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Jenny Nash
Sales Manager
Cooks & Partners Ltd

Tel:   020 77315282
Fax: 020 77317957

Croissants with jam (large)   £1.95
Croissants with jam (mini)    £1.50
Danish pastries (large)       £1.95
Danish pastries (mini)        £1.50
Fresh fruit basket            £2.00
Fresh fruit platter           £2.75
Pain au raisin                £1.95
Pain au chocolate             £1.75

Fresh fruit platter           £2.75
Fresh fruit basket            £1.95

Sandwiches will be presented in understated white square china plates and
arranged on tables for your guests to help themselves with side plates and
white napkins.

Whilst choosing your sandwich items consideration should be taken to ensure
that your menu is well balanced and you have an equal choice of meat, fish
and vegetarian options, and the maximum selection is six.

CLOSED SANDWICHES are made on white, brown and granary bread. They
are made with the freshest and finest ingredients by our chefs. They are cut
into quarters and garnished on stylish china plates.

   •   Light Lunch            2 rounds              £5.20 per person
   •   Standard Lunch         2½ rounds             £6.50 per person
   •   Substantial Lunch      3 rounds              £7.80 per person

Extra rounds of sandwiches may also be added at £2.60 per round

WRAPS AND HAND-CUT SANDWICHES are made from hand-made breads
including focaccia, sun-dried tomato bread and ciabatta. These are also
made with the finest fillings; hand sliced to give a home-made rustic look and
presented on stylish china plates.

   •   Light Lunch            2 rounds              £5.90 per person
   •   Standard Lunch         2½ rounds             £7.38per person
   •   Substantial Lunch      3 rounds              £8.85per person

Extra rounds of sandwiches may also be added at £2.95 per round

We would recommend with your chosen sandwiches that you provide crisps
and fresh fruit basket @ £2.50 per person. Please also feel free to add finger
buffet items at a cost of £1.70 per item to your menu.

Crab, tomato and cos
Flaked mackerel, capers and red onion salsa
Poached salmon with cucumber and dill
Prawn cocktail
Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise
Tuna, celery and tomato

Chicken mayonnaise and salad
Honey roast ham and tomato
Parma ham, creamy goats’ cheese and basil
Roast turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce
Salami, mozzarella, sun-blushed tomatoes and rocket
Salt beef, dill pickle and cos
Thai chicken salad

Cheddar cheese with sweet pickle
Creamed goats’ cheese, oven-dried tomatoes and rocket
Egg and tomato with mustard and cress
Egg mayonnaise with baby spinach
Greek salad with feta, cucumber, olives and onions
Hummus, grated carrot and salad
Roasted vegetable and basil

Baked salmon and rocket
Cray fish, courgette and mint
Prawns with sweet chilli salad
Smoked mackerel with horseradish salad
Tuna niçoise

BBQ chicken
Cajun chicken
Parma ham, avocado and spinach
Chicken and sweetcorn mayonnaise
Thai beef salad

Baby spinach, ricotta and toasted pinenuts
Char-grilled courgette with guacamole and salad
Goats’ cheese and rocket
Mozzarella, tomato and basil
Roasted vegetables and pesto

Our finger food can be novel, classic or retro. More substantial than canapés
and easy for your guests to pick up and enjoy, our menus include
Mediterranean, Asian and Oriental choices, plus old favourites given a
contemporary twist, and tempting sweet treats to finish with.

Hot and cold finger buffet items will be laid out on tables which will be clothed
in white linen. Guests will then help themselves and waiting staff will be
available to advise them on the items. The bar will be available for guests to
help themselves to drinks and waiting staff will circulate amongst the guests
topping up their drinks and making sure that everyone’s needs are met.

Whilst choosing your finger buffet items consideration should be taken to
ensure that your menu is well balanced. You will require an equal choice of
meat, fish and vegetarian.

Depending on the length of your break, the following quantities are a
guideline to the amount of items you will require:

   •   Light Lunch             6 finger items             £10.20 per person
   •   Standard Lunch          8 finger items             £13.60 per person
   •   Substantial Lunch       10 finger items            £17.00 per person

We would recommend with your chosen menu that you provide a fresh fruit
platter @ £2.75 per person. Please also feel free to add any sandwiches to
your menu.

Crostini with smoked salmon, beetroot and horseradish cream
Cucumber cups with Thai spiced red mullet salad
Dill blinis with smoked salmon red onion and chives
Herb pancake with avocado butter and smoked peppered mackerel
Mini croissant with tuna nicosia salad
Polenta muffins with prawns, celery and dill mayonnaise
Rice paper rolls with teriyaki salmon and Chinese radish
Rye and pumpernickel bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese and caper

Curried goujons with spicy mango chutney
Seafood fish cakes with chervil crumb and lemon zest mayonnaise dip
Spring rolls with crab and spinach, sweet soy dip

Aromatic duck pancakes with cucumber, spring onion and ho sin sauce
Bang bang chicken wraps
Char-grilled chicken and sage tartlets
Crispy bacon tart with mushrooms and tomato
Home-made sausage and herb rolls
Mini pita bread filled with pan-fried corn-fed chicken and Lebanese salad
Tomato wraps with turkey, brie and cranberry relish
Wholemeal scones with honey glazed ham and port roasted figs
Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish

Honey and mustard glazed lamb skewers
Yorkshire pudding with Cumberland sausage, white onion and red wine gravy
Chicken patties with sweet and sour sauce

Bruschetta with butterbean and cashew pate and tomato chutney
Cherry tomato gallette with balsamic syrup
Cucumber cup with houmous and garlic mushrooms
Filo parcels with mozzarella, roasted vegetables and pesto dip
Mushroom, marjoram and shallot frittata
Potato rösti with pea puree, marinated artichoke and rocket
Walnut pasties with blue cheese and shallot chutney

Cherry tomato, roasted artichoke and mozzarella pizza
Filo parcels with spinach and feta
Roasted pepper and corn croquettes with spicy tomato sauce

Apple and white chocolate muffins
Caramelised apple and lemon cake
Caramelised pecan shortbread
Carrot cake
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate éclairs
Fresh fruit kebabs (h)
Fresh fruit tarts
Victoria sponge

Canapés will be arranged on tables or can be passed around your guests
through out the event. They will be presented on different types of
presentation plates to compliment the food from slate tiled plates to bamboo

Whilst choosing your menu items consideration should be taken to ensure
that your menus is well balanced. We would recommend that you have an
equal choice of meat, fish and vegetarian canapés.

Depending on the length of your event, the following quantities are a
guideline to the amount of items you will require:

•   1 hour reception               4 canapé items        £6.00 per person
•   1 to 1½ hour reception         7 canapé items        £10.50 per person
•   2 to 2½ hour reception         10 canapé items       £15.00 per person

Any additional canapés will be charged at £1.50 per item.

Please note that a chef will be required for a minimum of 4 hours if you
choose hot food.

Asian white fish patties with lime and ginger dip
Bagels with gravadlax, sour cream and chive
Couscous cake with coriander marinated salmon and pickled spring
Cucumber cup with prawn cocktail and bloody Mary mayonnaise
Red onion scone with marinated red snapper and mango salsa
Seared loin of tuna with pistachio and quince crust on baby forks

Fish cake with caramelised onion and tahini
Mini fish and chips with sea salt and tomato ketchup
Steamed rice paper parcels with garlic prawns and soy dip
Pistachio and basil crusted sword fish on mini forks
Salmon fish cakes with dill and lemon mayonnaise
Sweet chilli prawn and vegetable skewers

Cucumber rolls with tea smoked chicken, spring onion and plum sauce
Pecorino cheese and rocket wrapped in Serrano ham on olive bread drizzled
with honey
Potato rösti with peppered beef, ricotta cream and caper salsa
Spinach wrap with spicy lamb and red pepper hummus
Toasted bread basket with duck confit, baby red chard leaf and red onion jam
Wonton crisp with smoked chicken and mango salsa
Yorkshire puddings with peppered beef, tomato and parmesan

Beef and pok choi salad with orange dressing on china spoons
Mini hamburgers in sesame seed baps with salad and relish
Cumberland sausage and parsley mash with onion jus
Harissa marinated chicken and pepper kebabs with cucumber hummus
Mini foccacia with mozzarella, Parma ham and rocket pesto
Southern fried chicken goujons with spicy potato wedges and guacamole

Basil pastries with bocconcini and oven-dried tomatoes
Caramelised carrot and English goats’ cheese tart
Herb waffle with smoked aubergine paste and char-grilled courgettes
Moroccan flat bread with roasted vegetables and hummus
Tomato ficelle with gorgonzola, fig and rocket pesto
Watermelon gazpacho served in shot glass

Broad beans, coriander and chick pea falafel with mint yoghurt dip
Field mushroom and green bean cottage pie
Naan bread crisp with musaman vegetable curry
Smoked mozzarella potato cake with grilled peppers and basil topping
Thai green vegetable curry with Jasmine rice on China spoons
Vegetable spring rolls with soy sauce

Trendy and hugely popular, these offer guests a complete delicious mini
meal. We present them in a variety of ways including black rice bowls, exotic
glasses and waxed oriental cartons. Food bowls will be laid out on tables
covered in white crisp linen and guests can help themselves with our waiting
staff to advise them.

Whilst choosing your food bowls consideration should be taken to ensure that
your menu is well balanced. You will require an equal choice of meat, fish,
vegetarian and sweet.

Should you decide to choose food bowls a charge will occur for a chef.

   •   Standard Lunch         3 food bowls         £13.20 per person

   •   Substantial Lunch      4 food bowls         £17.60 per person


Char-grilled salmon, asparagus and potato salad
Fish and chips with mushy peas and lemon
Seafood spaghetti with tomato sauce

Chicken, button mushrooms, leeks and new potatoes with white wine cream
Cumberland sausage and sweet potato mash with red wine gravy
Lamb goulash with herbed rice topped with sour cream

Cassolet with Jerusalem artichokes, courgettes, peppers and butter beans
Courgette, mint and feta tart
Wild mushroom and truffle risotto


Ginger and soy glazed salmon with pok choi and green beans salad
Seared tuna niçoise salad with quails’ eggs and herb de Provence olives
Tuna and salmon California nori rolls

Chicken tandoor and yoghurt and mint with rotis
Herb crusted beef with roasted vegetables and rocket salad
Teriyaki sliced duck on soba noodles

Mozzarella, tomato and basil bruschetta
Noodles with shitake mushrooms, red pepper, pak cho and shiso cress
Patatas bravas (fried potatoes in smoked paprika and tomato and chili sauce

Cardamon and rose water scented rice pudding pots
Lemon and apple trifle
Fresh fruit bowl
Chocolate, orange and amaretto mousse with caramelised oranges

Our attractive and fashionable fork buffets will be presented in understated
ceramics and contemporary white china. The buffet will be displayed on
tables covered in white crisp linen and waiting staff will serve your guests.
China plates, plain cutlery and napkins will be available.

Whilst choosing your fork buffet items consideration should be taken to
ensure that your menus is well balanced.

Depending on the length of your break, the following quantities are a
guideline to the amount of items you will require:


   •   Light Lunch        2 main, 1 accompaniment        £17.25 per person
                          bread, mixed leaf salad, 1 salad, 1 dessert

   •   Standard Lunch     2 main, 1 accompaniment        £18.25 per person
                          bread, mixed leaf salad, 2 salads, 1 dessert

   •   Substantial Lunch 3 main, 1 accompaniment        £19.25 per person
                         bread, mixed leaf salad, 2 salads, 1 dessert


   •   Light Lunch        2 main, 1 accompaniment        £17.25 per person
                          bread, mixed leaf salad, 1 salad, 1 dessert

   •   Standard Lunch     2 main, 1 accompaniment        £18.25 per person
                          bread, mixed leaf salad, 2 salads, 1 dessert

   •   Substantial Lunch 3 main, 1 accompaniment       £19.25 per person
                         bread, mixed leaf salad, 2 salads, 1 dessert

Please note that should you require a hot buffet menu you will be charged for
a chef.

Beef, rocket and pasta salad with basil dressing
Char-grilled lamb with lemon and herb cracked wheat salad
Roast of pork with sage apple and sultana compote
Roast plum tomato & basil tart
Roasted red mullet with oven-dried tomatoes, olive, pine-nuts and marjoram
Roasted vegetable, tomato and basil strudel
Saffron and potato frittata, with chickpea, pepper and caper salsa
Salmon teriyaki with soba noodles and wilted Asian greens
Seared salmon, dill and cucumber salad
Thai crusted chicken with spicy hot tomato chutney
Wendselydale and caramelised carrot tart

Cannellini beans with tomatoes and basil
Penne pasta salad with charred red pepper dressing
Potato salad with mint and coriander

Borlotti, cannelloni, green flat beans with herb dressing
Carrot, bean-shoot and cucumber salad with sweet and sour dressing
Cucumber, melon and watercress
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with pesto dressing
Tomato and roasted red pepper salad

British cheeses celery, grapes and biscuits (platter)
Fruit platter (selection of 5-7 chunks of fruit)
Profiteroles with chocolate sauce
Treacle tart with lemon cream
Vanilla cheese cake with fruit compote

Cajun fish pasta with butter corn sauce
Char-grilled salmon with roasted red onion and fennel
Harissa braised lamb with tabouleh and tahini sauce
Leek and goats cheese casserole with scalloped potatoes
Roasted haddock with sun-dried tomato tapenade and warm pesto sauce
Salt and pepper chicken with pickled red onion salad
Shephards pie
Spicy hot and sour chicken with pickled cucumber and paw paw salad
Simmered beef and shallot rolls with red wine
Thai red chicken curry
Vegetable hot pot

Buttered new potatoes with herbs
Crispy white rice
Mashed potatoes
Saffron roast new potatoes
Tagliatelle with butter and black pepper

Roasted root vegetables
Seasonal mixed vegetables

Borlotti, cannelloni and green flat beans with herb dressing
Carrot, bean-shoot and cucumber salad with sweet and sour dressing
Cucumber, melon and watercress
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with pesto dressing
Tomato and roasted red pepper salad


British cheeses celery, grapes and biscuits (platter)
Fruit platter (selection of 5-7 chunks of fruit)
Profiteroles with chocolate sauce
Treacle tart with lemon cream
Vanilla cheese cake with fruit compote

DRY SNACK MENU 1                             £1.75 per person plus VAT
Bombay mix
Prawn crackers
Ready salted crisps (g)
Tortilla and dips

DRY SNACK MENU 2                           £2.25 per person plus VAT
Hand-cooked root vegetable crisps (g)
Home-made parmesan choux sticks
Japanese rice crackers and nuts (n)
Thai prawn crackers with coriander and chili salsa



Tea and coffee                              £1.95 per serving
Freshly brewed coffee and selection of traditional, fruit and herbal teas

Tea, Coffee and hand made biscuits           £2.75 per serving
Tea, coffee and slice of cake                £3.25 per serving


Still water                                  £2.50 per 1 litre glass bottle
Sparkling water                              £2.50 per 1 litre glass bottle
Orange or cranberry juice                    £2.95 per 1 liter carton


Our waiting staff wear all black including aprons, however, should an event be
themed or more formal or laid back we can accommodate staff to wear
uniforms that match the mood of the event.

Staffing costs are based on the timings of your event to include set up and
breakdown and the estimated number of guests. Should your event run later
than scheduled staff overtime will be charged at the normal hourly rate. Our
staff who will service at your event will vary however will include; Event
Manager, Head Butlers, Butlers, Waiting Staff, Chefs and Porters.

STAFFING COSTS (minimum of 4 hour period)

Event Manager                          @ £22.95 per hour
Head Butler                            @ £20.50 per hour
Butler/Senior waiting staff            @ £17.75 per hour
Waiting Staff                          @ £14.50 per hour
Chef                                   @ £17.50 per hour
Porter                                 @ £13.50 per hour


Laytons Brut Reserve Reims                                           NV     £27.95
A wine of grace and distinction which has received
considerable acclaim

Laytons Brut Rose Reims                                              NV     £34.25
A gentle, pink version of the above with delightful softness
of fruit and a firm underlying structure


Chardonnay, Brut Royal                                                NV    £15.25
A refreshing lively flavour and much finesse. Pure, fresh
Chardonnay fruit with bubbles!


Sauvignon Blanc, Vina Alameda, Central Valley, Chile               2007      £9.50
A crisp and refereshing white wine with tantalizing fruit
aromas and delicate hints of scented white flowers

Merlot, Vina Alameda, Maipo Valley, Chile                        2006/7      £9.50
Light and refreshing with subtle floral aromas

Becks Beer 27.5cl 5% vol                                                     £3.50

Still Water                                                    per bottle    £2.75
Sparkling Water                                                per bottle    £2.75
Orange Juice                                                    per litre    £2.95
Fruit Juice                                                     per litre    £2.95
Fresh Fruit Juices (minimum of 4 litres of each)                    from     £4.95
Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Peach, Watermelon, Mango
and Raspberry



Cooks & Partners is an established independent event and contract catering
company renowned for providing unrivalled food and service. Our demanding
clients and event customers have rated Cooks & Partners’ food and service
extremely highly over the past seven years, a key factor in us retaining all our

We are proud of the professional service that we provide to our clients.
Whether your event is small and intimate or large and prestigious, our
creative and vibrant Events team are dedicated to meeting all your

We work with you to deliver the perfect event; eye catching canapés,
director’s lunches to rival any fine dining restaurant, food bowls and working
lunches. In addition to creating the right menu and drinks for you, we can
help you find the venue and organise entertainment and flowers.


We care deeply about the quality of the food and service we deliver. Our food
is sourced from excellent local independent suppliers and is often organic and
always fair trade and free from GM ingredients. We bake and prepare
everything ourselves. We can do this because we are independent - meaning
we have no shareholders to answer to, so we can focus our efforts entirely on
you. We are hands on – available, accountable, ever vigilant about standards
and service.


All our people are career caterers, well trained and enthusiastic, with the
highest professional standards. In addition, they are all security cleared to
work in sensitive venues such as government buildings. Our management
team has accumulated over thirty years experience of providing first class
hospitality at museums, galleries, government buildings, in house director’s
dining services and public catering outlets.

Our waiting staff wear black, however, should an event be themed or more
formal or laid back we can accommodate staff to wear uniforms that match
the mood of the event.

A highly qualified chef will be present at all events to ensure that our
standards are met at all times and an event manager will oversee each event
to ensure no hitches.

“The food was marvellous, both in terms of
taste and presentation – a big thank you to     “Our sincere gratitude for all your hard
you all.”                                       work and wonderful food! The service was
Fork buffet                                     excellent and the Event Manager was –
Standard Life                                   well, I don’t know what I would have done
                                                without him, he had everything in hand and
“The feedback from my guests regarding          was a complete star!!! We had the best
the food has been fantastic. I look forward     day and a lot of that is thanks to you all.
to attending another Cooks & Partners           From my first phone call you made the first
event where I ca get the opportunity again      impression that I needed and I new that
to taste all the glorious food. Many thanks     you were the people to cater for such an
for your help; I will be sure to recommend      important day for me. Thank you.”
Simon and all his staff to anyone looking       Wedding Reception
for caterers.”                                  Battersea Arts Club
Managing Director GMTV                          “Thanks to you and your team for the
                                                wonderful lunch that you provided at our
“I would like to compliment you for the         offices. The menu that you suggested was
excellent service at the cocktail party last    excellent and was cooked to perfection
Friday. One of the reasons I know for sure      and your staff were absolutely fantastic as
that our guests want to come each year, is      usual.       They    were     professional,
the excellent catering services you give        impeccable presented and courteous. Our
them – and that comes from you.                 guests were equally impressed and
Everyone enjoyed the dishes we served           conveyed how ‘wonderful’ and ‘marvellous’
and there was ample.”                           the lunch was as they were leaving.”
Annual Summer Party                             VIP Lunch
Royal Haskoning                                 Frank Russell Company

“Thank you so much for a fantastic night        “I would like to thank you all for your effort
on Tuesday, catering from the launch of         and enthusiasm in helping to make our
our new range at our Sloane Street shop.        James Bond theme party such a success.
It all went so smoothly which always            Many attendees have commented on the
makes life easier.”                             excellent food and service. Thank you for
Canapé Reception                                helping to make the event so memorable.”
Escada                                          Canapé Reception
                                                Caplin Systems Ltd
“Our monthly VIP dinners are going really
well and I am receiving fantastic feedback      “The food, as always was to the highest
regarding the quality of service and food       standards, the waiting staff very polite and
served. All the staff you provide are           overall, yet another successful luncheon.”
extremely helpful and well informed.”           VIP Lunch
VIP Monthly Dinners                             A Bilbrough & Co
Kroll Worldwide
                                                “Numerous compliments were extended on
“I would like to extend my sincere thanks       the menu choice and quality of food, which
on behalf of Lancaster House and our            was superb, alongside the efficient
clients, for the stellar service provided by    unobtrusive service provided by the staff.”
you and your team at the recent NAPF 80         2 Day Seminar
Anniversary Reception.         We received      Kwelm Management
many compliments from the guests on
both the cuisine and the standard of            “Everyone who attended commented on
service.       Your professionalism and         the delightful food, many thanks for helping
attention to details are second to none.”       to make the event go so well. It was a
Canapé Reception                                pleasure to deal with such an efficient and
Foreign and Commonwealth Office                 proficient company.
Lancaster House                                 Finger buffet lunch
                                                Yves Saint Laurent”
An order placed with Cooks & Partners implies acceptance of           Complaints. Any complaint must be made verbally to Cooks &
these terms and conditions.                                           Partners within 24 hours of the event concerned and followed
Definitions. In these terms and conditions “Cooks & Partners”         in writing no more than 48 hours after the event.
means Cooks & Partners Limited.                                       Client’s Responsibility. The Client will indemnify, defend and
“The hirer’’ means the person named on the quotation for an           hold harmless Cooks & Partners principals, offices, directors,
event and the “Agent’’ means any sub contractor or supplier           agents and employees from and against any and all demands,
hired by the hirer.                                                   claims, damages to person or property, losses and liabilities,
                                                                      including reasonable legal fees, arising out of or caused by the
“The event’’ means the event or function detailed on the              Client’s negligence or wilful misconduct in connection with the
quotation.                                                            booking.
Quotations. Quotations are valid for three months from the            Data Protection/Privacy. Cooks & Partners shall not use,
date of the quote and after this period we have the right to re-      copy, adapt, disclose or part with possession of any business,
quote due to cost.                                                    employee, customer or guests information or data of or relating
Final Numbers. Must be confirmed to us in writing 72 hours            to the Client which is disclosed directly as a result of these
prior to each event.                                                  Terms and Conditions or disclose to any third party the details
Confirmation. No booking shall be considered confirmed until          and contents of these Terms and Condition except as strictly
                                                                      necessary to perform its obligations or exercise its rights under
the hirer has signed the confirmation of hire and it is received      these Terms and Conditions or with the written consent of the
by Cooks & Partners
Deposit. A minimum deposit of 80% of the estimated total cost         Insurance. Cooks & Partners shall maintain with a reputable
of the event is required to confirm a booking and secure our          insurance company appropriate insurance policies in relation
services. This deposit must be paid to ourselves on receipt of
the confirmation schedule and invoice and no less than one            to the risks involved under these Terms and Conditions,
                                                                      including Employer’s Liability Insurance and Public Liability
month prior to the event and will be deducted from your final         Insurance. Upon the Client’s request Cooks & Partners shall
                                                                      provide the Client with copies of such policies.
Cancellation. Normally 2 weeks notice of cancellation is              Loss or Damage. If our property is wilfully or negligently
sufficient. However, if at the time of cancellation any               damaged, stolen, broken or lost at a function the full
equipment, services or food have already been ordered from
our suppliers and cannot be cancelled without cost to us, then        replacement cost is payable by the client. Accidental damage
                                                                      at an event should be covered by the client’s own insurance
customers will be charged the full price. Events cancelled with       and no claim can be accepted by ourselves. We do not accept
less than 2 weeks notice will be charged the following:
                                                                      responsibility for the personal property of clients or guests.
 6 – 14 days 50% of the estimated final invoice                       Cloakrooms can be provided upon request but goods are left
 3 – 5 days 80% of the estimated final invoice                        at the owner’s risk and without any obligation on the part of
 2 days re-invoiced and charged at 100%
                                                                      Force Majeure. We shall be under no liability for any delay or
Charges. Quote prices are prepared on the basis of specific           failure to provide the service as a result of any act or
numbers. The price is subject to alteration depending on the          circumstances beyond it’s reasonable control, including but not
final numbers of guests.                                              limited to Act of God, legislation, act of war, terrorism, fire,
Advertising Material. All drawings, descriptive matter,               draught, storm, flood, failure of power supply or mechanical
specifications and advertising issued by Cooks & Partners and         breakdown, lock-out or in and strike which may cause the
any descriptions or illustrations contained in Cooks & Partners       premises to be inaccessible or closed temporarily or otherwise
brochures or quotations are issued or published for the sole          or the function to be interrupted.
purpose of giving an approximate idea of the goods or services        Non Payment. All accounts are due for payment within the
described in them. All such drawing and descriptive matter            time give on the confirmation of booking or invoice. Accounts
remains the property of Cooks & Partners.                             not paid within the time will attract a surcharge of 5% for every
Wines and spirits. Are sold by the bottle. No charge will be          calendar month (calculated on a daily basis) until payment is
made for bottles returned un-chilled or the labels and stoppers       made, and for this calculation the calendar month in which the
intact.                                                               account should have been paid will be included. The cost of
Corkage Charges. Should you provide your own drinks we                any legal action that involves outstanding accounts will be
will charge you a handling fee which will be quoted per event.        charged to the client. All charges are subject to VAT at the
                                                                      current rate. All payments are required in sterling and cheques
Delivery. Is free within central London if the food price             should be made payable to Cooks & Partners Limited.
exceeds £225.00. A £35 delivery and collection charge will be
made for smaller orders. Extra runs (e.g. to deliver equipment        Limitation of Liability. The following provisions exclude our
early or to collect items not available after a function), “special   entire liability (including any liability of acts and omissions of
time” journeys (out of normal delivery schedules), or journeys        employees) and subcontractors to you in respect of Any
out of central London may incur extra charges.                        breach of contractual obligations under this agreement; and
                                                                      Any representations or tortuous act or omission including
Equipment hire. If our waiting staff are present for the              negligence in connection with this agreement.
function they will be responsible for all clearing and packing of
equipment. If no Cooks & Partners staff have been engaged,            Any act or omission falling within this paragraph shall be
hired equipment should be scraped clean and left packed in            known as an event of default.
the appropriate boxes ready for collection. We regret that a          Our entire liability in respect of an event of default shall be
charge will be made if drivers’ time must be spent packing            limited to damages of an amount not exceeding the total price
boxes.                                                                paid for you by catering services at the event or our entire
Staff. Staffing costs are based on a minimum of four hours            liability in the event of default shall be limited to sum of the
and overtime will be charged at the normal hourly rate. Travel        total due under this “contract”.
expenses will be charged to you if they are required to work          We are not to be liable in respect of any event of default for
later than 11.00pm.                                                   loss and profits, goodwill or special indirect or consequential
                                                                      loss inculding loss or damages incurred by you as a result of
Food. All food is freshly prepared and we aim to use only the         an action brought by a third party)
freshest, finest and best ingredients. We reserve the right to
make price changes or substitutions due to market                     If a number of events of default shall give rise to substantially
                                                                      the same loss, then they shall be submitted to only one claim
fluctuations. Cooks & Partners cannot be held responsible for         under this agreement.
the safety of any food supplied directly by the client. Due to
                                                                      We shall have no liability in respect of any event of default
health and safety, no left over or wasted food can be taken           unless you have served notice within 24 hours of the event
home by the client or staff. It remains the property of Cooks &       concerned and followed in writing not more than 48 hours after
Partners to dispose of in a correct and proper manner.                the event
                                                                      The laws of England and the jurisdiction of English courts will
                                                                      apply to any dispute

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