
LSDA     Learning and Skills Development Agency
LSP      Local Strategic Partnership
LSP      local strategic partnerships
LSU      Learning Support Units
MAPP     Multi Agency Public Protection
MAPPA    Multi Agency Public Protection Meetings
MARAC    Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences
MAT      Multi-Agency Team
MIS      Management Information System(s)
MTFP     Medium Term Financial Plan??
MYP      Member of Youth Parliament
NAA      National Assessment Agency
NACE     National Association for Able Children in Education
NAEIAC   National Association of Educational Inspectors Advisers and Consultants
NAGC     National Association for Gifted Children
NAGM     National Association for Governors and Managers
NAHT     National Association of Head Teachers
NAO      National Audit Office
NAPE     National Association for Primary Education
NAPP     National Association for Primary Providers
NAS      National Autistic Society
         National Association of School Improvement Professionals
NASIP    (formerly SCIA)

NASUWT   National Association of School Masters/Union of Women Teachers
NBM      Neighbourhood Beat Manager

NC       National Curriculum
NCE      National Commission on Education
NCET     National Council for Educational Technology
NCH      National Children's Homes
NCS      National Childcare Strategy
NCSL     National College for School Leadership
NCVQ     National Council for Vocational Qualifications
NDPB     Non-Departmental Public Body
NDS      New Deal for Schools
NEET     Not in Education, Employment or Training
NGfL     National Grid for Learning
NHS      National Health Service
NLGN     New Local Government Network
NLN      National Learning Network
NOF      New Opportunities Fund
NPG      National Priorities Guidance
NPQH     National Professional Qualification for Headteachers
NR       Neighbourhood Renewal
NRA      National Records of Achievement

NRF      Neighbourhood Renewal Fund
NSF      National Service Framework

NSPCC    National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NTA      Non-Teaching Assistant
NUPE     National Union of Public Employees
NUT      National Union of Teachers
NVQ      National Vocational Qualification

                     Office of the Depute Prime Minister
Ofsted               Office for Standards in Education
OJEU                 Official Journal of the European Communities
ONS                  Office for National Statistics
ooshl                out-of-school-hours learning
OPM                  Office of Public Management
OSCI                 Out of School Childcare Initiatives
OTT                  Overseas Teacher Training
PA                   Personal Adviser
PAF                  Performance Assessment Framework
PANDA and Form 4     Performance and assessment
PCC                  Pastoral Care Co-ordinators
PCT                  Primary Care Trust
PE                   Physical Education
PEP                  Personal Education Plan

PESSCL               PE, School Sport and Club Links strategy
PFI                  Private Finance Iniative
PHSE                 Personal Health and Social Education
PI                   Performance Indicator
PPA                  Planning Preparation and Assessment
PPA                  Pre-school Playgroups Association
PPI                  Public Performance Indicator
PPP                  Public Private Partnership
PPS                  Parent Partnership Scheme
PRC                  Pupil Referral Centre
PRG                  Pupil Retention Grants
PRP                  Performance Related Pay
PRU                  Pupil Referral Unit
PRU         &  DAY
PS                   Partially sighted
PS&E development
(classified C)
PSA                  Parent School Association
PSA                  Public Service Agreement
PSAT                 Primary Stage Advisory Teachers
PSD                  Personal and Social Development
PSE                  Personal and Social Education
PSS                  Preventative Social Service??
PSS                  Personal Social Services
PT                   Part-time
PTA                  Parent Teacher Association
QCA                  Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
QT                   Qualified Teacher
QTS                  Qualified Teacher Status
RAMP                 Regional Accreditation and Moderation Panels (for Youth Service
RDA                  Regional Development Agency
RE                   Religious Education
REC                  Racial Equality Council
RIA                  Regulatory Impact Assessment (under DDA, Part 3)
RIC                  Reception into Care
RO                   Revenue Outturn
ROA                  Record of Achievement
RSG   Revenue Support Grant
RSI   Repetitive Strain Injury
SAO   School Attendance Order
SAR   Strategic Area Review
SAZ   Sports Action Zone
SCR   Social Care Regions (now part of CSCI)

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