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					Section                  Legal Term                 Section                  Legal Term
 1 to 5   Intra-Territorial and Extra-Territorial      47       Animal
   8      Gender                                        48      Vessel
   9      Number                                        49      Year; Month
  10      Man, Woman                                    50      Section
  11      Person                                        51      Oath
  12      Public                                        52      Good Faith
  14      Servant of Government                        52A      Harbour
  17      Government                                 76 & 79    Mistake of fact
  18      India                                      77 & 78    Judicial Acts
  19      Judge                                         80      Accident in doing a lawful act
  20      Court of Justice                              81      Act done to avoid greater harm or Act of
  21      Public Servant                               82       Act of a child under seven years of age
  22      Movable Property                             83       Act of a child above 7 and under 12 of
                                                                immature understanding
  23      Wrongful Gain; Wrongful Loss; Gaining        84       Act of a person of unsound mind
          Wrongfully and Losing Wrongfully                      (Insanity as a defence)
  24      Dishonestly                                 85-86     Act of an intoxicated person
                                                                (Intoxication as an defence)
  25      Fraudulently                                87-91     Consent as a defence
  28      Counterfeit                                  92       Act done in good faith for benefit of a
                                                                person without his consent.
  29      Document                                     93       Communication made in good faith
  30      Valuable Security                            94       Act to which a person is compelled by
  31      A Will                                       95       Trifling acts or Acts causing slight harm
  32      Words referring to acts include illegal      96       Right to private defence under IPC
  33      Acts, Omission                               97     Nature of the right of Private defence
 34-38    Acts relating to Joint Offenders             98     Right of private defence against the act
          (Vicarious Liability)                               of a person of unsound mind etc.
  39      Voluntarily                                   99    Restrictions on the Right of Private
  40      Offence                                      100    When the right of private defence of the
                                                              body extends to causing death
  41      Special Law                                  101    When such right of private defence
                                                              extends to causing any harm other than
  42      Local Law                                    103    When the right of private defence of
                                                              property extends to causing death
  43      Illegal; Legal bound to do                   104    When such right extends to causing any
                                                              harm other than death
  44      Injury                                    102 & 105 Commencement & continuance of the
                                                              right of private defence of property
  45      Life
  46      Death
Section                  Legal Term                     Section                 Legal Term
   106      Right of private defence of private           268     Public Nuisance
            against deadly assault when there is risk
            of harm to innocent person
   107      Abetment                                    272-273   Adulteration of food or drink intended
                                                                  for sale and sale of noxious food or drink
   108      Abettor                                     274-276   Adulteration of drugs, sale of adulterates
                                                                  drugs, sale of drug as different drug
 109-120    Punishment for different kinds of           277-278   Fouling water and making atmosphere
            abetment                                              noxious to health
 120-A      Definition of Criminal Conspiracy           292-294   Public moral and decency/offence of
  120-B     Punishment for criminal conspiracy            292     Sale of obscene book or object
   141      Unlawful Assembly                             295     Damaging or defiling place of worship
                                                                  with intent to insult the religion of any
   142      Being member of an unlawful assembly         295-A    Deliberately or maliciously insulting the
                                                                  religion or religious belief of any class
   143      Punishment of being a member of an            296     Disturbing religious assembly engaged in
            unlawful assembly                                     the performance of religious worship
   144      Punishment for joining unlawful               297     Trespassing on the burial places etc. with
            assembly armed with deadly weapons                    the intention of wounding the religious
                                                                  feelings or insulting the religion
   145      Punishment for joining unlawful               298     Uttering words or making gestures with
            assembly knowing it has been                          deliberate intention of wounding the
            commanded to disperse                                 religious feelings of any person
   146      Rioting                                       299     Culpable homicide
   147      Punishment for rioting                        300     Murder
   148      Rioting armed with deadly weapon              304     Punishment for culpable homicide not
                                                                  amounting to murder
   149     Liability of a member of an unlawful           302     Punishment for murder
 153-A-1 Promoting enmity between different              304-A    Causing death by negligence
   &2      groups
153-B- (1) Imputations, assertions prejudicial to        304-B    Dowry death
           national integration
   159     Affray                                         307     Attempt to commit murder
   160     Punishment for affray                          309     Attempt to commit suicide
 171-A to Offences relating to Elections                  319     Hurt
  171-B    Definition of Bribery at an election           320     Grievous hurt
   191     Giving false evidence or ‘Perjury’             321     Voluntary causing hurt
   192     Fabricating false evidence                     322     Voluntary causing of grievous hurt
   193     Punishment for giving false evidence &         323     Punishment for voluntary causing of hurt
           fabricating false evidence
   201     Causing disappearance of evidence of a         324     Voluntary causing of hurt by dangerous
           capital offence or giving false                        weapons of means
           information to screen offender from
Section                  Legal Term                       Section                  Legal Term
   325     Punishment for voluntary causing of               353      Assault or use of criminal force to deter
           grievous hurt                                              or prevent a public servant from
                                                                      discharging his duty
   326     Voluntary causing of grievous hurt by             354      Assault or use of criminal force to
           dangerous weapons or means.                                woman with intention or knowledge to
                                                                      outrage her modesty
   327     Voluntary causing hurt to extort property,        355      Assault or use of criminal force with
           or to constrain to an illegal act                          intent to dishonour a person
   328     Causing hurt by means of poison etc.              356      Assault or use of criminal force in
           with the intention to commit an offence.                   attempting to commit theft of which that
                                                                      person is wearing or carrying
   329     Voluntary causing grievous hurt to extort         357      Assault or use of criminal force in
           property, or to constrain to an illegal act.               attempting to wrongfully confine a
   330     Voluntary causing hurt to extort                  358      Assault or use of criminal force on grave
           confession, or to compel restoration of                    and sudden provocation given by that
           property                                                   person
   331     Voluntary causing grievous hurt to extort         359      Kidnapping
           confession, or to compel restoration of
   332     Voluntary causing hurt to deter public            360      Kidnapping from India
           servant from his duty
   333     Voluntary causing grievous hurt to deter          361      Kidnapping from lawfully guardianship
           public servant from his duty
   334     Voluntary causing hurt on provocation             362    Abduction
   335     Voluntary causing grievous hurt on                364    Kidnapping or Abduction in order to
           provocation                                              Murder
   339     Wrongful restraint                                365    Kidnapping or Abduction with intent
                                                                    secretly and wrongfully to confine a
   340     Wrongful confinement                              366    Kidnapping, Abduction or inducing a
                                                                    woman to compel her to marry any
                                                                    person or knowing that she may be
                                                                    forced to illicit intercourse
   341     Punishment for wrongful restraint                 367    Kidnapping or Abduction in order to
                                                                    subject that person to grievous hurt,
                                                                    slavery or unnatural lust
   342     Punishment for wrongful confinement               368    Wrongfully concealing or confining a
                                                                    kidnapped person
343 to 348 Aggravated form of wrongful                       369    Kidnapping or Abduction of a child
           confinement                                              under the age of 10 years with intent to
                                                                    steal movable property from the person
                                                                    of such child
   349     Use of force                                   370 & 371 Buying and Habitually dealing in slaves
   350     Use of criminal force                          372 & 373 Buying and selling minor for the purpose
                                                                    of prostitution.
   351     Assault                                           374    Forced labour
   352     Punishment for assault or criminal force          375    Rape by a man
           otherwise than on grave provocation
Section                   Legal Term                    Section                 Legal Term
 376 (2)     Rape on a pregnant woman                     466     Forgery of a record of a court of Justice
             Rape on a woman under 12 years of age.               or of Public register.
376-A, B,    Sexual intercourse not amounting to rape     467     Forgery of a valuable security or will.
  C&D        by person holding different positions.
   377       Unnatural Offences                           468     Forgery for the purpose of cheating
 378-382     Theft                                        469     Forgery for the purpose of harming
 383-389     Extortion                                    493     A man deceitfully inducing a woman to
                                                                  have cohabitation or sexual intercourse
                                                                  with him.
   390       Robbery                                      494     Marrying again during lifetime of a
                                                                  spouse or ‘Bigamy’.
391, 395     Dacoity                                      495     Committing offence of bigamy defined
to 400 &                                                          u/s.494 with concealment of former
   402                                                            marriage from a person with whom such
                                                                  bigamous marriage is contracted.
 403-404     Definition & Punishment of Criminal          496     Offences of Fraudulent or Mock
             Misappropriation of Property                         marriage.
 405-406     Definition & Punishment of Criminal          497     Adultery
             Breach of Trust
 407-409     Aggravated form of Criminal Breach of        498     Taking or enticing away the wife of
             Trust                                                another man or detaining such woman
                                                                  with intent that she may have illicit
                                                                  intercourse with any person.
 410-414     Receiving Stolen Property                   498-A    Cruelty for dowry
 415-420     Cheating                                     499     Defamation
 425-426     Mischief                                     500     Punishment for defamation
 427-440     Aggravated forms of Mischief                 503     Criminal Intimidation
441 & 447    Criminal Trespass                            506     Punishment of Criminal Intimidation
   442       House Trespass                               511     Attempts to commit offences
   448       Punishment for House Trespass
449 to 452   Aggravated forms of House Trespass
   443       Lurking House Trespass
   453       Punishment for Lurking House Trespass
 454-460     Aggravated forms of lurking house
             trespass & their punishments
   445       House Breaking
   453       Punishment for House Breaking
   463       Forgery
   464       Making a false document
   465       Punishments for forgery