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									                                  Travel Itinerary
Event    UNC Open
Location Greeley, CO Butler-Hancock Athletic Center
Date     November 22nd 2009
Nov. 22                                                                         Travel Roster
4:45am    Load bus at Volk Gymnasium                            F.Name                 L.Name
5:00am    Depart from Volk Gymnasium                            Elias                  Arias
          Arrive at Athletic Center                             Mike                   Brown
6:45am    Skin Check                                            Joshua                 Brown
7:00am    Weigh-ins                                             Mikie                  Burgess
8:30am    Warm up and prepare for competition.                  Austin                 Cordova
9:00am    Competition begins                                    McLain                 Cowan
          Meals will be taken as time and competition permits   Robert                 Johnson
6:00pm    Finals                                                Jordan                 Larsen
9:00pm    Approximate departure time.                           Dylan                  Lewis
10:0pm    ETA to CSM.                                           Chad                   Lousberg
          Return competition gear to equipment room             Raudel                 Lucero
                                                                Gabe                   Martinez
                                                                Nathan                 McClain
                                                                Brad                   Price
                                                                Mick                   Ramsey
                                                                Jamie                  Sheets
                                                                Brandon                Sheldon
                                                                Jesse                  Snider
                                                                Ryan                   Sprackling
                                                                Bryan                  Stansbury
                                                                Bobby                  Strain
                                                                Robert                 Tucker
                                                                Mitchell               VeDepo
                                                                Jacob                  Wilson
                                 Coaches                        Travis                Wokasch
          Dan Lewis 303-987-8286                                Zachary               Young
          Josh Hutchens 303-619-5542
          Mike Marsh 303-906-5666
          Camille DuPont 303-506-4134
                     Emergency #’s at tournament                        Athlete Assignments
          Coach Ben Cherrington (970) 978-0564                  Person(s) Responsible      Item
          Administration: (970) 351-2534                                               Med Kit,
          Training Room: Mark Peters (970) 351-1723             Zach                   Riding Time
          Rawley Klingsmith (970) 351-2282                                             Food
                                                                Mick, Brandon, Austin

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