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Design_Bathrooms_on_a_Budget by marcusjames


Design Bathrooms on a Budget

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Dreaming of a luxury bathroom, but have a limited budget? With some
careful planning and drafting a plan will help in deciding what bathroom
items can be refinished and what bathroom pieces have to be replaced.

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Creating a stunning bathroom complete with all the luxuries from
whirlpool baths, a double basin vanity to radiator towel warmers,
finished off with glam bathroom fixtures and accessories for the ultimate
dream bathroom is every homeowner’s desire. When starting to explore
your options for creating your prestigious space you should start with a
wish list of desired needs. The two points of interest at the top of your
list will be budget and space, and then sub-dividing the list into two
categories, “what can I live with” and “what needs to be replaced.”

Most often we tend to visualize everything brand new and over look the
fact that by simply replacing small fixtures such as a new basin mixer
tap can bring new life to an existing pedestal sink. When you look at the
big picture, you not only save money especially if you are a do-it-
yourself person, but you also save on having to purchase a new sink
freeing up funds for other necessities such as a new bathroom mirror or
new bathroom accessories.

If you are looking to give your shower a modern contemporary look,
durable solid glass constructed doors is not only an affordable way to
update the look of your bathroom, but allows you to do away with
traditional plastic shower curtains and gives the bathroom a sense of
spaciousness. Shower/Bath glass enclosures is also a fashionable way of
dressing up your bathroom, they are easy to install and much easier to
clean than cloth or plastic curtains. Finding solutions to meet both your
needs and spending allowance for your bathroom remodeling projects,
doesn’t mean compromising quality. Purchasing one good quality item,
such as a whirlpool spa bath may mean looking at the “what you can live
with” check list in finding items in your bathroom that can be

Refinish Bathroom Furniture and Save Money

New bathroom furniture does not necessarily mean the physical purchase of
a new bathroom cabinet or wall mounted vanity, try refurbishing the
cabinet or vanity instead. With a number of commercial products that can
easily strip away old paint and wood finishes makes for an easy-to-do
weekend bathroom project, with a little sanding and a fresh new coat of
paint, varnish or wood lacquer, you will be surprised with the new look
of your bathroom cabinet or bathroom vanity. Also determine who will be
using the space, will it be a family bathroom or a tranquil place to
relax and unwind. Setting clear goals will aid in deciding the bathroom
design you are trying to achieve. If there are water works happening in
your bathroom meaning children who splash around during bath time, then
you most definitely want to think about using durable materials such as
acrylics and ceramics. Baths that are filled with Stone Cast Resin with
twinned skinned acrylic are far more durable than cast iron or steel
where acrylic is less prone to cracks and scratches and pottery only
bathroom suites are less susceptible to damage and stains compared to
wood finished bathroom suites.

When it comes to space often rearranging the layout of your bathroom to
either create the illusion of space or open the space for more
functionality to accommodate the family is a workable solution. Today’s
baths are available in a number of sizes and shapes, corner baths are an
excellent choice for space conservation since they fit tightly into any
corner of the bathroom creating a unique focal point and again are ideal
for the price consciences consumer.

Turning a dull bathroom into an enchanting delight comes from inspiring
ideas which can easily be seen on the internet or by taking a trip to a
bathroom shop. Get advice from the experts and do some price comparison.
If you are out and about shopping around for bathroom products remember
to bring the necessary items to avoid several trips, paint swatches, tile
samples, measurements including a floor plan, existing hardware if you
plan to replace bath/shower or basin taps for exactness rather than
guessing, and pictures of your existing bathroom, this will help with
your selection and give you a visual sense of how the bathroom will look.
Finally, while trying to get the maximum utility out of your bathroom,
always balance out your needs with your bottom financial line and not to
stray from your budget.

Written by Shelley Murphy on behalf of an online
retailer of bathroom furniture, steam showers, shower enclosures,
whirlpool spa baths and bath related products serving the United Kingdom.

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