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									A Noiseless Patient Spider

       Walt Whitman, like many other poets use poems to show or get their

complex ideas out there. In “A Noiseless Patient Spider” Walt Whitman

establishes how the spider is trying to teach and show him something


       In the first stanza Whitman is watching as the spider goes on about its

business. The spider is on a little promontory or peninsula all by itself where

the surroundings are “vacant “and “vast.” The spider then sends out

filament or a thread like fiber into the vacant and vast space around it. Even

though the spider is alone with nothing surrounding it, it keeps on trying to

make contact with something out in the open space. The spider does not get

frustrated about the fact that he cannot make contact with something but is

“noiseless” and patient” the entire time while trying to achieve its goal.

       In the second stanza Whitman makes an obvious parallel between the

spider and himself. He says that his soul is “surrounded, detached, in

measureless oceans of space” just like the spider is. The spider and the poet

both want to make some sort of contact with something in the vast space.

The reader could even say that the web of the spider and the poet’s soul are

the same thing. His “soul” is throwing the spider filament. The comparison here is about

desiring. The soul wants to have some meaning or important contact in the

world. The spider just wants its threads to connect with something concrete.

The poet's soul wants to connect with "the spheres." The sphere is the

object of the poet's longing. The poet wants the bridge made strong so that

the spider could fling its web and to catch on to something.

       Since the spider is trying achieving a certain thing it could be said that
what he is trying to obtain has something to do with a goal in his life or even

something to do with faith and his soul. By having the spider keep sending

out its web it’s implicating that whatever he wants to achieve is very

important to him.

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