; The Survivors
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The Survivors


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									Island Survival
      Which of these three items would you want to
      have on a deserted island? Why? How many
      uses can you find for one item?
                    The Lesson Plan
In this role play students are encouraged to make decisions in groups, to discuss and give reasons for their decisions. Each decision
determines the next step of the story like a “choose your own adventure” tale. Students decide what decision they will make next, to
explore the island, or to steal something form another group. The teacher determines the difficulty or possible bonus items that may be
found in the woods. Hereʼs a breakdown:

1. Setup the situation: The plane the students were traveling on has crashed on a deserted island. There is little hope of rescue.
           Some items have washed up from the plane but one person has them all. This person, (the teacher,) will share
           the items with the other survivors, but only six items per group. Students should decide what six items they want
           for their group. Students rank the items and discuss the reasons for their ranking and the uses of the items.
           Variation: Items may only be earned after clear explanation of their uses are given.

2. Language: “This mirror could be used to send signals.” There are plenty of targets available, possibility, speculation, reasoning, etc.

3. Game: Each item is assigned points. Ten points equals one day of survival on the island. The students must discuss and come to a
         decision about what to do next. The teacher decides how difficult or easy it is to do that action. Digging a whole or cutting
         down bamboo might be very easy. Stealing water from the other group might not be. Each action is a “turn.” Between turns the
         students must decide what to do in their next turn.

          EXAMPLE: Students in one group choose to take the knife from another group. The knife is worth 20 points so
                   they need to role a 20 by using dice in order to successfully get the knife. If they roll 20 or above they are
                   successful. If they roll below 20 they are not successful. Complications and penalties could be assigned for
                   certain items. Bonuses could also be assigned. Perhaps the iPod contains survival videos.

4. Presentation: The story can be run like a role playing game. The teacher is the game master and sets up the story, guiding
                 the students through each stage. Additional challenges can be added, wild boars attacking the camp, day by
                 day challenges and activities. As each day progresses discussion time is given and new challenges are met.
                 New uses could be found for each of the original six items.

5. Cooperation: The “game,” is set up so that groups can attack one another. But breaking the rules is perfectly acceptable.
                Students who choose to work together and refuse to attack one another could earn bonus points.

Real World: A great variation would be to choose a real island which is threatened by global warming or other environmental
            factors. Challenges the students meet on the island could reflect those situations and raise awareness of the plight
            of people living on those islands.
Items:             Points:   Possible Challenges, Variations:
                                                                                                         Other bonuses which
knife              17        The knife has a compass in the handle for a bonus.                          can be found on the
saw                8                                                                                     island.
jacket             8
fishing pole        10                                                                                    A satellite phone
tarps              18        Unsecured tarps blow away in the wind to the other camp!                    (see pens)
suntan lotion      5         Suntan lotion runs out.
plastic bottles    12        Only three bottles requires an hourʼs hike to fill.                          A metal door that
ramen noodles      2         Ramen noodles last a day before running out.                                canʼt be opened.
radio              4         The radio works, but only picks up a mysterious french signal.
hat                2         A map of the island is found inside the hat! (Whoʼs hat is this?)           A skeleton with a set
magnifying glass   14        The glass breaks on a stone.                                                of keys. (opens the
tent               17        The tent is torn apart by wild boars.
compass            11        The compass only points to a nearby mountain.                               A chest of gold.
dog                6         The dog goes mad and tries to eat the survivors.
lighter            8         The lighter runs out after 6 days.                                          Extra bottles.
iPod               2         The iPod has survival videos on it. The battery dies after five minutes.     (or other supplies.)
glass bottle       10        The glass bottle breaks. The glass can be used to start fires.
hammer             8                                                                                     An old airplane with
flare gun           6         A boat is on the horizon, if you have the flare gun, you are rescued!        a radio.
med kit            7         Someone gets sick requiring the medicine.
toilet paper       2         Toilet paper runs out quickly.                                              A french to english
sewing kit         3         The tent has a been damaged by boars, and can be fixed with this.            dictionary. (allows
gun                15        The gun can be used to hunt food. It runs out of bullets after two shots.   translation of the
mirror             9         The mirror may break.                                                       radio signal.)
sleeping bag       8
belt               8
gas stove          7         The gas for the stove runs out quickly.
duct tape          8         The duct tape can be used to fix other items.
rucksack           9         The rucksack can be used to bring things from the mountain or the caves.
matches            8         Matches run out quickly.
pens               4         The pens have phone numbers written on them. (see other bonuses.)
rope               15        The rope can be used to set traps.
shovel             9         The shovel can be used to dig up special items.
hiking boots       12        The hiking boots can be used to cross areas with sharp stones.
cooking pot        11
Game Master’ Map:
                    This is a map of the island. Of course you can choose to use your
                    own map. Here you can see some examples of what students might
                    find by exploring the island like the San Logina, a damaged boat.

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