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       Anxiety is a psychological disorder. It is a mind game. Anxiety attack comes without any clear reason and
      without warning that involve a sudden flow of overwhelming fear. Importantly, it is more severe than having
                                           normal feeling of being stressed.
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                                                Treat Anxiety by Changing your Life
                                                             By Sandi Hishinuma

   Anxiety disorders (which include social phobia, specific phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder,
and generalized anxiety disorders) affect millions of people across the country. However, these
disorders do not need to rule your life. If you think that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, see
your doctor right away for a proper diagnosis. Proper treatment can truly change your life.

Your first step to treatment should be going to your health care professional for an accurate diagnosis
of an anxiety disorder. Several symptoms associated with anxiety disorders can also be caused by
other medical conditions. If you want to get the best treatment possible, it is crucial to diagnose your
exact condition. Your health care professional is the person who can do this. Make sure that you tell
him or her specifically what symptoms you are experiencing. He or she will then perform a complete
physical examination and testing to see if there are any other medical conditions that could be causing
your problems. A correct diagnosis will help you get the best care.

Once you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, there are a number of treatment options you
can use to help you overcome it. One option is talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy. This allows
you to tell your problems to a psychiatrist who cares and wants to help you. There are a number of
different talk therapies you can use. Some people like cognitive behavior therapy, which replaces old
behavior with new behavior through gradual steps. This is great for phobias. Or you may want to try
psychodynamic therapy, where your professional will help you discover the underlying causes of your
condition so that you can understand how to better control your life. There are several other types of
talk therapy treatments as well. Choose the one that is right for your condition and works the best for
you. Remember, every person is different; what works well for one person may not work well for you.

Medication maybe another way to treat anxiety disorders. Medication helps to block certain overactive
inhibitors in the brain that may be causing your anxiety disorder. Medication can also treat the
symptoms that you find unbearable. In general, you should make sure that a medication works for you
and your body before taking it on a regular basis. There are side effects to some medications that may
hurt you more than help you in treating your anxiety disorder.

You may also want to try non-traditional forms of treatment for your anxiety disorder. Some people are
able to control their bodies when experiencing an anxiety attack simply by learning meditation and
doing yoga. You can also try acupuncture and acupressure to deal with physical problems associated

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

with your anxiety disorder. Another great type of treatment, especially for phobias, is hypnosis. Your
doctor would be the best person to ask about these non-traditional forms of treatment and to give you
more information on what might work best for you.

A self-proclaimed information addict, Sandi H. has come to the conclusion that knowledge is power
when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. The more you know, the better choices you make
toward dealing with stress and anxiety. Go to to finally take control of the
stress and anxiety in your life.

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           Anxiety and Panic Disorder- Treating Anxiety Disorder with Biofeedback Therapy
                                                               By Hailey Harris

 Anxiety disorder has become quite common these days because of today's hectic life. Everyone is
running to achieve success; so it is obvious for anyone to get anxious at times due to some unforeseen
situations. But when does an actual problem begins? Well, it begins with the excessive increase in the
anxiety level or in other words when it gets out of proportion and the person gets overwhelmed. This
condition is usually termed as 'Generalized Anxiety Disorder'.

But it certainly does not mean that diagnosis is the only most important thing if you have generalized
anxiety disorder or any other anxiety disorder. On the other hand, the important thing is to know what
you can do about this problem. It is quite probable that it is just an anxious phase in your life that will
soon pass away. Nevertheless, there is nothing to get despaired if you have any kind of anxiety
disorder as there are means that you can use to control your anxious thoughts as well as feelings.
Additionally, the best about these means is that you will not need to have prescribed anxiety

One such answer to your anxiety disorder is "Biofeedback Therapy'. This therapy has proved very
effective in numerous cases. The best thing is that this therapy teaches you how to become more
aware of the breathing. It is essential as rapid or shallow breathing is among the prominent causes of
anxiety disorder. Once you are familiar with this therapy, your cognitive thoughts patterns along with
psychological responses will be changed.

If biofeedback anxiety therapy is to be explained in simpler terms, it is a therapy that will help you in
facing or overcoming your fears. It begins with the bottom. For instance, there are people who suffer
from anxiety when driving while there are others who are deadly afraid of crossing bridges. In other
words, for anyone suffering from anxiety disorder, there is an anxiety trigger that leads to an anxiety
attack. With the help of this therapy you are encouraged to do those things you are most scared of. But
it does not mean here that you will be compelled to sit in the car and drive if the anxiety trigger is
driving. The main part in biofeedback anxiety therapy is 'self-talk'. It's you who will command to yourself
that you will not let your anxiety control the life.

Though there are various biotherapists, but it is not necessary for you to seek their help as there are
several sites that provide you detailed information about the working of this therapy and how you can
apply it effectively to your day-to-day life. We all know that medications do have its pros and cons and
it also holds truth that they can help in lowering the amount of power of anxiety disorder symptoms, but
prescribed anxiety medications should not be viewed as a cure to treat anxiety disorders. The thing
that works prominently in biofeedback anxiety therapy is your 'will power'. So, if you are having anxiety
disorder, it is majorly in your hands to throw it away from your life and live a normal life. Following this
therapy seriously with strong will-power will certainly result into the permanent as well as natural
removal of anxiety disorder from your life and you can live a very normal life.

Hailey Harris is an expert in Anxiety after dealing with anxiety and other health problems for more than
8 years. Now free of panic attacks and severe anxiety she teaches others to do the same at . For free anxiety tips visit

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