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Welcome to Parklands Indoor Sports Centre. This information sheet is written with the intent of assisting
management to provide a better organized competition with the co-operation of players, umpires and
spectators. The conditions listed here may be read in conjunction with the current AICF rule book which is
at available at this Centre at a cost of $5.00
While the game is in progress the court zippers must be kept closed for the safety of all players. It is
the responsibility of the last person on or off the court to close the zippers. Please close zippers slowly
and carefully.
The duration of the game is one hour and fifteen minutes. Game start times are 5.50pm, 7.05pm, 8.20pm and
9.35pm. All players should be at the Centre no later than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. The
minimum number of players required to start the game is six. The cost of the game is $96.oo. This is a team
charge not a player charge i.e. if your team does not have the full eight players you are still required to pay
full fees. At the start of the season your team is required to pay a bond equivalent to one game fee
($96). If your team doesn’t forfeit and full fees are paid throughout the season this bond is refundable at the
completion of the season. If your team uses the ‘forfeit fee’ it must be replaced prior to the next competition

At Parklands there is a membership fee for each individual player. The cost of this membership is $30. The
fee covers each player for any sport at this Centre for the calendar year – Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st. All players
must be financial members by their fifth game. On receipt of payment each player will be issued with a
membership card. Any team who has a player who hasn’t paid their membership fee after playing the
fifth game will incur a loss of 1 premiership points each week this fee is outstanding.
Please Note; Membership does not include insurance – All patrons using our facilities do so at their
own risk.

If your team is experiencing difficulties in fielding a full team the Centre may be able to organize fill-in
players for you. Teams must realize though, that if we are to be successful in helping you we need as much
notice as possible. To be fair to all teams, only 1(one) player from a higher grade is permitted to fill in. Any
extra players must be from a lower division. If this is not possible any extra players from a higher grade will
incur a minus 10 run penalty.

3 Points for the win and 1 point for each ‘batting skin’ won. For further explanation see staff at the games
Bye = 4 points
Forfeit for = +7 points
Full game fees must be paid on the night. If your team cannot cover the full cost of the game the difference
must be paid by the following week.

If your team forfeits their game, penalties shall apply! Your team must pay the forfeit fee of $96 before the
next scheduled club game. For the team who has the forfeit, management will organize a game where
possible. In this situation the team forfeited against will receive 7 points plus whatever runs are scored in the
make-up game. These bonus runs benefit the team percentage. If a game has been organized the game must
be played and full fees must be paid to receive the forfeit points.
To play in the finals a player must have played one third of the seasons fixtures. No player can qualify for
more than one team in the same grade.
Fill-ins; Players from other teams and grades may fill in for teams that are short on the night {not finals}
under the following guidelines;
1. Only one player from a higher grade can fill in for a lower grade team. If more than one player is
    required the other players must be from a lower division. For a player from a higher grade to be eligible
    for a lower grade final, they must have played at least half of the seasons matches with that team.

This rule always seems to create problems so to try and make it as straight forward as possible please refer
to the guidelines listed below;
Styles may vary e.g. T shirt, collared or sleeveless shirts may be worn but the colours must be identical. If
sponsorship logos or business names are involved these too must be identical. The natural fading process
will be taken into account. If the shirts are a plain colour with no printing but have a brand logo e.g.
Crocodile/Adidas/Nike etc. no penalties shall apply providing these are in small print and distinguishing a
brand name only. Turning shirts inside out is not acceptable and teams doing so will incur the normal
uniform penalty of –5 runs for each offending shirt with a maximum of –20 runs being deducted. To allow
teams ample time to get organized uniform penalties will not commence until the 5th week of competition.

All players should appreciate the difficult job these people have. They are trying to do their best and their
job is to make decisions – your part is to accept them. They may not always be right but then again, neither
may you. What you may regard as a wrong decision doesn’t give you the excuse to verbally abuse the
umpires. This will not be tolerated. The umpires are in control of the game and have the full support of
management. While we support our umpires we are still approachable regarding any area you want
clarification on. Penalties will apply to umpire, equipment[yours or the centres], and player abuse. Runs will
be deducted and continual harassment will result in the offending player being sent from the court and to
take no further part in the game. Any fighting on or off the court may result in players being temporarily
suspended from the centre. Think before you act !!!! Play the game in a sportsman like manner and you will
have no problems.

We trust you will enjoy your season here at Parklands. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to see
any of our staff at the games counter.

Management and staff at Parklands Indoor Sports Centre wishes everyone an enjoyable season.

                                             Donna Rheinberger


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