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Warm Up


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									NU Cycling Strength Training Plan – Adaptation Phase

So, the real challenge with succeeding at bike racing is not increasing the average speed
you can hold over the 1-3 hours of your race, but rather developing the instantaneous
and sustainable power that will help you match the accelerations of your rivals and then
have enough in the tank drop them like the sorry sack of potatoes that they are.
Specifically, what separates the winner from 30 th place is almost always a difference in
their 5s, 30s, and 3min max power outputs and their ability to repeat these efforts
multiple times in a race. Because we are in the offseason, we have the luxury of using
weight training to slightly increase muscle mass in advance of our explosive strength
plyometrics work that is coming in December and January. Below I am outlining a 2
sessions/wk strength regimen that will develop both the leg and core strength to turn
you into a fucking rocket engine on your bike. Feel free to modify it on your own or
talk to me about adding and changing things if we are doing them as a group.

When you start any new strength program, the first step is to get your body
accustomed to doing the type of resistance movements that you will be attempting.
This is called the adaptation phase and consists of doing many reps of an exercise at low
weight (no one should skip the adaptation phase and go into low rep / high weight
exercises for at least 3 weeks, 4 is better, because you’ll hurt yourself and lose valuable
training time). I will send out a revised training plan when we are going to switch to
higher weights.

Because cycling is a fast twitch affair, the best lifting style to use is an explosive
extension and slow recovery (I will demonstrate this for those who don’t know). The
explosive extension develops the fast twitch muscles and the slow recovery minimizes
the risk of injury as well as encouraging muscle hugification.

I will also be advocating a circuit training strategy called ‘super-sets’. That means that
you are concurrently doing two exercises at the same time. Do one set of exercise A
and then do a set of exercise B and alternate until all of you sets are done. Exercises A
and B will be working different muscles, so you’ll always be lifting but still have time for
recovery. This is how we did it when I played football at Cornell and the lifting coach
would yell at you if you were ever standing around (perhaps I will wear tank tops and
yell at people to…). Super-sets allow you to lift more efficiently and also incorporate an
aerobic component. You know you are doing it right if you are sweating and breathing

Also, per the training program of the British and Australian track programs, I will be
gradually introducing as many unilateral (single leg) exercises as possible. Your brain and
muscles seriously know the difference between moving weight with two legs and moving
it with one leg (weird, but true). This also helps with core strength because it makes
you balance while holding weights and should provide some entertainment the first few
times we do it.
                          WEEKLY SESSION 1

Warm Up
      Stretching
      Squat Thrusts (2 x 10)
      Downward Dog to Upward Dog (1 x 6)
      Twisting Crunches (1 x 40)
      Other – add to taste

Lifting – Superset Adjacent Exercises – (Sets x Reps)

               Leg Extensions                    Hamstring Curls
                   (3 x 15)                           (3 x 15)
                 Calf Raises                      Lat Pull-downs
                   (3 x 15)                           (3 x 10)
         Walking Lunges (Dumbbells)            Low to High Side Pull
                   (2 x 16)                           (2 x 12)

                             BREAK – water/stretching

          Incline Alternating Sit-ups           Side Lunges (Bar)
                     (3 x 16)                    (3 x 8 both sides)
            Dead Lift (Dumbbells)                Back Extensions
                     (3 x 16)                         (3 x 16)
            Hip Flexor Cable Pull          Alternating Single Leg Press
                (2 x 10 each side)               (2 x 10 each side)

Cool Down
      Stationary Bike / Rowing Machine / Whatever
      Stretching
                         WEEKLY SESSION 1I

Warm Up
      Stretching
      Squat Thrusts (2 x 10)
      Downward Dog to Upward Dog (1 x 6)
      Twisting Crunches (1 x 40)
      Other – add to taste

Lifting – Superset Adjacent Exercises – (Sets x Reps)

               Side Extensions               Single Leg Wall Squats
                (3 x 12 each side)               (3 x 12 each side)
                  Seated Row                     Glut Cable Pull
                     (3 x 16)                     (3 x 8 each side)
              Swiss Ball Crunches          SwissBall Hamstring Roll-ups
                     (2 x 30)                         (2 x 12)

                             BREAK – water/stretching

           Squats (Front or Regular)              Russian Twists
                    (3 x 15)                          (3 x 15)
                   Chest Fly                  Outer Thigh Abductor
                    (3 x 15)                          (3 x 15)
             Inner Thigh Abductor             Straight Leg Dead Lift
                    (3 x 15)                          (3 x 15)

Cool Down
      Stationary Bike / Rowing Machine / Whatever
      Stretching

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