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					When I entered the shelter system this last time I decided this time around I would use the system to get a suitable place to live where I could stabilize my wavering life. I would now befriend the staff and get them to work with me to accomplish my goals or so I thought. I soon realized their goals for me, and my goals for myself were very different and at times in conflict. And to reach this type of consensus I had to compete vigorously for the case manager’s time and assistance. I began to notice, I was losing to much time in comparison to the progress I was making. And I also notice a vast number of men experiencing similar problems. As if God sent I attended a meeting held by the Coalition for the Homeless. At the Following meeting Brian wanted to know who would be interested in being in the Client Advisory Board. I was surprised at the timing of such an opportunity and immediately responded that I would be interested. With the help of the Coalition I was able to take back control of my time and in doing so was able to help other men do the same. I began to see clear options, where before I could only see uncertainty, where I was before dissipating energy through anger and frustration I was now channeling it to help others, thank God and the Coalition for the Homeless. Seeing someone’s confusion and frustration converted into desire, hope and drive is a rewarding, fulfilling and awesome experience. If you want to help yourself, help others. Get involved, set goads and priorities. Trust in God and yourselves to regain your independence. And remember the Coalition for the Homeless is there willing and able to help you, but only if you want help. God bless.

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