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					                        4A GREATER ST. HELENS LEAGUE MEETING
                         Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at Clark College

Membership:         Lee Bradford, Kennan Burris, Ray Cattin, Jim Condon, Jim Hudson,
                    Karla Kalian, Adam Mathieson, Leta Meyer

Guests:             Denny Houston-Interim Director of Athletics, Clark College
                    Lee Brand-Professor of Health & Physical Education, Clark College
                    Mike Arnold-Professor of Health & Physical Education, Men’s Basketball at Clark College
                    Marla Derrick-Clark College Athletic Office
                    Alex Montoya-Clark College Dean of Enrollment Services
                    Robert Knight- Clark College President
                    Dave Shoup- Swim Coach for Evergreen, Heritage, Mountain View and Union
                    Ed Bate- Ridgefield Athletic Director

Handouts:           Agreement Contract with Les Schwab, Treasurer’s Report, NSCA Fly Solo
                    Program, Clark College Penguin Athletic Club, The Kalani Rodrigues Memorial
                    Scholarship Run/Walk, Clark College Women’s Volleyball Schedule, Clark
                    College Men’s Soccer Schedule, Clark College Cross Country Schedule, Clark
                    College Women’s Soccer Schedule and Clark College Penguins Media Guide.

                                         MEETING AGENDA/NOTES

                   Lee Brand, Professor of Health & Physical Education at Clark College spoke about the
                    NSCA Fly Solo Program. This program assists coaches and athletes in being able to learn
                    what they need to do to compete at the next level. The program gives coaches access to a
                    test index allowing them to compare high school athletes levels vs. college and elite athlete
                    levels. For more information about the program contact Lee Brand at
                   Denny Huston, Interim Director of Athletics at Clark College spoke in regards to wanting to
                    establish a strong relationship with local high schools and their athletic programs. Denny
                    would be available to come out to the schools and talk with coaches and athletes on various
                    subjects. For more information contact Denny Huston dhuston@clark.edu.
                   Robert Knight, President of Clark College spoke in regards to the programs that Clark
                    College has developed for athletes. These include the following: advisor assigned to each
                    athlete, study hall for athletes to attend, road map plan with each athlete, academic early
                    warning system and student retention.

   1. Approval of the previous minutes- Minutes from August were approved 5-0.

   2. Treasurer’s Report-
          Leta purchased a blue scheduling book for Kelso.
          Reminder to complete the paperwork online for WASSA Membership. Leta is still in need
             of Jim Condon’s and Karla Kalian’s.
          A check was written to Battle Ground for 12 kids that went to Regional.

   3. Dave Shoup Swim Information-
          Dave proposed having a sub-district meet at Propstra on 10/23/08 with 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A
             swimmers competing. The top two swimmers would move on to districts.
          Dave also proposed having 2A, 3A and 4A district meets the same weekend.
          Swim coaches would prefer having 2 weeks from districts to train before state competition.
          After much discussion in regards to location, dates and time frame between districts and state
             the following was decided between the 3A & 4A A.D.’s:
                      -Sub districts will now be a JV Invite held on 10/30, modeling it after the Track JV
                     Invite, top swimmer qualifies for district competition in each event.

                    -3A and 4A District Swim Meet will be held at Propstra Pool. The 3A will be on
                     11/7 & 11/8 (2:00 PM-6:00 PM). The 4A will be held on 11/8th from 10:00 AM-

                    -State is November 14th & 15th
                    -2A District Swim Meet will be held at Mark Morris.
4. District IV Report-
        Nothing to report, they have not yet met.

5. District II Agreement-
        Waiting for a signed agreement to see if they are doing tennis.
        Volleyball district II/IV Tournament date changed to 11/15/2008.

6. Spring Schedules - Baseball
        Jim Condon is working on the baseball schedules for spring.
        Question was raised if 5 non league games were played or 3? Last year 3 non league games
           were played. The same format will be in place for this year.
        Discussion centered around combining teams at one site-example: JV and Varsity
           softball and baseball both play at same site. This would allow the teams to share
           transportation and cut costs. Jim Condon will look into the possibility of mirroring
           the baseball schedule to reflect the softball schedule.
        District baseball will run on a three day format. On Monday it will be 4 vs. 3. Tuesday is
           winner from Monday vs. 2; Thursday is winner from Tuesday vs. 1. This schedule will allow
           time for a rainout should it occur.

7. Self Reports/Ejections
         As of 9/10/08 there are no self reports or ejections to discuss.

8. Officials Contract
        In regards to mileage Westfield Mall is now considered the center instead of court house.
        Wrestling- no longer paying officials for byes.
        Two options for payment: 1. Invoice 2. On Site
        Negotiated a 13% straight fee for all sports except baseball and softball. Baseball and softball
            will get 14% due to rainouts and frequent schedule changes
        Jim Hudson ran the numbers and we were paying 15-17% per sport.
        High school determines how many officials they need for tournaments.

9. Boys Basketball Game on 2/13-
       Please change the boy’s basketball games that were scheduled for 2/13/09 to 2/12/2009. The
          original date (2/13/09) is a school holiday.

10. League Reminder-Les Schwab update-
        Les Schwab will be the official sponsor of the Greater St. Helen’s 3A and 4A schools.
        Leta has sent out to the A.D.’s an announcement in regards to the Les Schwab sponsorship.
            This announcement needs to be read at every home volleyball match and football game.
        Les Schwab will also serve as district tournament sponsor for boys and girls basketball. They
            will provide a banner that will be hung at the game sites.
        In return for the advertisement Les Schwab agrees to pay the 3A and 4A GSHL
            Minder Program dues for two years. The dues for this program are $2400.00 a
11. Wrestling Tournament Dates-
        Email Leta with a list of what wrestling tournaments each school is hosting for the
            08-09 year. Leta will compile a list of the tournaments and then forward them to
            the wrestling coaches. This list will assist the coaches in determining which
            tournament they want to attend.
12. American Legion Baseball-
       Jim Hudson was approached by a representative from the American Legion Baseball
           Association and asked why the schools were no longer encouraging athletes to participate in
           this league like they used to.
       Jim Hudson asked if anyone knew the history behind this?
           General Answers:
           The teams were priced out of being able to participate. The cost was
           around $1500.00 a team. There were also problems with how the teams
           were being treated- example: A team did not have their American Legion patches
           on their uniforms and were forced to forfeit the game. American Legion season is
           long so athletes were unable to play other sports. The top three reasons given
           were: not flexible, costs and length of season.

13. Clark County Wrestling Tournament-
         Skyview is willing to host the tournament this year and the following two years if
           A $100.00 entry fee could be assessed to each team, similar to a tournament.
         Lee Bradford asked: What happens if a school doesn’t fill the weight? Answer- it would go
           back to the JV meet for seeding.
         Clark County Wrestling Tournament will be held on 1/16/09 & 1/17/09.
         Motion was passed for Skyview to host the Clark County Wrestling Tournament with a
           $100.00 per team entry fee. Motion was passed by all GSHL 3A & 4A members.

14. Around the Table-
    BGHS: Lee to check with Prairie in regards to gymnastics-Friday night 3A meet and
             Saturday morning 4A meet.

    SVHS: Nothing to report.

    EHS:     It appears that the first round of District Soccer will be at McKenzie Stadium.

    HHS:     Nothing to report.

    MVHS: Nothing to report.

    KHS:     Nothing to report.

    Misc. Items:

           Motion was made for Machelle Gurnsey to take minutes at GSHL meetings and her
            substitute to be paid for by the GSHL.                   Approved 5-0
           Thunder Tennis Invite- Form lists three sites that tournament will held at, in reality the
            tournament will be at Mountain View and Union.
           Discussion centered around 2A, 3A, 4A District Champion Plaques-after much discussion
            the following is what was determined via a vote:
                              *Team champions will receive medals
                              * Placers will receive ribbons
                              * Individual sports will ribbon places 2-6 and individual champion will get
                              * Ribbons are to be kept generic – no year
                     Amendment to above vote:
                              * Each sport will have a traveling trophy.         Approved 5-0

    Email Leta a list of traveling trophies that your school currently has possession of.

             Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 8th at Orchard Hills.

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