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                         THE COUNCIL OFFICES AT 95 HIGH STREET, KINVER

       Councillors       Mrs R Davis (Chairman), MR Davies (Vice-Chairman),

       Councillors:      Mrs M Rogers, RL Simmons, JE Gosling, H Williams, Mrs L Hingley, DH Hadlington, JK
                         Hall, Mrs ED Ray, DM Wiseman, Mrs S Harris and Mrs J Barlow.


       Cllr Mrs R Davis led the Council in prayer.


       Apologies of absence were received from Cllr D Light and BR Edwards.


       Cllr Mrs R Davis and Mrs L Hingley declared a non-prejudicial interest in relation to the Gas Governor and
       the works to 95 High Street as it is in the Conservation Area.

       Cllr JE Gosling declared a non-prejudicial interest in any item relating to the KSCA.

       Cllr Mrs M Rogers declared a personal and prejudicial interest in relation to item 225.4.

       Cllr HH Williams declared a non-prejudicial interest in relation to the War Memorial on Kinver Edge.

       The Minutes of the meeting held on 4 November 2009, having been circulated in advance of the current
       meeting, were approved and signed as true record of the proceedings with the exception that:-

       Cllr D Light’s name appears twice and should be omitted from the attendance list.

       Item 193.1 – the following sentence should be added to this item:-

       Other Councillors had concerns that the Parish Council may be in danger of laying itself open to an
       interpretation that it is being oppressive in its attitude towards the KSCA and may overall be viewed as
       conducting a witch hunt against them.

       Item 202, Cllr RL Simmons name should not appear on the list of those attending the Parish Summit


215.1. Kinver Exhibition Foundation Meetings.
       A response has been received from Edgecliff School to say that the meetings are held annually the 3
       Thursday in September (but it is the first full school week that counts as week 1).
       Therefore the next meeting will be on the 23 September 2010.

       The Clerk has asked that they confirm with the Parish Office close to the date

       This was noted.

Kinver Parish Council                         1                                     02.12.2009

215.2. Meeting with Mrs H Dunn, re KSCA issues
       A meeting took place on Monday 23 November, between Cllr Mrs R Davis, Mrs J Spaull, Mrs H Dunn, and
       the 3 officers from the KSCA (Mr J Gosling, Mr J Jordan and Mr G Ashmead).

       The meeting discussed the exact role of the Custodian Trustee and the role of the Management Trustee as
       there has been confusion over the past months on this issue. However it is now clear from the 1988 Charity
       Commission document, and other legal opinion obtained by the clerk that the following is the case.

       The position of the Custodian Trustee is to hold the land in trust and to assist the Management Trustees if
       required and are duty bound to assist the Management Trustees if required; all other matters are the
       responsibility of the Management Trustees.

       The definition of the Custodian Trustee off the Charity Commission Website is as follows:-

       A custodian trustee is a corporation appointed to have the custody, as distinct from the management, of
       trust property. Where a custodian trustee is appointed to hold property of a charity, the administration of the
       charity is left in the hands of the charity trustees (Management Trustees).

        Mr J Gosling was concerned that not all Parish Councillors are aware of the role of the Custodian Trustee,
       and he felt it should be reiterated again to all members of Council. The clerk mentioned that this was
       explained thoroughly too all members of Council via a memo issued by the Clerk in September 2009. Cllr
       Mrs R Davis remarked that it is very clear from the Charity Commission document that the Custodian
       Trustee “has no powers to interfere with the day to day running of the charity even if some members think
       that they do”. She felt that all councillors are now aware of the legal position.

        It was noted by the members of the KSCA that they receive very favourable feedback from their users and it
       is booked most days for an activity. There has been a lot of time and effort spent over the past years to
       improve the facility and put it on a sounder financial footing. It was noted that thanks were given in the last
       set of Council minutes for all the work that the KSCA Management Trustees undertake.

       The Chairman raised the concern that it seemed that the Parish Council are called upon when finance is
       required or funding i.e. land registry, bike track/skate park and the lease for KAG.

       Mrs Dunn reported that the land registry was asked to be undertaken by the Council on advice given to her
       from Higgs and Sons, who said that the land had to be registered by the deed holder, which is the Parish

       Clarification was given to the KSCA officers about the lease for the skate park. It is not, nor will it be, the
       responsibility of the Parish Council as the lease is an agreement between the landlords (KSCA) and KAG.
       Parish have signed purely as deed holders.

       The issue of the clearing of the Sterrymere was noted. Mr David Bills, with a group of people on probation
       had cleared the Sterrymere and the KSCA were now looking at the possible use of the land. Cllr Mrs R
       Davis suggested that the KSCA use the services of Cllr Mrs M Rogers who has had great success in
       obtaining grants for local organisations. As a charity the KSCA could look at funding options on behalf of the
       clubs associated with it as well as for itself.

       It was reported at the Finance Committee meeting by Cllr BR Edwards that SSDC will no longer be funding
       the free grass cutting of Parish Land. Therefore there will be a charge made to all Councils which will be
       introduced over a 3 year period. The best way to address this change will need to be discussed by the
       Management Trustees together with the clubs affected by this decision by District Council.

       The youth shelter project was briefly mentioned Mrs Dunn gave her opinion on the project, and the
       fundamental issue for her was the safety and security of the young people using the shelter. The location is
       too remote in her opinion and if anything should happen on the site then the KSCA would be held

Kinver Parish Council                            2                                   02.12.2009

        Cllr Mrs R Davis reported that she had spent a lot of time looking through the paperwork relating to the roles
        of the Management and Custodian Trustees. In the 1988 Charity Commission Schedule, it states several
        procedures that the KSCA should adhere to. One is the annual signing of a declaration of acceptance to
        serve as a Management Trustee, so as to be clear who is legally entitled to vote. These are obviously
        matters for the Management Trustees to look at, and address in due course...

        Mr J Gosling reported that he had the submission of the new Management Trustees ready to go onto the
        Charity Commission website in time for their deadline of the 31 Jan 2010.

215.3. Increase in rateable value of 95 High Street from £8000 to £10032.

        It was noted by Mrs Fullwood that on the detailed breakdown of the office plan, all of the rooms were
        designated as offices, which had a higher rateable value.

        We have written to the valuation dept and informed them of what each room is used for. The Valuation
        Office have visited the site and they can not change the use of the rooms, but have agreed to remove the 2
        parking spaces (that we don’t have) and back date that reduction to 2005.

        They have assured us that the rates have decreased per room; therefore the overall cost should remain
        similar to what we are currently paying. A letter was received this morning that states that the rateable value
        has been set at £7800 for 2010/11 (which includes the back dated rebate for the car parking spaces since
        2005). However the rateable value from 2011/12 will be £9800.

        This was noted.

215.4   Christmas Lights

        The Clerk reported that all of the trees and lights had been erected and were now connected. The official
        opening took place on Friday 27 November.

        The Parish Council paid for the initial extension cables to connect the lights (this was a guestimate as to how
        many were needed), but on installation found that we were 10 short. Mr Sadler has paid for these 10
        personally to get them here in time for the switch on, but the Clerk is requesting that we give a further grant
        of £85 to the Big Tree Group to cover the costs of these additional leads. This can be funded from the
        Christmas Lights Budget head as Mr Sadler has recalculated the electricity usage of the lights (the tree
        lights are LED and use a fraction of the electricity of the Star Sprays) which has been forwarded to
        N Power, so the bill should be reduced this year.

        These leads will be ready for use next year and it is therefore a one off expenditure.

        It was proposed by Cllr Mrs J Barlow and seconded by Cllr Mrs ED Ray that an additional grant of £85 is
        given to the Big Tree Group for the cost of the additional leads.

        On a vote this was carried with 12 votes for.

        Therefore it was Resolved that a grant of £85 be given to the Big Tree Group.

        A vote of thanks was agreed to all of the Big Tree Group for their efforts in raising funds to enhance the
        village Christmas light display, especially for getting the big tree back to Kinver. Also thanks were sent to the
        Clerk and the Maintenance Technicians for there hard work and efforts during this time.

215.5   Minute 198 – Committee membership

        Cllr DM Wiseman expressed his concerns that sometimes reports are placed in full into the minutes, he
        proposed that in future any reports that are issued to members be attached as an appendix to the minutes
        and then just the debate / summary / resolutions are a part of the actual minute.

        This was agreed.

Kinver Parish Council                           3                                     02.12.2009

215.6   Works to the High Street
        A meeting was held on the 1 December with representatives from the County and District Council who
        have put together the designs / scheme for the works to the High Street.

        A full set of minutes has been produced and will be circulated shortly to all members.

        The main items that they will be requiring a decision / feedback on are as follows:-

        Reduction of the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph
        Change in parking restrictions

        It was noted that a formal decision could not be taken this evening on these matters, but apart from 1
        member a general feeling of support was agreed by those present.

        A decision / comments are required on the proposed route of the one way traffic and signage whilst the High
        Street is closed to through traffic.

        It is proposed (that as before the main traffic will be routed through Dunsley to get into the Dark Lane side of
        the village and via Hyde Lane to get to the Potters Cross side of the village.

        With regard to the proposed one way systems the road known as Back Church Hill is to be one way going
        down the hill and Church Road (from the junction with Sandy Lane to the junction with Back Church Hill
        would also be one way coming towards the village.

        It was noted that the Back Church Hill one way system is a trial for a possible permanent one way system for
        the future. If this were to be made permanent, the Parish would like the County to consider the installation
        of a footpath along this stretch of road.

        The members were not concerned with the one way system for Back Church Hill, but felt that it was
        important the residents that live on Church Road are notified of the proposals. Therefore it was Resolved
        that the Clerk write to the residents with the proposed diversion details, and ask them to contact the County
        Council if they have any comments to make.
        Councillor Mrs Barlow expressed concerns that at the meeting on the 1 December Public Transport was
        not raised. She had contacted Mr Powell of the County Council directly on this matter to raise awareness of
        the issues of limited services during the time the High Street will be closed to through traffic.

        It was noted that Mrs Fullwood had been keeping the bus companies informed of the plans as they had
        been progressing.

        The Clerk wrote to the Land Agent, following the resolution of the minutes of the 4 November and his reply
        is as below:-

        “Further to our telephone conversation I can confirm that National Grid cannot accept the Parish Councils
        offer outlined in your email of the 5th November 2009. Unfortunately the term of the lease is not consistent
        with their obligations under the Gas Act 1995.

        I have advised my client of the situation and they wish me to continue negotiations. However they will be
        looking at other options including the site on the junction of High Street and Vicarage Drive and the original
        proposal on the car park off High Street. The car park option was originally discounted in favour of the
        Daneford Gardens site because of the risk of flooding, however this can be overcome. It has been pointed
        out that the car park would need to be closed for a period of the works causing additional inconvenience to
        local traffic.

Kinver Parish Council                          4                                       02.12.2009

       I suggest the following terms for the Council to consider:

       1, Demise: 4 metre x 4 metre site with rights of access.
       2, Easement: 6 metre wide easement for inlet and outlet pipes from the highway
       3, Term of the lease: 99 year lease based on the National Grid standard lease.
       4, Consideration: £1500 commuted consideration with a peppercorn rent.
       5, Use Clause: Below ground governor module with flue stack to be coloured to match the conservation area
       and placed in sympathetic position whilst complying with HSE and manufacturer safety regulations.
       6, Costs: National Grid to bare the Grantors reasonable legal costs.

       I hope that the Council will give the above terms their full consideration. If you would like me to attend the
       next Parish Council meeting then please let me know.”

       The above information was noted by members, but it was felt that a further clause should be added. If the
       gas governor was no longer required during the terms of the lease then the land should be gifted back to
       the Parish Council and reinstated as it is today.

       It was proposed by Cllr MR Davies and seconded by Councillor Mrs J Barlow that the above points 1-6, with
       the addition of the land to be returned be agreed.

       On a vote this was carried and it was Resolved that the Clerk write to the Land Agent with the above
       decision as soon as possible.


       No members of the public who were present wished to speak.

       NOVEMBER 2009

       The recommendation relating to the Budget for 2010/2011 from the Finance and General Purposes
       Committee of the 18 November 2009 is:-

       the budget as prepared and presented by the Responsible Financial Officer as detailed as appendix 4 to
       these minutes (these minutes being the Finance minutes of the 18 November) be accepted.

       It above proposal was proposed by Cllr MR Davies and seconded by Cllr Mrs ED Ray, on a vote the motion
       was clearly carried therefore the budget was accepted, and the precept for 2010/11 would be set at £144709
       (attached to the PC minutes as appendix 1).


       Previous minutes on this topic.

       July 2007


       The Clerk having investigated the above item reported that, items can be added to the agenda by any
       member or the raised on the Clerks report. If there are any items these must be brought to the attention of
       the clerk prior to the mailing being sent out on a Thursday.

       The Standing orders that relates to Any Other Business and Urgent Items are dealt with under standing
       order 37 and 38. Concern was expressed of the lack of discussion for items to be raised on the night and
       queries relating to Committee minutes were not allowed to be discussed; only the recommendations put to
       the Parish Council.

Kinver Parish Council                          5                                     02.12.2009

       To clarify the matter it was Resolved that the Clerk contact the Parish Council Association to confirm the
       situation and report back to the next meeting.

       Sept 2007


       The Clerk reported that she had discussed the matter with the Parish Councils Association, and the situation
       was quite clear. The agendas must be transparent; no items even if they are only to be discussed should be
       added via Any Other Business or Items at Chairman’s Discretion.

       We currently have the most practical way to handle these items by having an agenda item “Items for future
       meetings”, there is nothing to stop the members from that agenda item asking the Clerk to find out
       information and report to the next meeting for a discussion to then take place.

       With regard to minutes on the agenda, members can ask questions arising from the minutes i.e. on Rights of
       Way, “is footpath 10 now open or why was it closed”. But again this must not lead to the work of the
       Committee being undermined. The Members Resolved that matters could only be raised as detailed above,
       and the minutes of previous meetings could be clarified but not discussed in detail. Mrs L Hingley recorded
       her name as being against the motion.

       It was noted that all members of Council can attend any Committee meeting and take part in debate etc, but
       do not have voting rights.

       The Chairman explained the above resolutions from previous minutes.

       Cllr DM Wiseman suggested that if there is a query then the Councillor should speak to the Chairman of that
       Committee prior to the Council. If it is a general enquiry that requires a short explanation, then this should
       take place at the Council meeting at the Chairman’s discretion. This does not apply to discussions relating
       to recommendations from the Committee.

       It was agreed to keep the systems as they are currently and work within the above guidelines.

       Cllr Mrs L Hingley recorded her name as being against this decision. Did she do this again?


       Cllr JK Hall requested that this be an agenda item for this meeting. He was concerned over the lack of
       tickets issued by the Parking Attendants in this area. Cllr Mrs ED Ray reported that there are only 3
       attendants to cover 27 Parishes in South Staffordshire.

       Concern was expressed over the decision to decriminalise parking and move it from Police Powers to
       Council responsibility

       At the recent High Street meeting it was reported that the Parking Attendants would have a concerted effort
       to ensure the new regulations and changes to the High Street are enforced.

       It was noted that at a previous meeting of the Council it had been agreed that the parking time would be
       increased from 45 minutes to 1 hour, this should be taken into consideration for the proposed changes to
       parking in the High Street


       The Clerk emailed Mr David Wright and attached the photographs, and requested a site visit shortly after the
       November Council meeting. A follow up email was sent on the 26 November.

       The following response has been received from Mr Wright:-

Kinver Parish Council                         6                                    02.12.2009
       “I now have the required information we are due to start work on Whittington lane on Monday the 4th of
       January for two weeks. We are resurfacing with a 70mm overlay including the passing bays from its junction
       with the A449 to the county boundary passed Gibbet lane. The road will be closed for the duration of the
       works. I can make a site meeting at 14:00 on the 8th or 16th of December if the councillors still want to
       meet. Please confirm which date and where to meet if in deed we still need a meeting.”

       This was noted.


       Cllr Mr HH Williams requested that this is an agenda item for this meeting. The war memorial at Kinver Edge
       needs some attention, letters are missing and some of the stone work needs repairing. The Clerk has
       obtained quotations for remedy work to this structure at a cost of £1000. Cllr HH Williams reported that
       there are grants that the Parish Council can apply for which will cover 50% of the costs.

       It was Resolved that the Clerk obtain 3 quotations for the work to the War Memorial, and that the grant
       process be commenced. All costs to be reported back to the Parish Council when available.


       Cllr Mrs L Hingley asked that this be an agenda item for this meeting.

       The Clerk reported that she had spoken to Highways with regard to the lights being different colours
       throughout the village and their response was as follows:-

       The orange coloured street lights in general are the older lights. Any new lighting will be white lights in quite
       roads / conservation areas. Yellow lights tend to be used on busier roads.

       There is no specific programme to remove the orange lights, they are being changed when they fail or new
       lights are installed.

       This was noted with concern and disappointment.

       Scarecrow Saints at St Peter’s October 30 -1st November

       Thanks to Mrs M Fullwood, Cllrs Mrs L Hingley and Mrs E Ray for help and advice in the production of
       St Matthew, (the Tax Collector). Many thanks also to Cllr D Hadlington for supplying the essential straw.
       Remembrance Sunday November 8 Enville Church.

       Cllrs Vice Chairman MR Davies, JK Hall, B Edwards, Mrs L Hingley, Mrs E Ray and Mrs M Rogers were also
       present. Vice Chairman Cllr MR Davies laid the wreath at the Enville War Memorial on behalf of Kinver
       Parish Council. Cllr H Williams attended as a Standard Bearer. I then laid a wreath on behalf of Council at
       the War Memorial at Jubilee Gardens, before meeting at the Constitutional Club for refreshments.
       Monday 9 November             Parish Summit at Codsall

       Cllrs B Edwards and Mrs M Rogers also attended.

       Before dividing into several workshops, there was an explanation of the role of Village Agents, followed by a
       presentation by the Friends of Wom Brook. Cllr Rogers attended a workshop on keeping Communities Safe.
       I attended the workshop on Open Space Design. (Copy of this information has been passed to FKOS)

       In the afternoon Cllr Rogers attended a talk on Parish Youth Champions and Cllr Edwards and I listened to
       an explanation of Participatory Budgets.

Kinver Parish Council                          7                                      02.12.2009
       Anyone interested in these topics can ask the appropriate councillor for further information or consult the
       information pack in the office.
       Wednesday 11 November

       Remembrance Day Service at Codsall 10.30a.m.

       Cllr B Edwards and Cllr H Williams (Standard Bearer) also attended. I laid a wreath on behalf of the Parish

       Working Party Meeting to discuss dates and timescales for the Works to the High Street 2.30p.m.
        My report was distributed to councillors on 16 November and notification based on this report has been
       delivered to high street traders and residents by Mrs M Fullwood. Hopefully, this will ensure that the correct
       information is readily available. The information has also been posted on the notice boards and a few fliers
       left in the library etc. The dates of the works have also been sent to bus and coach companies.
        I am very grateful to Mrs M Fullwood for her help with this.


       Cllr Mrs ED Ray reported that the applicant for the new Indian Restaurant had withdrawn the section to allow
       live music and making of music.


226.1. Toilets at Kinver Edge

       The following quotations for the work to the toilets at Kinver Edge have been received and are detailed

       Quote 1          £4990.00
       Quote 2          £13540.00
       Quote 3          £9630.00
       Quote 4          £6420.00

       At the Finance Meeting concern was expressed as to why the specification had been sent out without the
       Parish Council as a whole agreeing the content and a copy was requested to be circulated to all members
       with their agenda papers.

       The deadline from the grant offer to the project completion is 3 months, therefore if the specification had not
       been completed, sent out and quotes received, the Council could lose the funding of £10,000.

       It was proposed by Cllr Mrs ED Ray and seconded by Cllr D Wiseman to let the contract to contractor 1, and
       it was noted that there may be additional costs relating to the drains, as at the present time the exact
       problem of why they block is unknown.

       On a vote this was carried.

226.2. Star Spray Units

       Turnocks have collected the 11 star spray units, they have looked at them, the design is no longer in
       manufacture as they stand today, and they have been changed now to more efficient LED lights.

       They are no longer in guarantee (which was for 1 year), therefore if we wish to have them repaired that
       would cost £1900+VAT. They would be converted to the new LED lights for that sum. If we were to
       purchase new units they cost £3410, they are £310 each to buy.

Kinver Parish Council                         8                                     02.12.2009
        I would note that there have been 2 unused for 2 years as the building they were fixed to was modified, and
        Mr Robert Kay has now removed his brackets from his building so that is also 2 that would not be required.

        It was agreed to defer this matter until a full review has taken place in the New Year, with regard to the new
        set up of the trees / lights. It was Resolved that the Chairman and the Clerk undertake a survey of the
        existing lights and report back to the proposed meeting in the New Year.

226.3. Internal Audit

        Simon Knee when he completed the Internal Audit for last year indicated he would not be able to continue to
        audit the records. There is someone locally (who does book work but I am unsure if they are qualified), that
        would audit the accounts and I have also contacted someone from the approved list of internal auditors.

        The lady spoken to by the Clerk agreed to undertake the audit in April, for £200 which is the same price as
        paid to Simon Knee.

        It was agreed that the Clerk look at finding a new internal auditor and report back when a suitable candidate
        had been found.

226.4. Membership of Stourton Village Hall

        A letter has been received (copy attached to agenda papers) asking for the Parish Council to consider their
        request for the Parish Council to no longer have representatives sitting on the Management Committee. The
        request has come from the Village Hall, so as to comply with the Charity Commission regulations. Those
        who sit on the Management Committee should be users of the facility and as the Parish Council have not
        done so for 15 years, they are no longer eligible to hold seats.

        Some members were concerned over losing these seats. However it was proposed by Cllr DM Wiseman
        and seconded by Cllr Mrs J Barlow that the Parish Council agrees to no longer hold seats on this body.

        This was carried on a vote.

226.5. Parish District Liaison meeting
        The above meeting takes place on the 25 February 2010.

        This was noted.

226.6   Publications for inspection and note

        South Staffordshire District Council

        SSDC Local Development Framework

        Staffordshire Parish Council Association
                The Clerk

        Police / Fire Service

        Crime Stats circulated – it was noted that there is still a major issue at Gibbett Lane.

        Other Matters
        BUZZ newssheet
        Churchill and Blakedown Papers
        Walk England 2012
        SCIO Bulletin
        War Memorials – Ministry of Justice – penalties for vandalism.
        Councillor’s roles as Charity Trustee

Kinver Parish Council                           9                                     02.12.2009
227.1   Planning & Development Committee Meetings of 19 November 2009

        The minutes of the above meetings, having been circulated, were Received, it being noted that the
        recommendations comprised of items referred directly to the South Staffordshire District Council in relation
        to planning matters and to the Staffordshire County Council in relation to highways matters.

        An email has been received from the District Council asking if the Parish would like to withdraw their
        comments as the applicant has agreed to remove his request for live music and making music. A hearing
        will take place on the 15 December at Codsall, anyone wishing to attend should inform the District by the
        8 December.

        The Council agreed to withdraw their comments and did not wish to attend the hearing.
227.2   Burial Ground Committee Meeting of 11 November 2009

        The minutes of the above meetings, having been circulated, were Received, and it was Resolved to
        Recommend to the Parish Council that the fees for interment and the superintendent be increased by 3%.

        It was noted that the Superintendent’s fees had been set at 2% increase (in line with staff increases) and 3%
        for the fees in the budget set earlier in the meeting.
227.3   Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting of 18 November 2009

        The minutes of the above meetings, having been circulated, were Received, and it was Resolved to
        Recommend to the Parish Council that:-

   The accounts as set as appendix 3 to these minutes be accepted.

    These were accepted

   the following grants are made:-

        Trees at St Peters Churchyard - £802 funded from the St Peters Closed Churchyard fund.

        SUSSED 2010 - the Parish Council underwrite the cost for option 3 which is £1200, and the Parish Council
        make provisions to get back the £800 from entrance fees charged for the children attending the sessions at
        £2 per child, therefore the projected actual cost would be £400.

        Cllr Mrs S Harris reported that The play rangers can collect the money; this income will then be deducted
        from the final invoice. SSDC have confirmed that the Kinver sessions have always been well attended.
        Vicky Lacey who administers this scheme is checking with her manager, but as the play ranger is employed
        by the council, and the children’s centre staff has raised no objections, a written agreement COULD be
        signed to allow the ranger to open up and lock up after the sessions, so Councilors should not be required to
        attend the sessions daily.

        Police Clubs of Great Britain £0 - not to fund this item, in light of the schools not requiring the services of this

        The above grants were agreed.

        Kinver Bowling Club - the Bowling Club should apply for grants from Awards for All, if unsuccessful they
        should look to ask the KSCA Management Committee as they are responsible for looking after that area.

        Kinver Cricket Club - to give a grant of £500 to the cricket club towards there maintenance costs, this is a
        grant for this year only and in future, the Cricket Club, should apply for assistance from the KSCA as the
        Management Trustees of this area.

Kinver Parish Council                           10                                      02.12.2009

       The Chairman of the Committee Cllr Mrs ED Ray read out the above 2 recommendations of the Committee
       re the Cricket Club and the Bowling Club. These recommendations were not seconded, therefore the
       recommendations failed.

       Cllr Mrs ED Ray then went on to make the following proposal and stated that she was making this proposal
       in light of information given at that meeting by Cllr BR Edwards (meaning the Finance Meeting held on the
       18 November):-

       The KSCA are issued with a grant of £3000 to be distributed equally between the 3 sports clubs (cricket,
       bowling and football) as has taken place in previous years, this to be funding for this year only.

       This was seconded by Cllr RL Simmons.

       Concern were expressed that this was not the recommendation put forward by the Committee, but no
       councillor moved that recommendation.

       Therefore the proposal made by Cllr Mrs ED Ray was the definitive motion.
       The Clerk checked that there was £3200 in the external grants budget head (as per the accounts as at 31
       October 2009 attached to the Finance minutes of the 18 November). £1200 has been allocated for the
       SUSSED programme but this is to be funded from next years external grants budget. Therefore there is the
       required level of funding to award this level of grant.

       The issue was raised of applying for external grants using other bodies i.e. SSDC etc, but it was noted that
       the Bowling and Cricket Club had been unsuccessful in getting a grant from the District Council and had
       been told from when they originally applied to the Parish Council, if they were not successful to come back
       to the Parish Council (this is also the case for the Football Club).

       Concerns for the clubs were expressed that in the next financial year an increase in cost would be coming
       for grass cutting and therefore the clubs needed support this year to prepare them for the coming increase
       in expenditure.

       The role of the Custodian Trustee and a members interpretation of the duties that should be involved was
       raised. The Chairman re-iterated the official role that is undertaken by the Custodian Trustee as per the
       Charity Commission, whose rules the Parish Council must abide by.

       A named vote was requested on the following definitive motion:-

       The KSCA are issued with a grant of £3000 to be distributed equally between the 3 sports clubs (cricket,
       bowling and football) as has taken place in previous years, this to be funding for this year only.

       The details of the vote are below:-

       Mrs J Barlow – for                         M Davies – against
       J Gosling – for                            Mrs R Davis – against
       Mrs S Harris – for                         D Hadlington – against
       Mrs ED Ray – for                           Mrs L Hingley – against
       Mrs M Rogers – for                         JK Hall – against
       RL Simmons – for                           H Williams – against
       DM Wiseman – for

       Therefore there were 7 for and 6 against, so the motion was carried to issue a grant for £3000 to the KSCA
       to be distributed to the 3 sports clubs. The Clerk reminded members that any grant issued over £2500,
       means the applicant must send a report detailing how the funds have been spent to the Parish Council for
       its Annual Parish Meeting.

       A member asked that the Clerk contact the District Council’s Standards Board (The Governance and
       Scrutiny Services Department) for their ruling on this decision.

Kinver Parish Council                        11                                    02.12.2009

       The Accounts as presented were approved for payment and a copy is attached as Appendix 2 to these
       minutes. It was noted that the bill for Inventive Gardens invoice should be for £218.50 for clearing leaves at
       Comber Ridge, not for the sum of circa £1500. These accounts were agreed.


       Cllr Mrs M Rogers reported on the Parish Summit Meeting and with the agenda papers had circulated a full
       report and reported on the activities of the CLP.

       Cllr HH Williams attended the Locality 5 meeting earlier this evening.
       The next Police Consultative meeting will be held at Pattingham on 3 December 2009, at 7.30pm.


       None reported.

                                                                  th                         th
       Planning and Development Committee                        9 December 2009 and 20 January 2010
       Parish Council                                              6 January 2010
       Environment and Recreation Committee                       13 January 2010
       Public Rights of Way Committee                             27 January 2010
       Finance and General Purposes Committee                     17 February 2010
       Burial Ground Committee                                    24 February 2010

Kinver Parish Council                        12                                      02.12.2009
       Appendix 1 to the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 2 December 2009


  PARISH COUNCIL INCOME                                COMMITTEE             PROPOSED
                                                       BUDGET                BUDGET
                                                       2009/10               2010-2011
10 PRECEPT                                                   144709.00                   144709.00 No increase
12 INTEREST INSTANT / CURRENT ACC                                 750.00                    160.00 Based on this years income
13 INTEREST WEST BROMWICH ACC.                                    750.00                   1900.00 Based on this years income
14 BURIAL FEES                                                   9000.00                   9270.00 3% increase
15 TOILETS HIGH STREET                                           1500.00                   1500.00
16 DONATIONS                                                      300.00                    300.00
19 SUNDRIES                                                           0.00                    0.00
20 GRANT FOR TOILETS                                             1500.00                   1500.00
22 INTEREST ON NEW RESERVES ACCOUNT AT WBROM                          0.00                  120.00
                                                             158509.00                   159339.00

18 VAT REFUND                                                         0.00                    0.00

Kinver Parish Council                     13                                        02.12.2009
         EXPENDITURE FOR PARISH                               PROPOSED PROPOSED
         COUNCIL                                              BUDGET           BUDGET
                                                              2009/10          2010-2011
50/1     GA TELEPHONE                                              1800.00          1500.00 Reduced as broadband rates have been red
50/2     GA STATIONARY                                             1700.00          2500.00
50/2a    GA PRINTING                                                250.00           350.00
50/3     GA GENERAL INSURANCE                                      7600.00          6000.00
50/4     GA OFFICE RATES                                           3100.00          4000.00 Increase in rateable value so may increase
50/5     GA OFFICE ELECTRICITY & GAS                               1850.00          1500.00 Reduced based on current useage and new
50/6     GA AUDIT                                                   850.00           850.00
50/7     GA CHAIRMAN'S ALLOWANCE                                    500.00           500.00
50/9     GA STAFF TRAINING EXPENSES                                 100.00           150.00
50/11    GA MISCELLANEOUS                                           100.00           100.00
50/12    GA BANK CHARGES                                            120.00           120.00
50/25    GA MEMBERS EXPENSES                                        400.00           600.00
50/47    GA COMPUTER SUPPORT SERVICES / OFFICE EQUIP (2010)        1000.00          2500.00 Based on last years exp.
50/48    GA PHOTOCOPIER                                             350.00           350.00
50/51    GA ADVERTISING                                             100.00           100.00
50/53    GA CIVIC EXPENSES                                          350.00           350.00
50/109   OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                           750.00              0.00 Moved to 50/47
50/110/1 GA POSTAGE                                                 800.00          1000.00 Based on last years exp.
50/110/2 GA PETTY CASH OTHER                                        550.00           550.00
         GENERAL ADMIN TOTAL                                      22270.00         23020.00

52/1     MAINTENANCE TOILETS                                       2000.00          2000.00
52/4     MAINTENANCE KSCA TOILETS W & E                             165.00           165.00
52/6     MAINTENANCE MISC.                                         3500.00          3500.00
52/7     MAINTENANCE GRASS CUTTING                                10815.00         11140.00 3% increase
52/26    MAINTENANCE PLAY AREA                                     1000.00          1000.00
52/27    MAINTENANCE OF CLOCK                                           0.00            0.00
         MAINTENANCE TOTAL                                        17480.00         17805.00

Kinver Parish Council                       14                                  02.12.2009
                                              PROPOSED             PROPOSED
                                              BUDGET               BUDGET
                                              2009/10              2010-2011
53/1    BG RATES                                          260.00                 600.00
53/2    BG GENERAL MAINTENANCE                           2200.00                2500.00
        BURIAL GROUND TOTAL                              2460.00                3100.00 Budget head increased
54/3    PARISH COUNCIL SUBSCRIPTIONS                      500.00                 500.00
54/4    SPCA & LCR                                        600.00                 600.00
54/48   EXTERNAL GRANTS                                  4800.00                5500.00
54      GRANTS & SUBS TOTAL                              5900.00                6600.00
56      INTERNAL GRANTS                                 10394.50                8196.00

55      CAR PARK RENTAL                                  1000.00                 400.00
57      CHRISTMAS LIGHTS                                 3000.00                3500.00 Increased to take into
58      VEHICLES                                                                          account buying xmas trees again
58/1    LEASING                                          2699.00                2699.00
58/2    FUEL                                             1600.00                1800.00
58/3    STORE FOR EQUIPMENT                               235.00                 235.00
58/4    INSURANCE FOR VEHICLE                             800.00                 700.00
        TOTAL FOR VEHICLES                               5334.00                5434.00
60      CONTINGENCIES                                    6515.00                3500.00
62      HEALTH AND SAFETY AUDIT                           300.00                   0.00
100/1   SUPERINTENDENT FEES / RETAINER                   1700.00                1734.00 2% increase
100/2   GA PETTY CASH OFFICE CLEANING                    1000.00                1000.00 2% increase
100/3   SALARIES NET                                    53597.00               55000.00 2% increase
100/4   TAX AND NATIONAL INS.                           15385.00               15700.00 2% increase
100/5   EMPLOYERS NATIONAL INS.                          6338.00                6500.00 2% increase
100/6   EMPLOYEES PENSION                                2212.00                2250.00 2% increase
100/7   EMPLOYERS PENSION                                4511.00                4600.00 2% increase
        TOTAL WAGES                                     84743.00               86784.00

Kinver Parish Council                    15                              02.12.2009
                                                   PROPOSED            PROPOSED
                                                   BUDGET              BUDGET
                                                   2009/10             2010-2011

101/1 YOUTH SHELTER MONEY RESERVED UNTIL SEPT 09             7500.00               0.00
101/9 ELECTION EXPENSES                                      1000.00         1000.00
      TOTAL FOR ITEMS TO BE RESERVED                         8500.00         1000.00

      TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                 167896.50          159339.00

      TOTAL INCOME                                      158509.00          159339.00

      TOTAL NET BALANCE                                  -9387.50                  0.00

Kinver Parish Council                    16                               02.12.2009
                                                PROPOSED            PROPOSED
                                                2009/10             2010-2011
6/3 CHRISTIAN ACTION INTEREST FUND                         400.00               100.00

    TOTAL INCOME FOR - CHRISTIAN ACTION TRUST              400.00               100.00


5   INTEREST/TRANSFERS                                    1300.00               650.00
    TOTAL INCOME FOR - CHARITIES                          1300.00               650.00

Kinver Parish Council                      17                           02.12.2009
Appendix 2 to the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 2 December 2009
 Accounts for payment 2nd December 2009

                                  Total                                                    0.00
Accounts for payment

Brian Spaull                      Fees for November                                      140.50
CHD                               Cleaning supplies                                      123.84
ESPO                              New Drill fax machine and stationary                   526.69
Home and Hardware (Mr
Palfrey)                          Maintenance supplies
Inland Revenue                    Payment for November                                  1543.51
Inventive Gardens                 removal of leaves                                      218.50
Jason Trueman                     Repair to leaking toilet pan in High Street toilets    150.00
JRK Computer Supplies             Stationary / maintenance supplies                      187.93
Locwil                            Repair to lock for toilets                              86.25
M & W Signwriters                 Names on Honours board and noticeboards                 77.35
Mrs M Rogers                      Expenses                                                49.28
Midshires                         Copier rental and printing charges                     168.27
Peter Bateman                     New letterheads                                        154.10
Petty Cash                        November                                               114.00
RH Electrical Services            Testing of all electrical equipment                    200.00
Salaries                          November                                              4536.32
Staffordshire Pension Fund        Pensions for November                                  490.58
SWOPS                             Diesel account                                         141.17
Viking Direct                     Stationary / maintenance supplies                      113.98

                                  Total                                                 9022.27

List of Monthly Direct Debits

O2                                Mobile Bill                                             22.32
Utility Warehouse                 Gas/electricity supplied for PC Office                 118.33
Utility Warehouse                 Toilets at Car Park electricity                         11.29
Utility Warehouse                 Toilets at Kinver Edge electricity                       7.00
South Staffs HA                   Garage Rental                                           27.99
Rates 95 High Street                                                                     308.00
Rates Comber Ridge                                                                        54.00
Postage                                                                                  105.75


Toilet Income                                                                             40.00
Burial fees                                                                              680.00
Interest                                                                                   0.28

                                  Total                                                  720.28

Kinver Parish Council                      18                                       02.12.2009

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