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									[LAW FIRM]
Legal Firm Letterhead,
Letter addressed to client

You have asked our law firm to represent [SMALL BUSINESS ENTITY] as its attorney
in matters involving a corporate contractual dispute in [location]. Our firm is pleased to
do so on behalf of [SMALL BUSINESS ENTITY]. This letter sets forth our complete
agreement concerning our representation of you. It shall become effective upon receipt
from you of a signed copy of this agreement.

1. You have been asked to deposit with our firm a retainer fee of $[N] which is paid to
assure our availability and our commitment to represent you. This retainer fee shall be
applied against your final bill. You understand that any fee we have estimated to you
was based solely on information you provided at our initial meeting, and is subject to
change based on developments in your case.

2. Your total fee shall be based primarily on our hourly charges. It may also be related
to the degree of difficulty of your case and any unusual or extraordinary factors in this
matter. It is impossible to tell in advance the amount of time your case will require or the
total cost of your case. We will keep a record of all time devoted to your case, including
telephone calls, office conferences, travel time, and other professional time expended.
There may be additional costs for you to advance or pay when billed, including,
additional court costs, deposition costs, expense of investigation or expert witness fees.
Naturally, only some or none of these costs may apply to your case. You agree to
reimburse us for the necessary filing fees and costs when billed for the same.

3. I will be the primary attorney in our firm responsible for your case, but some work
may be performed by a legal intern, whose hourly rates will be less than mine. My
hourly rate is $145.00 per hour; our senior attorney is billed at a rate of $210.00 per hour
and work done by legal interns is billed at $60.00 per hour.

4. If at any time any amount due under this agreement becomes delinquent for failure to
pay or otherwise, [LAW FIRM]., or any person on our behalf shall be entitled to receive
prejudgment interest in the amount of ten percent (10%) per year or the maximum rate
allowed by [STATE] law, whichever is greater. [LAW FIRM] failure to collect any such
interest shall not act as a waiver of our right to recover said interest in the future. Finally,
[Law Firm], shall be entitled to receive all costs and fees incurred to collect past due

5. During the time of our representation of your company, our hourly rates may increase.
If that should occur, your statements will reflect the new billing rates from the time it
becomes effective. We will bill you monthly for work done on your case on a time
expended basis. At that time you will be expected to make regular payments to keep
your account current.

6. You understand and agree that we have made no guarantees regarding the outcome of
your case, nor have we made any statements not consistent with this agreement.

7. We shall make every effort to expedite your case and to make certain that you should
receive fair treatment. We shall keep you informed as to the progress of your case, and
shall send you copies of all papers coming into and going out of our office, including
correspondence and legal documents in your case. If we are not available when you
telephone, your call will be returned as promptly as possible.

8. Our fees described herein do not include post-trial matters, appeals, and collection of
judgments. Upon satisfactory resolution of visitation issues pursuant to Orders from the
Court, the case shall be completed unless you and our firm agree that we are to assist you
in additional matters.

If you agree with the terms of this Agreement, please sign and return one copy to us.


By: _______________________

This letter correctly sets forth our agreement and understanding and I concur with all
terms. Dated [DATE].


By: _______________________________
Small Business Owner

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