The Largest Food Items Ever Made

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					The Largest Food Items Ever Made

Made by: for promotional purposes Weight: 7 metric tons

Made by: Mohegan Sun Casino Weight: 15,032 pounds

Made by: Hershey Foods Corp. Weight: 4,016 pounds

Made by: Lebanese Farmer (name unknown) Weight: 25 pounds

Made by: Pierogi Fest Weight: 93 pounds

Made by: Akasaka Prince Hotel (Tokyo, Japan) Length: 197.8 feet

Made by: Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar Weight: 134 pounds

Made by: Universal Studios Japan Weight: More that 1 ton

Made by: The town of Pulpi in Spain Weight: 14,771 pounds

Made by: Pick n Pay (Johannesburg, South Africa) Diameter: 122.7 Feet

Description: Making too much food is wasteful, but making way too much food can set world records. Many intrepid chefs across the globe know this well, and they have attempted to do just that but making giant cakes, candies, burgers, and much more. Please enjoy this collection of some thie world's most amazingly large foods.
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