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					                   Parent & Player
                Information Package

               Director: Chad Musser

Steven Mau                            18’s
Andrea Kade                           16’s
Jeff Schmidt                          16’s
Chad Musser                           14-1
Steve Yantko                          14-1
Sue Yantko                            14-2
Brian King                            12’s

1.   What is Club Volleyball and Who is Dig It! Alabama?

2.   Dig It! Alabama Team Vision & Goals

3.   Team Policies

4.   Season Info

5.   Parental Involvement

6.   Rules for Parents

7.   Costs per Team
1. What is Club Volleyball and Who is Dig It! Alabama?

Dig it! Alabama Volleyball Club was formed to provide high-level training, skill development
and competition for its junior athletes. It is an elite traveling program for committed female
athletes between the ages 8 and 18. Our teams practice at least twice a week (we try for
three times), and will compete in USA Volleyball tournaments across the Southeast. Dig It!
Alabama is a member of the Southern Region of USA Volleyball and is proud to be a pro-
moter of Amateur Athletes feeding the US National Volleyball Teams. Dig It! Alabama Vol-
leyball club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interest in National amateur
athletic programs.

USA Volleyball, like any travel sport, is an expensive interest. The typical base cost (not
including travel expenses) is around $900 per girl which includes gym costs, uniforms, ball,
club/coaches fee’s, administrative costs and all tournament entry fees. Our team includes
athletes from over 20 different schools. In order to help reduce costs, we are looking for
corporate sponsorship and/or fund raising opportunities to help cover some basic team
costs: Gym rental, uniforms, and equipment. Our sponsors will have space on the team
webpage, and will have the satisfaction of having helped a young female athlete on her
way toward a chance at a collegiate athletics program. Donations of any amount are wel-


CLUB GOAL — Provide the best learning environment for competitive volleyball players
& to develop each player’s skill to their fullest potential and give participants the informa-
tion, training and exposure they need to continue their volleyball and educational expe-
rience at the High School and collegiate level.

   · UNITY- To create a supportive and disciplined environment that develops a unified
     team. Win as a team, lose as a team, but we will be a team.

   · COMPETITION – Field teams which will compete with the best teams that the
     Southern Region has to offer. Enable at least one team to win their age division in
     the Southern Region Championships

   · FUN - To establish a fun-filled environment that fosters the health of the team,
     while giving 100% effort, both physical and mental.
                                   ATHLETE GOALS:

•   To encourage teammates to achieve their highest personal potential on and off the
•   To find a personally rewarding competitive niche within the framework of the volleyball
•   To strive for excellence in the athlete’s personal performance and to contribute as
    needed to the goals of the team.
•   To develop a comprehensive knowledge of the position in which the athlete competes,
    and the greater game of volleyball.
•   To develop the necessary mental and physical skills necessary to compete at the ath-
    lete’s highest personal potential.
•   100% effort on part of the athletes in ALL practices, scrimmages, and tournaments.

                                   COACHES GOAL
    • Coaches will give 100% effort and dedication of their time during practices, tourna-
    ments, and club functions.
    • Develop, and refine the skills, both physical and mental, necessary for junior ath-
    letes to succeed as a competitive volleyball player.
    • Ensure the FUN is not lost in the hard work and spirit of competition.
    • Develop and nurture the love of the sport with the athletes.

    • Attendance at all practices and scheduled competitions, including weekend tourna-
    ments, is required.
    • Unauthorized absences from workouts, competitions (including team ―work detail‖)
    are grounds for dismissal from the team. Any absence which is not PRIOR coordinated
    with a member of Dig It! Alabama Coaching staff counts as unauthorized. Telling a
    teammate you won’t be there does not count as contact. The student athlete MUST
    structure her time accordingly to accommodate her responsibility to her team, i.e. at-
    tending practice & developing her skills to uphold her position on the court. If this
    means they don’t go to a movie, out with a friend, or spend hours on the computer
    IM’ing, then this is what it takes. Missing a Tuesday Practice to study for a Wed test,
    when they had all weekend to prep is mismanagement of time, and is a failure to
    uphold her responsibility to the team.
    • All athletes must maintain an appropriate level of physical fitness throughout the
    season, and must maintain no lower then a 2.0 GPA (C) as well.
    • Proper respect will be shown to, and from, all authoritative figures, including any/all
    adults, while at practice, tournaments, or any club function. Failure to follow this rule will
    be grounds for dismissal from the team.

    Tournament Travel
    We do not permit players to drive themselves to tournaments. We require they ride
    with a coach, chaperone, or parents. This gives us accountability for our players.
      The Season runs from Mid-November to Regional Championships (Mid April).

      Practices will be two or three times a week, for 2 hours per session. Practices will
      be a Mon, Thur, Sat or a Tues, Thur, Sat schedule from 5-7 & 7-9. We can run 2
      courts/2 teams at the same time, so we can run 4 teams in one night. All practices
      will be at the Dig It! Gym.

      Tournaments are played throughout the southeast. We play in Atlanta & Birming-
      ham the most, but can play in Huntsville, Mobile, Pensacola, and Nash-
      ville/Chattanooga as well. They may be a one day affair (Saturday), or they may be
      a two day (Saturday/Sunday) setup. It depends upon the tournament as to what
      they are.
      Travel costs are not included in your fee’s.


We need support from the parents in order to make this club function efficiently. We need
volunteers to step up and help in the following roles:

Parent Advisory Liaison – 1 parent from each team who acts as a liaison between par-
ents and Coach/Director. The role of this person is to provide coherent input to the
Coach/Club staff on issues which arise during the year.

Fund Raising Committee—1 (or more) Parent(s) from each team who help to organize
and run team fund-raising events.

Team Chaperone—1 parent (preferably a Mom) to volunteer to help be a team chape-
rone. What this means is you will help the coach (if needed) with any girls who may be
traveling alone for a tournament (i.e. without parents). This requires a background check,
and a USAV membership. Don’t worry, the team pays for it so you don’t incur the cost

1. All team fund raisers have to be approved and conducted by the club.
2. Sponsors have to be approved by the club due to the ―junior athlete‖ status of our or-
3. We have multiple fund-raiser ideas, but are always open to new ideas. Besides raising
money, fund-raisers also serve as good team bonding time. We highly encourage every-
one to participate.
4. TEAM fund-raisers are divided by all the team members who took part in the event and
credited toward their dues.
1. If at any time you have a question or comment concerning coaching tech-
nique/decisions then this will need to be addressed after practice/ or at the next practice
AFTER a tournament. We can talk about any issues on the next practice day, or by ap-
pointment. There will be NO discussion in front of the players.

2. This Club is formed on the support of the parents. We highly encourage praise, and
discourage negativity. We ask you to maintain the moral high ground, and provide posi-
tive role models to all the players. Please do not comment on the play of the kids on the
court in a negative manner. Volleyball is a game of mistakes, and the girls are painfully
aware of when they make one, they don’t need to hear sounds of negativity from the

3. There will be no smoking or drinking around the girls during an official event. Every
parent is a responsible individual, and having a beer/wine with dinner after a tournament
does not constitute an ―official event‖. The only caveat we have with this, is if you are driv-
ing someone else’s child, then we ask you to refrain from having a drink.

4. We expect the girls to adhere to a policy of respect toward their teammates and others,
especially adults/authority figures, and ask that you treat them the same way you would
like to be treated.

5. If you know you are going to be late or miss a practice, please call ahead of time or give
notice. If you have a conflict with a tournament we ask you to give as far advance notice
as possible so we can plan accordingly.

6. We ask that you get your daughters to practice on time, and be on time to pick them up.
We’ll do our best to be complete with practice on time as well.

7. During tournaments the girls will be scheduled for work detail. This means we, as a
team, score keep, line judge, down ref, and Libero track. What this also means is that af-
ter our last game we may not necessarily be ―done‖. If you need to leave a tournament
early/before we are done with our team commitment, then we ask that you approach the
Head Coach PRIOR to the tournament date.

8. Although we are not school related, I do expect the girls to bring in report cards when
they are issued. If a girl has a D in any course, then I, as Club Director need to meet with
her parents & player to discuss this issue.

       Description                                          Cost

USAV Membership fee- individual                           $50

Portion of Coaches membership fee                         $10

Portion of Team Admin Fees                                $10

Portion of team chaperone, background check, Impact Fee   $10

Coaching fee (based on 10 girls)                          $250

Assistant Coach Fee (if applicable- based on 10 girls)    $100

Club Fee                                                  $50

Tournament Entry cost/player                              $150

Gym usage cost                                            $50

Ball                                                      $35

Uniforms (2 jerseys, 2 spandex, warm-ups, backpack)       $175

Tournament entry fee is variable depending on tournaments

Tournament and coaching fees will go down with more girls