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June 2009       No. 395



     Extension Youth Conference


     State Horse Judging and Hippology Contest
     Communication Arts
     State Dairy Judging Contest
     Land Judging


     NCR Volunteer Forum in Lincoln, NE


     Range Camp
     Blue Ribbon Enrollment Program
     4-H EASY Handouts


     OMK Summer Camps


     2009 Spring State Shoot held in Ramsey County
     Upcoming Muzzleloader Training
     Western 4-H Camp


     e-Missions Aerospace Event


     State Fair Exhibit List
                        North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009
                        North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009

     State Fair 4-H Static Exhibit Judges
     FairTab Update
     State Fair 4-H Horse Show





Sharon Query, 4-H Youth Specialist

Extension Youth Conference

Extension Youth Conference is approaching! The conference runs from June
15-18 and is on the NDSU campus. It is planned by the ND 4-H Ambassadors
and Center for 4-H Youth Development and is open for anyone to attend, 4-H
member or not. The ambassadors look forward to providing this opportunity
for 4-Hers around the state and we need your help to make them aware of it.

You have received registration booklets advertising the conference. Please
mail out the registration packets to all 4-H members who have completed the
7th grade in your county.

Please help us to reach out to all our 4-H members in the state of North
Dakota! This is a great conference that encourages youth to learn new things,
meet new people, and experience what 4-H is all about. Registrations are due
June 1, 2009.


Dean Aakre, 4-H Youth Development Specialist

State Horse Judging and Hippology Contest

The state 4-H hippology contest and the state 4-H horse judging contest was
held Saturday, May 9 at the Equine Center in Fargo.
                        North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009

77 youth participated in the hippology contest.
Junior Division Team results: 1) Burleigh, 2) Ward, 3) Mercer
Senior Division Team results: 1) Wells, 2) Cass, 3) Mercer

49 youth participated in the horse judging contest.
Junior Division Team results: 1) Burleigh, 2) Ward, 3) Ransom
Senior Division Team results: 1) Burleigh, 2) Stark, 3) Oliver

Thank You to Carrie Hammer and all of the equine faculty, staff, and students for
their efforts to conduct an excellent contest.

Communication Arts

MPU 2 held their district communication arts contest May 2. The rest of the
MPU district events are as follows:

Tuesday, May 26         MPU 8 & 9 Mandan                   Samantha Roth - contact
Thursday, May 28        MPU7      Fessenden                Donna Rau – contact
Tuesday, June 2         MPU 1     Stanley                  Mary Froelich - contact
Tuesday, June 2         MPU 4     Grafton                  Helen Volk-Schill – contact
Tuesday, June 2         MPU6      Verona                   Jodi Bruns - contact
Wednesday, June 3       MPU 3     Cando                    Gayle Gette - contact
Thursday, June 4        MPU 5     Fargo                    Maxine Nordick – contact
Monday, June 8          MPU 10    New England             Dwain Barondeau – contact

State Dairy Judging Contest

The state 4-H Dairy Judging Contest will be held in the New Salem area again
this year. Plans are to travel to dairy farms in the area to judge and then
return to the fair grounds for lunch, oral reasons, and awards. Please save the
date, Wednesday, June 17 and send an email with an
estimate of how many will be attending from your county. This helps in the
planning for the event and lunch.

Land Judging

The state 4-H and FFA Land Judging Contest will be August 6 in Rugby this
year. Dr. Franzen will have practice pits available on August 5 in late afternoon
and the morning of August 6. The contest will begin after lunch on the 6th.


Rachelle Vettern, Leadership/Volunteer Development Specialist
                        North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009

NCR Volunteer Forum in Lincoln, NE

The North Central Region 4-H Volunteer Forum will be here before you know it.
 Mark your calendars for Oct 1-4, 2009. The forum will be at the Downtown
Holiday Inn in Lincoln, NE. The steering committee is hard at work. Details
are falling into place and will be shared soon. As you answer questions and
promote this to volunteers, here are some points that might be helpful:

      Theme is "Giving Them Our Best"
      Schedule - Optional tours on Oct 1, Oct 2 workshops, speakers, and
      evening event, Oct 3 workshops, speakers, banquet, and evening
      learning activities, Oct 4 grab and go breakfast and on your way home.
      Registration Fee will be $200 for full forum or $110 per day
      Early bird registration will be open from June 1 to August 15. Late
      registration will be open until Sept 15 with an additional $50 fee.
      The workshop schedule is currently available at
      The overall draft schedule should be available on the website by May 15.
      Registration information will be at the same website on or before June 1.
       Registrations will be submitted online, with checks to be mailed in.
      The Downtown Holiday Inn in Lincoln, NE is the site of the forum. Room
      prices are $92 per night for 1-4 people. The hotel registration code will
      be included in the registration information. The room block will be held
      until Sept 1.
      The hotel is located in the Historic Haymarket District. There are many
      restaurants, shops, and galleries to explore, especially Thurs afternoon
      and evening. The hotel is also located 3 blocks from the University of
      Nebraska - Lincoln campus.
      Parking for the conference is available in the attached indoor garage. No
      additional parking fee will be charged.

Please watch the website as details will be added soon. Please promote this
opportunity to all 4-H volunteers, youth and adult.

I have requested $100 scholarships for volunteers from the North Dakota 4-H
Foundation again this year. I also have $100 scholarships available if staff are
interested in attending. The position as NCR Volunteer Trip Coordinator is still
available for staff too. If you accept this role, all expenses for your trip are
covered. Please contact me if you or your volunteers are interested in these
opportunities. Thanks.


                          North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009

Dean Aakre, 4-H Youth Development Specialist

Range Camp

Range Camp will be held at Hanson’s Logging Camp, Amidon, June 9-12. For
more information, contact Dr. Kevin Sedivec.

Blue Ribbon Enrollment Program

Please contact Holly for Blue Ribbon support at

Sharon Query, 4-H Youth Specialist

4-H EASY Handouts

For those agents who missed the 4-H EASY Training, you will be able to access
the handouts on the files transfer site. Wanna Be My Friend packaged program
will be added on the site as soon as corrections/additions are made.


Diane Hahn, OMK Contact

OMK Summer Camps

OMK is excited to offer a number of summer camping adventures for North
Dakota Military youth! We need your help getting OMK Camp information out
in your areas so all Military Families are aware of these opportunities. Being a
Military kid is not always easy and we want the families in our communities to
know we support them and appreciate the sacrifices they have made while
their loved ones serve our country. Each county received OMK Camp
brochures which are to be placed in high traffic and visible places in your
community. The OMK Camp brochure is also available on the State 4-H
Website on the Operation: Military Kids page. Please call Diane Hahn at 231-
9601 for more information.

May 30th – Outdoors Skills       Location:   Bisbee Dam Recreation Area (Cando)
June 2nd – Photography           Location:   Minot, Ward County Courthouse
June 13th – Outdoors Skills      Location:   Jamestown
June 19th – Outdoors Skills      Location:   Buxton, Traill County
                         North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009
June 15-18 – EYC/Military Youth Institute    Location: NDSU Campus, Fargo
June 26-27 – Outdoors Skills    Location: Hankinson Sand Hills, Richland County
June 30th – Digital Photography Location: NDSU Campus, Fargo

Thank you for your help in supporting ND Military Youth!


Adrian Biewer, 4-H Youth Development Specialist

2009 Spring State Shoot held in Ramsey County

The 2009 Spring State Shoot at Ramsey County is history. The event went
well although the 56 archers had to brave light snow, a cold day, and an
archery range that is quickly being swallowed up by rising waters in Devils
Lake. The effort by our 14 volunteers, Ramsey County Extension staff Bill
Hodous and Cindy Olson, and our well behaved 4-Hers provided for a very
successful tournament in 3-D archery and air gun. The 3-D course had 15
targets with some unusual animals including alligators, goats, carp, and
bobcats. The air gun consisted of a standing, kneeling, and prone position 20
shot rounds. Results will be in the shooting sports spring newsletter.

Upcoming Muzzleloader Training

Muzzleloader training will be held in Richland County on May 22 &23. For more
information please contact Richland County at 642-7793. The first person who
calls the state 4-H office and tells Brenda that they have read this article will
receive a gift.

Western 4-H Camp

Western 4-H camp season is just around the corner. The counselors will be
attending training on May 19-22. We will be training the counselors to do
archery, first aid and CPR, and complete some of the camp orientation. Camp
chairs will meet with the counselors for part of this orientation. Camp chairs
are invited to participate in the NASP archery training, CPR & First Aid, and
handbook & policy review. Call Cathy Palcezwski at the Burleigh County
Extension office at 221-6865 or contact Adrian Biewer at the Center for 4-H at
231-6184 for more information.


                          North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009

Linda Hauge, 4-H Youth Development Specialist

e-Missions Aerospace Event

An exciting event is being planned to for youth in 8-12 grades. During EYC,
June 15-18, 2009, these youth will be able to participate in a first time event
called EYC Mission: Space. They will be able to ride the EYC buses to Fargo,
participate in meals and evening activities with EYC participants, but during the
day these participants will be able to be involved in a variety of tours, activities
and speakers to assist them in learning more about a variety of space related
topics. The capstone of this event will be the e-Missions Space Station Alpha
where teams of participants will participate in a simulated, problem solving,
learning adventure while experiencing what it would be like to be on the
International Space Station.

A brochure was sent with last month’s ShopTalk enclosures. If you need more
copies just send me an email. Please share this with science teachers, 4-H
members, other youth or anyone that you think might be interested in
attending this exciting event. Participants must be entering grades 8-12 in the
fall of 2009.

Interested youth can register online at or by mailing in the
registration form included in the brochure. Scholarships are available.

Many thanks to Carrie Knutson, Sue Isbell, Sam Roth and Maxine Nordick who
are working with me to plan this event.


Dean Aakre, 4-H Youth Development Specialist

State Fair Exhibit List

The state fair 4-H exhibit list has been mailed to your office. Now is a good
time to review the number you received – if you need to make adjustments
now is a good time to review that and send a note.

State Fair 4-H Static Exhibit Judges

I am recruiting judges for the 4-H static exhibits. If you have someone from
your county I should be asking to consider judging, please send me a note with
their contact information.
                         North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009

FairTab Update

I have updated the class and lot tables in FairTab to reflect changes in the list
for this year. This required changing the class field size in the entry table. The
updated FairTab.mdb file will be posted on the File Transfer web page the week
of May 18. If you need assistance with updating your FairTab file, give me a

State Fair 4-H Horse Show

The 4-H horse show at the North Dakota State Fair will include hunter under
saddle, western pleasure, and goat tying this year. These events will be part of
the calculation for high point horsemanship awards. Guidelines for these three
events are on the 4-H website under Horse project then Publications.

This year, a blue ribbon at a county show is required for each event a
participant enters at the state fair (including the classes being added this
year). Participants will be allowed to get their blue ribbon at multiple shows if
needed. For example, Sally receives a blue ribbon at Show A in showmanship
at halter, western horsemanship, barrels and poles. She then receives a blue
ribbon in trail at Show B – she can enter all five events at the state fair. The
state fair horse stall reservation form may be used to record when those
ribbons were earned. It is on the 4-H website, under programs and events,
then North Dakota State Fair. Please note on the form it asks for the horse
used to qualify as well.

If you host a county 4-H horse show open to 4-H members from other
counties, please send an email with the details. Some 4-H members will be
looking for another show to participate in - either because their show is after
the state fair or they want to qualify in another event. Here is information on
one show:

The Ward County 4-H Horse Show will be held on Monday, June 22nd at the
North Dakota State Fair Center. This will be an open show and all 4-H
members from neighboring counties are welcome to participate. Registration
will begin at 7:30 am and the mandatory exhibitors meeting will be held at
7:55. The show will begin promptly at 8:00 am. The first event of the day will
be showmanship. The last events will be the English classes.

A charge of $2.00 per event will be collected from participants who are not
members of the Ward County 4-H program. The fee will help cover the cost of
the judge and show supplies. These 4-H participants may receive blue, red,
and white ribbons but will not be eligible for grand champion and reserve
champion rosettes.

Anyone interested in participating is asked to pre-register by Friday, June 12th.
Please contact our office by e-mail, fax or phone to register. Thanks, Gail
                        North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009


The North Dakota 4-H website is


The Calendar of Events can be viewed at


Center for 4-H Youth Development
Katherine K. Burgum Family Life Center 219
NDSU Dept. 7280
Box 6050
Fargo ND 58108-6050

Dean Aakre, 4-H Youth Specialist
701.231.8595 ~~

Alice Amundson, Administrative and 4-H Foundation Secretary
701. 231. 7280 ~~

Adrian Biewer, 4-H Youth Specialist
701.231.6184 ~~

Brad Cogdill, Chair, Center for 4-H Youth Development
701.231.7253 ~~

Penny Dale, Military Youth Project Director
701.231.7039 ~~

Diane Hahn, OMK Contact
701.231.9601 ~~

                       North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009

Holly Halvorson, Administrative Secretary
701.231.9218 ~~

Carrie Hammer, Assistant Professor in Equine Studies
701.231.5682 ~~

Linda Hauge, 4-H Youth Specialist
701.231.7964 ~~

Cathy Palczewski, 4-H Extension Agent – Burleigh County
701.221.6865 ~~

Sharon Query, 4-H Youth Specialist
701.231.5923 ~~

Samantha Roth, 4-H Extension Agent – Morton County
701.667.3340 ~~

Brenda Vertin, Administrative Coordinator
701.231.7259 ~~

Rachelle Vettern, Leadership/Volunteer Development Specialist
701.231.7541 ~~

North Dakota 4-H Foundation, Inc.
Katherine K. Burgum Family Life Center 323
NDSU Dept. 7280
Box 6050
Fargo ND 58108-6050


           State 4-H Staff and Secretaries
                North Dakota 4-H Foundation

North Dakota 4-H - ShopTalk – June 2009


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