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Secondary School A - Teachers

   A guide to organising and
   monitoring competitions
   By the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
           Competition Managers
                   Jennifer Sothmann
        Senior Competition Manager and Hunts SSP
   Email:, Tel: 07743 806873

                       Ryan Armes
              Peterborough & Witchford SSPs
   Email:, Tel: 07595 001883

                       James Cook
          Cambridge & South Cambridgeshire SSPs
   Email:, Tel: 07595 001882
                       Witchford School Sports Partnership

Ryan Armes, Competition Manager, Witchford SSP
Witchford Village College, Manor Road, Witchford,
Cambs, CB6 2JA

                                                                                             September 2008

Dear Colleague,

                             Re: Competition Managers and the Competition Framework

As you may be aware, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have recently appointed three Competition
Managers to help develop school sport competition across the county. We are Jennifer Sothmann, Ryan
Armes and James Cook.

On behalf of the Competition Manager Team I would like to welcome you all back for this new academic
year and a new era in school sport competition. This academic year is an exciting time for us as it will be our
first full year in post and will be an opportunity to develop the existing successful competition structure.

We would like to thank you all for the time and effort you put in to make last years’ competitions a success.
In recognition of this and to help you co-ordinate proceedings, we have developed this information pack to
help you organise and schedule competitions you may wish to attend. Within this information pack you will

           An overview of the National Competition Framework and the role of a Competition Manager.
           Monitoring Guidelines
           Accessing and using the online competition calendar (Google Calendar)

There are many good competitions already in place across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We aim to
raise the awareness of these competitions, whilst increasing the provision of high quality competitive
sporting opportunities for young people in the area. Therefore, within the pack you will find a link to an
electronic calendar containing the dates and details of all the sports competitions scheduled for this
academic year.

We hope that you find the information pack useful. Should you wish to find out any more information on
competitions or structures, please do not hesitate to contact us:

         Jennifer Sothmann – Senior Competition Manager and Hunts SSP
                             Email:, Tel: 07743 806873
         Ryan Armes –        Peterborough & Witchford SSPs
                             Email:, Tel: 07595 001883
         James Cook –        Cambridge & South Cambridgeshire SSPs
                             Email:, Tel: 07595 001882

I would once again like to welcome you back and wish you a very successful year.

Yours Sincerely

Competition Manager Team
                       The National Competition Framework

What is it?
Competition is one of the 10 strands of the new PE & Sport Strategy for Young People (PESSYP)
strategy. The national competition framework (NCF) is essentially a good practice model to help
achieve the 5-hour offer. Working with Sport England, NGB’s and School Sports Associations, the
framework is aligned to the principles of Long Term Athlete Development and has been embraced
by 21 NGB’s, of which 16 will have frameworks in place by September 2008. Each framework will
identify the format and level of competition that should be played at each age group from KS1 to
KS4, as well as identify pathways into and out of competitive sport.

A network of Competition Managers across all SSPs has been rolled out nationally to develop inter-
school competition.

The role of the Competition Manager
      Implement the NCF locally: Identify gaps and potential areas for development in
       consultation with key stakeholders; Help identify the pathways into the national structure and
       community sport; act as a voice for competition at a local level in order to feedback and
       influence national development
      Create plans based on local priorities: Monitor and evaluate current provision to identify
       to support and increase high quality competition
      Link schools with other providers: Ensure NGBs/Clubs/Local Authority/Living Sport
       (CSP)/volunteering organisations are involved
      Links schools/districts with other districts: Reduce duplication, identify pathways, share
       good practice/resources, raise awareness, and help to ensure consistency across provision.

What are the benefits?
   • More young people taking part in competition, through inclusion and providing opportunities
     for those not currently accessing competition
   • Clearer pathways to enable young people to reach their potential
   • Organising existing competitions is clearer and more guidance is provided
   • There will be greater consistency in provision
   • Reduction in duplication
   • Access to additional resources to support competition
   • Consistent rules and regulations across all competitions
   • Sharing good practice and resources
   • Clearer and more formal links with community providers
   • Clearer communication between stakeholders
   • A voice for local competition to influence national provision and targets
   • Greater awareness of opportunities and recognition of achievement
Key points
     The NCF is still an evolving strategy and so it will take time to achieve the outcomes of the
     CM’s are not looking to re-invent the wheel or radically change competitions that are already
      well structured
     CM’s work with the SSP so targets will reflect local need
     Although priority sports have been identified, it doesn’t mean that their frameworks will have
      to be implemented locally, it is simply a target to aim for. The vision is for 80% of
      competition is based on national priorities and 20% on local, but this will be a long-term goal.
     Much of the work within the first year will be re-active rather than pro-active and only new
      competitions that are locally agreed will be developed.
     Monitoring is an important element of the project, as it helps to identify any gaps and
      provides a valuable tool in influencing national investment and priorities.
     Competition is a key focus for the new PESSYP and will significantly contribute to the 5-hour
      offer target, which we are all working towards.

Ryan Armes,
Competition Manager
Peterborough and Witchford School Sports Partnerships
                       Witchford School Sports Partnership

Ryan Armes, Competition Manager, Witchford SSP
Witchford Village College, Manor Road, Witchford,
Cambs, CB6 2JA

Google Calendar Information Sheet

To keep up to date with all this years’ competitions, we have entered all of the competition dates and
information onto a central calendar which can be accessed through the links at the bottom of this page.

By logging all of this information on a central calendar it will help improve communication between
organisers and schools. It will also help to raise people’s awareness of the competitions, festivals,
tournaments and events that are taking place throughout the year.

Why have a centralised calendar?

The advantages of having all competitions logged on the central calendar are:

     -   It offers a free and easy way of accessing event information in a format that is similar to the Microsoft
         Outlook calendar
     -   Information can be easily accessed without the need to sign up for a Google account of your own
     -   Invites to events can be sent to you via email. If you accept the invitation, this event will automatically
         be updated onto your Outlook calendar. This facility will be piloted during the first few months of the
     -   You will gain access to a comments section which can be used as a FAQs area
     -   The calendar links to Google Maps for ease of identifying event locations
     -   It can be accessed through the SSP website where other competition and event information can be
     -   You can receive automatic updates and reminders for events to remind you that they are
     -   It contains more information about the event than a printed calendar would show
     -   It can be easily and quickly updated so there is no need for new calendars to be printed and

So, what do you need to do?
All you have to do is follow the link at the bottom of this page where the calendar can be accessed.

If you require any further information or have any queries regarding the calendars, please do not hesitate to
contact us:

Jennifer Sothmann – Hunts SSP                                      Email:
                                                                   Tel: 07743 806873
Ryan Armes – Peterborough & Witchford SSPs                         Email:
                                                                   Tel: 07595 001883
James Cook – Cambridge & South Cambs SSPs                          Email:
                                                                   Tel: 07595 001882

                                                    LINK TO PRIMARY CALENDAR

                                              LINK TO SECONDARY CALENDAR
                   Witchford School Sports Partnership

Ryan Armes
Competition Manager                                                      Tel: 07595 001883
Peterborough & Witchford SSPs                              Email:

            Monitoring Guidelines for Schools
    With the new PE & Sport Strategy for Young People (PESSYP) it is becoming
     increasingly important to identify who is taking part in extra-curricular sport, and
     encourage more to be involved
    Competitions provide an opportunity to achieve the 5-hour offer, and are also a
     simple way of tracking numbers of participants
    By monitoring on a regular basis we can identify the success of the event and
     gaps in provision, with the aim to address them straight away rather than
     waiting until the end of the year, when it is often too late to have an impact
    Regular monitoring will also enable us to automatically complete part of the
     PESSYP (formerly PESSCL) survey more accurately
    Knowing how many pupils take part in events will help with Teacher
     Evaluations, media coverage, and from a Health & Safety point of view, we
     need to know who is attending.

    Simply fill in the attached evaluation form at every event you attend or at the
     end of the league season and hand in to the organiser/desk before you leave
    The essential information we need is the total number of participants and first
     time competitors for each year group, so that we can easily work out the
     percentage of pupils from your school that take part
    First time competitors are those that haven’t taken part in any schools
     competition or fixture during that academic year.

Other benefits
    Once the forms have been completed and returned, you will receive
     participation certificates
    Opportunities to celebrate achievement through media coverage and website
    We will also be using the forms for an Incentive Scheme that is being created
     to reward those schools that have shown the greatest improvement in terms of
     the proportion of children that attend the competitions. There will also be a
     reward for the school that has the highest percentage of pupils involved in
     school competition. Details will be given in due course.
                   Witchford School Sports Partnership
                   Witchford School Sports Partnership

Secondary Evaluation Form                                                  League/Competition
                                                                             (delete as appropriate)

Event Title:
School Name:
Date(s):                 From:                                   To:
Venue (N/A for leagues):
Year Group                  Total                First Time                  EM        DIS/SEN
                       Male    Female           Male   Female                     If known
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 11
Yr 12/13
 Staff Name:
 Contact Details:
 Please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5
 (1 = Very Poor; 5 = Excellent)
 Overall organisation                                                  1     2    3     4       5
 Venue(s)                                                              1     2    3     4       5
 Coaches/Leaders                                                       1     2    3     4       5
 Information received prior to the event                               1     2    3     4       5
 Information about opportunities outside of school (if applicable)     1     2    3     4       5
Other comments:

First Time = Number of pupils taking part that haven’t participated in any other inter-school
competition this academic year
EM = Number of Ethnic Minority participants
DIS/SEN = Number of Disabled participants and those with Special Education Needs

Please return to the Competition organiser before you leave
           Alternatively, return to: Ryan Armes, Competition Manager, Witchford SSP,
               Witchford Village College, Manor Road, Witchford, Cambs, CB6 2JA
                      Email:, Tel: 07595 001883
                         EVENTS PLUS CALENDAR Sept 2008 – Jul 2009
                Events suitable for all disabled students and those with Special Educational Needs

MONTH/EVENT                DAY / DATE     TIME        VENUE                             ORGANISER
Tag Rugby PLUS County      Thurs 16th     10 – 2pm    Shelford Rugby Club - South       Jane Lampshire/Helen Johnston
Festival                   October 08                 Cambs                             Rory Finlayson
Netball PLUS County        Thurs 13th  10 – 2pm       Netherhall - Cambridge City       Kim Lumley
Competition                November 08                                                  Helen Stepney
Boccia PLUS County         TBC            10.30 –     Chesterton – Cambridge City       Julie Godfrey
Competition (Full Rules)                  2pm                                           Helen Johnston
Table Tennis PLUS County   TBC            10 – 2pm    St Ivo Indoor Centre - Hunts      Ejaz Moghul – Living Sport
Festival                                                                                David Reeve
Zone Hockey PLUS           TBC            10 – 2pm    East Cambs                        Becca Owen – Living Sport
County Festival                                                                         Annette Fontaine
Swimming PLUS County       TBC            11 – 2pm    Regional Pool - Peterborough      Chris Hunt
Competition                                                                             CDSF committee
Athletics PLUS County      TBC            10 – 2pm    St Ivo Outdoor Centre - Hunts     David Reeve, Julie Pashley,
Competition                                                                             Jane Lampshire, Femi Akinsanya
Boccia PLUS County         TBC            10.30-2pm   Peterborough                      Matt Taylor
Cricket PLUS County        TBC            10 – 2pm    East Cambs/Fenland                Jenny Lowe
Comp                                                                                    Annette Fontaine
Fishing PLUS               TBC            TBC         Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey           TBC

If you do not have direct contact details for the event organiser, please contact your Competition Manager, who will be
more than happy to help.

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