COLGATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          DEPARTMENT OF RECREATIONAL SPORTS

                                INTRAMURAL TEAM ENTRY FORM 2010

COMPLETE THIS FORM and submit by either:                                                  Intramural Sports
1. e-mail the document to
2. print a copy and put in the Intramural Entry box by the         PLEASE USE A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH TEAM BEING ENTERED
   Recreation Sports Office (102 Huntington Gym).
                                                             The numbers given in parentheses after each of the sports above reflects the starting
Team: ___________________________                            line-up size. All entries are requested to have at least half again as many on their roster
                                                             in order to be a viable entry. Rosters are to be updated as newly eligible players join.
                                                             In the event of multiple team entries from a singular living unit, entries will be consolidated
Captain: ________________Class:_____
                                                             unless they reflect the above suggested numbers.
Email: ___________________________                           Intramurals are generally played: Mon - Thurs 4:30 - 7 PM (Football, Soccer, Softball),
                                                             Mon - Thurs 7 - 11 PM (Basketball, Volleyball), Tues & Sun 7 - 11 PM (Ice Hockey)
Phone: ___________________________
                                                             SELECT ONE:                                ENTRIES DUE:                 PLAY BEGINS:
2nd Contact: ______________________                          __ Flag Football [8]        League         THURSDAY SEPT 3RD            MONDAY SEPT 7TH
                                                             __ Kickball [10]            Tournament MONDAY SEPT 7TH                  SUNDAY SEPT 13TH
Email: ___________________________
                                                             __ Soccer [8]               League         MONDAY SEPT 28TH             MONDAY OCT 5TH
Phone: ___________________________                           __ Trap Shooting            Tournament     No entry, sign-up at range   SUNDAY OCT 11TH
                                                             __ 4 On 4 Football          Tournament MONDAY OCT 19TH                  MONDAY OCT 26TH
                                                             __ 3-On-3 Basketball        Tournament MONDAY OCT 26TH                  SUNDAY NOV 1st
List days/times that are INCONVENIENT for your team:
                                                             __ Basketball [5]           League         MONDAY OCT 26TH              MONDAY NOV 2nd
____________________________________________                 __ Ice Hockey [6] **        League         MONDAY OCT 26TH              WEEK OF NOV 1ST
There is no guarantee that these days/times can be
avoided - although an attempt will be made to schedule       __ Bowling (Team) [3]       League         MONDAY JAN 25TH              MONDAY FEB 1st
around these. It is for this reason that all entries are     __ Volleyball [6]           League         MONDAY FEB 1st               TUESDAY FEB 9TH
asked to have more than the minimum number of players.
                                                             __ Dodgeball [6]            Tournament MONDAY FEB 15TH     SUNDAY 2/21 & 2/28
ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATION: This certifies that I                                                MONDAY MAR 22nd
                                                           __ Softball [10]          League                             MONDAY MAR 29TH
know and understand the Intramural Eligibility Rules
and have checked the eligibility of all the players on my
team. If there is any discrepancy, I will assume full            Consult Intramural Handbook on Rec. Sports web site for eligibility rules.
responsibility. I understand that failure to comply with
those rules will result in consequences as outlined in the   ** REMIND PLAYERS TO BRING ICE HOCKEY EQUIPMENT BACK AFTER FALL BREAK.
Intramural Handbook (on the Rec Sports Web Site).
STUDENT OFFICIATING NEED: All teams are asked to encourage one or more team members to become an official for the sport entered.

    Sport                           Term                                 Location: 110 Huntington Gym                                      Time
    Football                        Fall                                                   Thurs Sept. 3                                  7:00PM

    Soccer                          Fall                                                   Tues Sept 29                                   7:00PM

    Basketball                      Fall/Spring                                             Tues Oct 20                                   7:00PM

    Hockey                          Fall/Spring                                             Tues Oct 27                                   7:00PM

    Volleyball                      Spring                                                  Tues Feb 2                                    7:00PM

    Softball                        Spring                                          Tues March 23                                      7:00PM
                                                  This is a Paid Meeting & Pizza is Served

Rec Sports Web Site:                                            IM Sports Hotline: 228-7020
COLGATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                   DEPARTMENT OF RECREATIONAL SPORTS

                          As a condition of being entered into play, all team captains are required to fill out and sign this form.
                    This contract relates to sportsmanship and individual/team comportment while engaged in intramural competition.

Sport: __________________________                                                                                   Team Roster
As captain of (team name) ____________________________, and as a condition of                           Individuals may play for 1 team only per sport.
being entered into formal league competition, I agree that my team will abide by the                     COMPLETE ROSTER MUST BE LISTED FOR
following policies (place an “X” to left of each item as you read them):                                        AN ENTRY TO BE ACCEPTED
___ My team and I will enter with and maintain the necessary number of legal and eligible
    players on our roster to consistently field a team as scheduled. A player can only play for       Print Name                           Class Year
    one team in a given intramural sport. Once he/she plays one regular season game for
    a particular team, he/she is locked into that team for the season. There are NO                  1. __________________________________
    circumstances under which this rule can be broken. Noncompliance with this rule leads to
    severe punishment, including expulsion of team from further play.
                                                                                                     2. __________________________________
     Clarifications regarding ineligibility misconceptions include the following:
     • A player cannot play for a team in another League or Division other than their own, i.e. a    3.___________________________________
       player on a B Team cannot jump up to an A team, and vice versa.
       (Fraternity teams must be extra vigilant regarding this rule.)
     • A player on a team that disbands during the season cannot play for any other team for
       the rest of the season.
     • A player that does not play a regular season game for a team cannot play in the playoffs.     5.___________________________________
     • A player whose team has been eliminated from the playoffs cannot join another team.
     • A player cannot play for another team that is short on players for a one-time basis.
     • Varsity Athlete Restriction: A current\former collegiate varsity player may not play an
       IM sport in their sport, until they have sat out for one entire calendar year.
     • Club Athlete Restriction: No intramural team may have more than 2 male club athletes
       or 4 female club athletes on the field of play at once in the sport in which those club       8. ___________________________________
       athletes participate. ( This includes: IM Softball for the Baseball Club)
___ No Show Forfeits are grounds for immediate removal from further competition.                     9. ___________________________________
___ I am responsible for informing all of my teammates about our weekly schedule, playing
    rules and sport eligibility requirements, and it is expected that all members of my team will    10.___________________________________
    be aware of these rules and provisions, even in my absence.
___ My team and I acknowledge that the referees are not professionals, but rather fellow             11.___________________________________
    students. I/we accept that having amateur and inexperienced officials, there will be
    inconsistencies and/or discrepancies in their calls throughout the course of a game or           12.___________________________________
    season. Furthermore, I/we accept the Colgate Intramural Sports doctrine of “Zero
    Tolerance” in terms of personally derogatory or insulting language/behavior towards the
    program’s student officials.                                                                     13.___________________________________
___ My team and I agree to treat the student officials with respect and understand that failure
    to treat the officials respectfully can result in the expulsion from the league of offending     14.___________________________________
    individuals/teams. As an extension of this, I/we pledge to intercede, restrain and
    chastise any teammate(s) who talks negatively to any official.
                                                                                                     15. __________________________________
___ My team and I acknowledge that intramural sports are for the enjoyment and thrill of
    competition for everyone and will thus treat our opponents and teammates with respect.
    Failure to treat the opposing teams respectfully may result in expulsion from the league for     16.___________________________________
    any of my teammates or even my entire team.
___ My team and I acknowledge that at no point during any intramural competition is any form of      17.___________________________________
    alcohol or tobacco allowed on or near the playing area(s). Violation of this rule could result
    in the expulsion from the league and possible further action for my players/team.                18.___________________________________
___ My team and I acknowledge the authority of the on-site Student Sport Supervisor \ Head
    Official and accept that this student employee is the formal on-site authority figure as the     19.___________________________________
    formal extension of the Recreational Sports Office. As such, his requests will be
    respectfully honored.
___ I have thoroughly read this sheet, and I will convey both the letter and the spirit of what is
    stated herein to the rest of my team and that I/we agree to be held accountable for all
    provisions listed above and in the Intramural Player Handbook.

Captain's Signature/Name:_____________________ Date:__________
   Rec Sports Web Site:                                                    IM Sports Hotline: 228-7020

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