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					G f K R ope r C o n s u l t i n g
Turning Consumer Understanding
into Competitive Advantage

       Comprehensive consumer trends information
       Strategic implications and actionable insights
    Helping Clients Succeed in Rapidly
    Changing Markets

           By understanding global consumer behavior with GfK Roper Consulting's

           cost-effective syndicated research…
                 …A well-known food brand makes a successful first foray outside the US.

           In discovering Asian women's attitudes toward health, beauty and the aging
           process through a package of analytical research tools…
                 …A leader in the beauty category implements strategic and tactical initiatives
                 that solidify its position as the global expert on women.

           With research on how teenagers worldwide use cell phones for text
                 …A manufacturer adds critical functionality to its new line of cell phones,

                 helping it become the market leader in the teen segment.

    “   We're known in the marketplace as a fact-based consultancy.
        This means that our clients know us as something much
        more—as partners who excel at helping them put consumer

        understanding to work for their brands.

                        By analyzing how young women's values have evolved and how the value of

                        "having control over one's life" has increased over time…
                              …A major publisher is able to better adjust the format and editorial content

                              of a leading women's service magazine for a successful relaunch.

                        By understanding the shifting attitudes that young men have about their
                        appearance and their increasing use of personal care products…
                              …A large consumer packaged goods manufacturer meets the demands of this
                              dynamic market through innovative product development that more effectively

                              targets this demographic.

These are just a few examples of how GfK Roper Consulting helps clients turn consumer
understanding into competitive advantage.

Imagine the possibilities for your business.

               Turning Insight Into Actions

               True insight depends on data
               As experts in consumer behavior, GfK Roper Consulting believes in the supremacy of data. True

               insights are hard to come by, even for the most astute observer. In our experience, the wider, deeper
               and more often you cast your net, the better your chance of capturing that key insight, identifying a

               trend or discovering what really drives behavior.

               GfK Roper Consulting has been polling consumers longer, more deeply and with more frequency than

               anyone else. Today, we conduct interviews with:

                   • 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries around the globe through GfK Roper Reports®

                   • Over 15,000 US consumers every year via our GfK Roper Reports® US service.

                   • 2,000 consumers every year on environmental trends in the United States for our GfK Roper

                     Green Gauge® report

                   • 1,000 kids in the US age 8 through 17 twice yearly through our GfK Roper Youth ReportTM

    Sorting Fads from Trends with Proprietary Analytics

    Distinguishing fads from trends is crucial for consumer brands. Unlike fads, trends represent fundamental shifts in
    consumer mindset and behavior. But trends breed fads—creating "noise" in the marketplace. With the wealth of
    data, sophisticated analytics and experience available from GfK Roper Consulting, you can separate fads from trends.

    To determine whether the Atkins phenomenon was a fad or just empty calories, we used our proprietary
    INFLUENTIALSSM segmentation and analytics to delve deeply into attitudes toward low-carbohydrate diets among
    consumers in the Category INFLUENTIALS Segment. Well before the low-carb mania ran out of fuel, GfK Roper
    Consulting identified it as a fad—helping our clients direct their resources to more profitable areas.

“              Each GfK Roper Consulting client has a dedicated consulting team that
               understands the category, the business and the brand. It's our job to
               explore and explain what our findings mean to the brand manager…to
               the product developers…to the front-line salespeople and customer

               support teams. It's how we translate insight into actions.

The implications for your business
While the world knows GfK Roper Consulting for our extensive data,              Snapshot:
clients prize us for our ability to put consumer understanding to               Far from an affluent luxury
work for their brands. It's what we do best.                                    segment, the automotive
                                                                                Category INFLUENTIALSSM Segment
                                                                                actually tends to be blue-collar
We do it through relationships. Our account teams work closely with             Gen-X men. Cars mean a lot to
                                                                                them, but they also have other
you to transform consumer understanding into actionable steps—
                                                                                priorities in life.
from strategic, franchise-wide initiatives to specific tactics at the

business line to the design and packaging of a consumer product or

the programming code in enterprise software.

A global perspective on consumer behavior
In an era when control is shifting to the consumer, local cultures are ascendant and local competition is
increasing—we call it the Third Age of Globalization—it's essential to have a firm grasp on the world.

GfK Roper Consulting understands that you operate globally because we do, too. As part of the GfK

Group, one of the world’s largest research firms, we offer a world of access to the global resources and
local knowledge you need to grow your business.

And should you need to explore trends in detail, GfK Roper Consulting’s category, segment, regional/country
and industry experts can provide deeper analysis of your business challenges.

   Connecting with the world's consumers

   Over 30,000 face-to-face interviews a year in more than 25 core countries, with representative
   sampling projectable to over 1.1 billion consumers:

   Argentina                           Egypt               Mexico                  Switzerland
   Australia                           France              Netherlands             Taiwan
   Belgium                             Germany             Poland                  Thailand
   Brazil                              Hungary             Portugal                Turkey
   Canada                              India               Romania                 UK
   China                               Indonesia           Russia                  Ukraine
   Colombia                            Italy               South Africa            US
   Croatia                             Japan               Spain
   Czech Republic                      Korea               Sweden

  Countries in bold covered in every study

    A Consulting Approach Built
    Into Every Relationship

    Research solutions from GfK Roper Consulting follow a fact-based consultative process along the

    continuum from insights to action.

         [ key trends ]
    What key trends affect your customers?
           Identify major trends and driving forces shaping consumer behavior with TrendKEYSM reports,

           the Mood of the World Report and on-site presentations.

           Update your knowledge of trends with the fresh thinking in Global Pulse® and Public Pulse®

           newsletters and, for clients of GfK Roper Reports® US, our teleconferences.

           Enhance your understanding with qualitative research and peer group examples through

           Trend WorksSM newsletters and Trend WhysSM reports culled from online bulletin board
           discussion forums.

                         [ focus ]
    Which trends should you focus on?
    Because our trends are built with data, we can be rigorous about assessing their impact on your business:
           Sorting fads from trends—so you know where your market is really headed

           Assessing the impact of global, national and local trends—drawing on experience
           from throughout the GfK network

           Exploring the effect of trends on the consumers you care most about,
           using TrendKEY, ValueScopeSM and other analytical tools—so you can
           effectively tailor your approach

                  [ advantage ]
    How do you take advantage of these trends?
    Once we have assessed the impact of trends on your brand, we help you act
    on the insights most relevant to your business through our workshop tasks,

    processes and ideation sessions, particularly in the areas of new product

    development, brand (re)positioning and marketing communications strategy.

Shedding New Light on the Boomer Market
                                                                 40% of teens cite friends as the
                                                                 reason they tried a new product
When our data uncovers larger issues, GfK Roper
                                                                 or activity...and only 1% cite
Consulting's analytics and in-house consumer experts can
lead you to solutions.

                                                                 Source: GfK Roper Youth ReportTM
A division of a well-known media company was
concerned that TV advertisers weren't reaching a key
target demographic—Baby Boomers—a 78-million-person
audience with $2.3 trillion in annual household expenditures.

Delving into the GfK Roper Reports® US database, we helped this client make a significant
discovery: while many Boomers rely primarily on TV for information, almost half feel
overlooked by TV marketers.

We followed up by analyzing the Boomer segment using two proprietary tools—ValueScopeSM, to
map Boomers' most deeply-rooted behavioral drivers, and LifeMatrixSM, a customizable tool to
focus our segmentation analysis for more precise targeting, messaging and programming ideas.

By going beyond traditional wisdom about a segment that had been taken for granted, this
media giant now has a superior understanding of how to reach the Boomer market and
strategies for doing so—a competitive advantage it can extend to its advertisers.

    Leading-Edge Analytics and Consulting Tools
    for Keeping Pace with Changing Markets

    Syndicated services
         GfK Roper Reports® US / GfK Roper Reports® Worldwide

         Chronicling the major trends shaping consumer behavior in the US and around the world
         GfK Roper Youth ReportTM (US)
         Reporting on major trends affecting young people in the US
         GfK Roper Green Gauge® (US)

         Measuring US consumer attitudes toward the environment

    Analytical tools
         Our overarching framework of global mega-trends

         Our global approach to understanding personal, brand, corporate and employee values

         The Social INFLUENTIALSSM are leaders in word-of-mouth marketing and an early majority in
         consumer trends. The Category INFLUENTIALSSM Segmentation combines product passion with a
         wide social network to whom to advocate your brand.
         GfK Roper Consumer Styles/LifeMatrixSM
         Our proprietary segmentation tool is based on values, lifestages and lifestyles. It links the
         GfK Roper Reports US database with Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) data to provide

         unparalleled knowledge of the American consumer.


                                                                          More Americans eat on-the-go
                                                                          than do any other nationality...
                                                                          and the French rate themselves
                                                                          highest on work-life balance,
                                                                          while South Koreans rate
Consultancy tools                                                         themselves lowest.

                                                                          Source: GfK Roper Reports®
     Collaborative processes and techniques that turn insights            Worldwide

     into ideas for new products and services
     Values-Based Branding

     Make sure your brand is aligned with the values of your key consumers and targets
     Identify and understand the key segments for your product, brand or category

Primary research
     Custom Studies
     For linking deeper category-level understanding with general consumer trends

     Access to proprietary data on major trends shaping consumer behavior in the US

      “             It's never been enough to merely show clients where consumer
                    trends are today. Businesses need to know where the markets
                    will be tomorrow.

                    But forecasting trends is difficult—and the ever-increasing pace
                    of technology and globalization make it even more so. The
                    predictive power of Trend KEYSM and our other sophisticated
                    analytical tools enable us to give clients invaluable insights on

                    how consumers will behave in the future.
    Facts & Figures
    GfK Group

     • 5th largest research firm in the world

     • Local offices in more than 100 countries

     • Over 9,000 specialists, researchers, and consultants worldwide

     As of December 2007

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