HSA - Eligible Expenses

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					                                     HSA - Eligible Expenses
                                        (Not Intended to be All-Inclusive)

Qualified Medical Expenses

    Abdominal Supports               Prescription Hosiery                    Osteopath
    Abortion                         Eyeglasses                              Oxygen / Oxygen Equipment
    Acupuncture                      Fluoridation Unit                       Pediatrician
    Alcoholism Treatment             Guide Dog                               Physician
    Ambulance                        Gum Treatment                           Physiotherapist
    Anesthetist                      Gynecologist                            Podiatrist
    Arch Supports                    Healing Services                        Postnatal Treatments
    Artificial Limbs                 Hearing Aids and Batteries              Practical Nurse
    Prescribed Birth Control Pills   Hospital Bills                          Prenatal Care
    Blood Tests                      Hydrotherapy                            Prescription Medicine
    Blood Transfusions               Insulin Treatment                       Psychiatrist
    Braces                           Lab Tests                               Psychoanalyst
    Cardiographs                     Lead Paint Removal                      Psychologist
    Chiropractor                     Legal Fees                              Psychotherapy
    Christian Science Practitioner   Metabolism Tests                        Radium Therapy
    Contact Lenses                   Neurologist                             Spinal Fluid Test
    Prescribed Contraceptives        Nursing                                 Splints
    Crutches                         Obstetrician                            Sterilization
    Dental Treatment                 Operating Room Expenses                 Surgeon
    Dental X-Rays                    Ophthalmologist                         Therapy Equipment
    Dentures                         Optician                                Ultra-violet Ray Treatment
    Dermatologist                    Optometrist                             Vaccines
    Diagnostic Fees                  Oral Surgery                            Vasectomy
    Diathermy                        Organ Transplant (including donor)      Prescribed Vitamins
    Drug Addiction Therapy           Orthopedic Shoes                        Wheelchair
    Prescription Drugs               Orthopedist                             X-Rays

Ineligible Medical Expenses

    Athletic Club Membership         Non-prescription Medications            Swimming Pool
    Boarding School Fees             Most insurance Premiums                 Travel for General Health
    Bottled Water                    Scientology Counseling                  Illegal Operations & Treatments
    Cosmetic Surgery / Procedures    Social Activities                       Illegally-Procured Drugs
    Cosmetics and Hygiene Products Special Foods & Beverages                 Maternity Clothes
    Funeral, Cremation, Burial Expenses                                      Stop-Smoking Programs Weight
    Loss Programs

Eligible Over-the-Counter Drugs

    Antacids                         Sinus Medications / Nasal Sprays        Antibiotic Ointments
    Allergy Medications              Nicotine Medications / Nasal Sprays     Suppositories
    Pain Relievers                   Pedialyte                               Hemorrhoid Cream
    Cold Medicine                    First Aid Creams                        Sleep Aids
    Anti-Diarrhea Medicine           Calamine Lotion                         Motion Sickness Pills
    Cough Drops / Throat Lozenges    Wart Removal Medication

Ineligible Over-the-Counter Drugs

    Toiletries                       Suntan Lotion                           Dietary Supplements
    Acne Treatments                  Medicated Shampoos / Soaps              Weight Loss Drugs
    Lip Balm                         Vitamins                                Herbs
    Cosmetics                        Fiber Supplements