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					                                                     This list was copyrighted by the Celiac Disease
Revised April 1, 2005                                On-Line Support Group by the original forum
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*Use this list with caution. This list was created   host. You may not upload the list onto other        defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
by the Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group          web pages. You may, however, print the              Baby Food and Products. Error! Bookmark not
members and was compiled from the Gluten-            material, e-mail the material, or quote portions    defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
Free Product Lists posted on our forum message       on message boards, as long as the "Celiac           Baked Goods ................. Error! Bookmark not
board. It does NOT guarantee a product or            Disease On-Line Support Group" Delphi Forum         defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
ingredient is Gluten-Free. This is only a guide to   is cited as the source and the web page             Baking Supplies ............. Error! Bookmark not
calling and verifying that products are Gluten-      provided.                                           defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
Free. Companies frequently change ingredients                                                            Beverages...................... Error! Bookmark not
without warning, so verification is important.       Special thanks to Kay Braun for coordinating        defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
The dates posted next to each product is the date    the latest update and also to Robin K.from          Candy ... Error! Bookmark not defined.Error!
it was confirmed Gluten-Free. If you find a          Minnesota, Chiska, and Michelle from Atlanta,       Bookmark not defined.
product on this list which is no longer Gluten-      Georgia for assisting her. They put in countless    Cereal, Breakfast ........... Error! Bookmark not
Free, please post a correction in the forum          hours of hard work by reading posts,                defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
immediately in the "Confirmed Product                reformatting material, and comparing new            Condiments, Sauces, etc. Error! Bookmark not
(Current)" folder so that corrections can be         information to the previous list to add or delete   defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
made to the list. The link to the message board      products. Although it often feels like a            Convenience Meals ........................................ 2
folder is:                                           thankless job, you do have our sincere thanks       Dairy..... Error! Bookmark not defined.Error!       and appreciation.                                   Bookmark not defined.
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If you don't see it listed by product name, look         Fruits and Veggies ......... Error! Bookmark not
under the company name.                              __________________________                          defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
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                                                     Also look under the "Brands/Stores List" if         not defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
                                                     you don't see it here. Many listings are old        Household Products ....... Error! Bookmark not
                                                     but it contains information on the following:       defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
                                                                                                         Meat ..... Error! Bookmark not defined.Error!
Warning:                   Products showing
                                                     365 Brand
                                                     Acme                                                Bookmark not defined.
                                                                                                         Medications Rx and OTC ..... Error! Bookmark
(00/00/00) for a date means the product was          Albertson's
at one time GF but has been a long time since        Amy’s Kitchen                                       not defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
it was verified. If you're interested in this        Betty Crocker                                       Mexican Error! Bookmark not defined.Error!
product, please call the company to verify           Carnation                                           Bookmark not defined.
current status and post your findings on the         Carousel Foods of America                           Potatoes, Rice, Pasta ...... Error! Bookmark not
forum so that we may include it in our next          Cascadian Farms                                     defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
update. Thank you!                                   Castleberry/Snow's Brands                           School Products ............. Error! Bookmark not
                                                     Chili’s **Caution: Eating Out is Risky**            defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
ve = verified by email                               ConAgra Foods                                       Snack Foods .................. Error! Bookmark not
                                                     Costco                                              defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
vs = verified by snail-mail
                                                     Denny's **Caution: Eating Out is Risky!**           Soups .... Error! Bookmark not defined.Error!
vp = verified by phone call                                                                              Bookmark not defined.
vw = website includes GF list                                                                            Spices and Flavorings .... Error! Bookmark not
                                                     Eden Foods
vpkg = package states gluten free                    Farmland Products                                   defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
vf = fax                                             Frigo                                               Tomato Products ............ Error! Bookmark not
                                                     Good Day                                            defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
                                                     Green Giant                                         Vitamins and Supplements ... Error! Bookmark
                                                     Healthy Choice                                      not defined.Error! Bookmark not defined.
                                                     Hungary Jack
                                                     Kirkland Signature (Costco)
                                                     Lipton Soups
                                                     McDonald's **Caution: Eating Out is Risky!**
                                                     Muir Glen
                                                     Nestle Products
                                                     Shurfine/Western Family Foods
                                                     Subway **Caution: Eating Out is Risky!**
                                                     Taco Bell **Caution: Eating Out is Risky!**
                                                     Whole Foods

                                                          VINEGAR****                                               and it is distilled. Did not specify source for
                                                          Warning: The following list of products may               MFS, but said it did not contain gluten.
Convenience Meals                                         contain vinegar. This vinegar would normally
                                                          be white distilled vinegar. Other types of                Streit’s (ve=01/06/05)
Bertolli Creamy Alfredo Sauce (800-450-8699)              vinegar are listed on the ingredient statement.           Gravy Mix is gf.
(vp=01/09/05)                                             While our sources indicate that these types of
                                                          vinegar are gluten free, you will need to make            Taj Frozen Dinners (000.000.0000)
Castleberry’s Beef Stew Canned (Castleberry’s)            your own determination on whether you want to             (ve=09/11/02)
(ve=03-28-2003)                                           use these products:                                       Taj Dal Bahaar; Taj Bean Masala; Taj Dal
                                                          HORMEL® Microwave Fiesta Rice with                        Makhni; Taj Channa Bhaji; Taj Chicken
DINTY MOORE (Hormel) (800-523-4635)                       Chicken Cups***(see warning)                              Tandoori w/Spinach; Taj Chicken Korma; Taj
( (vw=03/28/04)                            HORMEL® Microwave Southwest Style Rice                    Chicken Tikka Masala; Taj Vegetable Kofta;
Microwave Meals: Scalloped Potatoes & Ham,                Cups****(see warning)                                     Taj Palak Paneer; EG Chicken Biryani Rice
Beef Stew, Corned Beef Hash                               STAGG® CHUNKERO® Chili***(see                             Bowl
Fantastic Foods (800-288-1089,                            STAGG® CLASSIC® Chili***(see warning)                     Thai Kitchen (
( (vw=05/08/04)             STAGG® DYNAMITE HOT® Chili***(see                         (ve=04/20/2004).
• WHEAT FREE / GLUTEN FREE                                warning)                                                  Noodle products will be clearly marked.
PRODUCTS •                                                STAGG® RANCH HOUSE® Chicken
READY MEALS                                               Chili***(see warning)                                     Thomas E. Wilson (877.994.9960)
  3-Bean Chili                                            STAGG® SILVERADO® Beef Chili***(see                       (vp=08/05/02)
  Spanish Paella                                          warning)                                                  Baked Ham w/Sweet Glaze w/Honey;
INTERNATIONAL DISHES                                      STAGG® VEGETABLE GARDEN®                                  Glazed Ham w/Maple and Brown Sugar Glaze;
  Original Hummus                                         Chili***(see warning)                                     Italian Seasoned Pork Roast;
  Spinach & Parmesan Hummus                                                                                         Seasoned Beef Sirloin Roast
  Polenta                                                 John Morrell (800.722.1127) (vp=08/05/02)
  Instant Refried Beans                                   Chicken in Tequilla; Meatloaf                             Zatarain’s (504-212-2344) (ve=2-23-05)
  Instant Black Beans                                                                                               Zatarain's notes on our ingredients any product
                                                          LaChoy (ConAgra) (877.528.0745)                           containing wheat flour. To the knowledge of
Hommus (Hummus) Cedar's Mediterranean                     (ve=3/30/05)                                              Research & Development and Quality Control
Foods (978-372-8010) (                LaChoy Soy Sauce is gluten free.                          the ingredients of oats, rye, and barley are not
(ve=2/19/05)                                                                                                        used.
Our hommus is wheat free and gluten free! We              Patak’s Foods (                   FROZEN FOODS
do not produce any products on the same line as           (Imported – GF in UK, US, Canada)                         Jambalaya with Sausage
our hommus so there is no cross contamination.            (ve=10/10/2003)                                           Dirty Rice with Beef and Pork
                                                          MICROMASTERS: Chicken & Veg Curry,                        Garlic Butter Rice with Chicken
Hormel Microwave Rice Cups (Hormel)                       Sweet & Sour Chicken                                      Vegetable Jambalaya
(vp=07/08/2004)                                           MR. MEN: Beans potatoes & Hotdogs, Mince                  Blackened Chicken with Yellow Rice
Fiesta Cheesy Rice with Chicken (with cheese),            & Mash Munch, Mild Chicken Curry & Rice
Southwestern (not sure of this title, but it is           PATAK’S: Tikka Masal & Rice, Veggie
beans and rice) are gf. The Teriyaki one is NOT           Biryani & Rice, Veggie Tikka Masala & Rice,
GF because it contains soy sauce (which is                Chicken Korma & rice, Chicken Tikka Masala
plainly marked) .                                         & Rice, Chicken Balti Snackpot, Chicken Tikka
                                                          Masala Snackpot, Veg Tikka Masala Snackpot
Hormel (800-523-4635) (vp=10/01/04)                       FROZEN READY MEALS (400g): Chicken
(             Biryani, Chicken Jalfrezi & Basamati Rice,
mid=41)                                                   Chicken Korma Take Away, Chicken Korma &
DINTY MOORE AMERICAN CLASSICS®:                           Basamati Rice, Chicken Tikka Masala Take
Beef Stew, Chicken & Rice                                 Away, Chicken Tikkaa Masala & Basamati
DINTY MOORE® Beef or Chicken Stew                         Rice, Pilau Rice Take Away, Chicken Korma &
DINTY MOORE® Microwave Meals:                             Basamati Rice Snack Bowl, Tikka Masala and
Scalloped Potatoes & Ham, Beef Stew, Corned               Basamati Rice Snack Bowl
Beef Hash
HORMEL® Chili with Beans: Regular,                        Quick-N-Easy Dinners (RMH Foods)
Chunky, Hot                                               ( (ve=01/23/03)
HORMEL® Chunk Meats: Breast of Chicken,                   The following products do not contain gluten:
Chicken, Ham, Turkey                                      Meatloaf; Prime Rib Slices; Tequila Lime
HORMEL® Corned Beef                                       Chicken; Beef BBQ.
HORMEL® Dried Beef
HORMEL® Microwave Bean & Ham Soup                         Seeds of Change Frozen Meals (Seeds of
HORMEL® Microwave Beef Stew                               Change) (ve=04-26-2003)
HORMEL® Microwave Herb Roasted Rice                       Four Bean Chili; Mushroom Wild Pilaf; and
Cups                                                      Teriyaki Stir-Fried Rice
HORMEL® Tamales: Beef,Chicken
HORMEL® Vienna Sausage                                    Snow’s/Castleberry ( (ve=2-
KID'S KITCHEN® Beans & Weiners                            20-03)
MARY KITCHEN® Hash: Corned Beef,                          Corn Chowder 15 oz., Mrs. Fearnow's
Sausage                                                   Brunswick Stew 20 oz. and 29 oz.
PATAK'S® Mango Chutney
SPAM® Family of Products: Classic, Lite, Less             Stagg Foods (, 800-611-
Sodium, Smoked and Oven Roasted Turkey                    9778, (vp: 2/16/04)
STAGG® RIO BLANCO™ Chicken Chili                          They consider all of their Chili products GF.
***BELOW ARE HORMEL CONVENIENCE                           The only ingredient that might be questionable
MEALS THAT MAY CONTAIN                                    (according to customer service) is the vinegar

Disclaimer: Use this list with caution. This list was created by the Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group members and was compiled from the
Gluten-Free Product Lists posted on our forum message board. It does NOT guarantee a product or ingredient is Gluten-Free. This is only a guide
to calling and verifying that products are Gluten-Free. Revised and Updated April 1, 2005.                                                                            2