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									                         The IARU Region 3 Newsletter
                                                           Issue 2, June 1999
                                    P. O. Box 73, Toshima, Tokyo 170-8691, Japan   E-mail: iaru-r3@jarl.or.jp

      The New IARU President and Vice President                         Secretary General: Rolando Pocana, DU1JYO
                 open their office                                      IARU Liaison:        Roberto Garcia Jr., DU6BG
                                                                        The following government and administration activity
      On May 9, 1999 our new IARU President Larry E.
                                                                  was described by Bobby:
Price, W4RA and Vice President David A. Wardlaw,
                                                                   1) Amateur Radio Consultative Panel (ARCP). This is a
VK3ADW opened their office for a term of five years. Our
                                                                        committee established by the National Telecommunica-
new Secretary of IARU was appointed by the ARRL, the
                                                                        tions Commission (NTC) consisting of three NTC and
hosting society for International Secretariat, as David Sumn-
                                                                        two PARA members to discuss general amateur radio
er, K1ZZ whose term is expected for five years, too.
                                                                   2) National Disaster Communication Committee. This is
          Your Director David Wardlaw attends
                                                                        a committee established in the Office of Civil Defense
           Asia Pacific Telecommunity Meeting
                                                                        (OCD) for emergency telecommunications including
      IARU was invited to attend the APT (Asia Pacific Te-              amateur radio operations. It has fulfilled important
lecommunity) Seminar on World Radio Conference (WRC)                    roles in recent disasters in the Philippines, volcanic
Issues and the 2nd APT Conference Preparatory Group                     eruption, floods and earthquakes.
Meeting for WRC-2000 (APG2000-2). David Wardlaw                         Bobby said that amateur radio equipment is still hard to
VK3ADW then IARU Region 3 Director attended the                   import and to buy in the Philippines. The import tax was
APG2000-2 meeting from 12 to 16 April 1999 in Bangkok,            once 100 per cent. Although now around 30 per cent, an
as an observer. The meeting was to review agenda items and        ICOM 775 for example is around USD 3,500 plus import tax.
related matters for WRC-2000 and to harmonize the views of        This is not a generally acceptable price!
countries in this region. The IARU International Secretariat            Bobby invited Keigo to a local restaurant to talk over
provided an IARU position paper for WRC-2000 which was            dishes of delicious Filipino seafood.
presented by David in the International Organization session.
      IARU Region 3 Director Young-Soon Park HL1IFM                         Robert Jones re-elected Director of ITU
and KARL ex-President Dr. Joong Guen Rhee HL1AQQ
                                                                        Standing as the sole candidate, Robert Jones (who is
attended as members of Korean delegation.
                                                                  VE3CTM) was re-elected Director of the ITU Radiocommu-
                                                                  nication Bureau (BR) on 22 October 1998 by the Ninth Ple-
               Your Secretary visits PARA
                                                                  nary Meeting of the ITU Minneapolis Plenipotentiary Con-
      While visiting Manila, Philippines in May for a busi-       ference.
ness meeting, Secretary Keigo Komuro visited the PARA                   Bob was first elected to this position by the 1994 Kyoto
office and discussed amateur radio matters with the PARA          Plenipotentiary Conference and took office in January 1995.
immediate past President Bobby Garcia DU6BG. Bobby                He kindly participated in the 10th IARU Region 3 Confe-
flew from his home in Iloilo city to meet Keigo.                  rence in Beijing in 1997.
      The PARA office in Pasig City north of Manila City is
in a room in the Semicon Centre building by courtesy of the             World Amateur Radio Day, Present and Future
owner of the building. Bobby and Keigo met Executive Vice
                                                                       The next World Amateur Radio Day will be celebrated
President of Semicon Integrated Electronics Corp., Joey Uy
                                                                  on 18 September 1999. This is the last time that World
Yeung Wai, DU1RAA with attendance of their President,
                                                                  Amateur Radio Day will take place in September. From the
Leo Villalon, DU1AAA, to say our thanks for their support
                                                                  year 2000, the day will be marked on the anniversary of the
to PARA.
                                                                  IARU, on 18 April.
      The PARA office is about 20 to 25 square meters. It is
well appointed with air-conditioning and office tables and
                                                                             Use of ZM Prefix for Y2K Celebration
computers. The club station DX1PAR operates on all bands.
There are pigeon holes for QSL card sorting, most of the                In New Zealand the Ministry of Commerce has advised
cards are from Japan. The secretariat staff is led by Ms. Do-     that the ZM prefix may be used by all New Zealand amateurs
roles Gonzales, DU1PDD. The office is open from 9:30 am           instead of the ZL prefix for the period October 1, 1999 to
to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.                                  March 31, 2000, to mark the arrival of the new millennium.
      Bobby advised that Jose Mari Gonzales DU1JMG, who
was IARU Region 3 Director from April 1982 to January                               New Prefix in CANADA
1985, is now a Congressman. Keigo spoke to Joe on the
                                                                         The new Canadian Territory of Nunavut came into
phone but they could not meet because of Joe‟s official
                                                                  effect on April 1, 1999. Nunavut „Our Land‟ has a total pop-
                                                                  ulation of some 25,000 persons in an area of Northern Can-
      New PARA officers were elected at a recent AGM as
                                                                  ada about the size of Europe. To reflect this new Canadian
                                                                  territory, Nunavut has been allocated the prefix VY0. This
      President:          Eric Villegas, DU1EBV
                                                                  will become a separate multiplier in some HF contests com-
      Executive VP:       Jimmy Corato, 4F9CIA(DU9CIA)
                                                                  mencing with the RAC Canada Day Contest on July 1, 1999.
                          (4F9 indicates 1st class operator)

        VE8AT Beacon Operational from Nunavut                                       HL1BX appointed as Korea’s
                                                                                   Minister of Science & Technology
      The VE8AT beacon is back on the air from March 21,
1999. The new site is located at 79.59 N, 85.54 W, at Eureka                 On April 23, 1999, Dr. Jung Uck Seo, HL1BX was
on Ellesmere Island in the new Canadian territory Nunavut              appointed as Minister of Science and Technology of Korea.
(formerly N.W.T). The VE8AT beacon is part of the                      The participants to the Region 3 Seoul Conference in 1988
NCDXF/IARU beacon system and was previously operating                  will remember him welcoming us. He was then Vice Presi-
from Edmonton, Alberta. The VE prefix for this beacon may              dent of Korea Telecom.
change in the near future. The Eureka location is expected to
provide information on valuable propagation paths to ama-                             PARA congratulates
teurs around the world.                                                       DU1JMG, DU1VST, DU9AXX and DU6AF
                                                                             The Honorable Jose Mari Gonzales DU1JMG, is newly
             International Space Station (ISS)
                                                                       elected Congressman of San Juan, Metro Manila. The Ho-
              Commander is a radio amateur
                                                                       norable Vincente S. Sotto, DU1VST is elected Senator, Phi-
     The commander of the first International Space Station            lippine Senate. Alex Bascug, DU9AXX is elected Con-
crew is now an amateur radio operator. U.S. astronaut Wil-             gressman. Ricardo Galvez, DU6AF is now occupying the
liam G. “Shep” Shepherd now has the call sign KD5GSL.                  prestigious job as Solicitor General.
Shepherd will soon join Russian cosmonauts Yuri Gidzenko
and Sergei Krikalev on board the ISS.                                           YV5AMH elected to Andean Parliament
                                                                             Reinaldo     Leandro     YV5AMH       of    Caracas,
         AP2AHQ operates his home-built station
                                                                       Vice-President of IARU Region 2, and President of the Ra-
      Arshad Quadri, AP2AHQ is operating a home-built                  dio Club Venezolano, was recently elected a member of the
Eplphyte-2 SSB Transceiver. The kit was a gift presented by            Andean Parliament comprised of the Andean Pact countries
The G-QRP Club and NorCal and is one of several taken                  whose members are Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia
into Pakistan by Jo-Anna Dobbs, G0OWH, on an education-                and Peru. The Parliament meets twice-yearly in its official
al trust visit. Arshad, and other radio amateurs who find              seat at Bogota, Colombia. The Andean Parliament is similar
equipment difficult to obtain, will shortly receive kits for the       to the European Parliament of the European Union countries
NorCal-20 transceiver.                                                 but on a smaller scale.

                   Saturday at RSGB HQ                                                        Book Review
      RSGB Headquarters will be open from 10am to 2pm                        Two Australian books, “Amateur Radio Study Course”
on one Saturday each month over the summer. The bookshop               and “Radio Amateur License Study Guide”, written by
and the GB3RS shack will be available to visitors, as will the         Graeme Scott, VK2KE are here reviewed by Ron Cook
National Amateur Radio Museum and Library. Morse Tests                 VK3AFW.
will be available on demand between 11am to 1pm. If you                      These books provide a bridging course for the Novice
propose to visit, check before you visit on a Saturday to en-          for upgrading to either the Limited or Unrestricted license.
sure that the HQ is open.                                                    In its seventy-six pages the Amateur Radio Study
                                                                       Course packs fifteen chapters and a trial AOCP theory exam.
         Australia makes the International News                        To get the best from your efforts in reading this book, you
                                                                       need the companion Radio Amateur License Study Guide.
      The Radio Society of Great Britain GB2RS news
                                                                       After studying Chapters 1 and 2 of the Study Course, the
broadcast has carried the story about a controversy sur-
                                                                       student can then attempt the questions in the Study Guide for
rounding the use of the 70 cm band during the time of the
                                                                       those chapters. The questions are in the same multiple-choice
year 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The use of 70 cm
                                                                       format of the AOCP exam, Correct answers are provided.
by other interests is watched with concern by amateur radio
                                                                       This is an excellent and proven self-training system.
operators all over the world.
                                                                                    Correction to Award Directory
            IARU Luminaries Meet in London
                                                                              We have received the following statement. Awards
      Important issues affecting member societies of IARU
                                                                       enthusiasts please note:
Region 1 were discussed at a recent meeting in London. The
                                                                              The Award Directory published by Ted Melinosky
financial position of Region 1 was addressed as well as the
                                                                       K1BV, shows awards from Costa Rica: the TT1 award, the
possibility of a major fee increase levied against member
                                                                       TY1 award and the FRACAP award. Some of this informa-
societies. The meeting was attended by senior board mem-
                                                                       tion is now obsolete.
bers of the RSGB, from the German radio society DARC,
                                                                              The only awards which are currently recognized by
French society REF, Belgian society UBA and the Dutch
                                                                       Radio Club of Costa Rica are the:
society VERON.
                                                                          *T10 AWARD: Confirm all TI call zones (TI1 to TI0) af-
      Other matters discussed included the IARU and IARU
                                                                          ter November 20, 1945, and
Region 1 Constitutions and possible changes. The gathering
                                                                          *TTI AWARD: Class 1; contact 7 of 8 call zones of Costa
also turned its attentions to global pressures on the Amateur
                                                                          Rica after September 29, 1953. Class 2: 6, Class 3: 5. The
Service, EC legislation affecting amateur radio and the need
                                                                          Club Station, TI0RC, can replace any missing call zones.
for closer co-operation between societies to combat legisla-
                                                                              All requests should be sent to the following address:
tion that threatens the well-being of the Amateur Service.
                                                                       Radio Club de Costa Rica, Apartado Postal 2412, San Jose
                                                                       1000, Costa Rica.

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