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					                European Distributed Interactive Simulation Over Network
EDISON is a European research project co-funded by the European Commission in the frame of the Esprit
Programme. It started in March 1998 and will end in September 2000.
The aim of the EDISON project is to specify, develop, experiment and exploit a generic and integrated
architecture for Distributed Interactive Simulation Facilities (DISF), in order to support interaction and
cooperative work between geographically distributed facilities for simulation modelling, processing and
The EDISON infrastructure is a modular package which includes: a simulation framework providing the
applications with common simulation services (scheduling, real-time kernel, etc...), a middleware containing
the vital services necessary for distributed simulations (time management, intelligent distribution
mechanisms, extrapolation and prediction mechanisms to hide network latencies and jitter, etc...), a
communication framework, a supervisor and groupware functions.
This infrastructure is qualified through three pilot applications, each focusing on a different utilisation
paradigm and a different phase in a system life-cycle. The « HardWare-In-the-Loop » pilot application
consists in a system validation of the ATV-ISS space rendez-vous (the Automated Transfer Vehicle is a
spacecraft which docks automatically to the International Space Station in order to refuel and resupply it).
The « Numerical Models » pilot application deals with the engineering analysis of vibroacoustic effects in
manned space systems and car design. The « Man-In-the-Loop » pilot application, based on a mission
rehearsal exercise, involves the space European Robotic Arm (ERA) and ATV teleoperations by ISS
astronauts or ground operators.
The DISF approach can be used to solve simulation problems only attainable in the past either within long
time frames or at the cost of expensive computer facilities. The use of geographically Distributed and
Interactive Simulation Facilities is therefore of paramount interest to reduce facilities overall costs (non-
duplication of components, teams knowledge and skills), to allow the interactive use of remote simulation
resources, making the work more flexible and efficient, to shorten the development cycle of new systems by
anticipating detection of design, integration or operational problems, to minimize travels and long
collocation of experts.
The EDISON partnership is centered on strong involvement and commitment of industrial companies,
acting primarily as users of EDISON: AEROSPATIALE (as coordinator of the project), ALENIA
AEROSPAZIO Space Division, ITALDESIGN, FOKKER SPACE, DLR and D3. They will bring in not
only their know-how and business oriented perspective on user requirements and EDISON operational
validation but also they will make available existing simulation environments, applications, and end-users
skills to support technology insertion and development objectives. These main companies will be supported
by three specialized ones : University of Stuttgart (RUS) and University of Paris (LIP6) for the network
activities, SILICON WORLDS for the applications of virtual reality in simulation process.

                         Contact Point :        François DUBUC
                                                AEROSPATIALE - Espace & Defence
                                                E-mail : francois.dubuc@espace.aerospatiale.fr
                                                Phone : +33 1 39 06 25 98
                                                Fax :    +33 1 39 06 11 74

                         EDISON web site : http: //cec.to.alespazio.it/edison.html
                      European Distributed Interactive Simulation Over Network
Registration form :                                Attention : François DUBUC - AEROSPATIALE - SY/YI
                                                               Fax : +33 (0)1 39 06 11 74
                                                               E-mail : francois.dubuc@espace.aerospatiale.fr

  Company :
Company name :              ___________________________________________
Department :                ___________________________________________
                 Adress :                           __________________________________
                 City :                             __________________________________
                 Postal code :                      __________________________________
                 Country :                          __________________________________

Personal information :
First name :                _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Last name : ________________
Phone :                     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fax :       ________________
E-mail :                    ___________________________________________
Field of activity :             Aeronautics                              Entertainment                          Research
                                Automotive                               Medical                                Space
                                Education                                Military                               Other (specify) :
                                Energy                                   Transportation                         ____________
Department :                    Communication/ Marketing                                    Purchase/Sales
                                Quality                                                     Management
                                Production                                                  Other (specify) : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Position :                      Engineer                                                    Student
                                Salesman                                                    Teacher
                                Senior Manager                                              Other (specify) : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Distributed simulation :
Level of interest in distributed simulation :                                 Relation to distributed simulation technologies :
                          Asking for information                                        User
                          Investigating                                                 Provider
                          Short term needs                                              User and provider
                          Long term needs
                          Current user

Comments or questions :

Other means of registration :
 By our web server : http: //cec.to.alespazio.it/edison.html
 By standard mail : AEROSPATIALE Espace & Defense - F. DUBUC YY/IC
                       66 Route de Verneuil - B.P. 3002
                       F-78130 Les Mureaux

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