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									                                              JESSE KENDALL
                      123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183 ▪ 305-555-5555 ▪

                              EXCEPTIONAL RESTAURANT SUPERVISION
  Detail-oriented and dedicated professional with restaurant management. Exemplary closer that intuitively
  assesses and recognizes the customer’s core needs. Strong organizer and leader who contributes to
  improvement of marketing programs as well as operational policies and procedures. Excellent communicator who
  projects professional image.

     Sales and Marketing: Product Incentives ▪ Customer Service ▪ Visionary Leadership
     Strategic Planning: Retail Distribution ▪ Systems Management ▪ Productivity Improvement
     P&L Management: Budget Planning ▪ Cost Containment ▪ Inventory Control ▪ Procurement
     Personnel Leadership: Mentoring ▪ Incentive Structures ▪ Performance Standards ▪ Safety / Compliance
     Technical Skills: MS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) ▪ Database Administration ▪ Internet ▪ Restaurant Systems

                                       PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ABC Steakhouse ▪ 20xx–20xx
RESTAURANT SUPERVISOR, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx–20xx: Supervised 90 employees for region boasting $3.5 million in
annual sales. Oversaw strategic planning, budget, and profit and loss management. Directed retail distribution,
inventory control, procurement, and warehousing. Maximized net profits through effective cost and inventory
management. Proactively addressed and solved problems; compiled data, held management meetings, developed
strategic plans, and followed-up to ensure permanent resolution. Directed bar / restroom remodeling and building
beautification projects. Utilized par system for ordering; ran specials on items to help maintain proper inventory.
Sales and Customer Service: Capitalized on sales trends by featuring popular menu items daily, weekly or monthly.
Regularly updated and marketed product selection to maximize sales and generate interest. Personally ensured all
customer issues were resolved before the customer left the restaurant. Practiced active listening and implemented
policies to correct shortfalls.
Staff Development: Led, mentored, and motivated teams. Improved morale through contests / prizes and maintaining
a fun work environment. Increased productivity by streamlining procedures and providing ongoing training Developed
highly effective incentive structures and ensured strict adherence to employee performance / safety standards.
Delivered Results:
 Increased Togo sales 6% within one year and increased takeout productivity; restructured curbside takeaway
     position by refining schedule and clearly defining each position.
 Increased holiday gift card sales from $102,000 in 20xx to $198,000 in 20xx by setting an aggressive mailing and
     billboard campaign throughout the holiday season. Earned distinction as top annual gift card seller in Louisiana.
 Helped roll out the new POSI system that provided touch screen point of sales, and tracked employee hours for
     payroll, and simplified inventory reporting; trained employees on use.
 Minimized discrepancies in cash levels by streamlining cash handling processes.
 Lowered utility costs 5% by instituting a highly effective energy saving program.

MANAGER, Lake Charles, Bossier City, Slidell, Baton Rouge, LA ▪ 20xx–20xx: Directed 80 restaurant employees.
Reduced labor costs through strategic recruiting and aggressive staff training. Improved cost by eliminating waste.
Delivered Results:
 Opened two new restaurants: Lake Charles, LA in 20xx and Bossier City, LA in 20xx. Oversaw the hiring / training
     of new employees and the installation of all equipment and fixtures.
 Consistently maintained low labor costs throughout seasonal highs and lows.

                                        EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS
                             Hospitality Management Program, XYZ University, Miami, FL
                                        Serve Safe Food Handling Certification

                 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION: Florida Restaurant Association ▪ 20xx–20xx

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