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                                  Congratulations to your purchase of TIRELIFE, which will be
          TIRELIFE                a valuable addition to your vehicle for helping you to drive
                                  safer. TIRELIFE automatically monitors your vehicle tires,
                                  and will immediately alert you of abnormal tire pressure
Tire Pressure Monitoring System   and/or temperature, thereby providing timely warnings to you
                                  to take corrective actions. In addition, TIRELIFE’s digital
                                  display makes tire pressure maintenance easy, and you no
          TPM-KV104               longer need to manually checking tires with a pressure
                                  gauge. Consequently, your tires can easily be kept in an
                                  optimal operating condition. The resulting benefits are
                                  obvious: reduced uneven tire wear, reduced severe tire
       User’s Manual              damages, reduced air loss related tire failures, increased tire
                                  lives, improved fuel efficiency, improved vehicle braking and
                                  handling. Best of all, TIRELIFE can help you to drive with
                                  enhanced vehicle safety on the road, and with less worry of
                                  flat tires and blowouts.

                                  Parts List
                                     1    Display Unit (TPM-DU)
                                     4    Sensor-Transmitter (TPM-V1)
                                     3    2-sided adhesive strip (TPM-AS)

                                  System Installation
                                  TIRELIFE system installation involved two steps: install the
                                  Display inside the vehicle, and install the Sensor on the
                                  wheels. It is recommended to install the Display first for
                                  receiving and displaying the tire pressure and temperature
                                  readings as soon as the Sensors were installed. The Display
                                  can be installed in different locations within the vehicle.
Display Installation
a) Place the Display to a desirable location and secure with
   the 2-sided adhesive strip TPM-AS or other user
   preferred means.
b) Before fix the Display, clean the surface of the location
   carefully. Then stick the Display on.
c) Arrange the power wires, and connect the red wire to +12
   or+24 VDC, the copper wire to the switch controllable
   +12or+24 VDC, and the black wire to ground.

                                                               Sensor Installation
                                                               a) Elevate vehicle to a proper working height.
                                                               b) Deflate the tires and remove the valve stems.
                                                               c) Match sensor number with the wheel location as showed
                                                                  below. Twist sensor stem counterclockwise to detach it
                                                                  from the sensor body.
                                                               d) Press the sidewall of the tire to make room, put the
                                                                  sensor body inside the tire with the threaded portion
                                                                  coming out through the valve hole, and then put sensor
                                                                  stem back on the sensor. Make sure the sensor has a air
                                                                  seal washer on either side of the valve hole. Tighten
                                                                  sensor with socket. Do not over tighten for it might cause
                                                                  air leak or damage.
e) Reset tire sidewall and make sure the tire bead does not
   cover or damage the sensor.                                           Upon detection of abnormal tire pressure and/or temperature, the
f) Turn on vehicle power (but do not start the car), and then            system will display one of the following warnings.
   inflate the tires to proper pressure. Observe that the
   Display shows the pressure and temperature for all tires,              Low tire pressure
   one-by-one.                                                            The tire icon is hollow;
g) Pressing the control button on the Display shows all or                indicating tire pressure is low or
   individual tire pressure and temperature.                              tire is rapidly losing air.

                                                                          Slow air leak
No. 4                         No. 1                                       The tire icon flash between 2/3
  FL                          FR
                                                                          full to 1/3 full ; indicating tire
                                                                          pressure depletion of 2 Bar
                                                                          within 2 to 10 minutes.

No. 3                         No. 2
  RL                          RR                                          High tire pressure
                                                                          The tire icon is full with an outer
          Sensor Number                                                   shell; indicating the tire
          Vs. Tire Location                                               pressure is too high.

Operation                             Insert Sensor through Valve Hole    High temperature
                                                                          The high-temp icon is visible;
After installation, the system operates automatically and                 indicating tire temperature is
continuously. When vehicle power turns on, the display will               too high.
show the current tire pressure continuously. Press the
Control key the Display will show each individual tire pressure
and alarms by each key-push. Press the Setup key, the                     Low Battery
Display will switch to show the pressure and temperature                  The power in Sensor’s battery
alternate. Every showing will be 8 seconds. Press the Setup               is insufficient.
key again, the Display will switch back to show the pressure
When the tire pressure and temperature is abnormal, the
corresponding tire indicator(s) flash and the warning icon(s)
are illuminated with 4 seconds alarm.                                     No Sensor Signal
                                                                          Can not receive the signal from
                                                                          the Sensor.
Display Control                                                        User Interface
 • A warning will continue be displayed until the cause of             The user may adjust the warning threshold for tire pressure and
   warning went away.                                                  temperature, as follows:
 • When multiple warnings occurred, all warning will be                  • Press and hold the setup button on the top of the display and, at the
   displayed .                                                             same time, turn on the vehicle power. After 3 seconds the system
 • Pressing the control button for 3 seconds will clear the                enters User Interface. Release the setup button.
   warning display.                                                      • The first screen is for setting up the Low Press warning threshold.
 • If the abnormal situation persists, warnings will come back             You may traverse the different setup screens by pressing the setup
   even if it was cleared.                                                 button again.
 • The system continues to monitor the tires even after the              • When in a certain setup screen, press the control button changes the
   vehicle is turned off. When the vehicle is switched back on,            threshold setting showed on the screen.
   the current tire information will be displayed.                       • Press the setup button exits the setup for that particular screen.
Retrain System after Tire Rotation                                       • Pressure the setup button again exits Warning Setup mode.
                                                                         • Turing vehicle power off before finish cancels the setup.
                                                 Setup Button          The last screen is the Unit Selection, there are PSI Bar C and F
                                                                        (move the setup value down to the right corner location)
                                                                         Low Pressure
                                                                         Warning threshold
                                                    Control Button
                                                                         can be set to in-
                                                                         between 1.2 Bar to
                                                                         9.0 Bar. Default is
                                                                         26PSI.                                                   26
                                                                         High Pressure
                                                                         Warning threshold
                                                                         can be set to the sum
Alter tire rotation the system must be retrained for displaying the      of Low Pressure
correct tire locations, the steps are as follows:                        warning threshold
                                                                         plus 1 to 13.7 Bar.
  • Press and hold the setup button on the side of the display           Default is 55PSI.                                        55
    and, at the same time, turn on vehicle power. After 6 seconds
    (and passed by the Warning Setup mode) the system enters             High Temperature
    Tire Setup mode. The No. 1 (FR) tire indicator starts blinking.      Warning threshold
  • Release 0.2 Bar of air from the No.1 tire, which triggers its        can be set to in-
    sensor to send out a signal. Upon receiving the signal, the          between 70°C to
    system sets up No.1 tire location mapping and then moves             110°C.
    on to the No. 2 (RR) tire (No. 2 indicator blinks).
  • Repeat above step for the remaining tires. The setup order           Unit selection
    must always be tire No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and lastly No. 4. After     There are PSI Bar C
    successfully retraining the No. 4 (FL) tire the system exits the     and F available.
    Tire Setup mode automatically.                                       (1) PSI BAR
  • Refill tires to the proper air pressure.                             (2) F C
  • Turing vehicle power off before finish cancels the setup.

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