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									                                  ISIEC - Initial Safety Information on Experiments at CE

 Obligatory, to be filled and sent to the PH-DSO ( dso.ph@cern.ch ) and a copy to the PS/SPS Physics Coordinator ( sps.coordinat
                                               new test beam users or in case of major modifications of existing equipment
             Experiment                                                SiLC R&D
                                       DATE    7-12 Nov 08
           INSTALLATION START and END          4-6 Nov 08
                          SPOKESMAN / tel      Aurore Savoy Navarro
                               GLIMOS / tel    Marcos Fernandez Garcia
             Fill in by … (email, telephone)   Marcos.Fernandez@cern.ch, (0793630659)

1- LOCATION                                    Please indicate where the experiment will run
Beam / Area / Door                             T10 at PS
Labs at CERN (bdg/room)                        None

2-GASES,LIQUIDS,CRYOLIQUIDS                    Used in detectors or kept in nearby containers
             Device type                                Fluid1+% Fluid2 etc                   Volume

3-OTHERS CHEMICALS                             Toxic/Corrosive/Flammable metals, solvents, additives etc. (indicate the quantities)

4-ELECTRICITY                             Used in detectors or kept in nearby containers
                             Electric Equipment                                            Power
PC, laptops                                                                       2 kW
Silicon ladders                                                                   1 KW
HV, LV vrates                                                                     3 kW
Oscilloscope                                                                      1 kW
Pulser                                                                            250 W
3D platform                                                                       50 W
                                                                         HIGH VOLTAGE (>1KV)
     Detector type         Voltage                       Current                       Stored Energy
Silicon              350 V                1 mA/detector                           0.1 J
PMTs                 200 V                3 mA                                    <0.1 J
3D platform          250 V                                                        <0.1 J

              SHORT-CIRCUIT I>5 mA for >50V possible anywhere?

POWER dissipated by all electronics, racks, etc.
          On detectors (kW)                0.1
          Off detectors (kW)               6
Special grounding requirements

turn the page please >>>

Weight of heaviest single piece to install
(kg)                                           200 kg (3D platform)
Specially designed handling equipment?

For which max. weight?
                                               120 cm

6-VACUUM-, PRESSURE- , CRYO-TANK                                                            indicate all tanks, except standard gas cylinder
      Tank          Abs. pressure                           Max. preasure                            Volume

7- IONIZING RADIATION                       Beam Intensity, radioact. Sources, depleted uranium, etc.
We will be parasitic users of ALICE-HMPID. We will therefore use their beam settings

8- NON-IONIZING RADIATION                      Details (class of laser, origin of UV light, average power of microwaves or RF, pulsed or CW, …)
LASER                                          1060 nm, enclosed in light tight (Faraday Cage) box

9-OTHERS HAZARD (or remarks)
We will use a 1060 nm laser diode enclosed in a light tight box to shine the silicon detectors. The beam will be pulsed and the power per pu


11-SPECIALISED SAFETY COURSES OBTAINED                                                      Please indicate certificates, licenses etc.

12-ANNEX                                 if available, please attach the files to your mail
Electrical layout
Mechanical design/description
Other Documents (Conformity, safety tests, etc.)
on Experiments at CERN

PS Physics Coordinator ( sps.coordinator@cern.ch ) by all new experiments,
 fications of existing equipment

                   Abs. Press.                    Max Flow

ives etc. (indicate the quantities)

                 if magnet: Field             if magnet: Gap Vol.

               No of HV Channels              Remote shut-off?
               3                 Ye
               2                 Not needed
               3                 Yes
all tanks, except standard gas cylinders
                                Weakest part(s) of wall (thickness)

of microwaves or RF, pulsed or CW, …)

beam will be pulsed and the power per pulse is 0.1 pJ

dicate certificates, licenses etc.

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