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					                                 JESSE KENDALL
                  123 Elm Street Miami, Florida 33183 Email:
                             Phone: (305) 555-5555 Cell: (305) 444-4444

January 2, 2005

Ms. Bailey Addison
The Scandalous Starfish
456 Oak Street
Miami, Florida 33172

Dear Ms. Addison,

Having dined at The Scandalous Starfish on several occasions and speaking with your staff
members, I have identified your restaurant as one that values creativity, innovation, and results -
all of which I can deliver.

As my résumé depicts, I have extensive experience in managing multi-million dollar restaurant
chains. Your establishment would certainly benefit from my expertise when you branch out into
Fort Lauderdale next year. Having already supervised the openings of six different restaurants, I
can show you how you can smoothly establish new properties while simultaneously improving the
quality, service, and profitability of the entire chain.

For the past eight years, I have consistently delivered the same results in every restaurant I have

       Finding and implementing tax break programs that have saved up to $120K per year.
       Creating employee incentive programs; increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
       Dramatically decreasing food, beverage, and business costs through innovation and

As you can see, I possess solid, practical experience that I can put to use for you right away. I am
a hard working, ambitious leader, motivator, and team player, and I have a sterling reputation for
flexibility, adaptability, and a high degree of professionalism.

My background provides the skills you require for this position, and I am confident that I can bring
effective leadership to your company. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my
credentials with you during a personal interview.


Jesse Kendall

Enclosure: Résumé

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