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									                      EQUITABLE TRUST COMPANY

Job Title: Manager, Residential Mortgages (British Columbia)
Department: Single Family Residential Mortgage Department
Reports To: Senior Manager, Residential Mortgages (Western Canada)

Purpose of Job:
The Manager, Residential Mortgages (British Columbia) is responsible for
overseeing daily operations and credit decisions of the Single Family Res idential
Department (BC Office) and supervising staff in the areas Mortgage Underwriting
and Mortgage Administration. The incumbent is also responsible for reviewing
and recommending mortgage applications for approval and provide detailed real
estate market expertise. Efficient, calculated and consistent decisions contribute
to maintaining high service standards and will support departmental objectives
and targets.

Main Activities:
    1) 25% - On a daily basis, recommended mortgages applications (province
       of British Columbia only) within prescribed lending guidelines and provide
       support to management by way of local market expertise. As well, risk
       thresholds must be taken into account to preserve the integrity of
       Equitable Trust Company and adhere to corporate policies.
    2) 25% - On a daily basis, the Incumbent will lead their respective team by
       providing support, guidance, and mentoring to team members. The
       incumbent will be the first point of contact for management and will be
       responsible for ensuring that the employees adhere to company policies
       and guidelines. In addition the incumbent will coordinate the
       communications between the regional British Columbia office and head
       office and is responsible for communicating company initiatives to the staff
       as well as communicating regional initiatives to higher level authorities and
       senior management. This includes the coordination of marketing initiatives
       with the Director of IR and Marketing.
    3) 20% - On a daily basis, the incumbent is accountable and responsible for
       executing all operational processes related to management of the regional
       British Columbia office. This includes the hiring and training of staff as
       required. In addition, delegation of office tasks and follow-up to the
       completion of tasks is crucial to running a small office environment. These
       tasks include dealing with brokers on escalated files, making decisions on
       files that require reasonable exceptions, act as liaison between the British
       Columbia office and Management located in Calgary and Toronto.

   4) 20% - On a daily basis, the incumbent will provide the highest level of
      internal and external customer service while developing sales strategies
      and marketing initiatives to build the Equitable Trust brand and client base
      in the province of British Columbia. The incumbent is required to attend
      industry events (MBABC & CAAMP) is to increase Equitable Trust
      company awareness.
   5) 5% - When necessary, collaborate with other departments when
      developing and implementing new methods to improve Single Family
      Residential department operations, products, and other initiatives.

   6) 5% - When necessary, maintain the ETC British Columbia Approved
      Lending Areas and ETC British Columbia Approved Appraiser lists. The
      incumbent is responsible for approving changes to these lists while
      mitigating the risk inherent in these decisions while adhering to corporate

Knowledge/Skill Requirements
   - Demonstrated leadership and organizational skills.
   - Extensive understanding of sub-prime mortgage lending.
   - Expert level of residential mortgage market, mortgage underwriting and risk
   analysis and loan structuring.
   - Expert level of business development and relationship management.
   - Strong writing and communication skills.
   - Knowledge in areas of mortgage origination, processing and closings.
   - Minimum 2 years demonstrated management experience.
   - Ability to use MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
   - Sound multi-tasking skills with the ability to make decisions under pressure.
   - Strong forward-thinking analytical skills.
   - Completion of a post-secondary degree or equivalent experience.
   - Familiarity with SIT and Cyberquiry.

Job Complexities / Thinking Challenges:
The incumbent is responsible for making sound lending recommendations, often
under constrained timelines, without compromising credit risk and profitability.
The incumbent should be prepared to manage files of greater complexity at times
and is required to follow corporate policies and procedures in order to work
through files and rationalize the recommendations or decisions made. The
incumbent will also experience the common day-to-day challenges that come with
leading and supervising staff.
The incumbent must also be able to manage the complexities of the business
development roll and promote the products and services of Equitable Trust in an
effective manner. There are significant challenges to managing the balance
between the business development and credit rolls. The incumbent must

encourage the flow of increased volume of deals but more importantly maintain
risk thresholds to preserve the integrity of ETC and adhere to corporate policies.
The incumbent has interaction with managers and heads of other departments to
strategize on ways to increase efficiencies for both the Company and the SFRD.
The incumbent must possess the ability to conceptualize the implementation of a
new process or product and foresee the implications that implementation may
have in other areas of the company and the ability to integrate with business
systems, internal compliance, external compliance, financial reporting and
tracking, and service and administration. To overcome these challenges forward
thinking and conceptualization is a necessity.

The incumbent works with little or no supervision with respect to daily operations
however performance is regularly monitored by the Senior Manager, Residential
Mortgages (Western Canada).
The incumbent’s role is business development, credit, operational and process
oriented with the understanding that sound business development, marketing
and credit decisions, will help support regional targets.The role will have a
substantial impact on the success of the Single Family Residential department in
reaching its annual funding targets and other departmental goals.
The incumbents may have authority to approve mortgage applications up to a
specified approval limit but this will be at the discretion of Senior Management.

Key Internal and External Contacts
Incumbents communicate daily with mortgage brokers, and when necessary with
appraisers and solicitors. Daily communication with interdepartmental staff
members also occurs.
The incumbent is expected to provide underwriting and credit expertise for
mortgage brokers and co-workers.

Physical Demands / Working Conditions
Normal office environment; moderate job-related pressure associated with high
intensity fast-paced flow of business, number of people to respond to and interact
with while having to recommend new deals and review funding deals efficiently,
supervising departmental operations and responding to escalated issues.
Requirement to do limited travel for training and coaching purposes as well as
quarterly visits to either the Calgary office or head office to implement initiatives
for the regional office.


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