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					                                                          UVM Intramural Sports • Intramural Sports Guidelines

I. Responsibilities of Team Managers
The success of the Intramural Sports program depends largely on the leadership skills and interest of the team manager. Each team
MUST have a manager and an alternate representative responsible for communicating with the Intramural Sports Staff. Experience has
proven that successful teams usually have dedicated and effective team managers. Some of the team manager‟s duties include, but
are not limited to:

Registration: Register your team on-line by the registration deadline. To do so, from the Campus Recreation Homepage,
click on "Intramural Sports" and then "Registration". You will be asked to submit team manager information, and to select a
league and division in which to compete. Please note: The registration period for most events is seven to fourteen days.
Entries are taken on a first come, first served basis, so popular leagues may be closed after the first day of registration. Print
out the liability waiver/roster form that will be attached to the receipt document when you register or from the Intramural
Sports website under the registration link.

Attendance at the Mandatory Manager’s Meeting: All teams MUST have a representative at the Mandatory
Manager's Meeting. Any team not represented will be replaced with a represented team from the waiting list.

Certified Manager Leadership Program: The UVM Intramural Sports Certified Manager Leadership Program was
developed with the goal of establishing consistent and quality team leadership among intramural sport teams and to reward
those individuals who serve as their team's manager throughout the year.

         How to Become a Certified Manager: Once you have registered a team for a league you are required to attend
          the coinciding mandatory mangers' meeting as posted on the Intramural Sports website1. The team manager or a
          representative from your team is required to attend this meeting or your team is subject to being dropped from the
          league and replaced by a team from the waiting list that had team representation at the meeting. The managers'
          meetings last approximately one hour and include the following: a section on how to be a successful intramural
          sports team manager and leader, a review of intramural sports policies and procedures, and the specific sport rules
          applicable for that meeting. Once an individual has attended this meeting in its entirety, that individual is certified for
          the academic year as a team manager for the UVM Intramural Sports Program. Please Note: If you are listed as
          the team manager on your registration but someone else represents your team at the managers' meeting because
          you are unable to attend, that individual is certified, NOT you. You will still be the team manager, but you will not be
          certified and will need to attend a future managers' meeting for any other team for which you may be team
         Once you are a Certified Manager, as long as you are the individual who registers the team and are listed as the
          Team Manager (NOT the Assistant Manager), you and your team will not be required to have a team
          representative at any LEAGUE managers' meetings and are only required to complete an online rules quiz for the
          particular sport in which you are managing a team. A score above an 80% is required for the team to be eligible for
          participation. If a Certified Manager fails to attain the minimum of 80% on the first quiz attempt, the manager will be
          required to retake the quiz one (1) additional time to achieve the 80% or above before being dropped from the
          league. Please Note: Teams are always required to have representation at TOURNAMENT managers' meetings
          due to the nature of these meetings and the tournament format.
         Summary of the Guidelines for Certified Managers:

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                        Page 1
                   The Certified Manager MUST be listed as the Team Manager NOT the Assistant Team Manager for a team to be
                    exempt of having representation at a league managers' meeting.
                   Certified Managers MUST attend ALL tournament event manager meetings for which their team is registered.
                   Certified Managers must complete an online rules quiz for each sport in which they are managing a team and score
                    an 80% or above in order for the team to be eligible for participation. If a Certified Manager fails to attain the
                    minimum of 80% on the first quiz attempt, the manager will be required to retake the quiz one (1) time to achieve the
                    80% or above before being dropped from the league.
                   Benefits of Being A Certified Manager or Having a Certified Manager as Your Team Manager:
                   You only have to attend one (1) league sports meeting per academic year.
                   You do not need representation at every league sports managers' meeting.
                   You have consistent team leadership reducing the chances of your team being penalized for not following program
                    protocol, policies and procedures, or for issues related to miscommunication or lack of communication, thus leading
                    to a more enjoyable and successful intramural sports season.

Rules: Be familiar will all rules (i.e., intramural guidelines, player eligibility and specific game rules) and ensure that
teammates know and abide by those rules. Sportsmanship:
Each team is responsible for maintaining good sportsmanship among the coaches, players, and spectators before, during,
and after competition. (See Sportsmanship Rating Guidelines)

Schedules and Results: Check the Intramural Sports website under „Current Schedules & Hall of Champions‟ (left side
menu) for regular season schedules and playoff brackets. Notify team members of all scheduled game dates, times, and
locations. It is the manager's responsibility to have their team ready to play as scheduled. Please Note: Information
concerning date, time, and location of contest will NOT be given over the telephone by Campus Recreation Office Staff due
to the potential for miscommunication and subsequent participant dissatisfaction.

Additional Responsibilities:

            Respond to Intramural Sports Staff concerning schedule changes, tournament structure, eligible player inquiries, team
             conduct, etc.
            Immediately inform the Intramural Sports staff of any changes of manager's or alternate's information.
            Clarify questions regarding rules, eligibility, and file any protest with the intramural sports personnel. The manager or
             alternate is solely vested with this responsibility.
            If there are inclement weather conditions, check the „Weather Cancellations‟ on the Intramural Sports homepage. Please
             Note: „Weather Cancellations‟ will be updated approximately 1 hour before game time to assure accuracy. In some
             instances weather cancellations will be updated prior to the one hour deadline to due scheduling time constraints and
             responsibilities of staff.

II. How to Enter a League

Registration: Specific information pertaining to registration dates and procedures may be found on the Intramural Sports homepage
at, the Campus Recreation bulletin boards located throughout Patrick Gym, flyers posted around
campus, from Resident Assistants, the Intramural Sports Event Schedule, email, campus mailings, and/or by calling our office at 656-
7706. Registration may only be done on-line at Following successful registration, a confirmation
email with receipt will be sent to the team manager notifying him/her that their registration has been received. If you do not receive a
PDF receipt, your registration did not go through and you must re-register!

           Registration fees are as follows:

               a.   Team Sports: $25.00 per team
               b.   Tournament Sports: $10.00 - $15.00 per team
               c.   Individual Sports: $0 - $5.00 per person
               d.   Dual Sports: $0 - $5.00 per team

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                             Page 2
All entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Individuals must pay using a credit or debit card. Registration fees cannot be billed to UVM
student accounts. Do not pay at the Campus Recreation office unless you notify the Coordinator of Intramural Sports ahead of time.
We encourage all team managers to collect fees from their teammates!

Managers’ Meeting: The team manager must attend the mandatory manager's meeting or complete the online managers'
meeting (when certified) at the specified place and time. Any team that is not represented at the manager's meeting or did
not complete the online quiz (certified managers only) may be dropped from the league and replaced with a team from the
waiting list that was represented at the managers meeting.

Waitlisted Teams: Managers of teams registered for the waitlist are encouraged to attend the mandatory managers‟ meeting to
increase their chances of obtaining an open team slot should one become available. Waitlisted teams that are represented at the
managers‟ meeting and those with a certified manager will be eligible for an available slot before teams that are not represented at the
meeting. Please note: Attendance at the managers’ meeting does not guarantee a league/tournament slot.

Late Registration: Late entries may be accepted if space is available. Interested individuals will have to contact the Coordinator of
Intramural Sports immediately following the close of registration.

III. Leagues and Divisions
Intramural competition is typcially offered in three divisions:

          Please Note: Due to incomplete league registrations or scheduling conflicts it may be necessary to combine divisions or move
          teams to make a completed league.

          Men's Division - composed of individual men or men's teams which may, but are not required to, represent the various
          student organizations, residence halls, Greek organizations, or independent groups of the University. In most cases, the Men's
          division is divided into an "A" division (higher competition/skill level) and a "B" division (less competitive/lower skill level).
          Participants are encouraged to sign up for the division that best matches their skill level. Individuals are not permitted to play
          on both an "A" and a "B" team within the same sport.
          Women's Division - composed of individual women or women's teams which may, but are not required to, represent the
          various student organizations, residence halls, Greek organizations, or independent groups of the University.
          Co-Rec Division - composed of teams consisting of a minimum number of players of each sex. This division may be divided
          into an "A" and a "B" division depending on the sport (i.e., soccer, broomball, and volleyball).
          Open Division – composed of teams consisting of any mix of players from either sex.

For more information regarding which league or division is best for you or your team to participate in please contact the Coordinator of
Intramural Sports.

IV. Eligibility
Who Is Eligible?: All undergraduate & graduate students currently enrolled in any department or college of the University, current
faculty and benefit eligible staff members, medical students, and continuing education students shall be eligible to enjoy all intramural
privileges and shall retain that status until they withdraw, graduate, or fail to comply with eligibility rules, guidelines and/or policies that
govern the Intramural Sports program.

UVM ID: All participants must present a valid UVM-ID card at each contest in order to be eligible to play. Team members who do not
bring a Valid UVM ID must purchase a $7.00 pass in order to play, no exceptions. (See the Forgotten ID Policy9 for more details.)

Use of Ineligible Player: Any contest in which an ineligible player was used will be forfeited, in the playoffs the team will be eliminated
from the tournament and the last team playing against the disqualified team will advance.

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                                    Page 3
Regular Season and Tournament Eligibility:

                Regular Season: Players not on the original Roster/Waiver form turned in at the manager's meeting will be required to
                 present a valid UVM-ID card prior to their teams scheduled game with the Intramural Sport Supervisor and sign the
                 roster/waiver form. Team waiver forms will be on-site during competition. The team manager is responsible for ensuring
                 all players have signed the roster/waiver and are listed on the official roster prior to the end of the regular season.
                Playoffs: Players not appearing on the roster before the first playoff game are ineligible to play in the playoffs.
                Tournament: If it is a single elimination tournament a player must appear on the roster before the quarterfinals.

One Team Rule:
The first team a participant plays for is the team that person is committed to for that sport. Participants may play on one same sex team
and one co-rec team.

Assumed Name:
Anyone who participates under an assumed name or uses someone else's ID is ineligible and may be suspended for the remainder of
the season. All games in which the person participated will be counted as forfeits. If an ineligible player is detected in the playoffs, the
team will be eliminated from the tournament and the last team playing against the disqualified team will advance.

Minimum Player Rule:
A team can begin play with less players than the official rules specify for that particular sport without forfeiting the contest. Each sport
will have a minimum requirement stated in the specific sport rules. If you need additional players a current listing is on the Intramural
Sports webpage under the Free Agents page.

Varsity Athletes:
Current or former members of Varsity Intercollegiate teams are not eligible for participation in the sport, or a related sport, in
which they participate. Persons classified as a red shirt or those working out with the varsity team shall be treated as varsity
squad. Varsity players are considered those participating in either practice or any type of competition. Intercollegiate
athletes are ineligible to participate in the sport, or related sport, for three complete academic semesters (not including
summer session) after their varsity status ceases.

               For example if a varsity athlete quits the soccer team on September 4th, he/she will be ineligible for intramural outdoor
                soccer and indoor soccer that academic year, as well as, outdoor soccer and indoor soccer the following year (hence the
                three complete semesters). On the other hand, if he/she quits during the spring semester or over the summer, he/she
                would be ineligible for outdoor soccer and indoor soccer for that academic school year and also ineligible for outdoor
                soccer the following year.
               All Varsity athletes are fully eligible to participate in other sports not related to their varsity sport.

Please note: All cases will be heard and ruled on an individual basis. Questionable players should contact the Coordinator of
Intramural Sports for clarification.

A person who has competed professionally in a sport or signed a professional contract will be ineligible for five (5) years from the date
of the last professional participation in that sport or related (like) sport.

Sport Clubs:
Sport Club Members are eligible to participate in Intramural Team sports. Teams are only allowed to have three (3) Club members on
their team, with the exception of 3-on-3 basketball where a roster may only have one (1) club team member on a team's roster. For
example, in Intramural Ice Hockey, there may only be three (3) Club Ice Hockey members on any one team. This is to keep an entire
team from being made up of Club members thus giving a team an unfair advantage. If a team is found to have more than three club
members on their roster for a like sport, that team will forfeit any games they have played and will be ineligible for the playoffs. Club
members are those persons who have:

               Participated in practices and/or games with the team during the current academic year.
               Are paying dues to a club.
UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                                 Page 4
               Listed as a member of the club on the official Sport Club Roster.

Like Sports: As a guide, "like sports" are defined as follows, this list is not meant to be inclusive:

               Baseball/Softball - Softball
               Basketball - 5on5 Basketball, 3on3 Basketball, 3pt & Hot Spot Contest (see 3-on-3 Basketball rules for specific
                information for Club team members)
               Ice/Roller Hockey - Ice Hockey, Floor Hockey, Broomball (See broomball rules for specific information about eligibility for
                varsity and club field hockey and ice hockey team members)
               Soccer - Indoor/Outdoor Soccer
               Tennis - Singles/Doubles Tennis
               Volleyball - 4on4 Volleyball
               Field Hockey - Floor Hockey, Broomball (may participate but only two(2) players may be listed on a broomball roster)

Determining Eligibility: The team manager is responsible for ascertaining the eligibility of her/his players.

              The Intramural Sports Program will assist the team managers and individuals with their questions of eligibility and
               interpretation of rules. Inquiring about eligibility questions in advance of contests helps avoid delays and potential
              Ineligible player inquiries can be initiated by other participants or the IM Sports staff at anytime. (See Protests for more

V. Jewelry Policy
All jewelry must be removed before playing any Intramural Sport. Jewelry includes, but is not limited to, rings (finger(s), nose, tongue,
eyebrow, ear, etc.), rope bands, ankle and wrist bracelets, and watches. If a participant does not want to remove the jewelry then they
will not be allowed to participate in the activity. NO TAPE!!!

VI. Postponements and Rescheduling

Games will not be postponed because of social engagements, organization meetings, etc. If a player or team
knows of potential conflicts, notify the Coordinator of Intramural Sports, 656-7706, in advance so conflicts can be
minimized. Rescheduling chances increase significantly if a team notifies the Coordinator as soon as they learn of
a possible conflict. Nothing will be done for a team that waits until the day before, or the day of the game, to
reschedule the game.

Teams wishing to reschedule must:

              Contact the Coordinator of Intramural Sports, 656-7706, who determines if there are any opportunities for rescheduling
               the game. If there are any available slots for rescheduling that match your team‟s availability, your opponent will be
               contacted by the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator of Intramural Sports to determine if they are able to make the game
               switch. Please Note: The opposing manager does not have to agree to reschedule the contest. If a new date/time cannot
               be agreed upon, the game will not be played and the team wishing to reschedule will receive a default (no forfeit fee
              Whenever possible, the Intramural Sports Staff will reschedule games canceled because of the weather. Information
               regarding rescheduled games will be provided by email or phone directly to the team managers.

VII. Forfeits

The team's manager/captain that is present will be given two options (must have the minimum number of participants required present):

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                                 Page 5
             Take the forfeit immediately
             Give the team five (5) minutes to show

     If the team shows the game must be played with the remaining amount of time left. If the team still does not show, it will be a
     forfeit. **Once a decision is made IT CANNOT BE CHANGED!

Forfeits due to ineligible players or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in the same penalties as outlined below. Also there is the
possibility of additional penalties for flagrant offenses.

Any team forfeiting twice will be dropped from the league and will be immediately removed from further competition.

Forfeits/Forfeit Fee:

             A forfeit is an unplayed game resulting when a team fails to show up for a scheduled contest, or doesn't have the minimum
              number of players to start the contest.
             A forfeit is issued to a team who did not show up for a scheduled contest or did not have the minimum number of players
              present to play.
             Any team that forfeits a game will be billed a $10.00 forfeit fee; however the team will still be eligible for further competition.
              The fee will automatically be charged to the team manager's UVM account.
             If a team forfeits two (2) games during the regular season or during playoffs the team manager will be charged the $10.00
              forfeit fee AND the team will be removed from further competition.

VIII. Forgotten ID
Every person must bring a Valid UVM ID in order to participate in any event, league or individual sport. Individuals forgetting their ID,
may play provided they give their full name and 950# by completing the Forgotten ID Form with the Intramural Sport Supervisor on the
day of the event. Individuals will be charged $7.00 per event for forgotten IDs. This charge will be billed to the individual's UVM
Account. Providing false information or soliciting ineligible players for teams will result in automatic team disqualification and may also
require the suspension of individuals, captains and teams from participating in future events, leagues, and individual sports.

If an individual is unwilling to pay this fee they will be unable to participate. NO ID OR NO GUEST PASS (Signed Forgotten ID Form)

IX. Protests
It is the strong belief of this department that contests should be won or lost on the field of play, not through the technicalities of rules. If
the protest cannot be resolved at the playing site the Coordinator of Intramural Sports will resolve all disputes.

Judgment Decisions: Official's judgment calls may not be protested by players or managers. Attempted protest(s) lodged on
judgment may be penalized by the governing rules in that sport (e.g., loss of time out, delay of game penalty, etc.).

Player Eligibility: A protest may be made at any time. Any team or individual protesting the eligibility of a player must furnish proof that
the player is ineligible. In case of an obvious violation of eligibility rules, a protest may be granted. To ensure honest sport competition,
protests of alleged eligibility violations should be made prior to the start of play to games rather than waiting to determine the outcome
of the contest.

Rule Interpretation: The team manager and assistant manager can lodge a protest on an official's or scorekeeper's rule interpretation,
but must do so at the time of the incident. If a protest is going to be lodged, the manager must say " I PROTEST" and, if applicable,
complete the proper paperwork.

Procedure for Protesting: A protest concerning rule interpretations must be lodged with the official and supervisor at the time of the
incident. The officials will stop play and gather with the team managers and IM supervisor for the correct ruling. The supervisor will act
as the arbitrator and make a decision. In circumstances where a manager feels the supervisor‟s ruling was not accurate and would like

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                                    Page 6
to file a protest, the manager must notify the supervisor that a protest is being registered and the Protest Form must be completed and
submitted in writing. There is a $10 fee for submitting a protest; however, if the protest is upheld the fee will be refunded. The
Coordinator of Intramural Sports will contact the captains by 4:00pm the day after the incident in question (Monday for weekend
games) with a final ruling. If a ruling will effect continuing tournament play a decision will be made sooner.

X. Participant & Fan Behavior
University of Vermont students are subject to a Code of Conduct. Harassment (verbal or otherwise) including sexual, racial, ethnic or
religious harassment that causes injury, distress, emotional, or physical discomfort will not be tolerated. The Recreational Sports Office
and the Intramural Sports program will vigorously enforce all sections of the code to insure that participants feel welcome and enjoy
benefits of a recreational activity. The entire Code of Conduct is contained in the student handbook entitled Cat Tales.

Every team is responsible for the conduct of its players, “coaches,” and fans. Any conduct judged as detrimental to the participants,
program, or any particular contest, may result in loss of the contest, suspension of the individual player(s), suspension of the entire
team, or any disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Intramural Sports Staff.

Spirit of Competition: Modern team sport activities find their origin in the basic human need for play. Winning and losing are mere
outcomes of this play spirit. Abusive language, poor attitude, and manipulation of the rules to further winning are not “part of the game”.
What is part of the game are the simple satisfaction of playing and the interdependence of teamwork, improving fitness, and enhancing
friendships. Without your opponent, you have no game, no contest, and absolutely no fun! You are indebted to them as they are
to you. In a fundamental way competing against an opponent is based on cooperation. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair
play acknowledges this idea of cooperative competition. An intentional violation of the rules, no matter how small, is considered
cheating and a direct offense against these principles. The goal of the Intramural Sports Program is to promote lifetime skills through
the venue of sports that offers meaning beyond that of a win or loss, the memory of which fades quickly. All players are expected to
play within the context of the University of Vermont Intramural Sports Program's Spirit of Competition.

Spectator Policy: Spectators are welcome at all games and activities. However, team managers are responsible for their spectators‟
behavior. Fans are expected to follow the sportsmanship guidelines explained in the Intramural Sports Guidelines. Team managers are
responsible for educating their spectators on these guidelines. Our goal and responsibility is to provide and create a safe and healthy
atmosphere for all participants, officials, scorekeepers, supervisors, and spectators. We ask for your cooperation as spectators to help
develop a positive atmosphere. It is the responsibility of each spectator to do everything possible to ensure that the game atmosphere
is friendly and good natured. Spectator behavior can impact your team's sportsmanship ratings!!

UVM Campus Recreation Alcohol Policy: The University of Vermont Campus Recreation Program is committed to providing the
campus community with opportunities to recreate in a positive and safe environment. In accordance with UVM Alcohol Policy and to
ensure the safety of all individuals, Campus Recreation prohibits patrons from attending or engaging in UVM Campus Recreation
related and/or sponsored activities while under the influence and/or in possession of drugs and/or alcohol as evidenced through the
diminished capacity of motor skills, smell of alcohol, language confirming or suggesting alcohol consumption, demonstration of
belligerence, or any other behavior that is deemed harmful or unsafe by Campus Recreation Staff. Individuals suspected to be in
violation of the UVM Alcohol Policy are subject to the following:
• Immediate removal from facility. Failure to comply and cooperate with Campus Recreation Staff will result in UVM Police Services
being called.
• Pending review and investigation of the incident by Campus Recreation Staff, offending individuals may be subject to temporary or
permanent loss of campus recreation privileges. All policy violations will be reported to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards for
Judicial Review.

Team Sportsmanship Rating: The development of team and individual sportsmanship is of fundamental importance in all intramural
sports activities. The sportsmanship rating system is intended to be an objective scale by which teams‟ attitude and behavior can be
assessed throughout the intramural sports league and playoff seasons. Behavior before, during and after the intramural sport contest is
included in the rating. The team captain is responsible for education and informing all players and spectators affiliated with his/her team
about the system. To encourage acceptable conduct before, during, and after intramural sports contests, officials and /or supervisors
shall make decisions whether to warn, penalize, or eject persons and/or teams for poor sportsmanship.

                Team ratings are ranked from 0 - 5 with "5" being excellent sportsmanship and "0" being extremely bad sportsmanship.

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                              Page 7
                A team is responsible for the actions of the individual team members and spectators related to it. The team captain‟s
                 efforts in assisting Intramural Officials and Staff to calm difficult situations and to retain troubled teammates are the key
                 to controlling team conduct. Intramural Officials and Staff shall determine acceptable team ratings. Appeals for
                 sportsmanship ratings are accepted and can be done by setting up an appointment with Intramural Sports Professional
                Intramural Sports Professional Staff will determine season ending ratings. The Intramural Sports Program Staff also
                 reserves the right to review and change any rating given to a team.

Sportsmanship rating will be based on the following criteria:

          Excellent conduct and sportsmanship: This is the baseline. A team that does not have any problems
          will receive a '5'. Players cooperate fully with the officials and other team members. The captain calmly
  5.0     converses with the officials about rule interpretations and calls. The captain also has full control of
          his/her teammates & fans. All trash and personal items are picked up at the conclusion of team‟s
          Very few complaints. No taunting or unsportsmanlike behavior exhibited towards the other team.
          Team members left some trash and personal items at the conclusion of match.
          Average conduct and sportsmanship: Team members verbally complain about some decisions made
          by the officials and/or show minor dissent.
          Team (and/or fans) complains more frequently and may get warned for unsportsmanlike behavior, but
          NO unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are assessed. Team members did not pick up trash or
          personal items at the conclusion of the match. Teams that forfeit a game are assigned a rating of
          Below average conduct and sportsmanship: Team shows verbal dissent toward officials and/or
  3.0     opposing team which merits an unsportsmanlike penalty. Captain exhibits minor control over his/her
          teammates, spectators, but maintains self control.
  2.5     No more than two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. No ejections. Captain tries to help the situation.
          Poor conduct and sportsmanship: Team member and/or spectators constantly comment to the officials
          and/or opposing team from the field and/or sidelines. Captain has some control over team. A team
          has no more than two unsportsmanlike penalties and/or will receive a 2.0 if one player gets
          ejected from match.
          Single ejection or multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. The team captain exhibits little or no
          control over teammates, fans, or himself/herself.
          Unacceptable conduct and sportsmanship: Captain has no self control or control over teammates.
          Captain gets penalized for unsportsmanlike behavior. Team is completely uncooperative. Any team
  1.0     which receives multiple ejections or has a match stopped due to sportsmanship will receive a
          '1' rating. Ejected players and team captain must meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator in order
          participate in any future intramural matches/leagues.
  0.5     Multiple ejections. Captain has NO control over team and/or is not willing to work with IM staff.
          Out of control conduct and sportsmanship: Fighting, shoving officials, shoving supervisors. Multiple
          ejections or behavior so poor that it merits comparison to a fight or to actual contact of an employee. If
    0     the match is discontinued due to teams’ poor behavior, a rating of '0' will be given. A team that
          receives a 0 rating must meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator the next day to discuss the
          team‟s intramural status.

**Please Note: Teams that do not arrive to the game with the appropriate colored t-shirts will be docked a half a point (.5) from their
earned Sportsmanship Rating.

Advancing to Payoffs: In order for a team to qualify for the post-season playoffs they must: (1) Not forfeit 2 of their 3 regular season
games and (2) finish with a minimum 4.0 average Sportsmanship Rating accumulated during regular season play.

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                                 Page 8
Sportsmanship During Playoffs: Any team receiving a sportsmanship rating below at „4.0‟ during the playoffs will be eliminated from
the playoffs, plus their team captain will be required to set up a meeting with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports prior to their
participation in any other intramural event.

Ejected Participants: All ejected participants AND the team manager are required to set up a meeting with the Coordinator of
Intramural Sports. This meeting MUST take place before the team‟s next contest or the team will be considered for removal from the
league. Additionally, any individual ejected will be placed on the Sanction List and will not be permitted to participate in ANY Intramural
program until such time determined by the Coordinator of Intramural Sports. All ejected players will receive a MINIMUM one (1) game
suspension. Please Note: Participation in any further intramural sports prior to meeting with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports will
be looked upon as a blatant disregard of Intramural Sports program policies. The Coordinator of Intramural Sports when rendering any
further penalties will take this action into account. Rulings may include, but are not limited to, probation, game/league suspension, the
assessment of forfeit fee charges, community/departmental service, and in severe cases, lifetime expulsion and/or review by the office
of Student Judicial Affairs.

Any team that has two (2) ejections for unsportsmanlike conduct during the same contest will receive a loss and a '1' in sportsmanship
rating. Accordingly, the team captain must also set up a meeting with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports in order to ensure the team
eligibility for further participation in the intramural program.

Teams and Organizations: The Coordinator of Intramural Sports can sanction teams and organizations. A team that is suspended or
placed on probation results in each team member listed on the roster being suspended or placed on probation. The suspension or
probation of an organization results in each member of that organization being suspended or placed on probation (in such cases, an
organization roster will be obtained). Sanctions against an organization include all teams that play under that organization's name.
Repeated violations by an organization may lead to organization sanctions.

XI. Injuries
Participation in sporting activities may cause injury and exposure to blood borne pathogens. Blood borne pathogens are pathogenic
microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause diseases in humans. These pathogens include, but are not limited to,
Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The Intramural Sports program, in compliance with Vermont Law, will make every effort to minimize exposure to its employees and
participants. Because the intramural supervisor staff is trained and certified to respond to emergency and blood exposure situations, we
ask that they be contacted immediately to respond to any injury.

         Participants will not be permitted to participate in Intramural Sports at the University of Vermont if they do not agree to all of
          the rules and regulations.
         The University and its staff are not held responsible for any injuries incurred while participating or as a spectator in the
          Intramural Sports Program.
         Playing without shoes is prohibited.
         All injuries are to be reported to the game officials and IM supervisor. All minor injuries can be taken care of by the supervisor
          with a First Aid kit or the injured person can go, with assistance, to the Student Health Center, 425 Pearl Street for treatment.
          The Student Health Center hours are: Monday through Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-1pm. For an appointment
          please call 656-0847.
         All major injuries or emergencies will be taken care of immediately by the supervisor in charge by calling UVM Rescue at 911
          or the Student Health Center at 656-0847. They will send assistance as soon as possible. In the meantime, the supervisor will
          take complete charge and see that the participant is comfortable until help arrives. Medical expenses incurred such as
          ambulance, doctor bills, and x-rays will be the responsibility of the injured person.
         All injured persons must complete an Accident Report. This form can be obtained from the IM supervisor on site.

XII. Assumption of Risk
All participants are strongly urged to have a yearly medical examination and to carry medical insurance coverage. While we strive to
provide safe and well supervised activities and facilities, there is an inherent risk for physical injury or death in all sport activities.

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                                 Page 9
The Intramural Sports Office believes that participation in recreational sports is a positive, healthy experience that provides enjoyment
to our participants. To foster health benefits and maximize enjoyment for participants and student staff, consuming alcoholic beverages
and/or illegal drugs before participating, during participation, or on site after participation is a violation of University policy. Individuals or
teams who violate this policy will not be eligible to participate.

XIII. Equipment
Game Balls/Equipment: The Intramural Sports Program will furnish standard equipment for all activities with the exception of personal
items (racquetballs, tennis balls, softball gloves, hockey helmets, mouth guards, hockey sticks, etc.). The Intramural Sports Program
only provides game balls for each sport/activity. Team managers or any team member may check out a ball for their team through the
Campus Recreation Main Desk (by Fitness Center entrance). All equipment checked out through the Campus Recreation Office must
be returned to the office or you will be charged the corresponding fee. Returning Campus Recreation equipment is the responsibility of
the individual who checked the equipment out.

NEW!! Equipment Checkout Policy: For select sports, the Intramural Sports Program will have equipment available for checkout
onsite. Currently, this includes broomball, flag football, and basketball. Team managers or a team representative can check out a
bag that includes the necessary equipment to participate in the particular sport. For example, for 5-on-5 basketball the
equipment bag will include a set of pinnies and a basketball for warm-up. For broomball, six sticks and a ball for warm-up.
The team manager/team representative must leave their ID with the Intramural Supervisor as they are responsible for all
equipment in the bag. The player‟s ID will be returned upon return of all equipment. Replacement costs for any equipment
missing will be billed to the individual‟s account. Please see the specific sport rules for further information about what
contents may be checked out and replacement costs.

Game Jerseys: Due to the risk of spreading infectious diseases through bodily fluids related to the use and reuse of pinnies, all teams
are required to provide their own shirts. Home team (the first team listed on the schedule) is required to wear white shirts (no gray) and
the Away team (the second team listed) is required to wear a similar bold colored shirt (i.e., red, maroon, black, blue, gold, orange, etc).
There will be a limited number of pinnies made available to teams or players who forget to comply with this rule; however these teams
will be docked a half point (.5) on their sportsmanship rating. The exception to this rule is for 5-on-5 basketball due to the need for
numbers on shirts for foul reporting. For 5-on-5 basketball, pinnies will be provided for teams that do not have shirts with numbers
(which is recommended). Please note: If your team has a “team jersey” (e.g., existing organizations, repeat teams, etc) please notify
the Intramural Sports Staff prior to or at the managers meeting of your team’s shirt color. Oftentimes, teams can be made home or
away according to their shirt color for all regular season games. Keep in mind playoff brackets are done based on seeding so it is
possible that a team that requested to always wear their maroon shirts (away team), for example, may not be listed as the away team
during playoffs.

IVX. Championship Awards
The Intramural Sports program provides awards in all activities for the winners of the various divisions. In team events, individuals
listed on the team roster and who are present will receive an Intramural Championship T-shirt.

         Teams participating in an officiated team sport will be given up to double the number of players required to field a team (i.e.,
          basketball takes 5 people to play so each team will be given up to 10 t-shirts).
         Un-officiated team sports winners will receive up to 6 awards in that sport.
         Any number needed beyond 12 or 6 must be paid for by the team and only when extra shirts are available. For more
          information contact the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.

UVM Intramural Sport Guidelines 2009-10                                                                                                    Page 10

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