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					             Wethersfield Commons Condominium Association

                                   Mission Statement

To maintain, preserve and enhance the standards and quality of life of Wethersfield

Dear Resident:

Condominium living can be satisfying and rewarding if one enjoys the concept of
camaraderie in the spirit of cooperation, compliance and compatibility. To achieve these
aims and to help assure the security, safety, serenity and your pleasure certain rules and
regulations must become a way of life.

Many of these rules and regulations are similar to those we have undoubtedly lived by all
our lives. Many are in the condominium documents that you pledged to abide by when
you chose to become a part of Wethersfield Commons. Others comply with reasonable
standards of cleanliness, safety, and fire prevention. A number of them are for the
purpose of protecting the owner’s investment. Some are required by state and city
statutes and regulations. None are without reason. All are for the benefit of the

All unit owners shall be subject to and agree to abide by the condominium documents,
bylaws, and any amendments in addition to the following rules and regulations. These
rules and regulations shall be applicable to all unit owners, their families, guests, and
lessee, to wit-and will be strictly enforced.

We hope that these Rules & Regulations will contribute to the harmonious and congenial
operation of our community.


The Wethersfield Commons
Condominium Association
Management Committee

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

I.         COMMON AND PRIVATE AREAS                3-4

          Trash                                   4
          Signage                                 4
          Noise                                   5
          Vacation Forms                          5
          Pets                                    5
          Architectural Changes                   5–6
          Resale Certificates                     6
          Accident & Insurance Claims             6


III.       VEHICLES & PARKING                      7-9

IV.        FACILITIES                              9

          Office                                  9
          Clubhouse                               9 - 10
          Game Room                               10
          Reservations                            10 - 11
          Tennis                                  11
          Pond                                    12
          Bicycling                               12

V.         SCHEDULE OF FEES                        12 - 13

VI.        MAINTENANCE                             13

VII.       LANDSCAPE                               14 - 15

VIII. SWIMMING POOL RULES & REGS                   15 - 17

IX.        FINE SCHEDULE                           17

X.         AFFIRMATION                             18

                   I.     COMMON AND PRIVATE AREAS

Use of common areas and facilities by residents and guests is a privilege accorded to
you by the Association. The rules and regulations, as they apply to both the common
and private area of the complex, owners and residents and/or lessees, are as follows:


A.           Soliciting within Wethersfield Commons Condominium Association
             premises is not permitted.

B.           No improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of the property or
             any part thereof; all valid laws and regulations of all bodies having
             jurisdiction thereof shall be observed.

C.           You are responsible, at all times, for the conduct and activities of your
             children, guests, and pets. Unit owners are responsible for costs incurred
             as a result of any violation.

D.           No unit owner will cause, either through negligence, vandalism, malice,
             misuse, or neglect, any damage to the common areas of buildings or
             grounds contained within Wethersfield Commons.

E.           It is your responsibility to keep your home and surrounding areas neat and
             clean. Attention to the following items is expected:

        1.       No linens, mops, or laundry shall be hung from windows, doors,
                 balconies, patios or any other part of the common area.
        2.       All sidewalks must be kept clear for pedestrians.
        3.       Garage doors shall be kept closed when not in use.
        4.       Store any and all property inside your home, except where noted.
        5.       Keep cordwood in garages if possible, any excess being neatly piled
                 in an inconspicuous area such as patio, or near garage door. Front
                 door and grass areas must be avoided.

                                   EXISTING LANGUAGE:

        6.       Deck furniture must be kept on patios and decks, never on common
                 areas. In addition, umbrellas (if used) must be secured.
        7.       Trash containers must be stored inside the unit or out of sight on
                 your patio or deck. No trash containers are permitted on
                 common areas, with absolutely no exceptions.

     8.        Outside cooking will be done in a manner which maintains a neat,
               clean, and orderly appearance. Grills will be covered and placed in
               an inconspicuous area when not in use. Front entrance should be
               avoided whenever possible. When cooking, you must keep grill a
               minimum of 2’ away from siding. Any damage to building exterior
               is the sole responsibility of the unit owner. Lawn ornaments or
               artificial flowers and other outside appointments such as canopies,
               tents, and gazebos- to name a few- are not acceptable. Banners and
               flags (other than the American Flag) are not allowed. All planting
               pots and flower boxes must be secured especially on deck railings.

     9.        No garage, yard or tag sales are allowed.

F.        Trash is collected every Wednesday. (Trash will be picked up on
          Thursdays when proceeded by a legal holiday).

             Trash is to be placed in sealed receptacles/containers as the FOOT OF
             Containers MUST have the unit number displayed on them.
                  o PLEASE NOTE: If garbage is placed outside improperly
                     (in bags rather than sealed containers), and they break,
                     strewing the contents across the lawns, a charge of $25.00
                     will be assessed for clean-up. (This is the minimum rate for
                     a WCCA service call).
             Remove containers promptly after collection.
             Trash may be placed out NO EARLIER than dusk Tuesday evening.
             Burning trash is not permitted.
             As taxpayers in the City of Warwick, we are obligated to participate in
              the city’s recycling program. Unit owners are responsible for
              obtaining their own recycle bins. Please call Warwick City Hall @
              738-2000 with any questions or concerns. Recycled trash is picked up
              the same day as regular trash.

G.        Do not keep flammable, combustible, or explosive material in your home
          or garage, except for such items as are required for normal household use.

H.        In accordance with Policy 9-85A – Inspection of Wood Stoves and
          Fireplaces – all airtight wood burners must be inspected annually, all
          other wood burning stoves and fireplaces every two years. This is the
          financial responsibility of the unit owner. A current certificate of
          inspection must be filed with the Management Office.

I.        For Sale signs and advertisements may not be displaced in either common
          or private areas of the condominium complex. Small cards or signs (3x5)
          may be placed in the bulletin boards at the mail station for 30 days with
          the property manager’s approval.

J.   No owner, resident, guest or lessee shall make any disturbing noise in the
     building or on the premises, nor shall they permit anything to be done to
     interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of others. Noise of any
     kind shall be kept low enough so as not to disturb neighbors. No radio,
     stereo, television or playing of musical instruments shall be allowed in a
     manner, which would disturb or annoy other condominium residents. This
     rule is of particular importance between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00

K.   If you plan to be absent from home for a period of five (5) days or longer,
     you must fill out a Vacation Notification Form to be kept on file at the
     Management Office. Vehicle(s) must be in garage or long term parking.

L.   Pets (other than those commonly known as domestic house pets) are not

        You will be financially responsible for any personal injury or property
         damage caused by your pet.

        It is your responsibility to clean up immediately after your pet. The
         clean up method used (pooper-scooper, plastic bags, etc.) is your

        All pets MUST BE LEASED AND ATTENDED. Pets cannot roam
         free or be leased on grass, decks, or road areas. Pets should be walked
         at the curb, not on the grass. Storm drains are not to be used for
         disposal of pet waste.

M.   Management/Architectural Committee approval is needed for an
     architectural change relating to:
      Decks
      Garage Conversion
      Gas/Fuel Oil Conversion
      Gutters
      Patio
      Skylights/Solatubes
      Antennas and satellite dishes
      Storm Door
      Window Replacement
      Garage Door Replacement
      Sliding Doors
      Wood Stove/Fireplaces
      Structural Changes (including those within the unit)
      Any changes or attachments to external walls

                               EXISTING LANGUAGE:

            An Architectural Request Form (available at the Management Office)
            must be filled out and be on record with the Management Office. Any
            architectural change made without Committee approval is subject to finds
            and/or removal at owner’s expense Architectural Requests will not be
            accepted until all necessary information has been received (name of
            contractor, along with a copy of his license & insurance). Information
            regarding the installation of dish antennas may be obtained at the
            Management Office.

N.          Resale Certificates:

            Owners should make arrangements with the office as to when the
            certificate is needed. The charge for the certificate is $125.00 paid by

O.          Accident and Insurance Claims:

            Accident and insurance claims for incidents occurring within the common
            area of Wethersfield Commons must be reported to the Management
            Office within 24 hours of the occurrence or as soon thereafter as possible.
            This will protect you as well as the Association.


     WCCA owners are required to complete and submit a YEARLY Unit Owner
     Update Form to the Management Office. Forms are sent out at the end of
     December and due by the end of January. Special attention should be given to
     license plate numbers, phone, work & emergency numbers, as these can change

     NOTE:        All non-resident unit owners are responsible to provide the
     Management Office with all information regarding any and all residents
     occupying the unit. (Tenants, family members, house sitters, guests, etc.) A
     section for tenants’ information is located on the Unit Owner Update Form.

     *** TO OWNERS LEASING UNITS: No unit can be leased to a tenant, guest,
     house sitter, etc. for a period of less than one year. It is the Unit Owner’s
     responsibility to provide the Manager’s Office with a copy of the lease no later
     than 14 days prior to the effective date of said lease. For specific leasing
     guidelines contact the Management Office.

                     III.    VEHICLES AND PARKING

A.   All unit owners’ and tenants’ vehicles must be registered and listed with the
     Management Office. The Management Office will provide stickers to be
     displayed on the vehicle’s front driver’s side window (not the windshield) to
     identify those properly listed with the Office.

B.   If you own ONE vehicle, it must be parked in your garage or the space
     directly behind your garage or converted garage space. If you own TWO
     vehicles, you must garage one, and park the second one behind it in the space
     directly behind your garage, before seeking additional parking. All other
     parking areas are considered common and will be treated on a first come first
     serve basis. Additional parking is available at the short-term parking lot at the

C.   General Rules of the road are to be observed by all motorists in the
     condominium complex.

D.   Common area parking spaces and “butterfly” areas are on a first come first
     serve basis.

                          PLEASE OBEY
                          AT ALL TIMES

            The maximum speed limit is fifteen (15) miles per hour and is to be
             observed at all times.

            No overnight parking is permitted on Williamsburg Drive.

            Only daily resident and guest parking (no overnight) is permitted at the
             Mail Station.

            Overnight guests may park in common area spaces where available.
             Areas directly surrounding condominiums are not to be used for long-
             term parking or storage. Those parking spaces are for cars that move
             daily (no longer than 24 hours).

E.   Vehicles must not block access to a fire hydrant by parking across from or
     adjacent to a hydrant.

F.   Vehicles must be parked at least (10) feet from a corner or fire hydrant.

G.   Transit parking (only 15 minutes) is allowed in the circular drive in front of
     the clubhouse. This will be strictly enforced. Please do not park in front of

H.   Vehicles on which current registration plates are not displayed and vehicles
     with a capacity of over one ton, including trailers, motor homes, panel trucks,
     boats or similar modes of transportation are not allowed on WCCA property.

I.   No motorized toys on streets.

J.   Motorcycles are prohibited.

K.   No extraordinary repairs or maintenance on vehicles may be performed in the
     common areas. During times of water shortage, vehicles may not be washed
     on the property.

L.   Any damage done to the parking area by vehicles, (oil spills, transmission
     fluids, rear-end leaks, etc.) will be the responsibility of the owner/lessee for
     cleanup or repair.

M.   Parking is not allowed on grass or mulched areas or in any clearly marked “No
     Parking-Tow Zone”, and “Fire Lane” areas.

           Please advise your guests that improperly parked vehicles will be
            towed at their expense.

           Signs designating COMPACT CARS ONLY must be observed.

           Any resident or guest will be assessed a $50.00 fine for any broken
            sprinkler heads as a result of parking on the grass.

N.   In order to facilitate snow plowing, it is your responsibility to garage your
     vehicle(s) or move your vehicle(s) to designated snow parking lots. The
     responsibility to move your vehicle(s) exists whether you are at home or
     away. If your vehicle hinders plowing, it will be subject to towing at your
     expense. Please keep advised of weather conditions. The Management
     Office is open during storms and is available to provide you with instructions
     as to conditions and plowing schedules. Snow parking arrangements will be
     posted at the Mail Station and in the newsletter.

O.   Vehicles which are not used on a regular basis must be parked in the long-
     term parking lot located south of Building #100. Maximum time allowed in
     Long Term Parking is six months. Any resident vehicle not on record with the
     Management Office or non-resident vehicles parked in this area will be towed
     at owner’s expense.

P.    The Board has the authority to determine if a vehicle is too large, in disrepair,
      inappropriate in appearance, or has remained in a designated area for an
      extensive period of time, and to demand its removal. Unit owner is
      responsible for any damage to concrete/asphalt caused by leaking fluids, oil,

Q.    Wethersfield Commons is not to be used as a substitute for parking at
      T.F. Green Airport. Any non-resident vehicle in violation of this rule is
      subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

                               IV.     FACILITIES

A. OFFICE: A Unit Owner Update Form is to be completed and submitted to the
   Management Office on a yearly basis. This information is required and strictly
   confidential. Under no circumstances will a resident I.D. and/or pool pass be
   updated without one.

             Office Hours:      Monday – Friday
              9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
              (morning/evening appointments by request; afternoon walk-ins

             All owners(s) and lessee(s) must be registered with the Management
              Office. This information is kept strictly confidential.

             All suggestions/complaints/unit service requests must be submitted in
              writing. The appropriate forms are available in the Management
              Office and must be used.


             The clubhouse is open year round. The hours are Monday – Friday
              from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

             Pets are not permitted in the Clubhouse or recreational areas.

             Guidelines for decorating and use of the Clubhouse must be obtained
              from WCCA Management Office prior to both private & Association
              (holiday parties, etc.) use of the facility and will be strictly enforced.
              Failure to obey these guidelines will result in a fine to repair/replace
              damaged item(s). Please remember, unit owners are liable for any
              damage to the facilities caused by them or their guests. Failure to
              obtain these Guidelines in no way eliminates your responsibility to
              comply with them.

         A resident adult must accompany children under 14 years of age in the
          clubhouse/game room facility at all times.

         You are responsible for the conduct of your family and guests and
          shall be liable for any damage to the facilities/grounds caused by them.


         The Clubhouse is not available for rental on the following days:
            Easter/Passover                        ‫ ﻔ‬Thanksgiving
            Memorial Day/Labor Day                 ‫ ﻔ‬Christmas
            July 4th                               ‫ ﻔ‬New Year

         Men/Women Saunas: All residents, especially those who may have
          health problems or are pregnant, should consult a physician prior to
          using this facility. You must be 18 years of age to use the sauna,
          unless accompanied by an adult. Please observe all rules posted at the
          entrance to each sauna.


         Use of the game room is restricted to residents and their guests, age 14
          years or older unless accompanied by an adult resident. No admittance
          without a resident I.D. card.

         The game room must be cleaned after use by those hosting the games.


         If you, as a resident, wish to reserve the Clubhouse for a private party,
          you may make arrangements through the Management Office (738-
          1192). Your resident I.D. card will be used as identification for the

         After it has been determined that a specific date is available, a
          clubhouse contract must be completed, signed, and accompanied by a
          deposit check of $375.00. $200.00 of this fee is a security deposit and
          the remaining $175.00 is the cost for four (4) yours use of the function
          EVENT. A fine of $100.00 will be assessed for infractions of this

         The Property Manager will review and approve all applications for
          functions in the clubhouse.

         Maximum room capacity:

           Main Lounge: 100 seating capacity/125 standing capacity.

          The game room on the upper level and the pool area are strictly off
           limits to party guests.

          Reservations will not be accepted for business meetings, club
           meetings, commercial purposes, civic or charitable groups, business
           parties or any function that is not strictly of a private-social nature,
           unless authorized by the Management Committee.

          By making a reservation, you agree to accept responsibility for the
           conduct of your guests. You must be in attendance from the beginning
           to the end of your event. If children are in attendance, they are the
           sole responsibility of those hosting the event. Neither WCCA staff,
           management or the Association will be held responsible for their

          On certain occasions, the Property Manager may insist upon hiring
           security guards for a party at the resident’s expense.

          All functions should end no later than 12:00 a.m.


          There is a court time maximum of one (1) hour for singles and one and
           one-half (1 ½) hours for doubles when someone is waiting.

          Court time is on first come first serve basis.

          Appropriate footwear is required/

          Use of the tennis court is restricted to person’s fourteen years or older,
           unless accompanied by an adult resident.

          Guests are welcome, but only when playing tennis with a resident.

          Tennis courts are for tennis only. No other activities are permitted.

          Use of the tennis courts is allowed:
           April – October (weather permitting)
           Between 7:00 a.m. – sunset

          Gates will be locked during the off season (November – March)
           Gates should remain closed but unlocked during the “In” season
           (April – October)


          Swimming, wading, use of flotation devices or ice-skating (including
           walking on the ice) is NEVER PERMITTED.

          Fishing is for residents only. A maximum of four (4) guests is
           permitted per resident. An adult resident must accompany guests.

          Birds are not to be fed. (Canadian geese, pigeons, sea gulls, and ducks
           have become a health hazard.

          No one may introduce any wild or domestic waterfowl to the pond or
           any other common area.


          Bicycles are to be ridden on paved areas only.

                       V.      SCHEDULE OF FEES

       a. 1ST Day of Month: Condominium fees are due plus any “Common
          Expense” (special assessments) as defined:

           All costs, expenses and other liabilities:

            i. in connection with the administration, maintenance, repair and
               replacement of the Common Areas and Facilities and the
               Association Property,

           ii. incurred by the Management Committee pursuant to the exercise
               of its duties and obligations under this Declaration and the By-

           iii. determined to be Common Expenses by the Association, or

           iv. declared to be Common Expenses by the provisions of the
               Declaration or the By-Laws.

       b. 16th Day Past Due: Late charge of $25.00 per month will be
          assessed. Notice will be sent to owner by management. If extenuating
          circumstances exist, owner needs to notify management office.
          Management will relay information to the Board of Directors.

c. 60th Day Past Due: Certified legal demand letter will be mailed.
   Legal costs will be assessed to owner.

d. 90th Day Past Due: Legal action will commence. Legal counsel is
   authorized to perform title search and notify owner’s financing
   institution. All associated fees shall be the owner’s responsibility.

e. 120TH Day Past Due: Foreclosure proceedings will commence. All
   associated fees shall be the owner’s responsibility. To cease these
   proceedings, the unit owner must remit all charges and fees due, as
   well as all legal and related costs.

                  VI.    MAINTENANCE

   WCCA employees are employees of the management company. They
    are not personal employees of the residents.

   No verbal orders to maintenance or grounds staff will be honored.
    Any requests for work orders, no matter how major or minor, must be
    submitted in writing to the management office. Forms are available in
    the Management Office for these written requests.

   Unit Service Requests are performed as a courtesy to residents and are
    secondary to common area work orders. They will be addressed in the
    order they are received. Usual time frame for work orders is 7-10
    working days. Owners are not obligated to use WCCA maintenance
    staff to perform work inside their units. They are free to call any
    independent contractor they wish. (For your protection, please be sure
    your contractor is licensed by the state of Rhode Island. Also be sure
    he/she carries liability insurance).

   When a possible insurance case maintenance emergency arises, the
    WCCA will respond to help the unit owner. Any insurance issues
    between owners are the owner’s responsibility and not the
    responsibility of WCCA.

                                  VII.    LANDSCAPE

Wethersfield Commons Condominium Association documents state, “ The Common
Areas and facilities consist of all of the property except the units, including without
limitation….roadways, parking areas, walkways, lawns and gardens.”

All “Common Areas” are the sole responsibility of the Management Committee and
the Property Manager.

“Limited Common Areas” are patios, decks and flower gardens.


                 Remove
                 Trim
                 Plant
                  Any bush, tree or shrub without filling out a Landscape Request Form.
                  The Landscape Request Form may be obtained from the Property
                  Manager’s Office. You will be notified when your request has been
                  approved or declined.

                 Do not give any verbal requests or directions to the landscape workers.
                  All requests must be in writing to the Property Manager.


                 Flowers may be planted to enhance your garden area. Please do not
                  infringe on your neighbors “Limited Common Area”. They may,
                  however, wish to work jointly with you to complete an attractive

                 Artificial or plastic flowers are not to be displayed in any “Common

                 For security reasons, no deck rail plantings or flower boxes are


                 The largest garden ornament may not be over 8” (eight inches) in size.

                 No artificial flowers or lawn ornaments are acceptable.

                 Canopies, tents and/or gazebos are not acceptable.


             Other than the American Flag, no others are accepted.


             Patio and deck furniture must be kept on patios and decks – NEVER
              on “Common Areas” or grass

             Benches also may not be placed on “Common Areas” or grass.
              Interfering with proper grass cutting is not permitted.


             Patios must have appropriate planting (5 ft. high) on all sides to insure
              privacy. Architectural Committee approval is required for the
              installation of a patio. Request forms are available in the Property
              Manager’s Office.

             Storing of trash barrels, recycling buckets and grills (covered) when
              stored on patio must not be visible from the street or to your neighbors.


             As of July 2004 one bird feeder per owner is acceptable.


     A.   A lifeguard is scheduled to be on duty from Memorial Day through Labor

             Use of the pool is prohibited unless a lifeguard is present or a “NO
              LIFEGUARD, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK” sign is posted.

             The lifeguard has full authority to enforce the rules. If it is deemed
              necessary, the lifeguard may eject any violator(s). Challenging the
              lifeguards’ authority is strictly prohibited.

             Body oils, suntan lotion, or sand, must be showered off before entering
              the pool. A towel must be used to cover the pool furniture if oil or
              lotion is used.

             Proper bathing attire is required whit at the pool.

B.   The swimming pool area will be open:
      Monday through Friday            10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
      Saturday, Sunday, Holidays         9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

C.   Pool parties are not permitted.

D.   Pets are not permitted in the pool area.

E.   Eating is permitted in the picnic table area only. Primary uses of the
     tables are for eating and card and game playing. All belongings such as
     coolers, clothes, etc., should be placed on the shelves at the back wall.
     When not in use the tables with umbrellas may be used for shade in
     addition to the canopied area. No glass or other breakable items are

F.   Running, splashing, and loud boisterous behavior is not permitted.

        No Frisbees, inflatable toys, or beach balls are allowed in the pool
        No floatation devices (lifeguard’s discretion)
        No diving in the pool.
        Toys are permitted in children’s kiddy pool only. All toys are subject
         to lifeguard’s discretion.

G.   Bathers are permitted to use only the men and women’s
     changing/restroom rooms on the lower level. The main Clubhouse and
     library are off limits to bathers during pool hours. Bathers must wear
     proper attire (shirt & shoes) when visiting the Club House/Management

H.   No resident under14 years of age is permitted in the pool facility without
     an adult resident present. No child under 3 years and/or in diapers is
     allowed in the main pool under any circumstances. Please use the kiddy

I.   Children and adults are required by law to keep steps and ladders clear for
     easy access.

J.   A resident I.D. card will be provided to each resident. This card must be
     shown to the lifeguard when entering and using the pool area. There is a
     $10.00 replacement fee for lost I.D. cards. Cards must be validated

K.   Children in diapers must be changed on the changing table located in the
     Women’s Lounge. (Sorry gentlemen. You’ll have to recruit a woman to
     assist you. There is no changing table available in the Men’s Lounge).

   L.       Guests:

           On weekends and holidays all guests must submit a weekend/holiday pass.
            These passes will cost $3.00 per each usage and can only be purchased at
            the Management Office during normal office hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
            Guests under 12 years of age are admitted free, but are counted as guests.
            Residents are limited to four guests per unit. Passes are not refundable.

           The resident must accompany and remain in the pool area with a guest at
            all times.

           Any exceptions will be approved in advance by the Rules & Regulations

   M.       Use of the shuffleboard/bocce courts is restricted to people 14 years or
            older, unless accompanied by an adult resident. Children must not be left
            unattended on swings or in the play area.

   N.       No Smoking.

                              IX.    FINE SCHEDULE

In order to enforce the rules and regulations of this Association, the Management
Committee has established the following fine schedule for the Unit Owners and

              1st Violation:     Courtesy letter to comply
              2 Violation:       Notice of hearing – Failure to appear at a scheduled
          hearing can constitute an admission of guilt. A penalty will be assessed by
          the Hearing Committee.
Fines Schedule as follows:

                Singe (one time) fine                   from $35.00 - $50.00
                Daily Fine (if violation continues)     $35.00 - $50.00 per day

                Continued non-compliance to correct said violation is subject to
                court action and/or loss or rights and privileges.

               If deemed necessary, fines may be increased, but not to exceed those
                amounts found in the Rhode Island Condominium Act, Page 661, 34-

               All residents have the right to be heard by the WCCA Hearing
                Committee for any violation assessed against them as per their right

under the Rhode Island Condominium Act page 661, Section (a).

                             X.     AFFIRMATION

The Management Committee and the Rules and Regulations Committee of
Wethersfield Commons Condominium Association reserve the right to change or
revoke existing Rules and Regulations and make additional Rules and Regulations
from time to time, which, in their opinion, shall be necessary or desirable for the
safety and protection of the condominium and its occupants to maintain cleanliness
and good order of the property and to assure the comfort and convenience of all