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Dear Business Owner:

Cage Fighting Xtreme ( is fast becoming the most formidable Mixed Martial
Arts promotion in the New England Area. Regularly drawing crowds of thousands to their
events—even on nights UFC events are being shown worldwide—the excitement generated by
their live shows is just one part of the promotion’s massive popularity.

CageFX Promoter Linda Shields is a crafty and ingenious business woman who takes care of her
people as priority number one. Shields has a history built in the trailblazing years for MMA in
Massachusetts. She’s managed to transform her former behind the scenes role in the sport’s
development and become the new face for MMA’s success in the state.

Gary Forman, CageFX Matchmaker, also has a history in Massachusetts MMA as a former
referee for local mixed martial arts circuits. As the third man in the cage for so many fights,
Forman has literally seen MMA develop and grow from an obscure fad to a worldwide sports

Mike Varner, also no stranger to the sport of MMA as a former fighter himself and an MMA
event specialist, also provides plenty of insight and organizational support for each spectacular
CageFX event.

From the classy, sexy, and personable crew of CageFX ring girls to the biggest and burliest of
CageFX fighters, this company is built for stability and lasting growth. This is a crucial time for
CageFX as Massachusetts grapples with MMA regulation that other fledgling leagues might not
be best prepared for.

CageFX is making huge strides in the industry in the limited time the company has been in
operation. Already, the Web-site and the CageFX brand are extremely popular with the site’s
reach gaining 170% over the last three months, according to, which lists
CageFX.Com as among the top 700,000 Web-sites in the United States. A recent partnership with
famed Massachusetts Rock Station WAAF (97.7, 107.3) and an official promotional arrangement
with Fight News Unlimited ( will only strengthen an already
powerful business model with a solid foundation. The brand’s reputation in the business is
incredible. The company is striding into 2010 with amazing potential. If last year’s progress is
any indication, CageFX can only get better this year.

CageFX Promoter Linda Shields was named 2009’s Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Woman of
the Year in January:

If you have a local Massachusetts business or a national brand devoted to the sport of Mixed
Martial Arts, CageFX can help you promote it to a wide range of consumers. From event
spectators to Web-site visitors, the exposure your company will get is truly priceless. In addition
to associating with an up-and-coming sport and local promotion, you will also be aligning your
company with our continual efforts in support of charitable organizations.

Also, in addition to the Main Web-site CageFX has popular social profiles to promote your
business with. These include Facebook ( ),
MySpace (, Twitter (, and YouTube
( Fight News Unlimited (FNU) will also be exclusively
promoting CageFX on the site, on the blog (, on
the FNU podcast page (, and on the FNU YouTube Profile

We have a wide array of affordable sponsorship and advertising options available to fit your
needs. For more information contact Linda Shields at or call 781-510-6000.
Please check out our blog page at for updates and information on
upcoming and current events. Also, we have included our latest fight poster and a couple of our
logos for your review.

Description: Cage Fighting Xtreme ( is an amazing MMA promotion in Massachusetts making huge strides and drawing awesome crowds to their live cage fighting events.