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                             Why Climb Mountains Gazette
                             The Official Newsletter of The South Butt, LLC
                                                                                                         March 2010
                                                                                                             Vol. 1

                                                        In Our First Issue
                                            The North Face v The South Butt Lawsuit Update
                                                 Conversion Kits for Childrens Hospital
                                                       Our Little Pooper Series
                                                   Some of Our Spring Product Ideas

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                     19th Hole Series
                      Men's Golf Shirt
                     Made in the USA!

         Butt Give
          A Ways

                      TV News Story

                     Over 23,000 Fans

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                                                  Over 13 Million
                                                   Google Hits

                                                     Follow Us

                                                 The South Butt In
                                                    The News

         Dear Xxxxx,

         We wanted to reach out to all of our customers who have purchased The South Butt gear from
         our online store to say thank you and to:

               Provide an update on the ongoing lawsuit that The North Face launched against The
               South Butt last December.
               Share with you our latest charity campaign "Convert for Children's Hospital" and let you
               know about our new product offerings.

         Since December 1, 2009 almost 14,000 people have purchased The South Butt clothing from
         our Online Store. Additionally there are about 23,000 FaceBook Fans .

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         receive our emails.

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         The North Face v. The South Butt - The Legal Battle is Looking More Like a
         Scene from Animal House
         We founded The South Butt in 2007 - a little known company set to make fun of
         all of the people wearing The North Face who weren't climbing mountains -only
         social ladders! Although we were not hiding It took The North Face over
         two years to find us and file a lawsuit in the US District Court in St. Louis (read
         the entire claim). Among other things, The North Face accused us of being
         trademark "pirates" and that we are intentionally confusing and deceiving
         consumers like you! We hired the extraordinary attorney Albert Watkins of
         Kodner Watkins. Here is our answer that Mr. Watkins fired back at The North
         Face. Then later in December The North Face filed a motion for something called
         a Preliminary Injunction - again asserting that the court must step in
         immediately because the consumers are confused.

         Of course our position has always been that consumers can tell the difference
         between a Butt and a Face. (For your amusement we set up The Face or Butt
         Challenge on FaceBook.) The case drew The Hon. Rodney W. Sipple, US District
         Judge. On February 7th Judge Sipple held a scheduling conference where the
         parties agreed to limited discovery and to take part in a mediation on April 1st.
         If no resolution is reached on April 1st then there will be a hearing on April 12th
         where Judge Sipple will decide whether or not to grant The North Face their
         motion and to shut us down. No one knows what the future holds, but we are
         working hard and hope to prevail in order to keep selling our product lines. If we
         lose, our products will no longer be available after the hearing. So if you like our
         stuff you may want to place your order now.

         When The North Face attorney was taking my deposition he was more interested
         in the Halloween Party I hosted and the subsequent Minor In Possession citation I
         received over any of their goofy trademark claims. It felt like Flounder and the
         purpose of their questions were to embarrass me - like being humiliated for four
         hours! While I am thankful that they filed this suit which put The South Butt on
         the map - it does seem ridiculous that they are doing everything possible to
         make themselves look bad. I wonder if those North Face executives ever drank
         beer and smoked pot in college?

         Neidermeyer had no comment.

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         Convert Your Jacket for Children's Hospital

         The South Butt Conversion Kit includes:

                2 Sew On Patches
                Official South Butt Mini-Sewing Kit
                6 Mini Stickers for Helmets and Laptops
                2 Bumper Stickers for Cars and Lockers
                Signed "Certificate of Conversion"
                $16.00 includes postage and handling - proceeds to St.
                Louis Children's Hospital. l

               The South Butt Conversion Kit Series A

            Only available through our FaceBook South
           Butt Store Front

                                                   Our Little Pooper Series
                                                   Popular demand, especially from my mom,
                                                   has us rolling out our Little Pooper series.
                                                   A perfect gift for that baby shower or newborn present.

                Our First South Butt Girl!

         Thanks again for being our customer. We are all about freedom and democracy in the
         marketplace. If you are interested you can read our complete story. We especially want to
         thank The North Face. Without your lawsuit and the ensuing publicity our little company would
         have gone unnoticed!

         Never Stop Relaxing!

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         Jimmy Winkelmann, Founder
         The South Butt, LLC

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