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									                                                                       Foxcroft Aquatic Swim Team (FAST)

  May 25, 2009

                                                                                                         Volume 1, Number 2

                                        FAST Newsletter

                                                                                                         Inside this issue:

                                                                                                         What to include next?       2

                                                                                                         How does my child           2

                                                                                                         Meet Entries                3
                                    Setting up for practice
                                                                                                         Ribbons                     3
                                    Swimmers in the water!
                                                                                                         Mite Ready Area —           3
                                                                                                         Swimmers Eight and
                                                                                                         Under Only!
       Swimmer of the Week                                                                               Swimmers To Do List — 4
                                                                                                         Improved Swimming

                     This year we plan to                                                                Meet Basics —What           4
               have a “Swimmer of the                                                                    should my child eat…
               Week”. The coaches will look
                                                                                                         New Walls —They’re          5
               at all of our swimmers and
                                                                                                         not for climbing, …
               they will pick one (1)
               swimmer of the week.                                                                      CAL Annual College          5
                    This is not based solely
               on performance at a meet,                                                                 Meet Basics —What do        5
               but also other qualities or                                                               I bring? What should…
               actions that make them stand
                                                                                                         Upcoming —Mark Your 6
               out from the other swimmers.                                                              Calendars

Senior Swimmer — Kirsten Reese Graduates This Year from Cosby
     For those of you who                   Kirsten graduates from      leaving for Penn State          for two (2) years and also
were with us last summer,              Cosby High School this year      University.                     babysits.
you will remember three or             and this will be her last
                                                                              Kirsten played cello in         The Senior Swimmers and
four of our senior swimmers            season with the FAST Fins.
                                                                        the Cosby High School           the rest of our team will miss her
and their “spirit antics”. If you      She is the only graduating
                                                                        Orchestra for four years. She   and her willingness to show her
remember at the last meet of           Senior on our team this year.
                                                                        is also a member of the Beta    spirit.
the season, two of the girls           She has been a member of
                                                                        Club, the National Honor
“dressed in their ‘fins’” missed       the swim team for nine (9)                                            Kirsten good luck and best
                                                                        Society and the Spanish
warm-ups and swam their IM             years. And for one season                                        wishes as you head out to Penn
                                                                        Honor Society at Cosby.
in their “fins costume”. One           she was a Coaches Helper.                                        State this fall.
of them was Kirsten Reese.             After she graduates she is           She has worked at RISE
   Page 2                                                                                                           FAST Newsletter

What to include next?
     After I finally hit “send” to the         This way she will know that you have          you want to limit what they write on
Newsletter last week, I went over all the      made arrangements to have your                their body, then you need to let your
letters that I e-mailed last year to           position covered.                             child know what the limit is.
determine what to include in this
                                                    Another topic —Sharpies® and                   Yes, I remember those days when ink
                                               bodies. If you look close enough to the       covered their bodies, whether they were
     I believe that we need to remember        picture in our last newsletter you will see   on the swim team or not. I remember just
most of all that this is Summer League         writing on the arm of one of our              last year when Steph was one of those
and we, the parents, supply the                swimmers. Yes, swimmers will write on         Senior Swimmers who showed her “Fins”
volunteer labor to make this team              their bodies with Sharpies®. The younger      as she swam in the meets (Green hair?).
happen. Over the next week or so, Julie        swimmers will see the older swimmers          After talking to my daughters, both who
will be contacting parents about               writing on their bodies with Sharpies®        wrote on their bodies with Sharpies at
volunteering their time at swim meets.         and yes, they too will write on their         swim meets and other occasions, I found
The volunteer schedule will be posted on       bodies with Sharpies®. The older              that they used either suntan lotion (prior
the website once it is finalized and it will   swimmers write such things as event,          to getting wet or in the water) or bug
be e-mailed to each family. Parents if you     heat & lane on their bodies; along with       spray to get the ink off their bodies. If
realize that you are unable to work a shift    “Go Fins” “Swim FAST” and so forth.           they used suntan lotion and then swam
at a meet, either at home or away, please      Younger swimmers do not limit                 during the meet, most of the ink was
make arrangements with someone else            themselves to what they write on their        gone by the end of the meet. Perhaps
to cover your position. Talk with other        bodies or how much they cover up their        this will help you during the swim team
parents and see if they would be willing       bodies with writing, well you get the         season this year.
to swap a shift/meet with you. Do not          picture. Parents, please talk to your
                                                                                                                           —Linda Harris
forget to let Julie know that you have         children PRIOR to a swim meet about
swapped or switched with someone else.         writing on their bodies with Sharpies®. If

How does my child compete?
     . Swim meets have scores and each         season or the time they swim at the Mock      the swimmer is disqualified or not. No
event has points. Points are awarded in        Meet. After our first meet, the “seed time”   matter how many heats there are in an
each division of an event: Gold, Silver and    will change to the fastest time they swam     event, there will always be one winner
Bronze and the first six swimmers in each      that event since the first meet of this       per heat. Heat ribbons will also be given
division will be awarded points. The only      season. The “seed time” will determine        out if there is only one swimmer in the
difference will be the relays and their        the place your child will swim in an          heat.
points are awarded by Relay Team               event. Each event has at least one heat. A
                                                                                                  Results for each event are posted
instead of swimmers. The team with the         heat will equal six swimmers or less, one
                                                                                             during the meet after they are verified by
most points at the end of a meet wins the      swimmer in each lane. The number of
                                                                                             the workers at the Results Table. At the
meet. We are competing with teams in           entries in an event will determine the
                                                                                             end of the meet, the workers at the
the B Division. We will be swimming            number of heats in an event. Our events
                                                                                             Results Table continue verifying the
against Beulah, Birkdale, Creekwood,           go from faster times to slower times. The
                                                                                             results until all entries have been verified
Founders Bridge, Summer Lake and               faster swimmers will be in lanes 3 and 4
                                                                                             and then the results are printed out for
Tarrington this season.                        with the slower swimmers in lanes 2 and
                                                                                             each team. The results are also
                                               5 and 1 and 6, respectively. Note, the
     Not only are we competing as a                                                          downloaded by the home team to the
                                               computer program we use automatically
team, but our swimmers are competing                                                         CAL website.
                                               assigns swimmers in a heat and lane
with themselves. We stress that our
                                               based on their time, so there could be            The results are also given to the
swimmers beat their time from the prior
                                               heats that contain Gold, Silver and           Coaches at the end of the meet, along
meet or their fastest time (“seed time”).
                                               Bronze swimmers.                              with the Disqualification Cards (DQs).
You will hear the words “seed time” a lot.
                                                                                             The next day, we post the results of the
For our first meet, the “seed time” will be         Heat ribbons are given out to the
                                                                                             meet at the pool.
the swimmer’s fastest time from last           fastest swimmer in that heat, no matter if
Volume 1, Number 2                                                                                                            Page 3

Meet Entries
     After seeing your child swim at           criticize or question the Coaches decision     and Parent Representatives prior to the
practices, Patrick and the other coaches       about an entry during a swim meet.             start of the meet. Once a meet has
will determine what events to enter your                                                      begun, the only changes that can be
                                                    Back to meet entries — if you feel
child in.                                                                                     made are to Relays. Please do not leave a
                                               strongly about what events your child
                                                                                              meet early without checking with Patrick
     Mite Parents — if your child is           will be entered in, send an e-mail to
                                                                                              to determine if your child will need to
entered in an event, please encourage          Patrick or Aileen and, if necessary,
                                                                                              swim in a Relay.
your child to swim. I have worked the          schedule a time with them to discuss
Results Table for the past few years and       your feelings before the entries are made            Relays — Although the coaches
yes, I have seen 2 minute freestyle times      for a meet. This needs to be done at least     create the relays prior to a meet, changes
in the Mite and Youth events. It takes         three to four days BEFORE a meet, not the      to Relays can be made up until the event
courage for a young swimmer to get in          day before a meet. Again remember,             is called to the Clerk of Course. For this
the water for the first time and “swim” 25     Patrick, Aileen and Kate have seen your        reason, we ask parents and swimmers
yards to the end of the pool. Talk to a        child practice and they are in the best        not to leave a meet early without
parent with an older swimmer and their         position to determine what events your         checking with the Coach first. If one
child’s first time in the pool, it’s usually   child should be entered in.                    swimmer in a Relay is a “no show” then
not pretty. Eventually your child begins                                                      that Relay will not be able to compete.
                                                    Once our entries have been entered
to gain confidence in their stroke and
                                               into a meet, changes can only be made
technique and can’t wait to “dive into the
                                               upon agreement of both team’s coaches
pool”. One thing I ask is that you do not

Ribbons !!!
     With the exception of our meet on         the Clubhouse, spreading out to the                 We will also recognize our “Swimmer
Saturday, June 13th, ribbons will be           landing opposite of the steps.                 of the Week” on Saturdays.
given out by the Coaches on Saturday
                                                    We will also recognize those                   Parents please plan to arrive shortly
morning between 9:00 am and 9:15 am.
                                               swimmers who improved their times              before 9:00 am so that we can be ready
On Saturday, June 20th, we will be
                                               and/or moved from Bronze to Silver to          to start when the first morning practice
handing out ribbons for two meets — the
                                               Gold in an event. These will also be           has ended. It’s BYOC (Bring your own
one on June 13th against Tarrington and
                                               recognized in the newsletter and posted        coffee) or whatever.
the one on June 18th against Beulah. We
                                               at the pool.
will assemble on the right side steps of

Mite Ready Area — Swimmers Eight and Under Only !
     For swimmers, AGES EIGHT (8) AND          returning your child to the Mite Ready         are telling them. They are also required to
UNDER ONLY,  this is where they will stay      Area. If your child is not in the Mite Ready   behave. If the Mite Parents give your
until they are called for their event. For     Area when they need to leave to go to          child two warnings regarding their
home meets this will be in the baby pool       the Clerk of Course, your child will not be    inappropriate behavior in the Mite Ready
area. There are Mite Parents signed up to      able to swim in that event.                    Area, you will be notified by the Mite
work the first shift of each meet and it is                                                   Parents about what action needs to be
                                                    Please remember, the Mite Ready
their responsibility to make sure that all                                                    taken to correct this behavior.
                                               Area is not a babysitting service, only
Mite and Youth swimmers get to the
                                               those kids swimming in an event are                Parents if you are scheduled to work
Clerk of Course and blocks for their
                                               allowed in the Mite Ready Area. Parents        while your child is in the Mite Ready
event. The Mite Parents ARE NOT
                                               of Mite/Youth swimmers may remain in           Area, please let the Mite Parent know
responsible for tracking down your child
                                               the Mite Ready Area at the discretion of       and if there is another adult that you
and getting them to the Mite Ready Area.
                                               the Mite Parents.                              would like the Mite Parent contact
If you take your child from the Mite
                                                                                              regarding your child, should it become
Ready Area, and we discourage you from             Parents remind your child that they
                                                                                              necessary, please let them know.
doing so, you will be responsible for          need to listen to what the Mite Parents
     Page 4                                                                                                             FAST Newsletter

Swimmers To Do List —Improved Swimming
—Mat Luebbers, Tuesday, January 11, 2005 [taken from CAL website]
    There are many things that you can        whatever you want to call it. If all of your   8.   DO WEAR A SWIMSUIT MADE FOR
do to swim better. This to do list of 10      workouts are focused on technique, your             COMPETITIVE SWIMMING
ways to swim better could help any            technique will improve. But what will
                                                                                                  This doesn’t mean spend $300 on
swimmer improve in the water.                 happen when you try to go faster? You
                                                                                             the latest and greatest high-tech slicker
                                              will get tired, your technique will
1.    DO SWIM FREQUENTLY.                                                                    than skin piece of swim wear. It means
                                              deteriorate, and you might as well call it a
                                                                                             don’t wear baggy beach shorts if you are
    If you don’t average about three          day. If you are doing either some hard or
                                                                                             trying to improve your technique or go
swims a week you will lose your feel for      challenging workouts mixed in with
                                                                                             learn how to hold technique when going
the water and your technique will begin       technique work, as different workouts or
                                                                                             faster. There are times to wear a swimsuit
to deteriorate. No feel, no technique, no     as part of the same workout, you will
                                                                                             that gives you some extra drag, but not
speed. If the option is between one or        learn how to hold good technique while
                                                                                             before you have mastered good
two long workouts or three or four            going faster.
shorter workouts, swimmers seem to do
                                              5.   DO EASY WORKOUTS
better when they swim more frequently                                                        9.   DO ASK SOMEONE TO WATCH YOU SWIM
as opposed to only doing a few longer              Depending on your swimming goals,
                                                                                                  Better yet, get someone to video
workouts each week.                           there may be no reason to do more than
                                                                                             you. Getting some eyes to watch what
                                              one or two tough workout sets a week,
2.    DO SWIM WITH GOOD TECHNIQUE.                                                           you do (or using your own via a video
                                              as long as you do one or two easier
                                                                                             review) while you are moving through
      Maintain the best possible technique    workouts, too. Work hard on he hard
                                                                                             the pool can yield soe great feedback on
at all speeds during a workout. If you try    things, and easy on the easy things, and
                                                                                             your swimming technique that you may
to go fast with bad technique, you are        each kind of work will give better results.
                                                                                             have not realized.
wasting energy. If you can teach yourself
                                              6.   DO STREAMLINES
to go fast WHILE USING good technique,                                                       10. DO USE FLIPPERS OCCASIONALLY
you will make bigger gains.                        It might be a start, a push-of, or a
                                                                                                   Among other benefits, swim fins or
                                              turn, but you should always do things
3.    DO DRILLS AS PART OF EVERY SWIMMING                                                    flippers can help you achieve (artificially)
                                              the same way — streamline, then into the
      WORKOUT.                                                                               a better body position and you will learn
                                              transition between the streamline and
                                                                                             what that position feels like while
     Early in your workout, in the middle     swimming. But first, always a streamline.
                                                                                             moving. Then, when the flippers are off,
of your workout, or at the end of your
                                              7.   DO LEAVE THE WALL THE SAME WAY            you can try to recreate that position by
workout (or any combination of the
                                                   EVERY TIME                                feel, since you will already have a better
three!) do some specific technique work
                                                                                             idea what it will feel like when you get
to reinforce good swimming skills. There           Always push off the walls the way
are many drills you can do to stay tuned      you would if you were coming out of a
up, or to help you develop better             turn. When you starting a set, you should
technique.                                    push off the wall exactly the same way
                                                                                             Get this to do list done, and Swim On!
                                              that you would be pushing off the wall if
                                              you were coming out of a turn. Most            (Mathew Luebbers is a professional coach,
    One or two times a week                   races have more turns than starts, and         working with all ages of competitive
(depending upon how frequently you            getting some extra practice with any part      swimmers, fitness swimmers, and triathletes.)
swim) do part of your workout with            of a turn is a bonus.
oomph — push the effort, go hard,

Meet Basics — What should my child eat during a meet?
     Swimmers are encouraged
throughout the season to pay careful          diet. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices        Each swimmer and/or their family
attention to their diet. Nutrition has a      and try to stay away from soda. Baked          should adjust these suggestions to the
direct impact on a swimmer’s                  potatoes, pasta, fruits and vegetables are     particular needs, personality and lifestyle
performance. All swimmers are                 recommended. Try to limit the intake of        of the swimmer.
encouraged to each a low fat, low sugar       cookies, candy, chips and salt.
Volume 1, Number 2                                                                                                             Page 5

New Walls — They’re not for climbing, setting on, walking on . . .
                                             on, climbing on, walking on, etc., these          to do, at times, seemed like an impossible
    Yes, we all love the new look in the
                                             same walls. If you see someone doing              task. But on the other hand if we all pitch
baby pool area, especially the new walls.
                                             any of these, please ask them to refrain          in and remind everyone (young and old
The Pool Committee did a fantastic job at
                                             from doing so. Yes, I remember those              alike), it will make it much easier.
making this area look great!
                                             toddler days, preschool and elementary
                                                                                                   If you have a concern about this area
      They made it look great and kept the   school days, those middle school years,
                                                                                               and do not know anyone on the Pool
hill from washing away into the baby         the high school years and even the
                                                                                               Committee, let us know and we can give
pool.                                        college era and keeping children/teens
                                                                                               you a name or names to contact.
                                             from doing what they were not allowed
    Now we need to keep from setting

CAL Annual College Scholarship
     The Chesterfield Aquatic League              A Scholarship Selection Committee            swimming ability. The committee may, at
(CAL) will award a $1,000 Scholarship to     shall select the winner. The Committee            its discretion, interview the finalists to
a graduating high school senior. The         shall be comprised of a minimum of five           assist in determining the winner.
scholarship is a one time award and is       members selected by the CAL Board of
                                                                                                   APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY:
not renewable each year. A check for the     Directors. Consideration will be given by
amount of the scholarship will be paid       the CAL Board of Directors to include                  The applicant must have participated
directly to the scholarship award            committee members from large, medium              in the CAL a minimum of four years and
winner’s college or university one proof                              and small teams.         be an active participant on a CAL team in
                                             “The Scholarship is
of admission and attendance to the                                    The committee            the current year.
college or university is verified by the     intended to reward shall judge the
                                                                                                   The applicant must be a graduating
Treasurer of CAL.                            an outstanding           applicants as
                                             citizen of CAL.”         follows: (i)
     The Scholarship is intended to
                                                                      contributions to             The applicant must have the
reward an outstanding citizen of CAL.
                                                                      CAL (50%), (ii)          recommendation of a CAL Parent
The scholarship will be awarded to the
                                             education achievements (25%) and (iii)            Representative or CAL Director.
individual that best exemplifies
                                             contributions to the community (25%).
leadership, dedication to team,
                                             The committee shall not give
educational excellence and concern for
                                             consideration to the applicants

Meet Basics — What do I bring? What should I pack for my swimmer?
    It’s your child’s first swim meet —      After the sun goes down, so does the                   For older swimmers, remind them
there are a lot of questions. Hopefully in   temperature. It may get a little chilly so it’s   that they are responsible for getting to
“Meet Basics” we will answer those           best to come prepared.                            the Clerk of Course when their event is
questions for you.                                                                             posted and/or called.
                                                 Bug spray for those pesky bugs that
     Depending on the age of your            may show up, uninvited of course, at the               Money for the concession stand. The
swimmer at least two beach towels. The       swim meets.                                       concession stand at our home meets
younger swimmers may want a dry towel                                                          raises funds for our swim team.
                                                  Folding chair/beach chair/blanket.
for each of their events.
                                             Most pools do not have enough seats for                If you bring electronics — cell phone,
     Swim cap and/or goggles. If your        all participants and/or spectators, it’s a        i-pod, etc., please remind your child that if
swimmer uses these, please don’t forget      good idea bring your own.                         they put the down on the ground they
to bring them. Also a spare set of goggles                                                     will get wet. Water and electronics are
                                                 Items to keep your child occupied
also comes in handy when the one they                                                          not always a good mix. This is a swim
                                             when they are not swimming an event.
were wearing accidentally breaks.                                                              meet after all and water will be
                                             Meets can last longer than three (3)
    Sweats and a long-sleeved shirt.         hours. Card games are small & portable.
Foxcroft Aquatic Swim Team (FAST)                              The Foxcroft Aquatic Swim Team (FAST) has been
                                                           organized to serve the recreational needs and develop
                                                           the potential of children and teens interested in a
15100 Fox Club Parkway
Midlothian, VA 23112
                                                           swim team experience. Through the recreational
                                                           design of the program, it is intended that all children
                                                           who participate will enhance their physical and
Email: Linda_Old_World_Properties@Yahoo.com
Foxcroft Aquatic Swim Team Website                         mental fitness.
Chesterfield Aquatic League Website                            It is hoped that participants in the FAST program
                                                           will have a positive experience, and develop positive
                                                           attitudes and self-esteem from their accomplishments,
                                                           as well as learn good sportsmanship and teamwork. It
                                                           is also hoped that participants will learn the rules of
                                                           the sport, correct stroke techniques, and realize their
                                                           potential through self-discipline and hard work.

                                              Upcoming — Mark Your Calendars

                                                   June 5th — Foxcroft Movie Night

                                                     June 6th — FAST Mock Meet

                                     June 7th — FAST Foxcroft 12th Annual Co-ed Golf Outing

                                June 12th — Foxcroft “Last Day of School Party” with DJ Jason Paige

                                      June 13th — FAST Home Swim Meet against Tarrington

                                              June 18th — FAST Away Swim Meet at Beulah

                                       June 19th — Foxcroft “Friday Cheers” with “Flat Elvis”

                                                   June 20th — FAST Award Ribbons

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