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					After a long, dreadful winter, it's finally that time of year again. Those cold breezes are
losing their sharp edges, and the sun is starting to push its way through. Yes, it's a
glorious time of year, but if you're like me, it also comes with a slight sense of anxiety.
You worry that your clothes from last year will have lost their luster, that the spring
colors this year will be different, or that this season's trends will make it necessary to buy
a whole new wardrobe. And that's always bad news.

But things aren't so bad. In fact, living in these shaky economic times, we benefit from
the fact that no one wants to buy new clothes, which means that the trends usually stay
roughly the same from year to year, with slight evolutions. So, in other words, you don't
have to go out and spend a million dollars on a whole new wardrobe. You might need a
few updates, but things are mostly the same.

With that good news in mind, here are some useful spring fashion tips for this year.

Workout back-up: If during the winter you just couldn't muster the motivation to get
your daily exercise, don't feel bad. Form-hiding features like ruffles, blouses, and high-
waist pants are in this year, so use them if you have them. And until you get on track, you
don't have to show a lot of skin. It's not going to get completely warm until late May
anyway, so for now you can still err on the covered-up side.

Tights are fine until June: Tights are another wardrobe item that you can keep around
for a while. They may look a little funny when beach weather rolls around, but for as
long as there's still a potential for light-jacket weather, tights are still cool. And don't be
afraid to wear them with sandals. That look is in this year.

Bright accessories: If you don't have enough cash to spend on a wardrobe update, you're
not alone. But luckily, there's an easy spring fashion tip for that. Just take as much as you
can spare-even if it's just $100 to $200-and invest in some new, bright-colored
accessories that you can use to jazz up your wardrobe.

Not too bright: Prior to summer, it's important not to jump the gun with the bright
colors. While the weather is still cool to temperate, try to start small. Wear one bright
accessory or clothing piece at a time, and keep the rest of your colors more conservative
and dark. Go with your mood. If it seems like a particularly bright and promising day
outside, break out the summery clothes, but if there's some doubt, stay on the safe side.

White works year round: It used to be that white was a summer-only clothing shade,
but according to most fashion experts, those days are gone. So if you have a favorite pair
of white jeans lying around, don't want any longer. Take it off the shelf today.

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