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                                     Treating Crohn's Disease With Nutritional Change
                                                          By "Sarah K. Jenkins"

   It should be understood that Crohn’s Disease can not be cured or treated with nutritional change.
Food intake or allergies also do not cause Crohn’s Disease. However, after the disease is present,
certain foods may aggravate the effects of Crohn’s and may be eliminated to reduce side effects.

There is no special diet Crohn’s sufferers should follow. For the most part, you should monitor your diet
and the results of such on your body. One way of doing this is by utilizing a food diary in which you log
such information. This way, you can keep track of any negative effects certain foods may have.
Furthermore, the part of your intestine that is affected by Crohn’s may determine how your body reacts
to certain foods and these results may change as time goes by.

Certain diets are being advertised as being effective in treating Crohn’s disease, such as “The Specific
Carbohydrate Diet”. However, diets that make such claims are only supported by testimonials and
have no scientific support. This should be considered in the validity of the diet. However, certain claims
of the diet may be accurate, such as reducing gas and bloating by eliminating hard to digest foods. It
should be understood that while certain side effects of the disease may be reduced, it does not actually
lessen inflammation or cure the disease.

However, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind in regards to Crohn’s Disease and
nutrition. One of which is malnutrition. Due to inadequate food intake, poor absorption, and a
combination of diarrhea and vomiting, sufferers often do not have proper nutrient levels in their body.
Therefore, special care should be taken to either take supplements or to maintain a proper diet. Also,
dehydration is a very serious concern. Excessive diarrhea, as a result of the emptying of the intestines
and inadequate absorption of liquids in the large intestines, may lead to dehydration which, in turn, can
cause dysfunction of the kidneys or excessive weakness.

A possible treatment to aid in proper vitamin and mineral intake, nutritional support may be utilized.
This is the use of a feeding tube through the stomach or small bowel to assure adequate nutrition.

New research is being done in the area of nutritional therapy. The use of fish or flaxseed oils has been
shown to decrease inflammation in the digestive tract. The use of probiotics, or good bacteria, has also
shown promise in restoring balance to the intestine.

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Sarah is an acclaimed writer on medical matters, and has written extensively on the subjects of
Attention Deficit Disorder, Bird Flu and Cohn’s Disease. For more of her articles, go to now.

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                          Should I Take Nutritional Supplements For Crohn’s Disease??
                                                     By Jeff Foster

Nutritional supplements for Crohn's disease have been widely discussed for many years.

Treatment plans vary from patient to patient based on the severity of the disease. Characterized by
incredibly severe and chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, Crohn's disease is a chronic
disorder which most often invades the lower part of the small intestine.

The severe inflammation associated with this disease can often lead to ulceration of the lining of the

Treatment for Crohn's disease must be consistent and aggressive to try to prevent long-term
complications such as an intestinal blockage.

A discussion with your physician about whether nutritional supplements for Crohn's disease would be
appropriate for you is a critical discussion.

It is very important that you remember you must not take any nutritional supplements for Crohn's
disease without first having an in depth discussion with your health care provider. Many nutritional
supplements can interact adversely with prescription medications you are taking for the management
of your disease.

Many on the drugs typically prescribed for Crohn's disease interfere with the body's normal
metabolism. This interference can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Many battling Crohn's disease are found to be lacking in zinc, vitamins D and C, calcium, vitamin B6,
folic acid, potassium, and magnesium. This deficiency can often be resolved by simply taking a
complex multivitamin each day.

Some nutritional supplements are designed to reduce inflammation and improve the digestion of
protein. One of these supplements, known as Bromelain, is an enzyme derived from pineapple.
Healthcare providers often suggest ingesting 500 mg three times a day for the most benefit.

Some research studies indicate that fish oil supplements can help patients suffering with Crohn's
disease to stay symptom-free. 1000 mg taken three times a day for two weeks, followed by 2000 mg
three times a day for six weeks seem to be helpful to reduce symptoms.

When choosing a fish oil supplement be sure to choose an enteric-coated supplement since this will
keep the capsule from dissolving until it gets into the intestinal tract itself.

Another nutritional supplement for Crohn's disease that has shown promise is a probiotic supplement.
The supplement contains either acidophilus, bifidobacteria, or colostrums.

These very friendly bacteria help us to keep a healthy gastrointestinal tract and are an important part of
an overall healthy lifestyle. There are studies which show evidence that probiotics can help the body
effectively battle Crohn's disease.

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Nutritional supplements for Crohn's disease seem to be gaining more and more proponents as more
studies point to their benefits. It is important for you to discuss this option with your healthcare provider
before you undertake the addition of nutritional supplements on your own.

Perhaps nutritional supplements for Crohn's disease might be the missing link in your overall treatment

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