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									March 8, 2010                                                                                           Volume 13 No 40

 Stupid Quote Of Quotes Of The                                                                    People who minimize their genius are self-
                                                                                                  deprecating. People who eulogize their
                                                                                                  ignorance are self-defecating.
 The Day         Day
 On Explanations, Crucial:                                 oug Larson:
         nd there’s a self-portrait of himself,
                                                  D           “Few things are more satisfying     A Word A Day
 A       by himself.
         broadcaster Richard Madeley
                                                           than seeing your own children
                                                           have teenagers of their own.”                aksheesh Pronunciation (BAK-

                                                  Malcolm Forbes:
                                                     “It's so much easier to suggest solutions
                                                                                                   b    noun: A payment, such as a tip or
 Useless Facts                                    when you don't know too much about the
                                                  problem.”                                       From Persian bakhshish, from bakhshidan,
                                                                                                  from baksh (to give).
 Of The Day                                       William Feather:
                                                                                                  "About 130 officials were fired for taking
        seless facts:                                “Setting a good example for children         baksheesh, and the volume of tariff

 U          "The quick brown fox jumps
             over the lazy dog" is commonly
             believed to be the only English
                                                  takes all the fun out of middle age.”
                                                  Maxwell Maltz:
                                                                                                  revenue that actually reached state coffers
                                                                                                  jumped by almost 50% in two years."
                                                                                                  Maturing Mozambique; The Economist
                                                                                                                        (London, UK); Dec 4,
                                                      "We find no real satisfaction or
                                                                                                                       Theme: words
                                                                                                                       borrowed from less-
                                                                                                                       known languages

                                                                                                 *Happy Birthday*
DILBERT-OF-THE-DAY                                                                               -------------------------
                                                                                                 1923 Booth Colman actor (Planet of the Apes)[87]
      sentence devised to include all the         happiness in life without obstacles to         1928 Judy Johnson voc(Your Show of Shows)[82]
      letters of the alphabet. However,           conquer and goals to achieve."                 1936 Sue Ane Langdon actr (Bachelor Father)[74]
      typesetters and designers have                                                             1937 Raynoma Gordy US orchestra leader [73]
      alternatively employed "Pack my box                                                        1939 Robert Tear Wales, tenor           [72]
      with five dozen liquor jugs."                                                              1940 Susan Clark Can, actress (Night Moves)[70]
     Pittsburgh is the only city where all       Urban Word(s)                                  1942 Ralph Ellis guitar (Swinging Blue Jeans) [68]
                                                                                                 1943 Lynn Redgrave actress (Georgie Girl) [67]
      major sports teams have the same
      colors: black and gold.                     Of The Day                                     1945 Mickey Dolenz actor/singer (Monkees) [65]
                                                                                                 1946 Randy Meisner bass/voc (Poco, Eagles)[64]
     On TV game shows, a contestant who                                                         1947 Carole Bayer Sager singer (Arthur) [63]
      freezes before the camera is called a
      "Bambi," in reference to a deer
      paralyzed by the glare of headlights.       s    To unintentionally demean one's self.
                                                       To unthinkingly place one's self in an
                                                       unflattering light.
                                                                                                 1947 Mike Allsup guitarist (Three Dog Night) [63]
                                                                                                 1948 [Little] Peggy March PA, vocalist [62]
                                                                                                 1953 Kathleen Ann Shower Playmate/Yr(5/85)[57]
                                                                                                 1954 Cheryl Baker rock vocalist (Bucks Fizz) [56]
                                                                                                 1957 Cynthia Rothrock actress (Lady Dragon)[53]
                                                                                                 1959 Aidan Quinn Chgo, actor (Reckless) [51]
                                                                                                 1962 Shaun Gayle NFL SS (Chargers) [48]
                                                                                                 1964 Peter Gill drm(Frankie Goes2Hollywood)[46]
Published: 3/20/2010 10:20 PM                                                                    1970 Andrea Parker actress (The Pretender) [40]
                                                                                                 1976 Freddie Prinze Jr actor (Scooby Doo) [34]
                                                                                                 1977 James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek)[33]
  2                                                                                      Stuff-Of-The-Day Newsletter
                                                   1965 1st US combat forces arrive in South           1971 Joe Frazier beats Muhammad Ali at
History Of The                                     Vietnam (3,500 Marines)                             Madison Square Garden (New York NY) in
                                                                                                       15, retains heavyweight boxing title
                                                   1968 6 year old Tommy Moore scores hole-
Day                                                in-one in golf (Hagerstown MD)                      1972 1st flight of the Goodyear blimp

       766 Willem V (18)                                                                               1973 Eisenhower Tunnel, world's

1      becomes Governor of
       United Provinces
1782 Gnadenhutten Massacre:
                                                                                                       highest/US longest, opens
                                                                                                       1973 Paul & Linda McCartney are fined
                                                                                                       £100 for growing cannabis
Ohio militia kills 90 Indians                                                                          1981 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Arizona
1855 1st train crosses 1st US                                                                          Copper Golf Classic
railway suspension bridge,                                                                             1983 President Reagan calls the USSR an
Niagara Falls                                                                                          "Evil Empire"
1858 Leoncavallo's opera "I                                                                            1986 Japanese probe Suisei passes
Pagliacci" is produced (Naples)                                                                        Halley's Comet at 109,800 km
1887 Everett Horton,                                                                                   1990 NYC's Zodiac killer shoots 1st victim,
Connecticut, patents fishing rod                                                                       Mario Orosco
of telescoping steel tubes
                                                                                                       1991 Harry Hamlin & Nicollette Sheridan
1894 New York passes 1st state                                                                         wed
dog license law
                                                                                                       1993 Katharine Hepburn released from the
1898 Richard Straus' "Don                                                                              hospital after exhaustion
Quixote" premieres in Keulen
                                                                                                       1993 Nigerian singer Fela Kuti arrested
1902 1st performance of Jean                                                                           again on suspicion of murder
Sibelius' 2nd Symphony
                                                                                                       1994 B737 collides with Ilyushin-86 in New
1908 Collingwood Elementary                                                                            Dehli, at least 8 killed
(Cleveland) burns, kills 173 kids
& 2 teachers                                                                                           1994 Train accident at Pinetown, Natal kills
1911 International Women's Day
(1st celebrated)
1913 Internal Revenue Service
begins to levy & collect income
                                                                                                       TimeLine Of
1917 Russian revolution breaks                                                                         The Day
out (in Petrograd/St Petersburg)
                                                                                                            nternational Space Station Comes
1920 Denmark & Cuba join the
League of Nations
1924 Coal mine explosion kills
                                                                                                       I    Together
                                                                                                              Pretty neat timeline
                                                                                                              animation shows
171 at Castle Gate UT                                                                                  the Space Station
                                                                                                       growing over time, check
1927 Pan American Airlines                                                                             it out!
1930 Mahatma Gandhi starts
civil disobedience in India                                                                  
1945 53 Amsterdammers

                                                   Mars Over the Allalinhorn
executed by Nazi occupiers
1945 International Women's Day Explanation: What's that bright object in the sky? A common
                               question with answers that vary by time and season, the quick
is 1st observed                                                                                       3 DAY FORECAST
                               answer just after sunset in middle of last month, from the
                                    northern hemisphere, was Mars. The above picturesque
1948 Supreme Court rules
                                    panorama, taken during a ski trip from the Alps in                 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
religious instructions in pub       Switzerland, shows not only Mars, but much more. Pine trees       9 Mar 2010 10 Mar 2010 11 Mar 2010
schools unconstitutional            line the foreground, while numerous slopes leading up to the
                                    snow covered Allalinhorn mountain are visible in the distance.
1957 Israeli troops leave Egypt;    Stars dot the background, with the Beehive star cluster (M44)
Suez Canal re-opened for minor      visible just below and to the left of Mars, while stars Castor
ships                               and Pollux peek through the tree tops to the Mars' upper right.
                                    Mars will remain bright and in the constellation of the Crab
1959 Groucho, Chico & Harpo's       (Cancer) until mid-May.
final TV appearance together                                                                          PM Showers          Rain        Showers
                                                                                                         53°F            55°F           54°F
                                                                                                         44°F            46°F           44°F                                               2

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