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Banquet Manager Resume Sample

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Enjoy this expertly developed banquet manager sample resume. Unlike most resume samples you will find, this one is a completely editable Word document, which means you can revise this resume as needed to suit your needs while keeping the stylish format in tact.

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									                                                Jesse Kendall
                                  123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183
                Home: 305-555-5555 ▪ Cell: 305-444-4444 ▪ E-mail:

                                      BANQUET MANAGER PROFILE
Organized and efficient Banquet Manager with proven track record of improving customer service by raising
standards and expectations for employees. Regularly receive outstanding ratings on customer surveys after
functions. Demonstrated skill in managing staffs of up to 55, excelling in staff development and retention. Named
Manager of the Quarter. Core competencies include:                                                               .

    •   Event Planning                      •   Operations Management                   •   Purchasing
    •   Contract Negotiation                •   Budget Management                       •   Presentation Skills
    •   Inventory Management                •   Accounting/Bookkeeping                  •   Cost Control
    •   Customer Service                    •   Revenue Forecasting                     •   Staff Retention

                                         LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE

ABC COUNTRY CLUB, Miami, FL                                                              20xx - Present
Banquet Manager
Report to the General Manager. Effectively manage more than 50 service staff and direct scheduling, inventory
management, hiring, payroll, and staff development. Oversee three ballrooms seating up to 600 guests and on-site
        Increased the customer service level by creating policies, procedures, and checklists that ensured higher
         standards and accountability.
        Consistently received very high ratings on post-function customer feedback.
        Wrote a training manual for staff development.

BCD SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, Miami, FL                                                                20xx – 20xx
Banquet Sales and Marketing Manager
Recruited on a contract basis to drive bottom-line profitability of banquet services.
    •    Launched effective marketing initiatives, targeting untapped customer groups.
    •    Maximized usage of the 110-seat private banquet room through smart booking and exceptional customer
    •    Recognized for exceeding expectations.

CDE CORPORATION, Miami, FL                                                                   20xx – 20xx
Banquet Manager, XYZ Hotel
Oversaw a department with a staff of 55 and three assistant managers, achieving high standards of quality service.
        Named Manager of the Quarter in 20xx.

                                    Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
                                             XYZ College, Miami, FL


                                               Professional Selling Skills
                                           Trainer Certification in Hospitality
                                               Negotiation Skills Course

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