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					              STRAB guide to Malongane

Welcome to our trip to Malongane, Moçambique. We hope that you will have a
wonderful experience. This document should help you prepare for your
The road to Malongane

Direction                                                    Acc
From Pretoria or Johannesburg drive to Witbank               112km
Toll gate:
Pretoria to Bronkhorstspruit: R18.00
From Witbank drive to Middelburg.                            141km
Take the 3 rd off-ramp after the tollgate, N11
Toll gate:
Witbank to Middelburg: R29.00
turn right to Hendrina                                       184km
Straight through to Ermelo                                   232km
From Ermelo take the N2 to Piet Retief. Left turn at the     330km
Engen garage
OR Alternative route 1
Then onto Pongola                                            430km
Continue on the N2 for about 58 km. Turn left to Jozini      482km
* Road works
OR Alternative route 2
Through Jozini, keep left over dam wall                      500km
OR Alternative route 3
At the T-junction turn right                                 537km
Warning: Look out for many huge potholes. Please drive
slow and carefully.
Follow the road to Manguzi/Kwangwanasi                       603 km
Straight to Kozi Bay border post                             618km
to Malongane (sand road)                                     632 km

*      Please note there are road works en route: One between Middelburg
       and Hendrina, one before Pongola and two between Pongola and Jozini.
       Expect a 20 minute delay at each road work.
Alernative route 1

At the first robot in Ermelo (Fourie street) turn left.
As soon as jou exit the town, turn right towords Amsterdam.
In Amsterdam, at the second stop street, turn right towards Piet Retief.
This alternate route is an additional 25km, but without any roadworks and
much less traffic and trucks.

Alternative route 2

In stead of turning left in Jozini go strait on to Hluhluwe, then follow the
R22 north to Manguzi/Kwangwanasi. This is an additional 85km, but it is a
much better road to travel on, with no potholes.

Alternative route 3

If you’re willing to drive on a dirt road, don’t turn left over the dam wall, but
go strait through Jozini. At the T-junction turn left and follow the dirt for
45km to the R22, turn left on the R22 towards Monguze. By doing this you
will also avoid the potholes.
Before you go

All packed?         Do a   last check – Shopping in Malongane is very limited.
                            Clothing
                            Toiletries
                            Bedding
                            Food
                            Diving Gear
                            Drinks etc.

Passport and car    The very last check before you drive out your gate … not
papers?             much fun if you drive 632km before realizing…Make
                    sure your license disk is up to date!

                    Please note: South African passport holders do not
                    require a visa, if you are traveling on any other country’s
                    passport, please obtain a visa from the Moçambique
                    Consulate before you leave.

On the way there
Some people prefer to leave at midnight and drive through the night, while
others prefer to leave earlier on the previous day and sleepover on the way.
The following places can be recommended for sleepovers. Everybody is
responsible to book his or her own:

Sleepovers:                Thobeka Backpackers Lodge (072-446-1525) 11km
                            from the border
                           Lala lapa lodge (035-592-9055) – 12 km from the
                           Izulwini Game Lodge (035-562-2100) – 9km from
                           Lebombo (083-543-1168 / 035-572-1191) – at
                           Jozini, 110km from the border.
                          Koppie Alleen - Pongola – 2.5 hours from the
                           border (034-413-1281)
                          Dive-inn – Pongola - 2.5 hours from the border

At the border post
The border opens at 8:00 and closes at 17:00 – don’t try to push your luck!

Allow at least 8½ hours for traveling time

South African side

Vehicle             The Police will take your car details and check your
                    engine number – have your license papers ready

Passports           Go to immigration with your passport and car
                    registration number – normally not all is required to
                    appear at Immigration. Get someone in the queue as soon
                    as you arrive at the border post.

Customs             Please declare any electronics, laptops, guitars and
                    other band equipment at the South African custom
                    officials. This will make it much easier to bring it back.

Safe parking        If you do not have at least a bakkie with high ground
                    clearance to tackle the sand roads of Moçambique, you
                    can leave your car in the secure car park outside the
                    border post for R25 per day and arrange for a border
                    pickup (see Moçambique side). The secure parking is +/-
                    400 meter from the border post on your left hand side.
Moçambique Side

Vehicle           The driver of the vehicle must go to Customs (on left
                  hand side) with car papers and driver’s license.
                      Fill in a temporary import permit and pay R20.00
                      Buy Moçambique Third party insurance for R150
                        for vehicles and an additional R80 for trailers
                        from the Hollard Insurance representative or
                        custom official.
                      Make sure you receive the Third Party insurance
                        paper. It will either have the Hollard logo on it or
                        it will be an A5 size paper if you buy it from the
                        custom official. It must have your vehicle or
                        trailer registration numbers on it. Your vehicle
                        and trailer insurance should not be on the same
                      A custom officer might want to inspect your
                        vehicle to ensure that you conform to import
                        restrictions (see next topic)

Passports         Someone else can take the passports to immigration (on
                  right hand side)
                      Fill in immigration form
                      Pay R12.00 per passport border tax

Tip:              It is always a good idea to have an extra pen or two for
                  the border posts.
                  Have exact cash available, as change is always an issue.

Border Pickup /         Your border pick-up’s and drop off’s have been
drop off                 pre booked for specific times. Please ensure that
                         you arrive on time as there won’t be space on the
                         next one.
                        If you catch a lift with someone else, the R80.00
                         is non-refundable.
Import restrictions

Alcohol                    3 bottles of wine per person
                           1 liter of spirit per person
                           NO beer

Cigarettes                 200 cigarettes

Border post to Malongane
      It is +/- 14km to Ponta Malongane from the border
      At the border post follow the left road to Malongane (not the
       plantation road). There will be signs to indicate the road.
      You will pass the school and the lake before you reach the “town” of
      Just follow the road straight into the camp site.
      Look out for the STRAB signs
      Or those that stay at Tartaruga, the entrance is on your left
       immediate after you pass through the “town”

Tip: Deflate your tires to 150 kpa, it makes it easier to drive on the sand,
if you are still struggling, you can deflate it to 90 kpa.

Malongane Arrival
Report at reception on arrival. STRAB staff will be there to assist you in
checking in and finding your accommodation. Andries is the person to bug
with any queries/problems regarding accommodation and your reservation,
for example lights that does not work.
Have your passport and key deposit ready.

Key deposit        R100 key deposit is required at check in if you stay in
                   any of the following accommodation types:
                       Chalets
                       Log Huts
                       Tents on deck
                       Rondavels

Food vouchers      If you booked for the catered option, obtain your food
                   vouchers when checking in.

T-shirts           Your T-shirt will be available on arrival at reception.

                   (T-shirts, STRAB fees, reef tax for divers and staff
                   tips are included in the weekend package booked
                   through the STRAB office.)


Own camping        You will have to bring everything. Casual help can be
                   hired to assist with setting up camp, cleaning etc. Please
                   arrange with Security at the gate for an approved

                   You will not have access to any kitchen facilities, so
                   please plan accordingly.

                   There is 1 electrical point at each campsite. If you plan
                   to use electrical equipment it is a good idea to bring a
                   lead and extension plugs. Please do not plug in any
                   appliances with elements as it will trip the power. Bring
                   gas stove to boil water.
Mozhut              You will be provided with a pre-pitched tent and electric
                    light in tent. Please bring own mattress and bedding.

                    You will not have access to any kitchen facilities, so
                    please plan accordingly.

Tents               If you stay in the permanent safari tents (whether on
                    the decks or on the ground), there are 2 mattresses in
                    each tent, no bedding and no electricity. Bring your own
                    sleeping stuff and a torch. No candles in the tents and
                    no fires to warm you up at night, except the one in your

                    You have access to the communal kitchen at the dive
                    camp. Pots, cutlery and crockery are provided.

Chalets             There are 2,4 and 5 bed units, you have an en suite
                    bathroom (shower only) with a kitchen. If you do not do
                    the catering thing, bring a sharp knife, cutting board
                    and a bowl or two. Bring your own towels. Bedding is
                    provided. The Rondawel A’s have only a bathroom and a
                    barfridge (no kitchen).

Log Huts            The log huts have two beds with bedding and a very
                    faint electrical light. Ablution facilities are communal.

                    You have access to the communal kitchen at the dive
                    camp. Pots, cutlery and crockery are provided.

Drumming will start each evening at 16:30 after which the shows will

There will a happy hour every night. Times will be announced on the events

The stage will be at the Dive camp area. An events board will be setup at
the dive camp and updated throughout the day with all the information about
what is happening, when and where.

What to bring along
Clothes                  Something warm for the night
                         Hat
                         Towels
                         Toiletries

Documents                Passport
                         Car registration papers
                         Drivers license

Medical                  Anti Mosquito stuff
                         Suntan lotion,
                         Headache pills
Bedding         Log huts and chalets have all the bedding you
                The dive tents have 2 mattresses in it. You need
                 to bring your own bedding.
                Own camping bring everything

Extras          Chairs
                Beach Accessories
                Games
                Torch
                Money (South-African Rand accepted

Food            Meals (if you did not select the catering option)
                Snacks
                Drinks

Scuba gear      BC
                Regulator
                Cylinder
                Wetsuit
                Fins
                Mask
                Snorkel
                Weight belt
                Booties
There is one restaurant in Malongane. A limited number of buffet places will
be available for people who have not booked, but will be on a first come,
first serve basis. The crazy prawns and seafood extravaganza is available at
R150 per person. No other food will be available at the restaurant.

There are a number of restaurants in Ponta do Ouro. Ponta do Ouro is +/- 5
km from Malongane.

Café del Mar              Ponta do Ouro
                          Best pancakes and view in town
                          Espresso
                          Vegetarian options

Pizza place below         Ponta do Ouro
Fishmonger                Good to eat and not too expensive
                           (Depends on cheese availability during peak

Fishmonger                Ponta do Ouro
                          Prawns by the kilo

Florestinha’s             Ponta do Ouro
                          Prawn cakes
                          Lovely grilled chicken and hot stuff
Diving info

Divers        Find Andries or Elmien to complete all the indemnities.
                  Remember your certification card and/or log
                  This must be done before 5pm on Thursday.

              Andries and Elmien will be in charge of the diving
              activities, so you can approach either of them regarding

Kit-up        You have the option to leave your diving equipment in the
              kit-up area at own risk.
              Andries and Elmien will assist divers with air fills for
              cylinders and general kit issues.
              Divers must be at the kit-up area an hour before the
              Students (advanced and open water) must be at the kit-
              up area an hour and a half before the dive.
              Briefings will be 20min before the launch time.
Dive planning   Dive planning will take place at 15:30 every day. Divers
                interested in diving the next day must be at the dive
                planning white board.
                Although we will try to accommodate all divers, it may
                happen on occasion that they cannot accommodate your
                request. Please accept the limitations within which he has
                to perform dive planning and stick to the dive-planning
                Confirm your dive time every day after 17:00 on the dive
                planning board. If you miss a dive it is for your account.
                Any changes for dives are to be done with Andries who will
                confirm it with Malongane. You are not allowed to remove
                your name from the dive planning board or move your name
                to another dive.

Diving and            If you know you are going to party hard the previous
partying               evening, don’t book early dives.
                      REMEMBER: 6 hours from the bottle to the throttle.
                       Drunk or badly hung over divers will not be allowed on
                       the boats. If you have booked for a dive, make sure
                       that you pitch sober.

Dive credits          Once on the dive-planning list, you must dive the dive
                       or will forfeit the money paid for the dive. (Credits
                       will only be given to divers for valid reasons)
                      Dive credits will be transferred to Lets Dive
                       ( and can be used on any future
                       dive trips to Malongane.

Extra dives     Extra dives can be booked at Malongane and is payable in
                cash to the resort at a cost of R205.

Own boats       Own boats can be launched for fishing purposes, but diving
                is prohibited. Malongane dive camp is the only concession
                allowed by the Mozambique government to perform dive
                operations from Malongane.
Other info

     Malaria pills yes/no?
      There are mixed opinions on whether or not you should take malaria
      pills. The bottom line is that it is a malaria area. You decide whether
      you are going to take it or not. You will need to get a prescription from
      a doctor to get Malaria pills. Please inform your doctor if you are a
      diver as you are not allowed to dive with certain malaria pills
     Water
      The water in Malongane comes from a local spring. The locals drink it
      and so do I. It is not the same as Gauteng water, so bring your own if
      you think it is going to be an issue.
     Currency
      Rand is everywhere accepted. They actually prefer Rand to Meticais,
      so no need for you to exchange money.
     Cell phone reception
      M-Cell (Moçambique) has recently added a cell phone tower to
      Malongane. Should you wish to use your cell phone in Malongane you
      will need to arrange for international roaming with your service
      provider before you leave. Vodacom and MTN signals can be picked up
      on the road between Malongane and Ponta do Oura although it has
      become more difficult with all the M-Cell towers in the area.
     Other questions?
      If you have any other issues please contact Andries (082) 903 4541
For the GPS junkies!

Direction                                    Acc              Weightpoints
From Pretoria or Johannesburg                112km            S 25.89561˚, E029.25282˚
drive to Witbank
Toll gate:
Pretoria to Bronkhorstspruit: R17.00
From Witbank drive to                        141km            S 25.82843˚, E029.52767˚
Take the 3 rd off-ramp after the
tollgate, N11
Toll gate:
Witbank to Middelburg: R28.00
turn right to Hendrina                       184km            S 26.17293˚, E029.72121˚
Straight through to Ermelo                   232km            S 26.51698˚, E029.98431˚
From Ermelo take the N2 to Piet              330km            S 27.00439˚, E030.79468˚
Retief. Left turn at the Engen
Then onto Pongola                            430km            S 27.38342˚, E031.62415˚
Continue on the N2 for about 58              482km            S 27.54277˚, E031.97897˚
km. Turn left to Jozini
* Road works
Through Jozini, keep left over               500km            S 27.42503˚, E032.07366˚
dam wall
At the T-junction turn right                 537km            S 27.09919˚, E032.15900˚
Follow the road to                           603 km           t47 – S 26.98895˚,
Manguzi/Kwangwanasi                                           E0032.75589˚
Straight to Kozi Bay border post             618km            S 26.86427˚, E032.82940˚
to Malongane (sand road)                     632 km           S 26.79591˚, E032.89114˚

                (Distances and waypoints are estimated and not necessary accurate)