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                       Instant Reference Guide
            to Keyboard Shortcuts
                                     Mice are nice, but the keyboard is faster. To get to
                                     your favorite Windows tools and application func-
                                     tions fast, let your fingers do the opening with these
                                     quick and simple keyboard shortcuts.

The Fast Track to Destinations in
Windows, Your Apps, and the Web
The shortest path to your favorite files and Windows tools runs straight through your keyboard.

ACTION                                                                    Keystroke

Open or close the Start menu                                    <Ctrl>-<Esc> or <Windows>
Switch back to a running program                                        <Alt>-<Tab>                  FIGURE 1
Switch to another running program                         Hold down <Alt>, press <Tab> repeatedly
Open Windows Explorer to My Computer (see FIGURE 1)                    <Windows>-E
In Explorer, move to the current folder’s parent folder                <Backspace>
Rename the selected folder or file (on the desktop,
in an Explorer window, and in many dialog boxes)
In Explorer, search for a file                                        <Ctrl>-F or <F3>
Search for a file in a new window (see FIGURE 2)                       <Windows>-F
Search for a computer in a new window                               <Ctrl>-<Windows>-F
Minimize open windows (or restore minimized windows)                   <Windows>-D
Minimize open windows                                                  <Windows>-M
Close an open window                                                    <Alt>-<F4>
                                                                                                      FIGURE 2
Close a folder and all its parents                                  <Shift>-<Alt>-<F4>
Restore windows minimized by <Windows>-M                           <Shift>-<Windows>-M
Open the Run dialog box (see FIGURE 3)                                 <Windows>-R
Open the current window’s Control menu                               <Alt>-<Spacebar>
Open Task Manager                                                   <Ctrl>-<Shift>-<Esc>
Open System Properties                                              <Windows>-<Pause>
Open the context (right-click) menu                                    <Shift>-<F10>
Open the Properties dialog box (of the selected item)                  <Alt>-<Enter>
Delete without using the Recycle Bin                                 <Shift>-<Delete>
                                                                                                     FIGURE 3
Go to the beginning                                                   <Ctrl>-<Home>
Go to the end                                                          <Ctrl>-<End>                 Continued on the other side.
                                      CLIP & SAVE BONUS

Increase your application productivity with these tried-and-true formatting and tools shortcuts.

ACTION                                                                       Keystroke

Save the current document                                                    <Ctrl>-S
Open a new document                                                          <Ctrl>-O
Undo the last thing you did                                       <Ctrl>-Z or <Alt>-<Backspace>
Undo the last undo                                                           <Ctrl>-Y
Select the entire current document                                           <Ctrl>-A
Delete the selection and move it to the clipboard                            <Ctrl>-X
Copy the selection to the clipboard                                          <Ctrl>-C                     FIGURE 4

View contents of the Office clipboard (see FIGURE 4)                      <Ctrl>-C twice
Paste the clipboard’s contents into the current program                      <Ctrl>-V
Open the Print dialog box (see FIGURE 5)                                     <Ctrl>-P
Turn italics on or off                                                       <Ctrl>-I
Turn bold on or off                                                          <Ctrl>-B
Turn underlining on or off                                                   <Ctrl>-U
Launch a program’s search or find tool                                   <Ctrl>-F or <F3>
Launch a program’s Go To dialog box                                      <Ctrl>-G or <F5>                 FIGURE 5

Whether you use broadband or dial-up, these shortcuts will have you browsing faster than ever.

ACTION                                                                       Keystroke

Go to the Address bar                                                        <Alt>-D
Add www. before, and .com after, what you’re
typing in the Address bar and go to that site
Refresh the current Web page                                             <F5> or <Ctrl>-R
Refresh current Web page regardless of time-stamps                         <Ctrl>-<F5>                    FIGURE 6
Stop downloading a Web page                                                   <Esc>
Show or hide the Search bar                                              <Ctrl>-E or <F3>
Open the Find dialog box                                                     <Ctrl>-F
Show or hide the History bar (see FIGURE 6)                                  <Ctrl>-H
Show or hide the Favorites bar (see FIGURE 7)                                <Ctrl>-I
Toggle full-screen mode on or off                                               <F11>
Open the “Open” dialog box                                                   <Ctrl>-N                     FIGURE 7


        Windows Tools Are a Right-Click Away
    Speed up maintenance: In Windows            Time (or simply double-click the clock).    upper-left corner to see the same options.
  Explorer, right-click a drive and choose        Adjust your display: Right-click your       Open Network Neighborhood: Right-
  Properties. In the General tab, click Disk    desktop and choose Properties. (To view     click Network Neighborhood (My Network
  Cleanup, or select Tools to open other        your desktop, right-click the taskbar and   Places in Me) and choose Properties.
  system utilities. In Windows 2000 and XP,     choose Minimize All Windows.)                 Map or disconnect network drives:
  right-click My Computer and choose              Get to System Properties: Right-click     Right-click Network Neighborhood (My
  Manage to open Computer Management.           My Computer and choose Properties, or if    Network Places in Me) or My Computer
    Reset your clock: Right-click the clock     the My Computer window is already open,     and choose Map Network Drive or Discon-
  in your taskbar and choose Adjust Date/       right-click the system menu icon in the     nect Network Drive.         —Scott Dunn

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