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					                                     WARM-UP STRETCHES

1.   Five minutes of ―get-your-blood-moving‖ activity—jumping jacks, running in place, small jumps,
     big jumps, etc.

2.   Shoulder stretch: Bent at the hips, rotate the shoulder in its joint forward and backward to warm
     up the joint.

3.   Shoulder stretch: Touch the shoulder with the fingertips and move the elbow in a big circle
     forward, then backward.

4.   Shoulder and arm stretch: Take one arm across the body with the other arm and hold, resist, then

5.   Shoulder and triceps stretch: Bend one arm above the head at the elbow and apply a slight
     pressure with the other arm on the elbow.

6.   Shoulder and back stretch: Reach both arms behind the back then bend over at the hips and try to
     touch the fingers to the ground.

7.   Shoulder, chest, and back stretch: Reach both arms overhead and backwards, executing a slight
     rotation of the shoulders.

8.   Neck and shoulder stretch: Stretch the head to the left and apply a slight pressure on the top of
     head with the hand. Do the same to the front and to the right.

9.   Hip and torso stretch: Bend at the hips to the right, left, and center (knees bent and back flat) with
     the hands on the waist. Repeat with the arms extended out to the side.

10. Leg and hip stretch: Bring one knee to the chest and hold.

11. Leg and hip stretch: Touch the heel to the buttocks and hold. r

12. Leg and hip stretch: Lunge with one leg to the front, making sure that the hips are square and the
    feet are facing forward. Place the hands on the ground and extend the back leg as far as you can
    with the hips held squared, front leg flexed.

13. Lower back stretch: Lie on the ground face down and put your hands flat on the ground under
    each shoulder, then slowly press up with your arms so that your upper body is lifted off the ground
    while your hips and legs remain horizontal.


1.   10 push-ups (with knees touching if you can’t do a regular one), rest – 3 reps
2.   10 tricep pushes (on the back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and arms supporting
     you from behind, push up until the arms are extended so that your butt comes off the ground) – 3
3.   15 crunches, arms crossed over your chest – 3 reps
4.   15 leg lifts (from a ―back layout‖, arms by your side, lift legs up to a 90° position and repeat) – 3
5.   20 leg lunges (10 on each side) – 3 reps

Split stretch: Spend 5-7 minutes stretching your splits, holding each position for at least one minute.

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