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    Addison, TX 75001
    972-267-1940 Tel.
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                                                                                                                   VOLUME 4
                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 28, 2007
                                               Ship it AOG Signs Agreement To Be
 Inside This Issue                         Exclusive Distributor For Business Jet Wheel
                                          Pressure Gauges and Relief Valves By: Haley Creative
                            For Immediate Release: September 24, 2007
 Addison Staff
             Pg 2                    NBAA, Atlanta, GA—Ship it AOG, the Addison, Texas-based distributor of business
               &3           aviation spare parts, has signed an agreement with Circle Seal Controls, Inc. to be the
                            exclusive distributor of the company’s line of business jet aircraft wheel pressure gauges and
 Kaboom Town                relief valves. Under terms of the contract, Ship it AOG will maintain a significant inventory of
           Pg 2             the gauges and valves in order to provide rapid response for business jet operators.

 NBAA 2007                  “Dramatic increases in the incidence of operators ‘tankering’ fuel to lower operating costs have
                     Pg 3   resulted in aircraft taking off with elevated operating weights, making the maintenance of
                            correct tire pressures extremely important. These gauges and relief valves are critical to
 Calendar of                monitoring and maintaining those levels and to the safe and reliable operation of those aircraft,”
 Events      Pg 4
                            noted George Miller III, president of Ship it AOG. “We’re very pleased to have established this
                            partnership with Circle Seal Controls. In addition to distributing these items, we will be
                            collaborating with Circle Seal to develop pressure gauges for a variety of different business jet
             Pg 4           applications. Since they also produce and distribute a wide range of highly-regarded
                            components and systems for both the commercial and defense aerospace markets, we look
 Corp Affiliations          forward to identifying additional opportunities to work together. To operators, flight departments
               Pg 5         and end users of the corporate business jet       According to Crane Aerospace & Electronics,
                                                                              “A mere 5% drop in tire pressure can result in a
                            sector, Ship It AOG is the provider of choice     50% drop in tire performance and life span-leading
                                                                              to significant costs.”
 Inside SIA                 for quality aircraft parts and support equip-     -Aviation Week & Space Technology 9/17/07
                     Pg 5   ment that gets aircraft from AOG to airborne
                            because our customers’ time is of the essence,” he added.
           Pg 5                      Based in Addison, TX, Ship it AOG ( was established in 2000
                            and has quickly grown into a leading international distributor of spare parts for the business
 SIA On The GO              aviation sector. Ship it AOG offers customers detailed technical expertise and maintains a
             Pg 6
                            complete library of technical documentation on-site. True to its name, Ship it AOG prides itself
                            on prompt and efficient service to customers worldwide.
 One last Note
             Pg 6
                                     Circle Seal Controls is a CIRCOR Aerospace company located in Corona, California.
                            It designs, develops and manufactures special fluidic control component systems and is also a
                            provider of a full range of check, relief, motor or solenoid operated, hand, regulator and
                            manifold systems.

                                                     SIA Celebrates 4th of July with
                                                           Family & Friends-
   Addison                                               KABOOM Town 2007
                                                                           By:Lisa Bell
    Staff                                                        Pictures courtesy of Dave Chin

George Miller

                                  Kaboom Town is one of Addison’s most explosive parties of the
                          year. The dazzling fireworks are choreographed to popular patriotic
                          music and simulcast on a local radio station.
   Ray Goyco                      For over 20 years every July 3rd Independence Day celebrants have
   VP Sales &             been gathering in Addison, Texas to enjoy a variety of foods and drinks in
   Marketing              anticipation of the nationally acclaimed Kaboom Town.
                          SIA Friends and Families gather               Watching parties have become a tradition
                            to celebrate the 4th.
                                                                for many Addison businesses. Ship It AOG is in a
                                                                prime location for hosting this family oriented
                                                                event giving all in attendance an amazing view of
                                                                the fireworks and also the Historic Airplane Fly-by
                                                                prior to the firework show.
   Winterrowd                                                           SIA’s newest team member Miguel Rivera
      CFO                                                       stated, “It was a joy to watch the air show that                                          was presented…Another joy was watching my
                          Vinnie Simone, George Miller
                                    & Friends                   daughter’s eyes each time the fireworks burst in
                                                                the night skies. Thanks to all for making my first
                                                                Kaboom Town celebration with Ship It AOG a
                                                                memorable one.”
 Ericca Jordan                                                          Ship It AOG would like to thank everyone
 Senior Sales                                                   in attendance. It was a wonderful time and we
                                                                look forward to next year.

                             Gathering behind the
                               SIA Warehouse
                                                                                                  One of many Historic
                                                                 “These events allow               airplane Fly-bys.
                                                                 us the opportunity
Tonia Brownlee                                                   to connect with our
                                                                 customers in a
  Sales Rep.                                                     more personal way,                                           by meeting their
                                                                 away from the
                                                                 atmosphere to have
                          Jeff Kennedy, Trey Pendergraft,        fun”
                           Jim McDonough, George Miller                   -Tonia
                                & Chuck Swartz                            Brownlee
                                                                          SIA Sales

                                                          NBAA 2007
                                                                          NBAA announced a record total of
     Staff                                                                1,152 Exhibitors at its 60th Annual
                                                                          Meeting & Convention (NBAA2007), a
                                                                          sold-out Static Display of Aircraft at
                                                                          nearby Fulton County Airport and a
 Miguel Rivera                                                            final attendance total of over 32,000.
  Sales Rep.                                                              "This was an enormously successful                                                   Convention, and NBAA's 60th
                                                                          anniversary has been an enormously
                                                                          successful year," NBAA President and
                                 Karen Winterrowd-SIA CFO and
                                                                          CEO Ed Bolen said.
                                     George Miller-SIA CEO

  Lisa Bell                       Ericca Jordan, Senior Sales
Marketing/Web             Rep. stated, “We have always had a
                          great amount of success at NBAA,
   Design                 but this year surpassed all of our
                          expectations. After a week
                          of being surrounded by our closest friends and colleagues we felt great about
                          the work we had done and the bright future that lies ahead of us. I think we are
                          all now more excited than ever to dive back into work and strive to work even
Michael Harrell
 Warehouse                        George Miller, SIA President echoed her exact sentiments. According
      Manager             to Miller this year’s NBAA proved to be one of the most successful and     advantageous conventions SIA has been a part of in recent years. The give-
                          aways were a huge hit. Beads, flashing necklaces, mouse pads and cigars flew
                          off the tables and we are extremely pleased with the response and the overall
                          success of the Ship It AOG booth.

   Phil Anders                                           “Great show for Ship it
  Shipping and                                           AOG, booth perfect,
                                                         location perfect, booth
    Receiving                                            ladies perfect, an all
                                                         around big success…”
         …                                                     -Jim McDonough, SIA
                                                                      Senior Outside
                                                                Sales Representative
                             George with Alpin Guy,                                       Ship It AOG Booth #2848
                                                                      According to Karen Winterrowd in addition
    Writer                                                    to the popularity of the give aways there was quite
Haley Creative                                                a few inquiries about our newest product, the tire
                                                              pressure gauge. Many operators expressed
                                                              interest and asked that we contact them as soon
                                                              as we get the gauges approved for other aircraft
                           Jim McDonough and George
                                                                     Many thanks to NBAA for a great show!!

                                        SIA Sponsors…
Calendar of
  Events           Strom Aviation’s 9th Annual Texas Shotgun
                               Golf Tournament
   9/25-9/27       This year’s 9th Annual Texas Aviation Shotgun Golf
     NBAA          Tournament benefiting the Children’s Medical Center
                   Dallas was held September 14-15th at the Bear Creek Golf
  60th Annual      Club in Dallas, TX.
  Meeting and
  Convention-      This two-day event starts Friday with a pre-tournament
  Atlanta, GA      Shambles golf event for those who are interested with a
                   shotgun start at 2:00 p.m. followed by a shotgun
                   tournament on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.
WAMA-4th Annual    SIA is proud to be a hole sponsor for this event. George
                   Miller, President represented Ship It AOG along with Brian
                   Ruhl of N604LLC at this event.
 Education Expo                                        Professional Aviation
  White Plains,                                       Maintenance Association
                                                          Chicago Chapter
    10/18                                           Ship It AOG is pleased to have sponsored the
                                                    Longest Drive Hole. Ray Goyco, VP and Ericca
    PAMA                                            Jordan, Senior Sales Rep. were in attendance.
Monthly Meeting
 DFW Chapter                                        Ray participated in the tournament and Ericca
 Location-TBA                                       represented SIA at the Longest Hole handing out
                                                    give-aways such as cigars, necklaces, mouse pads
                                                    and the always-popular Woodpecker beads while
                                                    answering any questions from fellow participants.
    PAMA Golf                                       At Ship It AOG we believe that it is important to give
Tournament-DFW                                      back and help out in our business communities.
 Iron Horse Golf
     Course         Ed Furst Sr. Memorial Scholarship Golf Outing
 North Richland
     Hills, TX
                                 Hosted by Teterboro PAMA
                                             The Ed Furst Sr. Memorial Annual Golf Outing took
                                             place on September 19, 2007. The event, 18 years
                                             running, will be held at the Crystal Springs Golf Course
                                             in Hamburgh, NJ.

                                             SIA sponsored a hole for this worthy event although
                                             regretfully we could not be in attendance due to
                                             scheduling conflicts.

                                             All sponsorships are donating to the Teterboro PAMA
                                             Scholarship Fund.

 Corporate                                    Inside SIA

                        Welcome our newest team member Miguel Rivera. Miguel joined the
                SIA team on July 16th. Miguel was hired on as an Office Administrator and has
                quickly moved on to Inside Sales.

                Miguel, his wife and daughter live in Aubrey, TX. He brings 10 years of sales
                and customer service experience. He previously worked in Education
                instructing in Carrollton and Frisco schools.

                       Michael Harrell, SIA Warehouse Manager, received his
                Certificate of Completion for his attendance to the UPS Hazardous
                Material Seminar.

                At Ship It AOG we aim to stay informed in order to continue the safe
                transport of Hazardous Materials.


                       Please welcome the arrival of the newest member of the SIA family:
                Alyssa Jordan Goyco born on Sept. 18th to Ray (SIA VP) and Halley Goyco.
                She weighed 6 lbs 10.6 oz and is 18 inches long. Big brother Zachary was
                ready to welcome her home.

                        Congratulations to David Hefflefinger, Manager, Aviation Support
                of The Hershey Company for his win at NBAA. Ship It AOG held a drawing
                for a GARMIN nuvi GPS Unit.

                   SI A On The GO
                          Playground Build Day

 Happy                      Sunday, Sept. 23
                         9:30 am – 4:00 pm
            Karen Winterrowd, SIA CFO and Ericca Jordan,
Halloween   SIA Senior Sales Rep took part in this wonderful
            NBAA sponsored event.

            Both Karen and Ericca stated that this was a
            very rewarding experience and extremely
            pleased to have been a part of it.

            According to Karen the volunteer’s worked
            together like they had been doing this for years.
            A surprising feat with only 3 days of prep work.
            The day began with a breakfast followed by
            instructions on how the day would progress.
                                                  Volunteers were broken up into to groups and
                                                  each were designated a certain task to ensure the
                                                  completion of the playground at Fain Elementary

                                                   “The most rewarding part of this experience
                                                   was getting to know and spend time with
                                                   the kids who are going to enjoy this
                                                   playground for years to come.”
                                                                             - Ericca Jordan

                                                   Ericca was assigned to a group that had set up
                                                   several arts and crafts stations for the school’s
                                                   students before she joined in the construction.

                                                   Once completed the volunteers had constructed 2
               Some of the students of Fain
                                                   playground areas, an outdoor classroom and a
                  Elementary School.               garden area.

                                              One Last Note:


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